disclaimer: not taylor swift

A few days ago, a lower-quality recording of this was uploaded to a vague account on youtube (and later removed) claiming to be a leaked Taylor track secretly recorded from the secret sessions (where security is very high and paranoid).

I got several messages about it but I didn’t want to blog about it, because, you know, I guess if it were legit I’d be guilty of something if I had reshared it.

But its just a very talented girl that sounds quite similar to Taylor…..same girl as two years ago.  A very well-done song.

The recording posted to youtube seemed to be that of it being played over speakers in a room, so someone was slyly intending for a nice ruse and it worked on more than a few people.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm so glad your ask box is open! If you're taking requests, would you be able to do something for Wesper? I loved the one you all did for them with the love letter. Honestly, anything like that would be awesome!!

Thanks for the ask and yes, of course, we can do Wesper Also I did go a bit off from the Love Letter story, but it’s still cute and Wesper so I hope you enjoy. Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. I don’t have anything against her, but it offends my delicate sensibilities to imagine someone on the internet believing that I enjoy such music. -Alice

          Wylan turned the corner and came to a dead stop, followed by a quick retreat to the nearest wall. He peered cautiously through the doorway, clapping a hand over his mouth to silence the laugh. Yes it was 10 pm, and yes he was going to ask Jesper about singing in the music room, but this definitely hadn’t been what Wylan was expecting. 

          “’Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked iiiiiin.” Taylor Swift’s voice cut through Wylan’s thoughts, followed a mere second later by Jesper’s deep baritone. Immediately Wylan pulled his phone from his pocket and opened the camera. 

          This time only the hand holding the phone crossed the door frame. Jesper appeared on the screen, decked out in purple striped PJs and holding Van Eck’s wooden hairbrush. The speaker in the corner flashed lights with the beat, each a different color of the rainbow.

          “Flew me to places I’ve never beeeeen.” That was when Jesper began to dance. Shaking his hips and the whole nine yards. Wylan couldn’t suppress the laugh and Jesper’s accidental spike of the camera only made it worse. 

          The chase began. Wylan closed his phone so Jesper couldn’t delete the video and took off down the stairs. He was followed by Jesper, shouting curses and slipping due to socks on the wood floor, and the refrain to Taylor Swift’s “I knew you were trouble.” 

          The chase ended with a thump. Jesper’s socks finally got the better of him and Wylan only turned at the exclamatory “shit,” that followed. He couldn’t hold back his laugh – Jesper, lanky as he was, cut quite the picture sprawled between the hallway table and the wall. A vase (one of Wylan’s father’s) sat on Jesper’s stomach, miraculously unbroken. 

          “Are you okay?” Wylan turns, concerned. But as soon as Jesper nodded yes Wylan took off towards the bathroom. With the door locked securely behind him, he pulled out his phone. 

          “Wylan, you had better not be doing what I think you’re doing.” The stiffled giggle was all the reply Jesper needed to begin ramming the door with a shoulder. 

          “Oh, crap, crap, crap, crap.” Wylan muttered as he tried and failed to unlock his phone. He faired better the second attempt and soon the video was slowly being uploaded to the Crows’ group chat. 

          Jesper’s phone rang through the door and the pounding stopped. “You didn’t. You did not. Nope. No.” Wylan unlocked the door cautiously. Jesper stood there, face bright red with exhaustion, watching the 20 second loop video that was soon to be seen by all of his friends. 

          “God dammit Wylan.”

What Taylor Swift songs the Signs are
  • Aries: The Story of Us, Should've Said No, and Welcome to New York.
  • Taurus: Mine, Never Grow Up, and Red.
  • Gemini: Come Back... Be Here, Holy Ground, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
  • Cancer: Enchanted, Tied Together with a Smile, and I Knew You Were Trouble.
  • Leo: Long Live, Clean, and Starlight.
  • Virgo: Wildest Dreams, Begin Again, and Haunted.
  • Libra: Everything Has Changed, Sparks Fly, and I Wish You Would.
  • Scorpio: Blank Space, Bad Blood, and The Other Side of the Door.
  • Sagittarius: 22, State of Grace, and Wonderland.
  • Capricorn: Dear John, The Last Time, and I Know Places.
  • Aquarius: Ours, Tell Me Why, and Fearless.
  • Pisces: Last Kiss, This Love, and New Romantics.

Anonymous asked: Hi! Would you do one where it’s human!cas in the bunker and Dean is trying to get Cas to listen to his music, but all Cas wants to listen to is like pop.

