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Hey this is a rly weird question but I'm super new to Astro and keep hearing a LOT about Binu? Are they like, actually dating what is happening? How did this begin?

ajdhaskdjf this question made me laugh so much hfaksjd hi anON I’M BACK WITH A 28-SLIDE SLIDESHOW ARE YOU READY

quick disclaimer: none of these photos are mine i either took screenshots off of videos or i took them off google!! if you own any of these and want me to take them down just message me!!

extra bonus: the anon that sent me this when i was making the slide show - 


if ur still not convinced i recommend this

jks lmao conclusion: i’m glad you got into astro and i hope you enjoy your stay 

Wrong Number, Right Call (part 4)

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun x Reader

Synopsis: The first date…

Warnings: Does fluff need a warning? Because this is ALL fluff.

Author’s Note: We’re almost done with this cutie of a story. The epilogue goes up tomorrow! :) Also, I’m going to have to ask you guys to stretch your imagination a bit with this one… Seung Hyun goes out in public and doesn’t get mauled by fans.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


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You agreed to meet up at the subway station at eleven in the morning.

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Random Texts with Boyfriend Vernon

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Bonus: Diva Boo being a drama queen

BTS Hearing Their Girlfriend Moan in the Shower [requested]

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[If you have any specific requests or questions, you can submit them here] Here’s the masterlist for more imagines and scenarios/reactions. enjoy :)

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Ziall Is Real: The Masterpost

This is just a masterpost proving that Ziall is real made by yours truly, shipziallharderthantheyfuck. This post will be broken up into many parts.

TweetsStaringHugsHand HoldingKissesDeclaration of LoveComplimentsSharing ClothesThree PokesMeeting FamiliesSexual StuffJealousyZayn Carrying NiallMisc.

Okay, let’s go.

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[Text Scenario] BTS Jealous of Reader hanging out with Seventeen

maknae line | hyung line (coming soon)


Disclaimer: None of the photos used in the texts is mine. Credits to their rightful owners.

Enticing - Chapter 2: Want You

Disclaimer: This is for mature audiences only! None of these gifs/photos are mine!

Note: You must read Enticing from chapter 1! Enticing is a story with character development and plot. You will be missing out on a lot of stuff! Every member will have their time to shine, be patient please. Enticing is going to be long!

Note: This is a treat for y’all because I got excited and went on a spree. Don’t expect new chapters to get posted up this quickly in the future! Enjoy!

Note: If you find typos, tell me in my ask box or something so I can fix them~!

Enjoy! Be happy. Be horny. ^_^

    Namjoon pinned my wrists down with his hands. His firm grip excited me and I could tell that he was pleased from listening to my heavy breathing. He slid his tongue from my collarbone, across my neck, and then up to my lips. As his warm tongue slid up my neck I tilted my head back and closed my eyes due to the warm sensation that erupted all over my body. He gently bit my lips and then pulled himself away. He licked his lips when he saw how disappointed I looked when he stopped.

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Just some funny little meme texts with Hoshi -Admin Shua xx

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Picture He Posts Of You Two Together On Instagram

Jack J

Jack G














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I’m gonna start posting nate also! Do you guys like that?

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If it's not too much to ask, can you please share your "analysis"/view of what makes krisyeol different from the other kris & chanyeol pairings in EXO, and about their interactions with each other compared to with other members? I'd really love to hear your opinion. :)

how lame is it that i’ve been waiting for an ask like this for a while now? 
well, here you go man: a really long analysis on krisyeol and why it is the ship i ship harder than any other

(under a readmore because like i said, it’s really long)

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Puns and birthday texts with Boyfriend Wonwoo

Happy birthday to Seventeen’s bag of luck, Seventeen’s emo boy, Seventeen’s top gamer, Seventeen’s resident book worm, and my soulmate (according to me - admin v) Jeon Wonwoo.

Disclaimer: None of the photos used is mine, credits to their rightful owners.