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i’m so proud of myself imma start crying soon no joke

today, i ran for 50 minutes without stopping a single time for a walking break. fifty minutes!! and it wasn’t even the world’s shambliest jog, but actual running! i have NEVER before run more than twenty minutes without a walking break. i literally doubled my previous record and then some!

i feel like a total superwoman right now, and i’m especially happy since i was feeling very insecure before my run, because this was my first run after almost two weeks bed-ridden with the flu. for the first time, i feel like i’m actually going to survive my half marathon in ten weeks.

(also, can i just say what a fucking marvel the zombies run fandom is? i logged on to tumblr and made this post specifically so i could share this accomplishment with them. the entire fandom is so amazing, i mean, they support every single runner five, no matter how “big” in the fandom they are, what their fitness level is, or how far they’ve gotten in the game. i’ve never seen an online community that is so friendly and welcoming. you guys rock.)

I want to know you

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Name/nickname: Christine/Chris or Pannie

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Star sign: Virgo ♍

Height: 5'5"

Hogwarts house: SlytherClaw

Favourite animal: tiger 🐅

Dogs or cats: dogs 🐕

Number of blankets: two

Dream vacation: Iceland

Dream job: Writer

Favourite bands: Panic! At The Disco, twenty øne piløts, Queen

Favourite solo artist: Gerald Way

Song stuck in my head: Zombie by The Cranberries

Last movie I watched: Thor: Ragnarok

Last show I watched: Riverdale

Last thing I googled: Robert Downey Jr movies

Lucky number: 31

Last book I read: “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - The Sword of Summer” by Rick Riordan

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This is the Gospel - ZR! (S1-S3 spoilers)

Edit: I have to use the piano version as sound cloud won’t load the full version

So Runner 5 (cinderscoria’s version) visits the torches of the runners and reminisces about her times with Simon, runner 3. From doing missions together all the way to when he left with Amelia. 

Scenes jump in time a bit so…sorry! ((I also spent longer on the first panel than the rest so dont get your hopes up! XD))

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Halloween Mix
Suggest some songs so I can add them!! (But no more from Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy, because there's a limit of 2 songs by the same artist.)

Hello! I made a nice Halloween Mix!

This Is Halloween /// Panic! At The Disco

Ghostbusters /// Ray Parker Jr.

Bring It! /// Cobra Starship feat. Travie McCoy, William Beckett, Maja Ivarsson

Bring Me To Life /// Evanescence

Dark Horse /// Katy Perry feat. Juicy J.

Death Valley // Fall Out Boy

It’s Almost Halloween /// Panic! At The Disco

Jack’s Lament /// All American Rejects

The Legend Of Wooley Swamp /// Charlie Daniels Band

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark /// Fall Out Boy

Monster /// Skillet

Radioactive /// Imagine Dragons

Unwell /// Matchbox Twenty

Want You Gone /// GLaDOS

Warriors /// William Beckett

I Put A Spell On You /// The Sanderson Sisters

Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix

Urban Legend
Instrumental Kakuzu playlist! synth synth synth Art Credit: http://retr0insanity.tumblr.com/post/101706660824/random-artwork-6-warriors-despair-i-had-stitches

sup guys, I made a kakuzu playlist.

Humans Are Such Easy Prey - Perturbator
Stitch - Dance With the Dead
Greed - Occams Laser
Disco Zombi Italia - Carpenter Brut
Night Business - Perturbator
A Mission - Orax
Inner Animal - Scattle
Ripper - GosT
Roller Mobster - Carpenter Brut

art credit - retr0insanity

Dreaming // Smallpools | Spiderhead // Cage the Elephant | Mr. Rager // Kid Cudi | Ode to Sleep // twenty one pilots | Come a Little Closer // Cage the Elephant | Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? // Arctic Monkeys | Future // Paramore | Cry like a Ghost // Passion Pit | Purple, Yellow, Red, and Blue // Portugal. The Man | Trojans // Atlas Genius | Far Too Young To Die // Panic! At the Disco | Happy // Robert DeLong | Vegas Lights // Panic! At the Disco | Electric Feel // MGMT | Tiptoe // Imagine Dragons | Knee Socks // Arctic Monkeys | The Wolf // The Cinema | Machu Picchu // The Strokes | Time of the Season // The Zombies | White Walls // Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | Out of My League // Fitz and the Tantrums | Kangaroo Court // Capital Cities | Car Radio // twenty one pilots |

a mix for you and your friends to smoke to on the backroads 

gifs I need made right now from the apmas:

Jack slapping Alex’s ass.// Dallon slapping Brendon’s ass. //Brendon’s tongue thing before the last lines of Bohemian Rhapsody. //JALEX KISS!!! //cute little Hayley Williams being all happy n shit. //Mark Hoppus being insane in a little girl’s room. //Rob Zombie bc he’s just that rad. //the look on my face when STOMACHACHES DIDN’T WIN ALBUM OF THE YEAR I’M STILL CRYING. //Chris Motionless’s eye makeup appreciation good god. //Christofer Drew being so obviously drunk but adorable. //The Amity Affliction being hilarious little darlings while presenting. //Zack all nervous and sweet accepting best bassist. //Ben Barlow when he said it was his birthday. //Dan from Real Friends laughing while presenting because that was fucking cute a'f. //Weezer rocking it. //really this list can go on and on.

sO yeah talented tumblr ppl plz make my dreams come true because I don’t know how the hell to do that witchcraft, thank you.

PvZ Heroes Headcannon!

