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Adding to canon is not the same thing as destroying canon

At San Diego Comic Con, we learned that Sonequa Martin-Green’s character, Michael Burnham, is Sarek’s adoptive daughter. The second I heard the news, all I could think was, “Let the hate begin.” And boy, did it ever.

I understand the disappointment, particularly with fan fic writers who invested a lot of time and effort into crafting stories that fit neatly into canon. Amazing how one sound bite can bulldoze right through decades of widely accepted fanon, huh?

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Christian Louboutin Masterpost

“People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my focus.”

The only man who has every really been honest about the extent of his downfall. This post is an update of an old post. Now, for some reason I picture Louboutins being every SB’s first go to pair of designer shoes. Why? Because they are sexy, gorgeous and the bottoms make any man want to bow down. That being said, they are the MOST painful pair of heels I have ever owned. So every little step to stretch/protect them has been worth it. 

How to Make Heels More Comfortable
As he said, louboutin’s will never be comfortable heels - they are not supposed to be. But, here are some tips and tricks you can use to make them a little less uncomfortable. Before we start, I have the So Kate that I wear to functions/dinners/events aka events where I can sit for long periods of time without looking out of place.

1. If your pair has a narrow front, you will need to stretch the leather. If you want to be a badass, then you can stuff your feet in and walk around for hours and eventually make them form - you will hate yourself. OR, you can use the extra help. Double up on some socks, stuff your feet in and shift all of your weight to the front of your feet. Using your blow dryer, apply high heat directly to the shoe. Make sure to relocate weight to the front of the shoe, the back will stretch as well! IF it stretches too much (that’s okay), then use fashion tape on the back to prevent sliding of your foot. I think it is better to stretch too much then not as all and with the tape, you’ll never notice the difference. 

2. Beauty is pain ladies and these epitomize both. Bandage your third and fourth toes with some medical tape, removes pressure from the nerves. You’ll hold out longer.

3. INSOLES for these brand of heels are a MUST. I didn’t realize how much of a difference they made until I did not wear them. HUGE HUGE HUGE difference.

4. When you are walking, be aware of your posture. If you’re an SB then your posture should always been good, in or out of heels. That being said, in these heels relocating your weight to your heel with an erect back makes it less painful. If you’re not used to this then this would feel awkward but you’ll get used to it - I promise. 

How to Protect Your Red Bottoms 

Yes, I like saving money. However, I chose not to go to the cobbler because they wanted to charge me 70 for the base. And, they would not have been able to protect my babies in time. You can do this for under $12, without any damage to the red after. 

Buy the ZAGG InvisibleShield Military Grade Screen Protector (I recommend this brand only because it’s the only one I know that will NOT damage the red.)  

You will want to buy the OG iPad case just in case you mess up, you can do it more than once. OK, so what you will do is clean the bottom of your shoes with a damp cloth and then outline them on the non-sticky part of the protector. DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY BUY THE GLASS PROTECTOR. Now, it is arts and craft time and you will cut out the base the outline of your shoes. Peel the plastic away, spray spray spray your shoes with the provided solution and slowly apply the sticky face, while being aware of air bubbles. You will want to use your windshield wiper thing to remove as many of the air bubbles as possible.

These are my protected So Kate that I have worn so many times and they still look perfect. It may have costed me more time but saved me a little bit of cash money. DISCLAIMER: If you are walking on floors in a kitchen/restaurant that could be greasy then you will want to be EXTRA careful. When you scruff the bottom, you get the real grip of these shoes. But when the bottom has the protector on then there is a little less traction. 

“Tombstone” (1993): cowboys and gay subtext

Disclaimer: I wrote this text long time ago, when we first heard the title of the episode, and we knew perfectly nothing about the plot - I just somehow never got to posting it. Back then I never DREAMED that we will be getting Cas and Dean roleplaying Texas rangers, and running around in cowboy hats. (What a time to be alive!) Anyway, I hope this little rant about how “Tombstone” (1993) is relevant to tomorrow’s episode will still be fun to read.

Disclaimer 2: I do not equal effeminate/weak bodied/flamboyant = gay, just different from the surroundings in the context of this movie. At the same time, the movie uses cheap stereotypes to characterize their characters in subtext.  It is 1990s, and this is not good, but it happened back then.

File it under the “Things I do because of my “Supernatural” obsession”: I watch and read stuff I hadn’t expected to before I started watching the show - you know, like a 1993 western telling the story of the legendary gunman Wyatt Earp and his two brothers, hunting and killing some Old West gang of outlaws in a frontier town.

Nevertheless, I did watch it, and now I will write about it because I am painfully aware that episode 13x06 is called “Tombstone”, that it has a western theme, and that it’s an episode by the writer who gave us “Stuck in the Middle with You” (12x12). It is therefore quite possible that the source material is relevant to the final product - plus with Tarantino being a western buff, it all connects nicely.

I will not speculate about the actual episode since we have almost nothing to go on at the moment - besides a few pictures from which we can gather a couple of facts:

  • The boys are most probably in Dodge City at some point (we saw pictures from the set saying “Dodge City” on one of the buildings). The city is about 3,5 hour drive from Lebanon - where the bunker is - and it was here Wyatt Earp was the sheriff before he moved to Tombstone. It also is “the cowboy capital of the US” because of it being the main city on the old “cattle trail”, famous for its cow markets and for its gunfights. We saw Dodge City on the show once before when Krissy’s dad was attacked in “Adventures in Babysitting”, but otherwise this is the first time we visit it,
  • We also know that at some point we will visit a cowboy-themed motel.

[While all of this gives us no story hints whatsoever, I think it’s safe to assume that the keywords for the episode are “cowboys” and “western”. Since Davy Perez’ most noteworthy episode last year was Tarantino themed, I am not remotely surprised this season for him is “westerns” (he is also bringing us the train heist episode later this season - yes, please.)]

I can, however, present the movie “Tombstone” that may or may not have something to do with the final episode (we’ll see). As I am aware that not everyone is as dedicated (read: bored and obsessed) as me to check out every pop culture reference on the show, I decided to share my newly aquired wisdom with the class.

Ok, so the story. The movie tells a (rather idealized) version of the shootout that occured in the frontier town of Tombstone, Arizona, between Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp (plus their friend, Doc Holliday) and the gang of outlaws who called themselves “the Cowboys” - known as the gunfight at OK Corral. I will talk just about the movie here (since the historical truth is a little different, and a compare-and-contrast historical analysis is not what we need right now).

So, Wyatt Earp got famous being the marshall of Dodge City, while also being a pacifist and trying to avoid starting conflicts as much as possible. Tombstone was supposed to be his retirement - he wanted to settle down, finally having his family around, and earn some money for a comfortable and silent life. He came to Tombstone together with his two brothers and their wives; upon arrival, he found out that his best friend, Doc Holliday, also ended up in the town, searching for his luck and trying to cure his TB - an illness that will later kill him at the age of 35. 

We meet Wyatt Earp when he has people closest to his heart right around him, and is very content with his life. He is also very adamant to leave the past and the fame behind, and start a completely new chapter in Arizona. The Earp brothers find out very quickly, however, that Tombstone is very far from the sleepy abode the name might suggest. The town is full of colourful characters - gamblers, gunslingers, preachers, prostitutes, outlaws etc. And of course there is a conflict boiling just below the surface.

Unwillingly, one by one the Earp party is pulled back into being the law officers again, and into the bloody frontier war.

SPOILERS AHEAD (you know, if you wanna watch the movie yourself)

So many themes here that remind me of SPN!

  • We have a duty bound man who meets a maverick and outgoing woman. She offers him excitement and adventures, and of course he falls for her, but doesn’t let himself have what he wants because of his mission, his situation (he was married at the time), and the need to act honourably. He is, however, perfectly aware of his feelings and that a part of this behaviour is fear of following his heart because he had never done this before in his life;
  • It takes a death of his closest friend to realize life is too short, and he should go for what he wants, which he does;
  • Before this, however, he follows the murder of one of his brothers by going on a shooting spree, and killing every bad guy he can find until they all are eradicated,
  • There is also so much gay subtext between two of the characters that the movie is always mentioned when “gay westerns before Brokeback Mountain” are discussed.

“Tombstone” as a lesson in gay subtext:

It is never mentioned in the movie that Billy Zane and Jason Priestley’s characters are gay. Yet, it is so obvious from the way they are portrayed that even people who are not used to reading subtext are perfectly aware the two characters are most probably lovers.

The characterization

The first thing we notice is the look of the characters. The two man are both dressed in a way that differenciates them from the enviroment around them - Billy Zane’s Fabian is completely different from the masculine world of the Old West, with his soft hair, boyish good looks, clean shaven face, and elaborate outfits.

Jason Priestley’s Billy is more in accordance with the tough world of Tombstone - he is the deputy sheriff after all, and can be tough when needed - but still, in his time off he is portrayed as soft, effeminate, especially while contrasted with the criminals he usually runs with. His outfit is not too different from everyone else’s, but he is the only person to wear a bowtie (everyone else wears neckties or bandanas) and spectacles. He is portrayed as a slightly weaker and more vulnerable person.

Exposition in relation to other characters

The two characters sexuality is shown, not talked about, especially through the kind of interractions they have with other people.

We meet Fabian when he steps out of a carriage, all confident, flamboyant, well-groomed and witty. His person awakens the reaction in the manly-men of the West, which is shown by Morgan Earp asking the local sheriff “What kind of town is this?” (at which point Wyatt shushes him, as if he said something offensive). 

To hammer the point home, Fabian is an actor who travels with a gorgeous woman, but obviously has no sexual interest in her - they are best buddies who ogle the Earps together, and comment on their attractiveness.

