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Jack Maynard Imagine - Silly

@purple-alien-monkey requested: Hello, can I request a jack imagine about him being insecure about you leaving him for his friends xo


The first member of the buttercream squad you had met was Josh. You met a few years ago, when he still didn’t have a YouTube channel, and you instantly clicked. It was his chilled and adorable nature and your desire for adventures and good humor what brought you together. He was the first boy friend you ever had whom you could actually tell your problems to without fearing he’d use you for his own pleasures, whatever they might be.

Not long after meeting Josh, you met Conor completely by accident. You were at a night club with a couple of friends, your group sitting down really close to a bunch of guys, since the place was packed. Your friend made a comment, and you gave her one of your casual sassy answers, making the boy behind you turn his head at you in laughter. And that boy happened to be Conor Maynard. You exchanged numbers and met not late after your first meeting, hoping you’d become maybe something more than strangers. However, after a few ‘dates’ and without saying a single word about it, you knew you didn’t have that kind of connection. He reminded you too much about Josh, and the way you joked with one another was way too friendly-like.

Then, you met Jack. Conor introduced him to you on a night out, although you had already heard about the boy before. It is precise to say that the things you had heard weren’t exactly inviting. However, as you got to meet him, you found out he wasn’t quite the faggot.

He would pick you up with his car late at night, so you didn’t have any problems getting home after a party. He would buy you sweets whenever he popped at your place to hang out, or buy you chocolate when you weren’t at your best. It was obvious your relationship had nothing to the one you had with Josh and Conor, but, apparently, it wasn’t so evident to everybody.

You found yourself sitting on the couch, laughing at one of Conor’s comments, or more like laughing at how he always found his own jokes funny. Josh, who was sitting right next to you, threw his head back laughing, leaning over you holding his stomach, which only made you laugh harder.

Suddenly, the main door opened, revealing a very confused Jack “Hey…” he said, putting his keys down “I wasn’t expecting you so early” he said to you, as you walked towards him to give him a hug.

“Josh called me to film a video” you wrapped your arms around his neck as you always did, carefully standing on your tiptoes. You barely felt his arms around you, and that’s when you noticed something was wrong.

You pulled away to look at his face, but he was in fact facing the other way. You turned to the other boys and found Conor giving Jack a weird look, then looking at you with the same expression “Let’s go get something to eat” Josh said, breaking the sudden tension.

You followed Conor into the kitchen, noticing Jack’s blue eyes on you until you left his sigh “What the hell is wrong with him?” You asked Conor, as he leaned against the counter.

“Honestly, no idea” he said “Do you want me to talk to him?”

You shook your head “No, I’ll just…do it myself” you said, heading again toward the living room, where you saw Jack grabbing his keys again “Are you leaving?” You asked him, your voice sounding slightly weaker, which earned you a stare from Josh.

“Yeah” Jack said, walking towards the door. You instinctively followed his tracks. Grabbing the sleeve of his jacket, you made him turn around to look at you “What’s wrong, Jack?” You almost whispered to him, hoping he’d just stop being so childish and gave you an answer.

“It’s nothing, Y/N” he said, but he wasn’t looking at you “I’m just not feeling it” he said, and turned around again. You didn’t feel like stopping him this time.


After Jack’s abrupt exit, Conor decided he was in the mood to go clubbing, and it implied Josh and you were in that mood as well, although you totally weren’t. Josh was just too lazy to even put cologne on. As for you, after what had happened with Jack, you just felt like getting into bed and not leaving it again.

One way or another, a couple of hours later you found yourself surrounded by blue and red lights and a disco ball, your ears filled with loud music. You took your drink from Josh’s hand and closed your eyes, enjoying the sudden peace. Jack was finally out of your head, or so he was until you opened your eyes again to him on the other side of the club.

You mentally slapped yourself for thinking of going up to him again, to talk things out. He was the 5-year-old, not you. Conor might had seen him too, because he got close to your ear and shouted that he was going to say hi to somebody.

“It’s just you and me” you shouted to Josh, taking a sip from your drink. You leaned on him as the club was full from head to tail. He put an arm around you to keep your balance from people who were pushing their way to the bar counter.

Suddenly, two very blonde and very excited girls came up to Josh, whispering and laughing on his ear. He turned to you a moment later “Wait here, it’ll only be a second” he shouted.

Of course, it wasn’t just a second. Neither was it a minute. After what felt like a whole hour, you decided to make your way into the loud crowd and look for someone you knew, you just didn’t care anymore. The sudden warmth of a hand on your uncovered shoulder made you jump and turn around.

But then there was Jack, no drink on his hand anymore, but a bunch of lipstick stains on his face “See you had fun” you tried to tease him, but your voice sounded nothing like teasing.

He said nothing. Instead, he pulled you into a tight hug, one like the one you had desired since he left that morning. Or even better. You felt his lips on your neck, and you shivered for a moment until they brushed past and climbed to your ear “I’m such an idiot, I’m sorry” you could hear some tipsiness on his voice, and you knew he had already had more than a few drinks.

“It’s alright, Jack” you said, stroking his hair the way he liked it. A man pushed you and you tripped on Jack’s arms, who clumsily held onto you “Thanks” you blushed.

Jack looked at you with dark eyes, his pupils expanding in the dark “Look, Y/N” he said “I know I’m kind of drunk right now, but I really need to ask you something”

Your stomach made a backflip as you nodded your head. Then, his eyes lowered to the ground and his grip on your waist tightened “Don’t ever leave me” he said, and you thought you hadn’t understood it well. But you had.

“Oh, Jack, baby” you said, almost inaudible, as you pulled him closer to you again “You don’t need to ask me for that! I’ll never ever leave you. I…can’t” you said, feeling the sudden urge to taste his lips.

“I just…” he started “You spend so much time with Conor and Josh…I thought you would forget about me” he said, and couldn’t help but throw yourself at him as you kissed his neck.

“Don’t be silly, Jack, please” you laughed “You’re my favorite” you said as you gave him a cheeky grin.

He smirked back at you before placing his lips on your ear again “Can the favorite one get a favorite kiss?” He whispered as his hands roamed.

You laughed “As much as I’d love to, you’re drunk as fuck” you said, placing a hair strain back “We’ll see in the morning”

He leaned down rather slowly and kissed you on the nose, making you giggle. Jack had the most random cuteness attacks “Thanks for taking care of me, Y/N”

“Always, silly”