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How Ryden Probably Broke Up #53

Brendon: Ryan, we need to add something to the setlist, we don’t have enough songs.

Ryan *looks at setlist* *not a single pretty. odd., their newest album, is there*

Ryan: why are there no pretty. odd. songs?

Brendon *giggling*: Well, i don’t really like them.

Ryan: What, why?

Brendon *snorting*: they’re… they’re…

Ryan: oh my god stop I already know what you’re gonna-

Brendon: pREtTey OoD

I was at my uncle’s wedding party, and at some point, I lost my phone and only later realised I didn’t have it with me. I was literally terrified because i didn’t want to lose my phone, nor did I want my parents to get mad that I’d lost it, because it’s moderately expensive. So I looked all around the massive room, multiple times, wanting to cry.
And then I found it. In plain sight. I started laughing. Not only because I somehow didn’t see my phone, but also because of a realisation I had.
I just panicked at the disco.