As for Billy, we meet him when he arrives at the theatre to see the actors’ performance, and right away he is shown bullied by the Cowboys. The quips obviously refer to his sexuality (“Hey, sister boy, gimme some!”). He doesn’t try to shoot them down, just tries to avoid being touched. Quickly he is “saved” by the leader of the gang, and seated beside him. Shortly afterwards the camera shows us the difference between the Cowboys and the deputy sheriff’s approach to Fabian onstage (mocking vs in awe).

Later, during a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, Billy grabs Fabian in the saloon, and cordially invites him to his table. This is the last time we see the two men together, alive.

Fast forward to the end of the movie: Billy is riding around with the Cowboys while Wyatt Earp runs around, shooting everything he can find. The outlaws stop a carriage and find the actress and Fabian in the back: the actor is dead, shot by the Cowboys. Everything here happens completely beside the dialogue and the rest of the scene. Billy watches dead Fabian while the actress holds her dead friend, and angrily discusses the war with the leader of the gang.

(Just for your viewing pleasure, I created THIS GIFSET of the scene)

It is never said out loud that Bily and Fabian are lovers. It is still pretty damn obvious. It is perfectly clear from the way they are presented, their interactions with other characters, and the (very limited) onscreen interactions with each other.

“Tombstone” is a cowboy movie that takes a step towards the actual reality of the Wild West, and makes it almost textual. Homosexuality was a natural part of the cowboy lifestyle - it was after all a society full of men, where the men to women ratio was around 8:1. Everyone had needs, not everyone had money, and love and sexual encounters between men were as common as in any other, similar enviroment. There is a reason why the uber-masculine cowboy stereotype is one of the main figures in American gay iconology - think everything from “Midnight Cowboy” to The Village People and “Brokeback Mountain”.

Why Davy Perez chose to call his episode after the kettle-market town in Arizona, but also after the movie with such a strong gay subtext?


anonymous asked:

Hi! I love Dan and Phil, individually and together, but I think they're not trying to hide a romantic relationship. Don't you think that after ten years, they'd finally come out if they were? I mean there are a lot of gay couples on youtube and it would not be that big of a deal today than it was in 2007. Just wanted to hear your opinion on that. Have a nice day!

before i answer, disclaimer: i have ADD and this post might get messy since i find it difficult to concentrate and phrase myself properly (and english isn’t even my main language!)

well, i’m not gonna try and force my own views down your throat or anything but let me ramble a bit about why i wholeheartedly believe dan and phil are in a relationship;

i think i’ll start with the very fact that they recently moved to their third shared home together. say whatever you want to say but if they were indeed just friends, considering they’re in their mid 20s and 30 dont you think they’d want to move out separately and get going with their lives? and dont you think they wouldn’t be so keen on making comments about keeping living together in the long run (or forever….  a forever home say whaaaat). 

now, you might argue with the good ol’ “but they benefit from living together regardless of relationship status”. fair enough. however, let me point out that it has became as clear as day especially in 2017 that they share a bedroom. i don’t know about you but i don’t think two strictly platonic friends who just moved into a duplex would want/ need to share a bedroom unless they’re uhhh mayhaps in a relationship and love to cuddle? i know a wild concept…….

and i’m sorry but if you want to argue against the shared bedroom fact with the shoebox phil claims is “his room” i have nothing to say but shake my head. no way phil actually lives in that room that has no windows and no space to move around and why is the entire room crammed in this one corner… where is the rest of the room……. and why is that room has no personal touch to it…. it’s literally just AmazingPhil props and things……… feels much more like a set to me than an actual bedroom. (also we saw phil’s mirror and hair straighter in the moon room aka “”dan’s bedroom”” which i think we can all collectively agree is simply “the bedroom”)

another thing that strikes me is how dan joins phil’s family vacations (especially in 2017) and how he seems to become part of the family much more than anyone who’s classified as “platonic” to phil would have. dan is just as much of a lester as cornelia is? dan joins the lesters just as much and as frequent as a spouse would. in fact, dan joins the lesters so much on their adventures that if im not wrong, the longest dan and phil spent apart in 2017 was not more than a weekend? that’s whack!

now these were just three things that were very prominent in 2017 regarding the belief whether dan and phil are in a relationship or not that were “behind the scenes”as in going on in their personal lives, kind of? i mean sure we see the  shoebox on AmazingPhil and the moon room in some liveshows and we get pictures from their shared vacations but now i will move on to what we see on screen across their channels

i’ll start this with a throwback to the boncas bc i think that damn speech is enough to debunk any “uwu platonic” argument, ever. i don’t think phil would have done THAT if dan didn’t mean a whole lot to him and i think saying the universe would rip in half in they go apart is a concrete proof that they themselves can;t and don’t want to imagine a life in which they are not joint at the hip. 

moving on to gamingmas, which i will forever find so significant?? they broke a lot of boundaries during that month regarding of invading personal space, a bit of a more mature humor (esp on phil’s account), casual touching and a whole lot of flirting and a lot less (almost none at all) looks straight into the camera to show they are aware this is filmed or to do a “wtf is this lol” kinda thing. gamingmas was a turning point. i will forever firmly believe they did all of that in an attempt to normalize this kind of behavior on screen (and it definitely worked!)

dan and phil continued the vibes of gamingmas well into 2017 and the casual touches, lingering gazes and flirting (as well as expressing affection towards males in specific) is now the normal running theme over at dapg to a degree where we don;t even lose our shit anymore. we joke and meme but nothing strikes us as overwhelming bc we are “used” to it, which i think dan and phil aimed for i genuinely think they wanted to get to this stage of showing more comfort and more intimacy on screen without everyone and their mothers going whack over “pHaN iS rEaL!!!!!1″ and for it all to come across as oh so casual and chill! 

so now you ask, “they go through all that why not just come out lol”

WELL, in my honest opinion, dan and phil will never officially come out as a couple. and you know what, maybe things would have been different if The Video didn’t leak and get spread around (twice, mind you.) but things happen and one thing lead to another and after all they have been through and how they were shaped as people and their experiences with guarding and protecting themselves and their privacy any sort of statement about whether or not they are a couple or just friends or even paid actors  (let alone labeling themselves and their sexuality bluntly) is highly unrealistic. so if you are waiting for a coming out video or whatever to convince you that won’t ever happen i’m afraid. 

dan and phil value their privacy and they have every right to do so.

so yes, maybe in the early days of 2009/10 they were very flirty all across social media and on camera and maybe just maybe you need to consider the few following things regarding why they stopped with that:

  • The Video leak. like honestly? can’t and won’t find any more justified reason to feel the need for privacy and shielding yourself and making comments on how ‘het’ you are  for instance just to brush off the most intimate thing imaginable that since has been glorified and memorized by millions(?) of people who were never meant to even know this video and that declaration of affection even exists. is it scary. and i fully understand the “no homo howell” phase and how awkward they appeared together on camera for awhile, very very proud of how far they;ve came esp in 2017 though. 
  • the radio show! is it a little tied to The Video leak since the second leak happened when the radio show was still fairly new but before they moved to london (into their second shared home coughs) they weren’t all that big, you know? but with the popularity of the radio show came the increasing popularity of their youtube channels and their followers/ subscribers count went up and up and their content became exposed to a much larger range of audience and these new audience/ fans were not familiar with the past (at least not at first glance) and dan and phil needed to leave “good” impression (not that being flirty and dumb wasn’t good impression but it wasn’t all that professional and now they’ve grown big enough to be in need of professionalism.)

these two things were a turning point to how dan and phil view themselves on camera and their content itself (phil sticking to the AmazingPhil PG persona) (dan with his struggles with creativity and integrity zzzz) and really, considering their story  (and how well known the early days are, and how dan and phil are aware to that…) it suddenly makes perfect sense why dan and phil aren’t in any sort of rush or need to ever come out.

however though, i think that the “post baking universe” as in the halloween 2016 baking video, the boncas speech, the european leg of tatinof, pinof 8, and gamingmas were a prep to this switch in dynamics we have seen in 2017 and that keeps very steady so far. feels as if late 2016 was so “wild” bc they were testing the waters and our reactions to see if they wanna pull through with this change. 

so, even if they will never officially come out, their dynamic both on and  off screen screams that they are literal boyfriends and they don’t need to spell it out for us to know and see. anyone who cares enough about their relationship status and look at their content with it in mind can very obviously and easily see how in love these two dorks are. same love from the early days of 2009/10 only now it has shifted into a steady, secure, safe, most wonderful thing and you can see that their love towards each other in filling their hearts with pure joy.

so yeah, dan and phil are definitely in a relationship and that doesn’t seem to change anytime soon, if ever at all.


