disclaimer: i am not a scientist

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ok really weird question, do you think whales are a transitional evolutionary form that was a marine animal almost becoming a land animal or a transitional form of a land animal becoming a marine animal (this is all based on those weird little bones they have that serve no purpose)

You mean their hind legs?

I really haven’t read much into this but if I had to guess (don’t take me seriously I have little to no serious knowledge on this), I would guess that they were formerly land-based animals because of how the bones inside of their pecs are arranged and because they still have hind legs/bones.

I love how Carlos doesn’t have a specific area of study besides “science”

Like not only is this a hilarious (adorable) running gag

But it makes it so accessible for fans who create content. You wanna write about Carlos at work?

“He leaned over his science equipment to do some science.”

Not only is this wonderfully whimsical but it also allows anyone to depict Carlos accurately

You don’t need to know the periodic table or the acceleration rate of a falling bowling ball or whatever

And if you do, that’s grand too! Add those details, show your expertise!

But if you don’t: be vague! Be silly! Not only is it great fun for your audience, but it’s also canon!

Science side of Clone Club: if the Castor clones’ disease is genetically based, how can it be sexually transmitted and affect the women’s ovaries?  Wouldn’t they have to be producing some kind of actively infectious virus or bacteria or something?

About the dress

I can’t believe I’m posting about such a meaningless thing but here goes:

It’s not your eyes failing you, it’s the way the picture was taken (and/or modified) and so I think it’s more of a technology issue than a biology one. I see it as a white/light blue dress with gold lace, but I know it’s black and blue because the picture is way too bright (and not dim as some people say it is; dim means there’s very little light; yes the dress is lighted from behind, from whatever light source is there - a light bulb I assume, and I think the light in the back is also a reflection from a mirror if I’m not mistaken - and that may warrant the ‘dim’ label, but the background is very bright). For those of you seeing it like me (white/light blue and gold), tilt your screen back (away from you) a little and witness the true colors of the picture. 

Also, I’m surprised no one has yet pointed out that black/blue and white/gold are the exact opposites of each other, meaning that when it appears white & gold it’s actually doing that thing where a digital image switches to it’s negative values (depending on various things which include lighting and screen tilt, or if you’ve ever fiddled with an image in an editing software). 

Now, either the person took the picture right at a moment when too much light  from the shop/wherever she was flared in the camera’s objective, or they edited it at just the right values that it tricked the entire internet into debating what color a dress was and/or worrying about their eyesight (if the latter is true, then this would qualify as trolling, as I’m sure many are suspecting).

I don’t know how some people directly see it as blue & black, maybe the whole high functioning cones thing does play a small part in this, but it could also be that the settings on the device they’re viewing it from are set a certain way that allows for that to happen. For those of you who see the blue/black version and are curious to see the white/gold variation, tilt your screens forward (aka towards you) a little. 

I tried looking at it from my smartphone to see if anything changes and it didn’t in any significant way. Also, the screen tilting thing doesn’t work on smartphones screens, they’re made of glass among other things, as opposed to the usual LCD laptops use, so a touchscreen won’t allow for the change of values in an image based on what angle your eyes are looking at it.

datscoot replied to your post: if you claim that your eyes change color depending…

My brother’s eyes swing from hazel to brown to a funky green depending on the sunlight and how high he is, does that count?

it could be because of your brother’s eyes bending light in a certain weird way bc when people are high their eyes dilate letting more light in and causing the pigmentation to concentrate/bunch up into a smaller space

eye color changes happen a lot to people with a light pigmentation for some reason probably because of how light passes through them easier (like my eyes go from really dark brown to not so dark brown because of strong sunlight)