Disclaimer: I do not hate the songs mentioned, these are Dean’s thoughts, not mine. ;) 

On a rainy Saturday morning, Dean was caught off guard when on his way to the kitchen, he suddenly detected a sound that should not be heard in a bunker that was shared between three adults of the male species. At least, not in Dean’s opinion.

It didn’t take him long to discover that the offensive sound came from the room that belonged to Castiel. The door to the former angel’s room was closed, but the cheesy tones of a pop song that was clearly performed by a young woman could easily be heard from the hallway. Dean furrowed his brow as he paused at the door, listening a little closer.

He thought he recognized the voice of the female singer now; it was the blonde chick who either sang about how she was pining over her boyfriends, or about how said boyfriends were pining over her instead. That was all Dean’s brain had bothered to remember about her; he couldn’t put a name to the artist. Although the real question here was: why on earth was Cas listening to that girly stuff? This was so not what Dean had meant the other day when he’d stimulated Cas to ’develop a taste in music’. 

Nonetheless, his curiosity got the best of Dean, and he tentatively knocked on the door.

“Come in.” It sounded from the other side.

Dean stepped into the room and was welcomed by a very appealing sight…

Castiel was sitting in the middle of his spacious bed, cross-legged. In front of him was Sam’s laptop, and Cas was squinting at the screen in concentration, not even looking up when Dean came in. Cas’ hair was the usual mess; most of the time he didn’t even try to tame the tousled strands. He was wearing a pair of Dean’s sweatpants, and a shirt that Dean knew had once belonged to Sam, which meant that it was way too big on Cas. All in all, the image was more than a little endearing, and the sappy pop song playing in the background did nothing to lessen the weird effect that Castiel often had on Dean.

The second Dean realized he’d been dumbly staring at his friend, he cleared his throat and walked over to Cas, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Hey buddy… What are you doing?” He asked, eyes briefly darting to the screen.

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you are in love

it was around 2.30am when you awoke. you didn’t open your eyes, you could tell someone was looking at you. and that someone happened to be luke. “you’re staring.” you said. “i would prefer it to be called gazing.” he replied. you opened your eyes to meet lukes. you could somehow make out a smirk on his face despite how dark the room was. “hello princess.” he said, pushing the hair out of your face and placing a kiss on your forehead. “why are you even awake?” you ask. “i couldn’t sleep.” he replied, still continuing to stare. “hey…babe…lets go out.”
“are you insane?? it’s nearly 3am!” you said, glancing at the clock.
“so what? it’ll be an adventure. it’ll be fun!! Spontaneous!!” he pouted.
how could you say no to that face?
“fine.” you said, pushing yourself up from the warm sheets and rubbing your eyes.
you grab a coat and shove it on over your sweats and head to the kitchen to prepare some coffee to take with you , knowing that tonight could be a long one. shortly after, you followed luke out to the car. the air outside was thin and crisp, and you could see your own breath as you breathed. it must have been atleast under 0 degrees. as you get in the car, you automagically demand the heating to be turned up.
“you’re crazy, you know that right?” you said, glancing at the clock once again.
“crazy for you.” he smirked.
“no cute, cheesy pick up lines will make going out at 3am better, hemmings.”
as clique as is was, luke placed one hand on the steering wheel, and one on your thigh as he drove, caressing it in little circles. after a while of driving in the middle of nowhere, talking about anything from your pet goldfish when you was 12 - to marriage and children, you both decided to park up so you could drink the coffee you made up in your thermal mug. taking small little sips at a time, it was quiet, silent even. watching the steam from your coffee rise to the air, you observe it. you could tell even in the silence how much luke was in love with you. the way he touched you, the way looked in your eyes. you could just feel it. “ i love you.” you said, breaking the silence.“ he smiled. “cmere”, he mumbled, leaning you over onto his chest. “i love you.” he said. “i love every part of you. i don’t want anyone else BUT you. you are everything. he smiled into your hair as he kissed your head, rubbing small circles onto your back. he quietly mumbled the lines to your favourite song. snow started to fall outside, and snowflakes landed on the windscreen of the car. you found yourself counting each snow flake, yet observing each detail. and before you knew it you were back asleep. in the arms of the one and only, luke hemmings. the one and only guy you are in love with. you are in love

- disclaimer this is based on Taylor swifts song you are in love loooool-

taylorswift Vlogs through the years (Disclaimer: I’m not liable for any emotional breakdowns) (x)


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