Dating Hyungwon Would Include

Could you do a ‘dating them would include’ for Hyungwon from Monsta X, please? I love that series!:)

Note: I’m glad you enjoy the series! I hope you also enjoy this dating Hyungwon would include!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

In the Daytime

Originally posted by 1lovely5

  • He might be the biggest meme of Monsta X, or a singer with so much talent it is hard to even comprehend. Above all, he is an amazing boyfriend.
  • Just imagine being at a long day of work, but getting to come home to Hyungwon, who has already made you tea and set out warm blankets and a hot drink to cuddle in front of a movie or a drama.
  • His hugs being a gift from some higher power.
  • They’re so warm and captivating, who knows how you manage to get away from it in the morning after cuddling him all night long.
  • You both cook just about equally, and the house work is pretty much balanced fairly - he enjoys it too, because he likes spending time with you even if it is doing house hold chores.
  • Not that doing chores with Hyungwon is boring.
  • Usually, hoovering the living room or cleaning the bathroom would be a drag, but not with Hyungwon, he always makes things like this fun.
  • He’s all for going out on fancy dates and showing you off, because he loves you, and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.
  • But he does also like having some privacy with you too.
  • Simple dinner dates at home will be enough to make him happy most of the time.
  • He also loves movie nights.
  • And ordering take away when neither of you can be bothered to cook anything.
  • He loves the fact that he’s taller than you because
  • 1. It means he can reach up high shelves that you can’t reach (sometimes he’ll purposefully put things high up so you have to ask him for help.)
  • and 2. He just finds it so damn adorable, especially when he hugs you from behind, or decided to start tickling you.
  • Whenever you’re upset, be prepared to be exposed to meme Hyungwon who’s going to keep trying to cheer you up until you eventually smile.
  • “Hyungwon, what the hell are you doing?”
  • “The Mantis Dance… Oh, was that a little smile I saw there?”
  • Him singing around the house randomly - just because he can.
  • Sometimes he’ll sing to you, or make up random songs on the spot about how he’s feeling, or joking around.
  • “My Jagiya is so beautiful~ I love her little dress~”
  • “Hyungwon, what are you even on about anymore?”
  • Him thinking that he’s good at hiding when he’s jealous, but you’re always aware of it because you can just tell by the look on his face.
  • Thank the lord for make up sex
  • Because he’ll forgive you pretty quickly tbh.
  • Him taking a lot of pictures of you to keep on his phone while he’s away and use as his lock screen when he misses you.
  • Calling you when he’s on tour and the other guys interrupting him constantly
  • “{y/n}! I miss you so much! I can’t wait to see you when we get ba-”
  • “Minhyuk go away! I’m trying to talk to my girlfriend, you can talk to her later.”
  • There’s hardly ever fighting, because both of you are pretty chill
  • But when there is, he will always admit when he’s wrong and apologies.
  • Again, make up sex is your greatest ally
  • Him being so perfect and amazing and never denying you of anything.

At Nighttime

Originally posted by ultranicolet

  • Well, let’s just say there’s two very different sides of Hyungwon
  • There’s the side that’s all fluffy and cuddly
  • And then there’s the darker side of him
  • You don’t want to mess with Hyungwon when he’s in one of those devilish moods
  • Or you might be denied orgasm all night long holy shit
  • When you’re engaging in sexy time, he’s going to be passionate and loving on the whole
  • But sometimes he might be a little fiery, or jealous, and that’s when you really do need to watch what you say.
  • “So you thought I.M looked today? Maybe I can show you how good I look over you while you plead for mercy.”
  • Good luck with this one, because God knows he’ll give you the feels in more ways than one
  • But a lot of the time, Hyungwon likes to sleep, so he will enjoy simple nights where he gets to hold you in his arms and whisper sweet nothings into your ear until you both fall asleep.
Asperger Syndrome + MBTI

I often receive questions about typing someone or self-typing with Asperger Syndrome, so I decided to write a post addressing some things to keep in mind when dealing with this syndrome

Disclaimer: Though I did grow up with someone who has Asperger’s, I am not an expert, nor have I studied it extensively; I suggest you familiarize yourself with all the traits, tendencies, and behavioral and psychological elements, in order to go beyond this preliminary assessment

I believe it is possible to type someone with Asperger’s. But, the traits OF Asperger’s can obscure, mess with, or enhance elements of cognition; so you MUST learn to distinguish between what is a natural cognitive function process, and what is a process of the syndrome itself.

For example, here are a few Asperger’s traits, and the cognitive functions you COULD mistake it for:

  • Unable to read non-verbal signals like facial expressions (poor Fe/Se)
  • Poor judgment of the reaction of those listening to them (poor Fe)
  • Extremely literal and precise (strong Ti / thinker)
  • Confused by exaggeration or metaphors (sensor)
  • Struggles to think in abstract ways or understand abstraction (sensor)
  • Obsessive interests or hobbies / facts memorization (Te/Si)
  • Extreme reliance on routine as a “safe” (Si)
  • Hatred of unexpected change or interrupted behavior patterns (Si)
  • Poor concentration and easy distraction (Se/Ne)
  • Strong black and white moral opinions (Fi)

Now, imagine an ENFP with Asperger’s: a naturally abstract thinker who struggles to understand metaphors or non-literal things, but who exhibits all the other tendencies and traits of Ne (openness to new ideas, excitement about sharing new ideas and discussing them with others, broad, multi-level thinking, big picture focus, naïve idealism, and optimism); who wants to connect to others (but has poor ability to read them, or read between the lines), whose moral views may be more rigid than is normal for a Ne-dom; who believes in hard work (Te) and does not over-analyze rather than act; and who hates change, but is poor at detail retention, at providing specific examples, etc.

What you wind up with is… an ENFP… with stronger Si/Te-esque habits, but they are still an ENFP.

So, remember that when typing.

Focus on how the person thinks, and communicates, where their emphasis lies, what they struggle to articulate, and what is easy for them to say.

I seriously mistyped the main Asperger’s person in my life (I’ve known two), because I did not understand cognition or how to spot it, I failed to take into account the elements of his syndrome which might reinforce unnatural behaviors for his type, and took the “lazy” route of assuming those habits made him an STJ.

He isn’t.

He’s an ENTP.

His openness and excitement over new ideas, his need to discuss those ideas, and his desire to see humanity transform within a short amount of time speak to strong Ne-idealism / tendencies, but he could not understand or use idioms or metaphors as a child; as an adult, he finds totally abstract things difficult to comprehend, and asks others to interpret them in less symbolic language.

His intense need to categorize information, to nitpick, to ensure it is CORRECT (Ti) does battle with his “black and white” moral views (fake Fi; in reality, Asperger’s + Enneagram 1), leading to an intense internal duality that can be confusing for him, and other people. He manifests the usual tert-Fe desire to be liked / thought of as intelligent / receive affirmation / build a sense of community / see the world in terms of “us,” but struggles to understand his own emotions and tries to rationalize or “analyze” them instead of expressing them.

His sensory awareness is extremely poor, his hatred of change / unexpected profound, but his inferior Si manifests as inferior Si does – in freaking out if his internal sensory balance is off or he doesn’t feel well; every minor pain is a big deal. He suffers from intense sensory over-stimulation (loud noises, sounds, strong tastes; he avoids condiments on many of his foods) and hates crowds for this purpose; yet as a social extrovert, gets “wound up” around people.

Being a naturally abstract thinker (Ne + Ti) who struggles to understand abstract thinking is incredibly difficult for him. Ti finds it hard to articulate what is precise logic within the mind, and often derails; his Ne does the same, and takes him so far off topic, people often wondered how he got from A to Q. He is the literal embodiment of abstract thinking, yet cannot understand high abstraction. One might mistype him a sensor because of this, unless one listened to him talk and realized his conversation is often composed of ideas, vague generalities, and concepts, without specific examples.

So, when typing someone with this syndrome, don’t look at the symptoms for indication of cognitive process, but instead look how they might IMPACT a natural cognitive process, like a filter on a video camera. It will color the cognition but the original cognition is still present.

I haven’t met Asperger’s people of all types yet, but I speculate:

High Se-users… will be focused on the here and now, notice things in detail, tend to dominate the “space,” and want to engage their hands and bodies in the process of learning. (But with a preference for routine and obliviousness to facial patterns and expressions to tell how someone is feeling / their boredom.)

High Si-users… will have precise memories and emphasis on detail; they will prefer a certain method of thinking, place a great deal of trust in their sensory perceptions, and use comparison (have I seen / done / tasted this before?) when making decisions. (Without the awareness of idioms and metaphors that Si’s rapidly learn as part of social dialogue.)

High Ne-users… will want to share, trade, and discuss ideas. They will have idealistic and sometimes unrealistic views of how rapidly society can change, and desire to see it improve for the better. (But want routine, and struggle to understand other people’s abstract, vague, or generalized statements.)

High Ni-users… will have highly personalized, abstracted, symbolic thinking and specific visions or ideas about the future; they desire to come to a single conclusion and work toward making that vision a reality. (And struggle to “get” outside vague, abstract, or generalized statements, and prefer routine.)

High Te-users… will employ blunt logic, with the purpose of accomplishing tasks, reaching goals, organizing others, and effecting change in the world. They will still rely on facts and prioritize end-results thinking. (But may be easily distracted or find it hard to concentrate.)

High Ti-users… will want to systemize and categorize everything; will correct bad logic in others, and aim for precision; will be annoyed at “mental laziness,” and may develop an intense understanding of impersonal systems (science, technology, medicine, etc). (But will struggle with outside abstraction.)

High Fe-users… will express their emotions readily, get their feelings hurt, and seek to bond or establish togetherness with others; they want to feel useful, connected, and contribute to society (despite poor social skills / awareness, and being unable to tell how someone feels about them / the conversation).

High Fi-users… will have strong internal ethics and struggle to articulate their emotions, instead choosing to SHOW people love instead of tell them (but can struggle, especially, with “putting oneself” in someone else’s shoes, and imagining “how I might feel” without external assistance, due to their literal-ism).

- ENFP Mod

re: [quest] Chapter 4 “sponse”

Hello!! So … before we get to it, here’s my explanation of what I’m up to with re: quest. So far, I’ve been BURIED in school and, as far as translations go, have mainly been chipping away at outlines/summaries as well as my tagging system to make things as convenient for you guys as I can. But, at the same time, I thought I should give you some kind of content to get the ball rolling! So I spent all day yesterday and today fleshing out my translation for Part 1 of Chapter 4, “Sponse” (I’m pretty close with the rest of the chapter too – just have lotsa editing to do). This chapter is about Hori Chie and Tsukiyama Shuu and is very cute (happy birthday the other day, 2/25, to Hori, btw!!)♥

About my tagging system and overall formatting: so far, my links for desktop are all set. This post will have Part 1 of the chapter in full under the cut (mainly for mobile users). While posts like this will have as much content as I can include in them, I’ll be using posts primarily as way of announcement for updates. All of the translation content will be on my blog’s Quest Navigation Page, which can also be accessed through my translations page on the main navbar (I am aware that these links don’t work for mobile – that’s why I’ll try to put as much content as I can in posts. The issue is that I can’t guarantee content in posts will stay available). Finally, a disclaimer: I’d encourage anyone invested in the Tokyo Ghoul series to buy the official copies of this light novel and its official translations when they are released in your area to support the authors and publishers.

