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I was at my uncle’s wedding party, and at some point, I lost my phone and only later realised I didn’t have it with me. I was literally terrified because i didn’t want to lose my phone, nor did I want my parents to get mad that I’d lost it, because it’s moderately expensive. So I looked all around the massive room, multiple times, wanting to cry.
And then I found it. In plain sight. I started laughing. Not only because I somehow didn’t see my phone, but also because of a realisation I had.
I just panicked at the disco.

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dancing around in your pajamas singing into a hairbrush

green light - lorde

i follow rivers (the magician remix) - lykke li

cheap thrills - sia

take on me - a-ha

shape of you - ed sheeran

boyfriend - tegan and sara

riptide (flicflac remix) - vance joy

september - earth, wind & fire

aloha - mome

cool girl - tove lo

i want to love - years & years

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Rick James

Fire It Up

@ 1979 US Pressing


Rick James’s third album in 18 months may have spread the funk a little thin (or saturated the market), since Fire It Up was not as effective as his first two efforts. The usual mix of rock and R&B had some disco added, which dulled the music’s edge and made it more formulaic. At the same time, James’s single-entendre come ons, notably the album’s biggest single, “Love Gun,” were beginning to sound less provocative than just smutty. James had all the weapons for success in his arsenal, but he hadn’t yet figured out a unified plan of attack, and Fire It Up was a holding action.