disco pub

My girlfriend works as a photopgrapher in a disco-pub, so when i go there her boss always gives me free drinks.

So last night i was a little drunk in bed with her, and she asked me to talk because she wanted to hear my voice.

God knows why i started telling her the entire Nemo movie.

On Mori Lifestyle

When you look at the western…-no, when you look at Tumblr’s and Mixi’s idea of a mori girl (or mori folk) lifestyle you get to one conclussion: What happened?

If you read Choco’s list, there are few indications about lifestyle at all. She talks about some habits like going to the cafe, but that’s it. Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that with only that the community was able to create a whole lifestyle? Like…What does a mori girl eat? What kind of job she has? Does she have any pets…?

I don’t know about mixi (maybe there’s an specific idea there) but here,maybe  because of the influence of the word “mori”, it kind of drifted towards a hippie-nature-loving style. That’s totally cool, I mean, maybe in Japan there isn’t that concern about nature and stuff, but I don’t think it is a must for being a mori girl. Now,there is a lot of to discuss about this subject (let’s not talk about the vegan,fur or any other debate of this kind) but that’s a view of a modern society which may or may not fit yourself AND does not make you more or less of a mori girl. Why? Simply,because I think we are forgetting about the

real meaning of being mori.

It’s not about being japanese, not about wearing thrifted clothes (BTW,where did this idea came from?) or about being natural. The mori girl(or boy,or any gender,actually) is a person who enjoys solitude and has a slow pace. As Choco says,they enjoy going from one place to another but they don’t wear sneakers because they don’t run; they walk quietly, taking their time looking at something interesting and then, they shift towards another thing that catches their eye. And why are they like this? I came to a conclusion after I started school again. I don’t have as much classes as I used to,so I spend a lot of time between classes in the little park besides our school while I wait for my classes to start. I usually read during hours there but other times I just sit and watch the birds that come to see if there’s any food in the garbage that people leave behind. Those moments of sollitude and calm are special. Other thing that made me realize it was when I started to go out on the mornings. When I went to a supermarket alone and not with my family or when I bough freshly baked bread and went home with it I felt a great satisfaction. Like some kind of achievement: all because I did things on my own and for me. That’s a Mori(in my opinion) girl trait. That’s why you would see them interested in  crafts,recipes or gardening: because they are your creations,by yourself and for yourself; in a way, making you feel independent and autosufficent.

The conclusion is…there is no mori.No,really. Think about all the mori girls that appear in snaps and magazines. None of them live in a forest,or at least,a real one. I like to think that the forest is just a metaphor. The forest is solitude,and when a forest girl exits the forest to go into the city,everything is new. That’s why they like to explore cafes,shops and libraries. But you would not see a mori gir in a disco or a pub,because they are too different from a forest. I don’t think people understand this at all,but what I mean is that a forest girl is a forest girl all by herself. Their lifestyle is just treating themselves in the best way possible. Be selfish from time to time. It’s nice to take a good relaxing bath or going out and buying a book. A mori girl enjoys life slowy and with little things. So,please,mori folks, don’t worry too much about posting you coordinates online and what people think of them: if it looks good or not,if you wear fur or if you only eat green. Stop thinking about the outer world for a moment and relax,see how many little details you are missing. Maybe we can start looking at others and ourselves in a different way.

Imagine 9: Alex Gaskarth & Jack Barakat

Can you please do an Alex imagine where you self harm and have anxiety and he finds out then later you have a panic attack because you run into a load of drunk people and you hate it and Alex comforts you and its all cute and fluffy

(Hi so you didn’t really specify what kind of relationship Y/N has with Alex so I’m gonna do some best friend fluff instead of boyfriend/girlfriend cause I just feel like it. Also, I changed it slightly so that Alex knew already about her self-harm/anxiety, and it’s also more about Jack because I have really bad Jack feels right now. Enjoy! xx)

Y/N’s shopping outfit:

Y/N’s club outfit:


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Heartbeats - Chapter 8

Well hello! I’m currently in a different part of the world and tomorrow I’ll be in the middle of nowhere so I’m posting the new chapter today. Many expression of gratefulness to hartfic for the proofreading ^_^ Also, just a comment on the fact that this fic started off as a ‘musical prompt’ - inspired by Heartbeats by José González, ovbs: the story took various turns and now it’s just a big “I don’t know” that’s not necessarily related to it anymore. Just in case you were wondering. Let’s just all find out together where this is going :)

SFW, NSFF, 2,698 words

“Here we are!” Tyler says triumphantly once they found the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and parked his car.

Both Mamrie and himself are standing in front of the majestic entrance, arms crossed, while Beanz violently scratches her ear with the rear paw.

“Let’s go get a couple of rooms” She says as she makes her way to the hall.

“A couple?” Tyler asks trotting close to her, dragging both their trolleys.

“Yes honey, I don’t want to be in your room when things happen.”

“Nothing is happening!” He protests.

“I know, I know” She reassures him, and shrugs dramatically, “just in case.”

“I don’t like what you’re implying one bit.”

