disco cats

  • Person: so, what kind of music do you listen to?
  • Friends, sweating: no, you didn't.
  • My family: no, you didn't.
  • The city: no, you didn't.
  • The entire world: no, you didn't.
  • Aliens: no, you didn't.
  • Lucifer: hell no, you didn't.
  • God: for my sake, you didn't
  • Me, cracking my fingers: take a seat, my dear friend, it's going to be a long night.

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin

Looking for some blogs to follow

My dashboard is full of TØP and FOB, which is fine, but I’d like some variation.

- danisnotonfire
- AmazingPhil
- Crankgameplays
- Markiplier
- PewDiePie
- jacksfilms
- jacksepticeye
- Star Vs. The Forces of Evil
- Gravity Falls
- Steven Universe
- My Chemical Romance
- All Time Low
- Black Veil Brides
- Panic! At the Disco
- Pierce The Veil
- Sleeping With Sirens
- Bring Me The Horizon
- Falling In Reverse
- Warriors (the book series)
- The Hunger Games
- Divergent
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- Star Wars
- Undertale
- Marvel Comics
- DC Comics
- Bastille
- Vocaloid/UTAU/Voice Synthesizers
- Stranger Things
- Imagine Dragons
- Writing Prompts
- RP Prompts
… I’ll add more if I can think of any…


may I interest you in neko-mami (ama-nyan?) and megane!amami

My mom is a Ryden...

Okay… so I’m playing Panic! for my mom while we’re driving and I’m explaining how Brendon is a bitter bitch who won’t sing anything but one song from Pretty. Odd. and how there are videos of him mockingly singing Ryan’s parts and in general has a lot of feelings over the big split that he’s obviously not completely over yet and she pauses.

“Well were they in a relationship?”

I laugh and explain to her that no one knows for sure but there is a ton of speculation. She answers

“No one is bitter for that long over creative differences.”

I go on to tell her some of the evidence for Ryden. I even specifically play Northern Downpour and say how Brendon can’t sing it without crying and she just nods in sagely kind of way.

“They were dating.”

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