disco dolls


Doc Holliday is a class-A pain in the ass… but he’s also one of the most loyal and solid and fearless man I’ve ever met. Yeah, he can be a polecat sometimes, but he’s a changed man. He’s redeemed himself many times over. And I’m proud to call this man my brother.


I’ve only just discovered the existence of this video but boy is it a gem

i’ll be alright:
A peppy mix to keep chins up – you got this, you shining star (◡‿◡✿).

[ l i s t e n ]

1. Gonna Get Over You Sara Bareilles 2. Radio Matchbox Twenty 3. Accidentally In Love Counting Crows 4. These Streets BASTILLE 5. Our War Neon Trees 6. Alive the Daylights 7. Roar Like Heaven Coldplay vs Katy Perry 8. Slide the Goo Goo Dolls 9. Ready to Go (Get me Out of my Mind) Panic! at the Disco 10. I’m Not Your Hero Tegan & Sara 11. Hard Way Home Brandi Carlile 12. The Sporting Life The Decemberists 13. On Top of the World Imagine Dragons 14. I Feel Better Gotye 15. Dance Anthem of the 80s Regina Spektor 16. Dog Days are Over Florence + the Machine 17. Carry On f.u.n

I’m bored and this is going to be stupid, but here’s a list of parody bands.
  • Wink-281
  • The Blunder Eons
  • Sunset Surfer Teens
  • Fake Enemies
  • Tranquility? at the Library
  • Rise In Girl
  • Turquoise 6 (I’ve posted this one before)
  • Complicated Agenda
  • The Night to Forget
  • Ga Ga Action Figures
  • The Rocking Pebbles
  • Hotpause

the rain is falling ever harder and all I can hear is the sound of the water. i’m drenched but I can’t move. a playlist for rainy days.

  • tablo; home / the icarus account; so in love / yiruma; river flows in you / angus and julia stone; lonely hands / one republic; say (all i need) / ice xv; fiction / anberlin; *fin / the gazette; guren / sara bareilles; gravity / panic! at the disco; build god then we’ll talk / spica; anger / bon iver; i can’t make you love me / bach; cello suite 1 in gmajor / lana del rey; born to die / the goo goo dolls; iris / nell; beautiful stranger / anberlin; the haunting / tatu; 30 seconds /



born lucky;

a mix for the princess who rose and fell…

control - halsey // seven devils - florence + the machine // monster - nicki minaj // emperor’s new clothes - panic! at the disco // valley of the dolls - marina and the diamonss // castle - halsey // eyes on fire - blue foundation // weapon for saturday - lolo // do you want to fight me - venus hum // heavydirtysoul - twenty one pilots // breaking down - florence + the machine // power and control - marina & the diamond // let’s kill tonight - panic! at the disco // the devil within - digital daggers // yellow flicker beat - lorde


lucky to be born;

…and a mix for the banished prince who found his path.

i don’t care - fall out boy // bad blood - bastille // gasoline - halsey // centuries - fall out boy // afraid - the neighbourhood // monster - image dragons // impossible year - panic! at the disco // goner - twenty one pilots // killer - bastille // fear and loathing - marina and the diamonds // roots - imagine dragons // colors pt. 2 - halsey // polarize - twenty one pilots // i’ll be good - jaymes young // heirloom - sleeping at last // happy - marina and the diamonds