Thank you everyone for your patience and please please please, don’t hesitate to send me corrections/suggestions/asks and messages about this project! It’s a big work in progress, and there will definitely be some mess-ups on my part, but my hope is that we can all enjoy some more of Quest. It’s pretty awesome. – koko♥

Chapter 4: Sponse Part 1
TL: As we all know and love, occasionally Tsukiyama throws in English or French words when he’s talking. Anything he says that’s written in Roman letters in the original Japanese text, I will both italicize and underline. All other emphatic markings only for conveying their own regular emphasis.

   “Alright, now take a picture, of me!”
   “Nahh,” Hori replied, and the conversation was over in 3 seconds. She was watching through the coffee shop’s big windows at the shopping street where people came and went, housewives buying things for dinner and hoisting bulky eco-bags on their shoulders.
   Hori looked like an uncomfortable elementary school student in the chic and relaxed coffee shop where she sat. However, inside, she was already at the level of a college student. Well, actually, she almost never went to college, as she roamed from east to west as a “free camera-man” with her camera, her one hobby, always by her side.

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Moon in the 12th House

Someone with moon in the 12th bears confusing emotions that run deeper than this lifetime, they pick up feelings from the collective, feeling sad at random times, and not understanding where it comes from, this is meant to teach this person compassion instead of becoming a victim to an ocean of overwhelming emotion. Many of the emotions they carried in previous lifetimes are culminating into this life.

While they were in utero, whatever feelings the mother had during pregnancy left an imprint on their psyche. Her experiences during that time may be a culprit to their current mental health. They could ask their mother what she ate during pregnancy, as it probably affected their personality! Whatever strange pregnancy cravings their mother had may have been their soul saying, “Mommy, feed me Haggis, MooGooGai, Borscht, frog legs, bok choy, wasabi, and beet juice!” All foods affect us on a mind body soul level, and during the life of someone with Moon in the 12th, their emotional cravings for certain foods are often more of a self-undoing, and it would benefit this person to practice greater food discipline, realizing that they will feel better if they opt for fresh produce rather than comfort food. This person might cover up their puzzling emotional state by eating what makes them feel good in that moment, without rationalizing what their body needs to consume for optimal health. By implementing wiser food choices, their inner turmoil improves, as positive diet choices create a clearer mind to understand their own feelings.

There is a tendency to dwell on certain feelings that have cut them to the core. Of course it is easier said than done, but the person with moon in the 12th house must find acceptance. They may have to immerse themselves in the pits of despair, before they’re able or ready to release it.

Likewise, they can also go off on a tangent of ecstasy, getting carried away on what excites them, not honoring their responsibilities to lean towards what they “feel like doing”.

They may suppress their emotions because they seem to be too much to handle. In MBTI, they may act more Thinking than Feeling, but be highly sensitive deep down.

If they do not honor their own vulnerability, they may come off as condescending or critical to others as a defense mechanism. At its worst, their resentfulness could drive them to provoke others, finding what hurts someone the most and making use of that, lashing out to hurt others’ feelings because they haven’t worked thru the times they were hurt.

At it’s best, this person can cultivate a High Emotional Intelligence, realizing that everyone goes thru different emotional trauma that is hard on them. Otherwise, this person may view their own problems as more difficult than others’ plights, that they don’t empathize with the severity of someone else’s experience. (Disclaimer: I own none of these pictures)

Something about the native’s inner divine feminine or womanhood is meant to be unlocked during the life of someone with moon in the 12th. Perhaps they have denied their nurturing side, because tedious life tasks didn’t allow them to have time to fully honor the feminine; challenging themselves to achieve societal expectations instead of resting when they are weary. And so they end up being the antonym of nurturing, becoming pushy and hardened instead. Previous lifetimes when they experienced injustice for being a female are still being processed in the current life. This could include painful childbirths, losing one’s child, or feeling obligated to become a mother when they didn’t desire to in a past life. Sometimes when we feel traumatized in a way we can’t explain, there’s actually themes from previous incarnations coming thru us.

With the 12th house being “serve or suffer”, the moon serves by being he shoulder to cry on, helping others with their emotional issues, feeding nourishing meals to others rather than overeating for emotional escape. This person mustn’t allow food to become a crutch. Due to not feeling very nurtured during their youth, the native subconsciously feels the need to overcompensate, covering up unfulfilled wants by desiring more than what they need for survival. This can apply to using “retail therapy” to give them a rush of excitement, eating an entire tub of ice cream, acting co-dependent, leaning on others more than they should, binge watching movies, video games, reading fiction, and so on…

Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can operate out of their own hurt, reacting to conflict by saying hurtful things back to a person, instead of rationalizing the situation, comprehending their point of view. This doesn’t have to be you, by being aware of your planetary placements, you can evolve past them. The Moon in a water sign has to learn to be more objective, consciously choose to not let your hurt feelings cloud your judgement. They can be so consumed in the drama of their emotions that they don’t take note of what is happening around them. There is hesitancy to face their problems, but they’ll gladly help others with theirs. Water Moons in the 12th are probably the most intuitive people. I’d say Scorpio has the potential for telepathy and psychoanalysis. Cancer moon would be clairsentient (gut feelings), and claircognizant (a sense of knowing). Pisces moon would be the medium, bringing necessary messages from spirit guides to those who are feeling lost.

Moon in the Earth Signs operate out of logic, they comfort themselves with food, being attached to the material realm. Forming emotional connections to possessions and the five senses, they thrive on what is tangible. Thriving on tactile sensations, smells can dictate their emotions, and soft textures make them feel at home.They have less fluidity to tune into the collective, but we need people in this world with feet on the ground. An Earth Moon in the 12th stabilizes themselves from getting carried away, and even if they do, they still remain on top of their responsibilities.

Moon in Taurus in the 12th will cherish their alone time where they can bask in as many sweets as they wish, laying in a fragrant bath tub while listening to music. Moon in Virgo in the 12th will analyze the times they were hurt, they will act neurotic around others if they do not get to fulfill their need for solitude. Before they tell someone how they feel, they evaluate the situation, then they can articulate their emotions very well.

Moon in Capricorn in the 12th lives on a see-saw of hedonism to depravity, overindulging to the point of self-undoing, then feeling guilty, punishing themselves by the denial of pleasure. They feel like they have to be serious, finding a way to cope with the world, and so they’re less tempted to sympathize. Others were cold to them, so they think that becoming understanding is coddling a person, being too easy on them.  Underneath that, they have a richness of feeling the pains of the world, but not knowing how to cope with that, they harden. What they’ve been thru is so internalized they won’t open up about their struggles, having to be tough to get thru the idea that no one was there for them, they can become bitter. Then when someone is there for them, they are so used to having to be distrustful, that they may shut out a caring person out of their own skepticism. You can rise above your hardness and make a point to cultivate tenderness.

Moon in an Air Sign in the 12th would distract themselves with intellectual activities, choosing to read, watch documentaries, talk to friends, instead of face the complexity of their feelings. They are great at being objective, rationalizing what happens to them.

Moon in Gemini in the 12th has a great desire to socialize and exchange ideas with a variety of people, but may not know how to go out in the world and find that. They intellectualize their emotions, and may find comfort in focusing on superficial things. They’re able to objectively look at what they’ve been thru, to make sense of it all, and pass this gift to others as well, making a great therapist. Ruled by Mercury, Hermes goes up to the pantheon of the gods, as the person with Moon in Gemini reaches heights of excitement, to feel down and uncertain the next day, as Hermes declines to the underworld.

Moon in Libra in the 12th is not the most at ease around other people, but they have an inner need to be accepted. They try to be non-judgemental, but end up picking up the opinions of others, rather than taking a firm stance, or coming to conclusions on their own; for example, if others have opinions of what behavior or appearances are acceptable, Moon in Libra will go along with them, fitting a mold so they can be liked. So they may end up judging without realizing it, because popular opinion has convinced them to adhere to the structure set by others. They could be impressionable, but this isn’t neccessarily a bad thing, as they keep the peace, not everyone in this world can be a maverick. By learning to break past conditioning, they find their most authentic selves (this is true for everyone, regardless signs).

Moon in Aquarius in the 12th finds themselves alone because their ideas are contradictory to the mainstream. They have the ability to take a step back from their emotions and view life objectively. In a way, they desire to be a maverick who makes a point about being separate from others who the don’t vibe with, yet they truly wish to find their tribe. They long for community where they find a group of comrades who are just as free thinking as they are. This person loves humanity from a distance, but refrains from getting too involved with many people. Their cynicism prevents them from forming heartfelt connection, as they may come up with reasons to not open up to people, noting the flaws of others, they may keep most of their friends at arms length. It is possible that they think they’re open minded, but a tendency to to judge others gets in the way of being truly open. By finding the tenderness in themselves, they grow towards authenticity.

Moon in a Fire Sign in the 12th house is like a muffled flame.

Moon in Aries in the 12th wants to assert themselves but is hesitant to do so. They are tempted to be rowdy, bold, and say things that would provoke people, but they seem to lose their fire before any words come out of their mouth. They are full of inner gusto, but they hold themselves back.

Moon in Leo in the 12th has a very loving nature but doesn’t know how to express it. Their enthusiasm comes out in a more quiet way, such as thru their writing. They are very determined to accomplish something great, achieving the most by working on it alone. They feel fulfilled by gaining recognition, but they prefer to do it under a persona rather than with their authentic self. Even if they seem outgoing in some ways, they are very inward looking. They can become self absorbed when hurt.

Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th daringly explores their soul, venturing into nature, experimenting with substances, then finding themselves burnt out. They have a harder time processing their emotions and fully understanding where someone else is coming from, unless other parts of the chart would say so. They’re able to perceive wisdom from the divine.

Those with moon in the 12th can tap into the collective consciousness. They can see into other worlds if they release fear of the unknown. They are able to think in symbolism, perceiving wisdom from little every day things. They can download ideas from the universe, their creativity isn’t entirely their own, whether they realize it or not, they are a channel for higher beings. By living with minimal stress, getting loads of sleep, and clean eating, the native is more open to develop intuitive abilities.

If you found this inspiring, you’d love a reading with me! I can write 10+ pages all about your natal chart personality, predictions for upcoming months, your secondary progressed moon, relationships, and more! My readings carry more insight than what you can find for free, they’re great for feeling a greater connection to your soul’s purpose for this life! Message me if you’re interested!    Check out:   AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/trybeforeyoubuy

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Daddy A-Z: Yuta

Originally posted by taei

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
Honestly, I feel like Yuta would be the s/o that immediately knows sometimes up with his love? Like ‘you’re really warm all of a sudden, are you okay?’ ‘you’re…eating a lot. have you ever eaten a pack of spaghetti all on your own?’ ‘did you…..did you used to eat pickles with peanut butter? or am i forgetting??’ before it clicks, and he’s just like ‘yoUR FKIN PREGNANT ARENT YOU?!!??!’ He figures it out on his own and you’re just like ‘yup.’ ‘duDE!!’ With telling others, I feel like he’d just do something normal, like posting pictures of the ultrasound or positive pregnancy test.

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
I don’t think Yuta does much dad reading, he’s more of a ‘we’re fine! we can figure it out together! people have kids…it’s got to be like….natural to take care of a kid right?….right?” so he’s more of a wing it/do what his parents did when raising his bub.

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
I swear Yuta’s the dad that just stands around and coos at watching his bub and s/o cuddling, rather than him doing the cuddler. He’ll take 1735 pictures of his s/o and the babe cuddling, and make an instagram dedicated to the cuddling fam.

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 

I feel like having kids with Yuta will be more planned than a surprise, so he’s fully aware the dad title is coming, and he’s very aware that he’s heading to that path. So I don’t think being called Daddy will be some fantastic thing in his mind, because he’s been seeing himself as dad before the test was even positive. I think he’d be pretty calm and just think ‘well yeah, i’m dad. i know that.’

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
With Yuta, I think it’ll be 50/50, or more like ‘who’s not currently holding the baby when we realize we’re out of something? okay then its your turn to make the supplies run’. It’s more just taking turns than one person’s role. 

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

Yuta usually leaves feeding time to his s/o, while he usually prepares the food/cleans the babe up afterwards, so he let’s his partner have the ‘food bonding time’.

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 

Obviously mr. healing smile Nakamoto is in charge of dealing with baby frowns a lot. Honestly, who doesn’t immediately smile when they see Yuta smile? C’mon now. All it takes is his pretty face smiling and laughing and the babe turns into the sun from the Teletubbies and we all know it.

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
Yuta’s got a few siblings, so I imagine he’d want or end up having a similar scenario with his kids. I can see him having 2 or 3, more likely close together in age, so they really bond as siblings and such. Plus he seems like the cocky dick to be like ‘babe we can totally hand 8 kids at once! trust me!’ and then a week into fatherhood he looks like the plague got him.

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 

“What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.
Yuta’s such a chubby cheek kisser, seriously. He attacks WinWin all the time, you know he’s gonna be smooching his lil bub so much god my heart hurts can NCT be on Hello Baby or Return of Superman please please please SM

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

I think Yuta’s pretty good at hiding his emotions and things, but holding your newborn for the first time is not something he can brush off, he’s gonna have that giant ass smile and he’s just yelling at everyone in the hospital room, ‘look at this! look at my baby! they’re fckin beautiful look at them! fck im a dad! babe look! look at our baby omg!’, he’s just so overcome with happiness and joy he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 

Yuta’s a dad that likes short titles, he’s the one that teaches the baby how to say mama and dada instead of mommy and daddy. #mama4life

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 

Yuta is suspiciously never near when diapers are dirty. Either he’s completely vanished from the house somehow, or he’s always doing someone he ‘just cant stop’. ‘im doing the dishes!’ ‘im cooking! if i walk away it’ll burn!’ his s/o is gonna have to give him the stink eye to make him change the diaper if you’re sick of him dipping out.

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
Listen….I think Yuta is pretty sensible with clothes……but when it comes to having control over another human, he’s really going to find the weirdest shit at the store. he’s gonna come downstairs after dressing the babe before you guys leave and you’re just going to see a circus clown where your kid should be. don’t let him dress the baby. dont. 

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 

Being Yuta’s spawn, I’m sure the bub is going to be the happiest little human in the world, I totally see Yuta nicknaming his bby sunshine or something cheesy like that because the babes, ‘the light of my life!’

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 

I swear to god Yuta will ask the nurse how long until you can have sex again or something fcking stupid like that. No but seriously, I think he’ll ask more question about your well being, seeing as damn…’his s/o just gave birth, how the fuck does he take care of you and the baby after that nurse tell me what to do!’

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 

I think with Yuta, the biggest thing needed is the partnership. Yuta cooks, his s/o feeds the baby. Yuta bathes the babe, his s/o dresses the babe. It’s a 50/50 take with responsibility, no one’s doing more than the other, it’s a lot less stressful having someone helping you in everything.

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 

It’s really a sense of who wakes up at the sound of the babe crying. If Yuta wakes up, he’s not going to wake his s/o up to go to the bub? If he wakes up, it’s his duty to go to his babe’s rescue.

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
Being Yuta, I just think he’ll fear that he’s not doing as good as he thinks. ‘am i actually doing good as a dad or am i failing completely?’, he’s just worried that he’s messing up and he’s not even aware of it. but that’s really all in his head, we all know Yuta will be just fine.

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
Similar to holding his baby for the first time, he’s just going to be a giant mess of smiles and coos at the monitor like, “oh my god, it’s just a blur but our baby is the most beautiful baby in the world! look at it! its moving and alive and we’re going to be parents…..f u ck”

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.

I think Yuta will be very firm on teaching the ‘love yourself’ mentality. While we know Yuta is a cocky little shit, he’s constantly voicing that he doesn’t think he’s as handsome as the other members, or he’s not his best at performing, while we know he is. He’s not as confident in himself as he should be, and I think he’ll be one that wants to make sure his kids know they’re perfect as they are and should be confident in themselves. 

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
Like I said, taking care of the baby is usually a partnership, pass off type of this. He cooks, you feed, he cleans, you dress. So usually he’s the one bathing the babe, and it probably takes ten years, I’m sure he’s a dad that makes bubble beards on his baby and plays with the bath toys more than the kid does.

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 

Honestly I think holidays are going to be hectic with Yuta. He doesn’t have a very small family, so there’s his family, his s/o’s family, he’s definitely the dad that wants to get a tree, and see Santa with the babe, take pictures, send cards, have a party with the members. It’s probably a damn mess but it’s so full of love and warm fuzzy feelings that no one could tell him no. 

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 

I feel like fights wouldn’t happen much, if at all? Knowing Yuta, it’ll probably just be a few hours of snarky comments back and forth and scowling until someone gives in and apologizes. He’s not one for yelling and screaming, he’s more of a under the breath cursing kind of fighter. 

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
Not even gonna try and lie, I know the house after birth with Yuta is going to look like a war zone. There’s things strung all over the house, but as Yuta will call it, it’s ‘organized chaos. i know where everything is! it’s all over the floor, leave it alone.’, bottles cover the living room table, diapers are strung around the house, Yuta just stepped on a pacifier, it’s a mess. Someone needs to call Taeyong….fast…..

{Reaction} EXO's child walking in on them talking about sex

(Reaction) EXO is babysitting their kids and they over hear their dad talking about sex with their mom (reader) to the fellow members {pretty please.}

Note: Ahh this was very fun! I hope you enjoy~ Fighting! Admin Mami x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

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Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by sehunniez

Chanyeol spoke proudly to Kyungsoo in the kitchen about your previous night. His eyes glinted with mischief as he lead against the counter while Kyungsoo moved around the kitchen, cooking up some dinner for Chanyeol,  your daughter and himself. But what the pair weren’t aware of, was the small girl stood in the doorway, listening to the tail end of the conversation.

Chanyeol: “Hopefully she’ll be pregnant again, I’ve wanted another one since {child’s name} was born-”

{Child}: “So that’s what you were giggling about this morning! Mummy is going to have another baby? Isn’t that when you share a toothbrush and then a baby goes in your tummy? I’m never sharing mine, ever!”

Chanyeol: “Uh yeah… That’s how it works, sweetheart.” *nervously fidgeting as Kyungsoo smirks to his expense, Chanyeol heard Kyungsoo mutter a small “karma” as the noodles began to boil.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Kyungsoo usually doesn’t talk about this kind of thing with his friends, but on the rare occasion that the topic was brought up, he decided to talk through it with one of his trusty friends, Kai. The two of them talked of their own experiences, until they heard a voice coming in the room.

Kai: “Sounds like you had fun last night”

{Child}: “Yes they did, they were bouncing on the bed or something. I could hear it from my bedroom.”

Kyungsoo: *Scarred for life and will probably never talk about sex again unless he knows no children are around to hear about it.*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Like Chanyeol, his night had been one that he was hoping for another child. He talked about it proudly with Minseok as the child stepped inside, he started to blush as his child started to question him on the topic.

