disco jeans


365 days of ryan ross; day 39 (oh my god look at jon)

If you’ve got a pair of jeans that fit, cut those puppies up. Get some cool fabric. Chop up from the cuffs towards the knee and sew in a triangle of fabric. Congrats. Disco jeans.

Misfits Prologue

Summary: An introduction into your college life, including your room mates and your crush which you really shouldn’t have

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE)

Word Count: 1,679

Warnings: none, really

Notes: This is a demo fic, I’m not quite sure if I’ll continue it or not. This is a rushed prologue, but I hope you like it! This series won’t have much angst, sorry!

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Sometimes life didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Sometimes it worked exactly how you wanted it to. This was one of those times, and you aren’t exactly sure how you lucked out. Or how you are still lucky.


Your name is Y/N Y/L/N, a graphic design student in your junior, fourth, year of University. You spend your time doing both online and actual painted commissions, finishing assignments and binge watching Netflix. You’re not the most social person, an obvious introvert. You are quite the contrast to your room mates though.

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anonymous asked:

what music do you think jean, ymir and sasha might like in modern au?:)

Jean probably likes to say that he likes bands like Nirvana and other grunge/alternative rock bands, but he’d have some fairly questionable things on his phone. He has a guilty pleasure for really bad dubstep and keeps it as hidden as possible.

Ymir probably listens to some indie rock bands like Arcade Fire, but she probably likes some punk rock and soft rock music. 

Sasha is probably more into pop music and the billboard top 100. Something that’s fun and upbeat that makes her feel happy and alive like Kesha’s old music or Katy Perry, but I can see her liking some alternative rock like Panic! At the Disco.