disco lemonade

the signs’ answers to, “when life gives you lemons…”
  • Aries: “…find life, punch it in the face, and demand strawberries”
  • Taurus: “…make lemonade; build the lemonade, 2.5oz vodka, and 1oz blue Curaçao over ice in a highball glass; garnish with lemon wedges, orange slices, or maraschino cherries as desired (optional); sit back and enjoy your Disco Lemonade”
  • Gemini: “…make lemonade slushies in the blender and get brain freeze from chugging one too quickly”
  • Cancer: “…make lemon-rice soup for the soul, and a lemon meringue pie for dessert, as long as you have enough lemons”
  • Leo: “…make lemonade; mix with vodka and cranberry juice; put concoction in an ice cube tray with toothpicks, put ice cube tray into freezer; wait a few hours, then sit back and enjoy your homemade alcoholic cranberry-lemonade popsicles”
  • Virgo: “…make *PINK* lemonade and refuse to share it with everybody who’s harshing your good vibes, pointlessly complaining about freaking lemons”
  • Libra: “…make some lemonade, some spiffy badass lemon bread, some poppyseed muffins with a lemon-sugar glaze, and then mix equal parts lemonade and Absolut Citron in an imperial pint glass and have the best damn picnic ever”
  • Scorpio: “…squirt the lemons in life’s eyes, because unless that little shit also hands you sugar and water? your lemonade is gonna SUCK”
  • Sagittarius: “…throw it back in life’s face and shout, ‘I said I wanted a *MANGO*!’”
  • Capricorn: “…question your sense of empirical observation because the metaphysical concept of life just delivered you fresh produce”
  • Aquarius: “…make grape juice, then sit back and watch the world wonder how you did it”
  • Pisces: “…be grateful that life didn’t give you something worse, then steal all of life’s salt and top-quality tequila anyway, because that rat bastard went and stuck you with all these freaking lemons”

Summer idea…


Here’s some ideas I came up with:

  • LIGHTS…. buy old lights like lava lamps, like the picture above, galaxy lights, disco balls and such and put them all over your room. These are actually really cool looking. I just put a lava lamp in my room and I think it would be awesome to have them all over.
  • Fill glass bottles with colored water, sand, or whatever you come up with. For colored water simply add food coloring and mix in water. You can add glitter or confetti if you want. Colored water with cotton/stuffing and glitter creates a space galaxy effect (let me know if anyone would like me to post a tutorial for any of this)
  • CANDLES…. candles are fairly cheap and look really cool when you have them all over (especially when lit) I have a bunch of candles in my room all in the color scheme I have going on. Most of them are lemonade scented (mixed with something else) and they mix well together. 
  • HEADBOARD… my headboard was looking a little dull recently so i took a scarf I never wore and wove it into the grooves of my headboard. It actually looks really cool. I put errands I never wear or ones that have missing pairs on the scarf so it looks even coolor (I simply poked them into the fabric so that the ends couldn’t be seen)
  • Photographs… I have pictures all over my room. I have them on the mirror (you can use tape or just slide them between the mirror and the frame if possible) I get pictures from my social networking sites and print them at walmart. Buy a bunch of cool frames and fill them with pictures of friends and family.
When I was 12 years old I was coming home from a school disco, a real innocent school disco, drinking lemonade. And when I got in, [Dad] followed me into the kitchen and I was drinking water really fast because I was so thirsty. And he said, ‘You’ve been drinking.’ And I literally didn’t even know what he meant. I said, `Yeah, I’m drinking water.’ And he said, 'You’ve been drinking, haven’t you?’ And I was completely paralysed, completely in awe, and I started crying. And he stands me in the middle of the room and tells me to walk in a straight line. And I can’t
—  Peter Doherty (2005)

Too much disco lemonade stop frame animation