{Child}: “So you were making a baby? How do you make a baby?”

Baekhyun: “Well… you need some… ingredients.”

{Child}: “Ingredients? Like vitamin D?”

Baekhyun: “Yeah, pretty much.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by damnitsehun

Sehun grinned as he talked to his band members about yours and his previous night, he grinned accentuating how amazing it was when he saw his child walk inside and stopped immediately, but apparently he hadn’t been quick enough to shut up, because the child sat down and looked at him with those innocent, wondering eyes.

Sehun: “It was just so good.”

{Child}: “Daddy what’s good?”

Your child would be the biggest meme, just like their father oml

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Yixing explained to Baekhyun about your night alone. Your child had been staying with Baekhyun for the night as this had been planned since you were both hoping for another child. But Yixing obviously hadn’t been as quiet as he thought he had been, though it was a good thing the child had an imaginative mind.

{Child}: “Daddy I can’t believe you wrestled Mummy! I hope you have her a plaster if you hurt her.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by jikain

Jongdae cringed as he heard his daughter enter the room as he slipped that you may or may not be having a baby to one of his friends and that he’d really made sure he gave you his all. Literally.

Jongdae: “It’s not something you have to worry about baby-”

“But how does the baby get in there? I thought they were brought by Leprechauns.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Yours and Minseok’s child is a little older, and is old enough to realise that your significant other is talking about his sex life with his friends when they enter the room, looking appalled.

“Dad! I can’t believe you - you’re so old! I- My friends better not hear about this! I never want to hear about this again!”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by zitao-vevo

Tao doesn’t have much awareness, so when he starts talking to Kris about your sex life, he doesn’t even consider that your young child might come into the room at any given moment. But of course, karma isn’t far behind, and it strikes in one of the worst possible times.

{Child}: “Daddy what’s a dildo?”

Tao: “How about I let Uncle Kris explain that to you while I go and get some tea.” *Dashes out the room.”

Kris: “Oi!”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Junmyeon stopped talking as your child came and sat in the room with her notepad and pens. She was drawing something, and Junmyeon exchanged relieved glances with Yixing as he thought you may have overheard what you were saying. The child looked up, they may not have heard the conversation, but they did hear something the night before.

{Child}: “Daddy, why does Mummy call you Daddy too?”

Suho: “I-… Well-… oh honey that’s a lovely picture, what is it?” *Nervous as Yixing is giggling in the background*

Lu Han

Originally posted by harlysquad

Luhan chuckled, explaining that he and you may have been a little too loud a couple of nights ago while getting frisky in the bedroom to Sehun. He thought he had got away with it, your child hadn’t mentioned anything about it. But of course, that silence was never going to last.

{Child}: “I know why Mummy and Daddy were making strange noises, it’s because they were sad because it’s Friday the thirteenth and that’s unlucky”

Luhan: “There’s nothing unlucky about Friday the thirteenth,baby, it’s just a silly superstition”

{Child}: “Really? Because I heard Mummy being sick in the toilet this morning, isn’t that unlucky?”

Luhan: *Makes a mental note to buy a pregnancy test*

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by kaibility

Jongin talked with Chanyeol about the night you had spent together loudly in the living room, his eyes glinting as he mentioned that you may finally be pregnant again. But as Chanyeol was in the middle of congratulating him, a small voice entered the room, making Kai’s cheeks flush with embarrassment.

{Child}: “Why are there things that women can do that men can’t? Like, Mummy is probably going to have a baby since I just heard you talking, but why can’t men have babies?”

Kai: “Well…. I- uh”

{Child}: “Because I’d rather be able to grow a mustache or a beard than have a baby. Besides, you can remove a mustache, you can’t remove a baby”

Kai: “Trust me honey, it’s tempting.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Yifan had to explain to his child that you and him were “playing games” in the bed last night, like twister and bouncy castles, just so they didn’t know the truth behind those bed squeaking noises and the sounds of both of you in unimaginable pleasure. He fiddles with his hands, hoping his child believed his story.

{Child}: “So that’s what you were doing last night. I knew you were doing something in bed. But why wasn’t I invited? I like playing games too.”

Kris: “It’s a special game honey… I also need to make a mental note to sound proof these rooms.”

i could teach you - taeyong scenario - part four

Lee Taeyong - NCT

words - 1.9k

genre - angst / heartbreaker!au

soundtrack - jaymes young, habits of my heart

parts: one / two / three / four

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The silence was crushing. It hung hefty between the two of you, only punctuated by the occasional drumming of his fingertips against the timber table. You didn’t raise your eyes to meet the gaze that you could feel crawling over your skin. Every ounce of you attention was focused on the albicant piece of paper he’d placed before you. It’s jagged at the edges, probably torn from some note book and the black scrawl before you reveals his passably neat handwriting. However all that was a moot point when your brain began to read what he’d written.

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Sprace Hunger Games AU?

I’ve had this prompt for a while and I wasn’t sure how to make it work but I finally had an idea so I hope it’s okay that it took so long, I’m sorry!

Disclaimer: I haven’t read the HG books in years so if something is factually inaccurate considering that canon, please let me know 

Statistically, this shouldn’t be happening. Spot was well aware that the Games never dragged on this long, in all his meticulous research and by his rough approximation of time passing in the Arena, they were three days over the longest running year. Three of them had made it as far as that morning, two had lived through to night.

He still wasn’t sure how the last girl had died. The canon had sounded a few hours before sunset and, as always, the projection of the fallen had shown only her face and her district. Spot vaguely recognised her but he couldn’t have put a name to the Tribute.

So now it was just him and Race. He’d have been worried, because in past Games this had meant a fight to the death for victory, but the boy in question was currently using his chest as a pillow and tracing random shapes over his abdomen through his clothes, so he wasn’t too concerned. Of course there was every chance that Race was a really good actor and was just waiting for the right moment to take him down, but Spot had decided it didn’t matter either way. He couldn’t see a path that led to them both getting out of this alive and didn’t want Race’s death to be the cost of his victory, so he wasn’t going to do anything. They’d both decided just to wait it out and see what happened. No self-sacrifice. No suicide pacts. 

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My friend and I were stuck on something in the anime that I don't quite recall in the manga. Reiner says "if I had known there were people like this." Or something like that. People like what??? The survey corps? Ackermans? Eren???? Ehhh??? (Connie??? Lol)

This is pure speculation on my part and how I view what he meant, but this is easily debatable so don’t full on quote me here. This is just my interetation of Reiner’s monologue.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

First, he says he’s been surrounded by nothing but idiots for three long years, and on that tip I think he meant the walled people’s ignorance to the bigger picture. They’ve all had their memories wiped and Reiner is aware of this once he goes back to his Warrior self. They know nothing of the real world, so having to keep such large secrets close to his chest on top of realizing they have no clue how severe his struggle or his woes makes him upset because he knows they’ll have no sympathy. He has that harshly confirmed when he tries to get Eren to leave with him, and Bertl, and Eren point blank refuses. Basically implying he wouldn’t just run away with the “Enemies of Humanity”.

The people of the walls do not understand his position and he can’t speak to them about it because they’d kill him. He was forced to cope by himself and as a result, his personality split into two. When he realizes what’s happening to him, he becomes angry and upset with himself and blames the people of the Walls for this occurance. So therefore, they’re idiots to him.

So when you ask what “people” he was speaking of, I think he meant it as a way of referring to all of the Eldians of Paradis as a whole. Because he then goes on to say “We were just stupid kids… We didn’t know anything.” As in, they were all taught that the Eldian people inside the walls were evil children of the Devil. When in fact, they’re all simply people who desire their own freedom, just like them. People who share the same blood and the same curse as them.

Then he says he wouldn’t be such a half-assed piece of shit if he’d never known they existed. Meaning He became a half-assed warrior because he sympathized with those he was meant to kill. He went to Paradis with the full intent of fufilling his mission, but ended up caring for the people inside the walls and taking the role of a soldier to try and cope with his mixed feelings and the henious actions he’d commited as a part of his Warrior duty. He broke himself in two, and he is saying the ignorance of their existence would have been better than knowing the truth and having to cope with it the way he did. 

Then he says it’s too late and that he doesn’t know what’s right anymore and that he has to face consequences for his actions while carrying out his mission as a warrior to the bitter end. Then he chooses to shift and give away their identities to try and take Eren. 

So I believe this was Reiner realizing his personality was broken in two, and trying to understand them both at the same time. Facing the fact that he didn’t actually hate the people he was around in the walls, but also knowing he was supposed to and knowing they’d never forgive him for what he’d done. Knowing his mission as a Warrior, and knowing he had to follow through with it regardless. The way I interpret it is him saying if he’d never gone to walls, and never accepted the mission of destroying Paradis; he wouldn’t have become so mentally broken and he wouldn’t have lost himself in his two personas. His life would have been better in the ignorance of still believing they were evil people who deserved the death he helped reign on them instead of breaking himself in two to cope with the reality that some part of him cares for the people he was keeping secrets from, and actively killing.

Analysis of VKM10

Preview: Yuuki’s desire for Zero’s heartfelt smile to remain is not just about Zero’s happiness, but about him being able to move on from his trauma and experience happiness which is something she has always wanted for him. We can possibly infer an added nuance that Yuuki knows Kaname was not able to overcome his past, so seeing that Zero is, particularly when his past was so horrific, may give Yuuki hope for eventually being able to overcome her own issues, something she has already admitted Zero has helped with by making it possible for her to smile even now. 

Disclaimer: I don’t often put these on my posts, but this month I feel it might be necessary to remind everyone that this post is only my opinion based off my interpretation of the story, which is continually evolving to accommodate new information. I also want to say that the reason I write these posts isn’t to tell people what to think about the series, but to help me figure out what I think, which is something I often figure out along the way of writing them. Sometimes in the process of writing these posts, my opinion can change because of a new realization, or because of remembering something that contradicts what I previously thought. And for me, that’s what’s always been so fun about reading and writing meta: making new discoveries you might not have come to otherwise. With that in mind, my actual post can be found behind the cut. 

