Maurice White - Founder of Earth, Wind, Fire

In High School I was really into disco (yes… really… I even made a Halloween costume dedicated to it) September was one of my favorite songs: hearing the news prompted to give a proper dedication to the man.

I know life goes on every year… but… Dear 2016… stop killing people…

TITLE: Dreams of an Absoulution (Aesthetical Dub)

ARTIST: DJ Chidow and Myūjikku

I know I shared a very similar remix to this not long ago, but I really wanted to share the other one as soon as possible! Once again, this an instrumental, funk, house, disco-esque remix of “Dreams of an Absolution” based on the music of the 1980′s. While this one is shorter and a little more straight forward than the previous one from the same artist, it’s still pretty awesome! How can you ever go wrong with this?

Download it here.
Again, no minimum required. You can get the song for free, but we strongly urge you donate some money and support these musicians.

-Samurai Echidna.