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Basta de violentarnos.

Queremos dejar de sentir esa humillación, ese sentimiento de impotencia y vulnerabilidad al ser atacadas con un comentario asqueroso o una mirada que nos haga sentir incómoda. Queremos dejar el miedo a salir de nuestras casas porque podríamos no volver, a salir vistiendo shorts y faldas  porque tenemos claro que recibiremos atención indeseada, a ir solas a los baños de las discos, pubs o donde sea que salgamos a carretear porque nos pueden violar. Queremos dejar el miedo a que nos pase algo, a que nos maten solo por el hecho de ser mujeres. Queremos que se deje de justificar al agresor porque “mira como andas vestida, mira como te maquillas, mira como caminas, está claro que tú lo querías, está claro que andabas provocando”. Queremos que quede claro que no nos vestimos para ti, que no nos maquillamos para ti, que el mundo no gira en torno a tu pene para que pienses que nos estamos buscando tu agresión.

Together For The Media (Chapter 1/?)

Anonymus’s requested:

“imagine milex pretending to date for publicity’s sake or some shit but then it turns real and can you please write this?”

sooo I am still working on this one and I loved the idea (thanks anon) but I’m gonna make it chaptered and you can find any kind of writing there also nswf stuff so stay ready and yeah enjoy :) I dont know if it turned out that good and/or if you like it at all. I’m going to certainly carry on with it and chapter 2 will come soon. 

thanks and enjoy xx

Together For The Media (Chapter 1/?)

“I can’t believe it. They’re doing it again.”

Miles said as he put the newspaper down.

He was having breakfast in a nice terrace in London. It was a sunny weather and he was wearing sunglasses. Also his best mate, Alex, sitting infront of him wore his shades. He just couldn’t stay without them.
He sipped at his cappuccino and raised a brow to Miles with a questionly expression.

“The media is talking about the thing again. They are still wondering if we’re dating or not.”

“Tsk! That’s ridiculous. Read out loud.”

Miles read from the article:

“The Last Shadow Puppets have been seen together again, roaming through the streets of the wild London town. Last night the two british musicians spent their whole time together going from restaurants to pubs and discos. Like a real couple. Why are those two lads spending so much time together? The answer could only be one of those two options:

1- they are working on a second TLSP album.

2- they are really dating and can’t have enough of each other.

But it is true actually that the fans of the two band members, Miles Kane (27) and Alex Turner (27), do really enjoy the idea of them being together. They create several Twitter and Facebook and other social network pages called “Milex” (the ship name of Miles and Alex as a pair) or similar names, where they ship those two love birds together. One is simply, the boys are not trying to hide their secret relationship and I think it’s finally the time to stop pretending to just simply being “Bezzies” and start to snog the hell out of each other even in public cause the sexual tension between them is unbearable and you can clearly notice it.”

“I don’t believe this!” Chuckled Alex not as bewildered as he really was.

“Damn mate! They really think we are dating..” he chuckled too a little “and they actually like it… At this pic we do really look a little gay,don’t we?”

He showed Alex a picture under the article of them two last night: they are both drunk and are stumbling across the sidewalk and Miles holds Alex under his right arm and stares at him while Alex is snuggling into his mate’s chest with his eyes closed.

“Wow” Alex raised his brows “I really can’t remember this, mate.”
He was clearly wrong tho’. He remembers a little from last night and he remembers enjoying and loving Miles’ scent and having him so close. He has always loved it, and he would never admit it but it was true. And it was also true that he was a little disappointed when Miles fell asleep that quickly when they arrived home and went to bed.

“Neither can I” chuckled Miles.


After breakfast they went walking through the park when suddenly two fans came giggling over them “hi..ehh.. Can we have an autograph, please?”

“Sure” said Miles cool and Alex just smiled and nodded.

While they were signing one of the fans said “you are so cute together, i love you.”

Alex looked up at her bewildered “together in what sense?” he asked acting smooth.

“As lovers.” Said the other girl smiling at them.

Miles looked at Alex and laughed quietly.

“Haha a lot of people are saying this bu-” Alex was interrupted by Miles

“That’s really cute! Thank you so much. We appreciate it.”

Alex was confused by Miles’ action and was about to ask him something but his mate put an arm around his shoulder and said

“He is the really cute one..” looking at Alex.

“Aww” the both girls giggled and fangirled a little.

“What the fuck, mate-” Alex whispered confused.


“Can we take a selfie all together?” The girls asked.

“Sure” answered Miles all nonchalantly, and they all posed for the selfie. Miles posed by giving Alex a kiss on the cheek and Alex acted a little surprised by raising his eyebrows, but he was really surprised actually.

The girls thanked them and leaved.

“No seriously mate WHAT THE FUCK??!” Alex blurted out all of a sudden removing his sunglasses for watching Miles better.

