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Sen duygulu adamsın sevgilin varsa ya da olsa onla ne yapmak istersin güzel güzel anlatta bizde hayal kuralım asdkhl

çok şey yapmak isterim ya. öncelikle hayatında samimi oldugu tek erkek ben olmak isterim aşırı kıskancım kıskanırım sahiplenirim. yaşadıgım yaşayacağım herşeyi onla yaşamak isterim, onun dışında ki tüm kızlara soyutlarım kendimi ulaşılmaz olurum. Sadece onun ulaşabileceği yerlerde saklarım kendimi..  onun dışında mesela haftada birkaç kez buluşuruz bildiğim yapabildiğim yaparken keyif aldığım herşeyi onunla yapmak, bildiğim herşeyi onunla paylaşmak isterim. öyle bar disco falan gezemem, gezmem ama mesela yeni yerler keşferderiz ikimizinde gitmediği yerlere gideriz. yanımda o olduktan sonra nerede olduğumun önemi yok. sonra sürekli sarılırım sarılmayı çok severim. Birde bir ankara ayazında, onunla beraber titreyerek ve birbirimize sarılarak, dışarda ki soğuğa ragmen içimizi ısıtan aşk, ve beni ısıtan kollarında güneşin doğuşunu izlemek isterdim. onunla saçmalamak hatta beraber yemek yapmayı çok isterdim. onunla oyun oynamayı beraber sabahlamayı isterdim. sabah kalktıgımda ilk onun sesiyle ve bana günaydın demesiyle geceleri ise onun iyi geceleriyle gecemin iyi geçmesini isterdim. tüm bunları yaparken onu öyle bi severdim ki kendinden bile kıskanırdı beni..

Illustration of another dream I had a while back.

In the dream I was watching a movie about a dude, let’s call him Mike, who though his own stupid actions got in trouble with the owner of a bar/casino/disco place. Normally Mike would just have gotten beaten up, but unfortunately for him the bar owner had recently learned about a spell that made people property “until death”. By that I mean, a person with that spell on them would literally be considered an object not just by society, but the magical universe. He would get the same status as a chair or table.

The bar owner wanted to test the spell on Mike because he was a nobody who could just be killed if it didn’t work. It did work however, and Mike spend a while as the property of this guy. He was ill treated but never lost his upbeat personality. One day he got knocked out and when he woke up he was told that he now belonged to a guy, let’s call him Ross, who had witnessed the abuse and had won Mike in a game to get him out of that place. The spell could not be lifted so easily, but he could change hands.

It all sounds like a setup for cheesy yaoi, but it wasn’t like that at all. They were just two guys feeling kinda awkward about the whole situation. Ross didn’t want to own a human and had no intention of enforcing his owner status, but Mike was reckless, stupid and boderline self-destructive, so eventually Ross had to do it to keep him out of trouble. Mike at first wasn’t keen on it but eventually learned to appreciate it. It was after all his own stupid behavior that got him into the situation to begin with.

They set out to find a way to lift the spell, but for some reason the bar owner decided that he wanted Mike back and sent a big black dog to get him. There was also something about a shy young man who could make doors appear, but I don’t remember what he had to do with anything. Also, I vividly remember Mike sitting in a Victorian style bathtub for some reason.

Kidnapped (Rami Malek x Reader)

A/N: Oh my god! This is so bad, I’m so sorry. :( I hope you still like it. And maybe there will be a part two. It depends on you. Let me know ;) and sorry for some grammar mistakes :)

Word count:  1.189

It was already after midnight when you left the bar with your friends. You would’ve stayed a little bit longer, but you had to work earlier the next day, so you needed to go.  Moreover, you didn’t want to appear tired and unmotivated, you were one of the best workers and you wanted to keep your image. After a little conversation about how the night went on, you finally said goodbye to your friends. It already became a little cold outside and you regretted not taking your jacket with you. The wind was blowing slightly in your face, pushing your hair behind, leaving a comfortable feeling .

The streets were quiet and empty, not a single person was outside, which was really strange. Normally, everyone should be outside, going to bars or discos or just simply hanging around. It was Friday after all. You didn’t mind, sometimes it felt good to walk alone without no one trying to hit on you. You walked a few streets, it took a little while until you arrived home, and for the first time you were really mad at not having a car. You could’ve asked your friends as well, but you didn’t mind walking. But it should be the worst decision of your life. After a long time, you started to have a strange feeling in your stomach, like somebody was following you.

