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A 10-Part Series

Maybe once or twice in a lifetime – if you’re lucky – you’ll witness a love so rare, so magical, it takes your breath away. It’s the kind of love you read about: Planets collided. Written in the stars. Destined to be. 

That’s what I see in Sam and Cait’s relationship. It’s as though the very air shimmers around them when they’re together.

Not everyone has the unshakable faith in Sam and Cait that I do. My intention in creating this series was to paint a story of the love I see, for everyone to see. It’s right there – hiding in plain sight. 

As Cait said in an interview, “Sometimes the stars align…”  

When two became one…

This is the end of my story, but Sam and Cait’s has just begun. Hopefully they’ll soon be free to share their love with us more openly. Until then, I’m honored to be a witness to something so beautiful, and so special. 

An Ichabbie Steampunk AU:  Captain Ichabod Crane stopped at nothing to fabricate a device that could bend time and space in order to get Lieutenant Abigail Mills back at his side. Once they changed history so that she no longer had to die to save all of humanity, the two of them used their time-traveling abilities to right more wrongs and save millions more people across the ages… and through many realities.

Then the day came that they got stuck in a world they had never seen before – a world lacking the technology needed to fix their machine to carry them back home to their Sleepy Hollow. Surprisingly, Crane had more trouble adapting to staying in this world than did Abbie. Considering when he was born, one would think that living without the internet and television forever would be no big deal to him, but it was. Abbie soon found other clever ways to keep him occupied.

They both worked tirelessly trying to build a new machine so they could get back to everything they once knew. While doing so, they still solved supernatural mysteries. Still fought off demons. Still did their best to save everyone around them from the darkness that existed in every reality.

And with each tick of the clock, they fell deeper in love. For it didn’t matter where or when they were together. They were the Witnesses… lovers, partners, and soulmates now and through all space and time.

– this is all @sleepymr‘s fault.