Miles laughed for Al’s behavior

“Pretty cool, isn’t it? Acting to be a couple haha”

“This is not cool Miles! And there’s nothing to laugh about. Those girls are going to post the pic in Instagram or Twitter or some other shit and they are going to make everyone believe it’s true and we are going to get overflown by reporter’s questions and I don-”

“Keep calm, mate. Keep calm. It’s not such a big problem tho’. We’re gonna act like we’re together infront of everyone. Together for the media!”

Alex just looked at him wide eyed and bewildered.

“Come on! It’s fucking amazing! They love it, Alex! They love it. Let’s satisfy our audience for a little. And I think my manager wouldn’t have anything against it neither.”

“Miles…” Alex was massaging his forehead “why should we do that..? I don’t know if it’s a good idea, you know? They are going to start questioning everything. And we’re going to loose some fans cause unfortunately a big part of the society doesn’t still accept homosexual people..”

“Alex!” Miles stopped him again “they are going to love it!” He smiled at him.

Alex sighed. “The only thing that is keeping me a bit less stressed is your sureness.”

“That’s it. And look over there!” He pointed at a paparazzi who was positioning himself behind the bushes for stealing some snaps.
“Let’s start it now. Let’s show him we love each other.”

“Ehh… Miles.. i don’t want to snog you I think..”

Miles shushed him by putting his hand behind Al’s neck and pulling him closer.

“We can do this.” He whispered as he leaned in and kissed Alex.

“Wha-” Alex was so surprised and bewildered and confused. He didn’t know what to do but after a while he just gave in and he actually did really love it. Miles’ lips felt so soft and the wetness turned him on very much. He always wanted to kiss Miles that deeply, they never went that far. He leaned his head a little and opened his mouth for Miles to let his tongue enter. It felt fucking amazing. He loved it. He wanted to moan into the kiss but he swallowed them all cause he didn’t want Miles to have any doubts about him. The paparazzi was snapping frantically.
Miles gave in more by letting his tongue twirl deeper and stronger against Alex’s. The older one started to whine quietly, he just couldn’t afford to hold it back now and his heart was beating really quickly. Miles took him by the waist and pulled him closer. Alex was wondering if Miles was enjoying this too but then he snapped out of it and pulled away carefully.
“o-okay.. Stop..” He looked away, embarrassed.

Miles smiled at him “you’re a quite good kisser, Turner. Have to admit it.”

“You did all the work” Alex murmured, looking down.

Miles was happy to bring out the shy and clumsy Alex back instead of the cocky rockstar.

“I think the paparazzi got the best of it… I’m happy I’m going to experience this again soon.” Said Miles smiling and heading away.

“Wh-what..?” Alex followed him, frowning.

“Now i have a good reason to feel those cute lips again some time.” He smiled at him “oh and for completing the mission..” He took Al’s hand and entwined their fingers.

Alex was surprised and his heart started to beat fast again.
“Damn..” He whispered and turned his head around, hiding the blush.


When Alex went home he tiredly fell on his bed and sighed. What the fuck are they actually doing.
He turned on the tv and the music channel was on. He was about to go to take a shower but suddenly the tv caught his attention. They were talking about him and Miles.

‘It’s actually weird to believe but it’s true. The Arctic Monkeys frontman has been caught snogging with the british musician, Miles Kane, who is also known as his best mate and the other member of their duo side project, The Last Shadow Puppets.’

“Oh shit..” He whispered to himself as he sat down to his bed, paying his fully attention to the tv.

'These are the pictures of the two musician kissing from today in London’s Hyde Park.’

The tv showed the paparazzi’s pics from this morning and Alex observed him. He had a strange feeling seeing how they both were kissing and how they actually gave in. He noticed that their eyes have been closed for the whole time and he smiled a little when he saw Miles’ hand on Alex’s waist in one pic.

'Today has also been posted a pic on Instagram of the two band members with two fans and the caption says: “met the cute couple MILEX today, it is real!”
Well, dear Miles Kane and Alex Turner. We are happy you finally stopped hiding your secret relationship and don’t feel ashamed over it. It’s a good example for young people to learn and lo-‘

He turned the tv off.
“This freaks me out..” He murmured to himself.
He went to the bathroom and took a long and hot bath, his mind sinking in the quicksand of his own confused thoughts.


He has been in the bath tub for how long now? 5 or 10 minutes must have passed. He was laying in the tub full of bubbles and only his head, half of his shoulders and his arms were outside. The rest was disappeared beneath the white and frothy shower gel.

Miles had always had the keys to Alex’s flat. He and the other Monkeys were the only ones whom he would ever give the copy of his keys.
Miles entered Alex flat and he heard the TV being on. He went to the bedroom expecting Alex to find there but there was no trace.

“Alex?” He called after him.
No answer. He decided to look at the bathroom and here he was, asleep. Miles chuckled a little when he saw his best mate sleeping in the tub. He closed the door and approached him, sitting on the tub counter.
He observed the older boy, he is beautiful. His hair all wet and messy, his eyes closed and lips a little parted. And Miles found it too adorable how a little lather was hanging from his chin.

He smiled to himself and wiped it away with one finger. Alex started to blink and he mumbled


(chapter 2 coming soon)