disco van


paintings & lyrics lockscreens part two

top left: “irises” by van gogh x “the kids aren’t alright” by fall out boy
top right: “ the woman in the garden” by monet x “oh miss believer” by twenty øne piløts
bottom left: “water lilies” by monet x “nine in the afternoon” by panic! at the disco
bottom right: “almond blossoms” by van gogh x “centuries” by fall out boy

(my edits please keep caption)

Lies I Tell Myself Every Day

One more MCR YouTube video.

One more song.

One more episode.

I’ll get a salad for lunch tomorrow.

I’ll exercise today.

I’m not obsessive over this band.

I’m not obsessive over this tv show.

I’m not slightly attracted to Billy Joe Armstrong.

When I was I child, I was NOT attracted to Peter Pan and Sonic The Hedgehog.

I don’t always stay up until 1 in the morning listening to music.

I don’t wish I was a famous YouTuber.

I was never a mega-obsessive fan of 1D in middle school.

I don’t secretly believe that Vans and Converse are mortal enemies.

I certainly don’t get violently competitive when I see someone wearing converse while I’m wearing Vans.

I don’t purposely capitalize Vans and not converse.