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the japan analysis

you asked for more…

we all know for a fact that the japhan vlog has been aaylsed by at least a hundred and one other people but I thought I would give it a go myself, so here goes.

so lets start in instagram. dan posts a picture of him and phil sharing an umberella infront of the statue (pls forgive me hardcore studio ghibli fans), and, as a lot of people prior to me realised is that sharing an umbrella in japan is considered a romantic gesture. the actual definition of physically sharing an umbrella is

As such, a couple in sharing an umbrella in Japan is considered a romantic expression, and teens often draw an umbrella with their name and the name of their crush, the way one would in a heart. In Tegomass’s video, the two are creating rain to make a young boy and girl walk under an umbrella together

if they weren’t together, surely mimei or duncan would have told them about what this gesture implies, since they are recently married and have lived in japan for a very long time, they would know about this, and informed them not to?

gay marriage had also been recently legalised so there would have been no public discouragement, since, i’m pretty sure 99% of japan know what sharing an umbrella means..

new tangent

next, I go back and look at “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in JAPAN!” vlog, and paused at some very convenient places. first thing I feel that I should say is there was actually two beds. very close together I know, and almost indistinguishable to the point there may actually have only been one. we see this here at 0:51..

if the exposure is turned down and the contrast up, we can see the divide between where the beds are. however! if we look at the positions of the duvets and how towards the right hand side it is clearly more messed up, one of the duvets seems to be falling onto the other side of the bed, thus giving us another piece of the puzzle.

fast forward about 0.5 seconds and we get this still. the duvet hasn’t been untucked. and as we know from every single video they post, neither of them tuck in duvets to the mattress after use. this meaning that they both got in and out of bed the same side (the left side, which ironically seems to have the most messed up duvet..)

and let’s be honest.. we can see what it looks like when they actually get out of bed

and yet another few seconds later, at 0:58, we see sheets, pillows and bed throws in a pile on the floor. if one hotel typically has 4 pillows per double bed, why are (what appears to be) pillows thrown on the floor here, if there were 2 double beds and another 4 pillows?

 new tangent

and eventually moving on from the hotel room to the sky tree, and here at 16:08, i’m not trying to disappoint anyone, but dan and phil are not holding hands here (in this particular sequence)

a lot of people assume that the skin coloured hand like thing above the orange is dan’s hand, but I can assure you it is not. it is phil holding a bag.. *cries to self* ohh and can we pls appreciate how creepy dan’s face is here? tks

a few seconds later we see dan and phil turn a corner. here is where I think they may actually have been holding hands a few seconds later; both dan and phil are standing very close to eachother, and both of their arms are stretched out behind, almost as if hiding something. dan’s is stretched back and to the left, phil’s is stretched to dan’s.

*a final thought*

HOW CUTE IS THIS a few seconds before the hand holding, dan says, “where are we going now phidu?” he says it so casually and relaxed, not even thinking twice. instead of saying “phil” he says “phidu” awh. (whist phil runs to keep up lol)

and thank you once again for reading this stupidly long analysis thingy, ‘til next time! ttfn


I am completely aware of the fact that this is over analysed. please stop telling me it is. this is just the thoughts that go through me head whilst watching their videos. My aim through these posts is not to “prove Phan” it is simply to put forward my points on things I have considered odd for two apparently straight men.

Please also take into account that upon starting my blog, the first thing I did was block Dan and Phil so that they couldn’t see this kind of post, as I do (as apparently unaware to some people) realise that they are people like you and I, and that this may be unsettling.


Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to the comic books or the TV series. I am merely borrowing the characters. And all I own is my imagination and the laptop I wrote this on.

A/N: One more story to tide us all over until the next episode. I really hope you’ll enjoy it. I also post on Archiveofourown so if you have the time, please find me there and review. :)


And despite his bad reputation, he will be the one that makes her feel safe.

Betty had seen him. She had witnessed him slip away when he thought no one was paying attention and walk away as if he had a secret to keep. Instinctively, she had followed him, both surprised and curious when he had led her to the Twilight Drive-In and disappeared inside through the backdoor with his employee key. Jughead hadn’t come back out and not knowing quite what to make of it, she had left.

Yet, a couple of days later, on a Sunday morning, Betty couldn’t fight the urge any longer, the feeling that something wasn’t right. She traced his steps back to the movie theater. It was one of those quiet and crisp mornings on which most people were still lounging in bed or out for a late breakfast with friends. Her restlessness had woken her early and she had left the house swiftly and thoughtlessly in the slightly cropped flamingo pink t-shirt she had gone to bed in over a pair of baggy gray sweatpants and white sneakers. Her initial intention had been to go for a walk to clear her mind, but instead, her feet had carried her with a destination in mind and brought her to the same door Jughead had slipped through a few days before.

Betty tried the door, expecting to find it unlocked since there was usually an employee or two around who had gotten stuck with cleaning or preparing for some kid’s party. She had never been inside the drive-in before and found the inside smaller than she had pictured it to be, the short hallway leading to a single room that acted as a storage space as well as held the movie projector. Film reels were everywhere she looked, but scattered throughout she spotted items that didn’t belong: a plaid shirt slung over a chair, a pair of black ripped jeans left on the floor, paperbacks stacked on the bed and empty soda cans discarded on the desk. A bag that had clothes spilling from it sat in front of the bed, the entire room a reflection of the boy who had been calling this his home.

Sadness sunk into her bones, leaving her heart heavy. So many questions filled her head. Betty reached for the cell phone she remembered leaving at home after which she realized that Jughead didn’t carry one anyway. In her current powerlessness, she lowered herself on the cot Jughead had been using as a bed as she looked around the room once more.

On his bed was where Jughead found her. A sudden and vivid pop of color amid the gray and charcoal, an intentional eye-catcher to draw in his gaze. She lay on her back, one hand curled close to her head while the other was sprawled on the sliver of bare skin that peeked out from beneath the ridden-up shirt. She looked comfortable as if it was something she had done before like she had been in his room before when really they had never been close enough. Each being the third wheel in their respective relationship with Archie. He sometimes wondered if she was as aloof as she seemed while she questioned if he was too aware of everything going on around him. But if he were honest with himself he knew that there were secrets behind those beguiling baby blues while she was aware of the fact that his inquisitive regard for others was a distraction, a way to keep the world and its people at bay.

Figuring that she most likely needed the rest, Jughead moved around the room as if he wasn’t there at all, having experience in the act. He considered grabbing his laptop but didn’t want to risk waking her prematurely so he settled on a book. He sat back in the single chair in the room, resting his feet on the table. He was on the 4th chapter when her eyes fluttered open, sleep still lacing her limbs as she sluggishly rolled onto her side, eyes instantly finding him.

You didn’t wake me,“ she said in a tone that was supposed to be accusatory though the sharpness fell short.

"You needed it,” Jughead declared simply. He held up the open book. “Plus, I’ve been meaning to reread this.”

Her eyes didn’t flick to the title of the novel in his hands but remained focused on him. “This is your room,” she stated. “Is it that bad at home?” Betty knew that his father struggled religiously with his sobriety as well as maintaining a steady job. It wasn’t a secret in this town, but it still hurt since Jughead knew that Betty’s source had most likely been a more reliable one and that meant that Archie hadn’t managed to keep his mouth shut.

“Dad,” he started, lowering his eyes to the pages in front of him as if the solution was right there if he only knew how to interpret the words. “He tries. But after so many times, I don’t want to be there and watch him fail over and over. He barely noticed whether I was there or not. It’s more peaceful like this. For me.”

Betty pushed herself upwards and his eyes shot upwards, her intent clear to him before her feet had managed to find the floor. He got up instead, the book already forgotten on the desk. He paced over to one of the many shelves, arms crossed as he pretended to go through the titles on the film reels.

“Juggy,” she said his name softly as she attempted to hand him a lifeline, something to clutch onto so he wouldn’t spiral downwards too far.

He recognized the benign intent behind it, even when he felt the anger flare up inside of him, cracking his outer shell. He lost his hold on it as if it were a rope that was being forcibly yanked out of reach. The emotion was misplaced, an inevitable reaction to all the things he had been keeping to himself. And like an out of body experience, he heard and saw the violent way the words left his mouth. “I’m not looking for your pity or help. You weren’t even supposed to know. I’m doing just fine.” He didn’t know whether he was reassuring the girl on his bed or himself. He turned from the shelf to look at her, features set and hard as he continued. “You tell me who’s doing better, me, who’s on my own or you, stuck in that house with all of your family’s lies and secrets all the while keeping up appearances and feigning as if your life is so perfect. Pretense breeds enervation.” He delivered the final blow by simply nodding his head in her direction. “Just look at you.”

Raw hurt cut through her expression suddenly and sharply and while she attempted to keep it all from showing because she knew this was just him lashing out, a symptom of his pain, the brace face she was putting on was crumbling.

Betty lowered her head, her chest tight and fingers pulling at the covers as she breathed through the tears that were so close to springing to her eyes. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” She looked up at him through hooded eyes. “Like you said, you’re doing fine.” She got up, fingers curled inwards. “I should get home. But just so you know, those secrets and lies you’re referring to, they aren’t mine. They’re my mom and dad’s. And Polly’s. I’d like to be free of them one day. Though, I suppose I’d hoped that my friends would already know this.” She tried meeting his eyes once, but he looked at everything but her as he silently came to terms that perhaps he was much more broken than he would like to admit.

