disclaimer: don't take this too seriously

love triangle: signs & seventeen
  • put in the tags who you end up with (or if they end up with each other instead of you, who knows)
  • aries: jeonghan, seungkwan
  • taurus: seungcheol, joshua
  • gemini: minghao, dino
  • cancer: hoshi, wonwoo
  • leo: seungkwan, vernon
  • virgo: joshua, seokmin
  • libra: dino, jeonghan
  • scorpio: wonwoo, jun
  • sagittarius: vernon, mingyu
  • capricorn: mingyu, minghao
  • aquarius: jun, woozi
  • pisces: woozi, hoshi

Hey pssst fandom. Psst. ‘This looks so much like my OC so this is great!’ is still not probably something you should be saying on other people’s art, and DOUBLY so if it was a commission or a gift or a trade for someone else. :SSS I can’t speak for how my commissioners feel but I feel awful when people take something that I made (for myself or someone else) and make it about themselves. :SSS Don’t do it guys. Just. don’t be selfish. Please.

Remember how I was reading a book that casually mentioned that the crescent moon used to be the alchemical mark for ‘silver’ and I had a war flashback of Flint with a crescent moon tattoo? lmao yes that was wild :) disclaimer: I know that the tattoo is Toby’s but if they didn’t want it they could’ve easily covered it soooo my point is: James has a silver tattoo.

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Thank you so much for writing the lyrics up, I can't wait to hear it when I get home!! At first glance like you say nothing too obvious, but then there are bits which i think could be Zouis related, dont have time atm but might try a proper interpretation later on. Defo right abt the Bonnie &Clyde thing too 😊😊 thanks again and omg how amazing would it be if Louis was one of the artists Zayn was referring to collabing with EEK! XXMuch love XX

Anon, you just make my day, lol. You are so excited, I’m glad! I know you didn’t quite ask, but ill just throw my thoughts out there, since I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll ask. ; )

When I kept hearing the mention of windows, I thought of this…

Can you feel where the wind is?

Can you feel it through,

All of the windows,

inside this room?”

Don’t ask me why it came to mind, it just did. And…

I’ll hold you when things go wrong,

I’ll be with you from dusk til dawn,

I’ll be with you from dusk til dawn,

baby I’m right here.”

…is something I’d imagine could be say about a moment like this.

So, take that how you will.

But, yes, it would amazing to see them work together, knowing how well their voices come together, but..that’s very wishful thinking. Maybe a little too wishful of me, to be fair. : ( Nevertheless! The song and video are great, and Zouis will always be real; song or no song.


“Bran,” a voice was whispering softly. “Bran, come back. Come back now, Bran. Bran…”

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The Adventures of Tsundere!12 [Vol. 6 preview]
(in collaboration with lotuskasumi)

Some time after the events of Pacific Rim, the kaiju attacks resume. The Precursors have opened a new Breach, and our team of Shatterdome heroes has narrowed down its location and sent out an expedition team to find it. A storm veers their ship off course and our team washes up on an island… Isla Sorna. CUE JURASSIC PARK MUSIC.

(I am FULLY ON BOARD the Jurassic World hype train! Obviously I was at some point to cross over JP with my other favorite thing in the world. Please don’t scold me about feathers… this dino is just supposed to be of the JP variety, after all! Also, I need to draw the other PR characters for this AU too, I just… don’t know how yet hahaha. Will work on that.) 

Oh, and of course, my usual disclaimer: Please don’t take this too seriously.