When you turned around, you saw a big black van. You couldn’t see who was inside, the lights were switched off.  Whoever it was, he was definitely following you. You started to feel anxiety rushing through your body, but decided not to let him notice. Instead, you continued to walk, increasing your pace after a while. You could hear the van, still driving behind you. Now you were panicked. Who was this guy and what did he want? When somebody got out of the car, you began to run. It was quite difficult with your high-heels, but you ran like you never had.

You slipped down and fell a few times, your knees were blooding uncontrollably, the pain sting into your body, but you tried to ignore it. All you wanted was to finally arrive home. Suddenly someone grabbed you by your arm. You let out a cry, trying to hit the person. “Help!” You yelled.  Unfortunately, he was stronger than you. You couldn’t even see his face, he wore a mask and his head was covered under a black hoodie.  He put a white cloth on your mouth, trying to muffle your screams. You wanted to struggle out of his grib, but suddenly felt too weak. Before everything went black, you could see how you were dragged into the van.

You woke up in a very fancy and elegant room. The walls were painted in a crimson red color and were decorated with some paintings. The bed you were lying on was very huge and comfy. On one side of the room, there were two big closets with large mirrors. You could see your reflection on it. You rubbed your head, feeling dizzy and weak. Where the hell were you? Who brought you here? And why? There were foot steps outside, coming closer to the room. You lied back, pretending to be asleep. The large wooden door squeaked as someone opened it. The person came in, and sat down next to you. You could feel his gaze piercing through you body. One of his hands drove over you soft hair, his touch left goosebumps on your body. Your body trembled, you didn’t want him to touch you. “I know you’re awake.” He said.  His voice was low and raspy.  He stroke your cheeks softly. “Come on, open your eyes.”

You obeyed and opened your (E/C) eyes. You expected to meet someone very dangerous, like a killer or so, but were taken aback when you saw the young man in front of you. He had wonderful green eyes, his lips were full and kissable, and his body was muscular and well toned. He also had curly hair. To sum it up, he was every woman’s dream. You looked at him irritated. This man, who looked really innocent like a child, had kidnapped you? No way!

“Hi.” He offered you a gentle smile. You were still taken aback, you couldn’t speak. “I’m sorry we had to meet under such inappropriate condolences. But I had no other choice.”  You raised an eyebrow at him. What was he talking about? “Won’t you say anything?”  He asked.  Slowly, you got yourself together, you had enough power to answer him now. “Who are you? Why did you do this to me?” You felt your tears forming in your eyes. This situation was too much to handle. You looked to your injured knees, which were already medicated. The guy patted your thigh carefully, like he was afraid to hurt you. You moved away from him, no longer wanted him to touch you. He sighed, then introduced himself. “I’m Rami, (Y/N).”  Your widened as he spoke out your name, your body was covered with goosebumps even more. “Y-You know my name?” You whispered. He nodded, coming closer to you. “H-how do you know?”

“I have been watching you for a long time.”  You shook your head in disbelief, getting more shocked. Where had you got yourself into?  You wanted to be home, immediately. Lying in your familiar bed, wearing your night gown, and cuddling with your favorite teddy bear. “W-w-why?”  You stuttered. “Because you’re my mate.”  His mate?  “What are you talking about?”  You were getting more panicked, you would probably get a heart attack in a second.  “You were the one I was looking for the whole time.” He explained. “You and me, we are supposed to be together. You are my destiny. And you will be best mother for my daughter.” Okay, this guy was completely insane. “N-No, I don’t want to.” You stuttered, tears falling down cheeks. Please god, just help me.

“I- I want to go home. Please, let me leave.” He shook his head, glaring at you with sympathy in his eyes. “I’m afraid I can’t do that.” You grabbed his arms, digging your nails in his olive skin. “Please, please let me go. Please, Rami!” You choked out heavy sobs, feeling desperate and dejected. Someone needed to break down the door, come to your rescue and arrest him. He pulled you to his chest, stroking your hair softly, trying to soothe you. “Shh… everything will be fine. I’ll make you happy. It’s a promise.” His thumps wiped your tears away. “And I’m sure, you’ll love my daughter too.” He offered you a smile, then walked to the closet to grab some clothes. He handed you over some pajamas. “Get dressed. It was a hard day for you. We’ll talk tomorrow.” You grabbed the clothes from him, not looking him in the eyes. He bent over to give a kiss to your forehead. “Good night.” He wished. As he closed the door behind him, you could hear him locking the door. Now you were alone again and let your tears flow.