disco outfit

weird idea probably but imagine an SU episode where most of the gems we’ve seen so far and some of the humans are split up into bands and the whole episode is just a musical where we get to listen to the characters sing in all their different bands and genres

probably would only work for a 22-minute episode but it’s a nice thought

Dating Tim Drake Includes:

A/N: So consider this official proof I have no self-control what-so-ever. This is a bit bulky and long, but I have a lot of feelings about Red Robin and his luscious, luscious hair. Like….his hair is like the Nightwing Butt of hair; Top notch hair.

  • If the Batfamily is known for one thing, it’s their inability to express emotion enough to hold someone down. I mean, look at Babs and Dick skirting around the bush for years and don’t even get me started on the whole Dick-Kori-Jason thing. And oh god, Bruce and Selina?
  • But if one thing breaks that tradition, it’s Tim. Sure, between cases there may not be time to go on eharmony dates and look for the love of your life, but with Tim, once he’s yours, that’s it. No take-backs or returns. Tim is a robin that mates for life. Once he loves you, he’ll always love you.
  • Also, out of all the bat boys, he’s the one who seems most domestic. Everyone assumes it would be Dick, even Alfred, but seriously Dick runs about in Disco outfits. Domestic my ass.
  • With Tim, it’s all about late nights working, coffee in the morning, sleepy kisses and quiet talks.
  • He’s a workaholic. By nature, he is. When you living in the shadow of two of the best Boy Wonders, how could you not be? We all know he stays up all night, at his laptop, searching for that one little crack in the firewall to get the data or info he needs. It’s as if he has the willpower to work for three days straight, but not the damn sense to ask if he should.
  • That’s the deal with him, not only does he mate for life, but you will be 60% of his sense and impulse control. The other 40% is Alfred.
  • There will be many nights where you have to slide him out of his chair and get him to come to bed. He hates leaving his work unfinished, but he loves the feeling of your hands sliding around his neck, the feeling of being nuzzled into, and the soft sound of your voice saying ‘Tim, come to bed.’

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