Electric Boogaloo is one of the strongest, fastest, and most overall fit zombies. I mean, have you ever danced disco? Like legit. It’s a real workout! For a zombie, a ROTTING CORPSE, to have that kind of movement is remarkable. Sure Super Brainz has muscle but that’s buff muscle that is probably rarely used. Electric Boogaloo’s a disco zombie. So of COURSE he’s dancing alot. He’s constantly exercising! And since its not BUFF muscle, he would also not be slowed down by the weight of his biceps or any other part of his body except that damn hair. Plus hes the only zombie in the entire franchise to legit, cannonically, form ACTUAL WORDS.

Upon entrance, he says “Ooohh yeeeah”

List the  TOP TEN SONGS YOU’VE BEEN LISTENING TO LATELY and then tag 10 mutuals

1. Little Lion Man, by Mumford & Sons

2. I Will Follow You Into The Dark, by Death Cab for Cutie

3. Heaven Knows, by The Pretty Reckless

4. The Reckless and the Brave, All Time Low

5. I’ll Be Good, by Jaymes Young

6. The Wolf, by SIAMÉS

7. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, by Panic! At The Disco

8. Zombie, by The Cranberries

9. Prayer of the Refugee, by Rise Against

10. Piano Man, by Billy Joel

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They Just "Get Each Other"...

You don’t have to be a McReedus or a CARYL shipper to appreciate the mesmerizing chemistry and naturally genuine dynamic between Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus share both on and off TWD screen.

It’s quite rare to have two people reach “couple-like” status without any actual physical or clear verbal confirmation of their relationship and yet here we are, the show is going into its fifth seasons and a large portion of the audience remains convinced that Carol and Daryl simply belong together.
Both Norman and Melissa have consistently praised each other professionally and personally on many occasions and the close friendship they seem to have privately enhances their interactions on screen with a powerful underlying emotional current and gives off almost an innate impression that they simply “get each other”.

Melissa McBride On Norman Reedus
“I love my scenes with Norman. He is such a fun guy to be around and he throws in some great stuff. He’s always unpredictable and organic. It really is something that’s evolved. We had a great sit down in Season 2, and we were talking about our own lives. He gets me and I get him and I feel like Carol and Daryl are sort of the same way.”

Norman Reedus On Melissa McBride
“My character changed a lot when they put us together. And it’s because of her, [Melissa]’s such a good actress, and she gets me, you know, I feel free to be vulnerable in front of her because she gets me, like she’s my buddy, and you can read everything on her face, she’s just a window.”

The September issue of Entertainment Weekly promoting the upcoming TWD Season 5 gave the audience a glimpse of the McReedus close-knit friendship and we were even given a little taste of exactly the kind of fun Melissa and Norman engage in between takes or during their on-set down time (Zombie Disco Dance anyone?).

Of course this is TWD so the morbid and deliciously horrifying topics were also up for discussion and one of the most tantalizing and perhaps most revealing questions was the “What is your preferred character death?”

Let’s take a look shall we;

Melissa McBride (Carol) On Her TWD Death
I would like to know that Carol is straight-up with the world. I would like to see her comfortable and confident in her thought process and her worldview, and her ability to do what she feels needs to be done to protect herself and her people, and straight-up enough to where whatever happened to her, she just went on a run and disappeared and never came back. It’s kind of like in real life — you want everybody to know where they are with you. I would like for her to not really have any last words, as though they’re not necessary because she made it clear. She made it clear along the way.

Norman Reedus (Daryl) On His TWD Death
If I had my druthers on how I would go, I would just walk away. You would just see him walk down a road like Mad Max and I’d get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller, and then a little dog would run on the road with me and just start following me off into the sunset, and you’d never know what happened to him. I would wanna go out like that. Just like, “You remember that dude? What happened to that dude?”

I wasn’t extremely surprised that Melissa and Norman had similar answers to the depressing yet job-appropriate inquiry and it almost sounds as if this was something they have discussed in the past…cue a McReedus moment.

The fact that both Carol and Daryl want to simply “disappear” suits their characters personality and motivation perfectly because in death like in life they still want to protect their loved ones from the pain of having to watch them die or the burden of having to be put down.

Their selfless, humble and caring nature leads them to wish to spare anyone else of the responsibility or heartbreak of their death AND ultimately serve their family until the very end in every way they can.

What touched me about Melissa McBrides answer was her wish that Carol leaves the world having made her feelings clear and making sure that the people she cared about knew exactly how she felt about them.

The very fact that she specifically says that Carol doesn’t need to have the “last word” with anyone speaks volumes about her characters intentions behind the things that she has done or will do - everything Carol has done was motivated to protect and nurture others AND the decisions she made came from a place of serving the greater good and had nothing to do with stroking her own “ego” or being the one that is always “right”.
That’s Carol through and through!

Norman Reedus expresses Daryl’s humble tendencies similarly by essentially implying that he sees himself as someone “forgettable”, some “dude” that one day simply disappears without a trace or some big departure scene.

Daryl, just like Carol, serves his family in every way he is able to BUT expects nothing in return for his role or his actions in this world - not even a death scene!
He does however wants a dog to escort him out!

The ideal ending for me would be Carol and Daryl unabashedly walking side by side, hand in hand and heart in heart….disappearing into the sunset together…le sigh…

The only flaw I can find in their “death scenarios” is the implication that they don’t want to be remembered - forgetting them to me would be a travesty and perhaps an even bigger disappointment then the death itself!

I hate to be cliche about this but the word “soul-mate” keeps coming up in my head!

CARYL On My Lovelies



*Can we talkabout how in most  McReedus pics their lips seem to be soooo close together?!?!