Betty took the few steps over to the door, but Jughead was faster. He stood in front of her, fingers on her wrist as he caught her before she could pull open the door. “Betts,” he said her name as if he already knew how futile his words would seem. The damage was done and hadn’t his mom taught him how irrevocable words could be? Still, he tried, pouring all of his regret and dissatisfaction with himself and his situation into the words. “I didn’t mean those things.”

Betty let out the breath she had been holding, long lashes still hiding her eyes from him. “I know. They still hurt, though.” She mustered a watery smile. “But it’s okay. You’re sad and when people are sad they sometimes pretend they’re doing just fine.” She used his own words against him to prove a point, even though there was only concern in her expression when she finally looked at him. “Where are you doing to stay once the Twilight Drive-In closes?”

Jughead looked young to her as he just shrugged, not having an answer for her. She laced her fingers with his and squeezed. “You’re not alone in this, Jughead. We’ll figure something out.”

“That’s why I didn’t want anyone to find out. Especially you. It would be another thing for you to worry about.”

She used her free hand to lightly shove against his chest, needing a physical release for the frustration she was feeling towards him. “You don’t keep things from your friends just because you think it will worry them. That’s what they’re for. I’m for.”

She tightened her hold on his hand and he smiled. “If I’m the Kettle you’re the Pot.”

“I’m fine,” she told him, not wanting the light to fade from his eyes. She tried pulling her hand free, but Jughead wouldn’t let her. A sigh escaped her. “There’s something going on. My parents are lying to me about something. Something important. I just don’t know what.”

“Yet,” Jughead fine-tuned her reply. “I’ll be the Watson to your Holmes, Cooper.”

He said it in a light way, taking the edge from their words, their secrets. Her gaze roamed over his face: the midnight locks so carelessly shoved beneath the crown beanie, the disarming conviction in his jaw and the kindness in his blue and green eyes. She worried about him. About what would happen to him when he already seemed unattached from the world and too derisive for his own good, cutting down not only others with his humor but also himself. But he was also so many other things that you only managed to catch a glimpse of if he let you get close enough. Unable to help herself, her other hand went up and she touched her fingers to his cheek.

“Don’t retreat too much, Juggy. I would miss you too much.” The words were cryptic but the emotion strong and genuine. It reverberated through him and it compelled him to tug at her hand and pull her against him, holding her to him. Betty’s other hand clung to the shirt he was wearing while she pressed her face against his chest, inhaling him while his arm came around her waist. He wished he could take a snapshot of this exact moment, but he knew the restful feeling would be there every time he thought of it. The feeling of home.

“If I don't—can’t figure out my situation, I’ll let you know,” he promised her. “Okay?” He whispered against her, her very feminine scent of vanilla and dandelions enveloping him, a wildness contained. Beautiful and fragile while simultaneously enduring and free. Her fingers were a slight and comfortable warmth against his chest, the thin fabric in between a nuisance, hindering a carnal connection.

He felt her nod against him. “Okay.”

They stayed entwined for another breath or two, leaving their imprints on one another before disentangling.

“Let’s go to Pop’s. For lunch,” Jughead suggested.

Betty looked down at herself, all of a sudden self-conscious of the bright pink shade of her shirt, the flash of bare skin. It was an insecurity brought on by her mother.

“Hey, at least you didn’t sleep in your clothes.”

Betty smiled at that, not thinking about the words too much. “I look fine,” she agreed with him.

“Some would say more than fine even,” Jughead leaned in and shared recklessly, his lips as close to her skin as they had ever been.

The colors of her cheeks deepened, the tone now closer to the shirt she was wearing. She didn’t know where to look, though he offered her a distraction when he grabbed his denim jacket from a makeshift hook behind him and held it out to her. He had noticed how her arm had crept across her waist despite her words, or his.

Betty shrugged on his jacket without saying anything while he pulled on the flannel shirt he had tied around his waist.

Jughead opened the door for her, waiting for her to pass before he followed.

If people saw them, they would appear mismatched but it wasn’t the external that bound them together, that mattered.

It was more deep-rooted than that.

Disclaimer: Please note this story contains slight tones of abuse. (but not really abuse, though it can be misconstrued as such, because I don’t think Bucky would abuse his significant other.) If you feel that a story containing anything in the above request will trigger you, please do not read this. Abuse is not something to be taken lightly and if you or someone you know is being abused, I urge you to please get help. Nobody deserves to live their lives in fear. If you have doubts about your particular case, I urge you to visit thehotline.org and have a conversation about what’s up. They also have the option to call their hotline (1-800-799-7233) if you fear your internet/computer usage may be being monitored. Of course, I am also available to talk if need be, however, I cannot guarantee I’ll be of much use to you.
Warnings: Swearing, the reader kind of being a little afraid of Bucky, fighting (verbal), wall punching, death, guilt
Requested by: @isabela-claire
I hope you enjoy (sorry if it turns out crap) and I’m sorry this took so long!
_____________________________________________ Whenever he closed his eyes, he could see their faces. Sometimes they were still alive, begging for their lives, other times they were dead, folded in on themselves like a failed house of cards, masks of fear etched on their bloodless faces. He knew he’d never forget any of them, not as long as he’d live. The television remote in his hand.
He was deep in thought you walked in, doing nothing but staring at the television which was not turned on.
“Bucky?” You knew that he should be able to hear you walking in, therefore when he jumped at the sound of your voice and quickly whipped his head back to look at you, you were perplexed to say the least.
“Jesus, you can’t do that to me.” He turned back around and ran a hand through his hair before slouching back into his chair.
“Are you okay?” You made a move to back behind the chair he was sitting in. You placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and he shrugged you away.
“Just fine.” There was an edge to his voice.
“Bucky, if something is wrong, you know that you can tell me, right?” Usually, this would have comforted him. He knew this, he wondered why it wasn’t working this time.
“Yeah, honey, I know.” This was his usual response, but now it seemed so much colder. So distant. With you, he was never distant. He had never acted this way before. You tenderly caressed his hair in order to let him know that you were there for him. He stood up immediately and you watched as his gaze settled on you. His gaze was usually loving and understanding. Typically, he had so much passion that his blue eyes would burn with intensity. Today his eyes were cold, devoid of any and all emotion. He looked like a robot. Your Bucky was not in those eyes, they were the same color, but behind them was an entirely different person, one you did not know. You didn’t like it.
“Bucky, I’m just-.” You began.
“I know! Okay? I know!” He interrupted. He yelled at you. He never yelled at you. You watched his eyes flicker back to your Bucky for a brief moment before they again became frigid and devoid of any emotion. You grew angry.
“Listen, I’m just trying to help you. You don’t need to be an ass, alright?” The tendons in his jaw tensed as his teeth clenched. His eyes were further away from your Bucky than you’d ever seen them before. You turned away from him, deciding perhaps space was what he needed, but before you could go far, his hand grabbed you. He held you tight with his flesh hand, bordering on the verge of hurting you, though not there yet.
“Where exactly do you think you’re going?” He exclaimed loudly. “You wanted to talk so damn bad, lets talk!”
“Let go of my arm.” You commanded him.
“No.” He had never treated you this way before. You were beginning to grow scared.
“I said, ‘let go of my arm.’” You pronounced ever syllable as clearly as you could.
“I said, ‘no.’”
“Bucky, I will not ask you again. Let go of my arm.” He did not relent. You attempted to yank it away and his grip tightened, teetering over the edge between a firm grasp and a bruise causing grip, beginning to hurt you. He was ranting, this much you could tell, but you couldn’t hear a word that he was saying. All you could focus on was the pit of rage burning in your chest becoming small bubbles of fear as you tried to anticipate what his next move would be. He regained your attention when he released your arm. His teeth were grinding and you could see an imaginary fire burning up all of the indifference his eyes held. In a single fluid motion, he balled up his fist and punched the wall to his left. Two of the framed pictures you kept on that wall crumbled to the ground. The glass on one shattered. All you could think about was the new hole in the wall and its proximity to you. He stared at the wall, positioned so that his back was turned to you. You began to wonder if you were to be punched next. He stared at the wall. You became aware of trembling in your fingertips. He stared at the wall. Your mouth became dry. He stared at the wall. A thin veil of sweat dusted your forehead and temples. He stared at the wall. Tears that you were unaware of began to roll down your cheeks. He stared at the wall. You let out a quiet sniffle. His head raised and he turned to you.
Never had Bucky seen anyone that he cared about look as broken as you did in that moment. Your arms were crossed tightly over your chest making it appear as though you were hugging yourself as you stared down at your feet. Though he couldn’t see your face well, he could tell you were crying due to the wracking of your shoulders and the occasional sniffle. His heart broke at the sight, taking away the thoughts of his victims and delivering to him a powerful wave of sorrow for his actions.
“(Y/N),” he took a small step closer to you, both hands open in front of him. You stepped back until your back hit the wall behind you. You erratically looked around before quickly realizing there was nowhere for you to go. Your breathing quickened. He repeated your name and you cried harder as you realized there was nowhere to go. You had never been afraid of Bucky before, but you’d never seen him look the way he did a few short moments ago.
“(Y/N), I’m so sorry.” His head dropped and he looked at his feet. He was in close enough proximity now that when he looked down he could see your feet right in front of him. He returned his gaze to you finding you to be staring at the floor as well.
“It’s, uh, it’s okay, Bucky.” You looked up at him and gave a weak smile before you began to nervously fidget. With him appearing to be back to his normal self, you began to be slightly less afraid.
“Don’t do that. Please don’t just pretend like I didn’t do anything wrong.” You stared at one another for a long moment, communicating without saying a word. Apprehensively, you gently grabbed ahold of his hand. The second you did that, he pulled you closer into a tight embrace. He was whispering apologies and reassurances into your ear, however you weren’t paying attention. You were revealing in the fact that your Bucky was back.

Damsel In Distress

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Requested Byxhappinessxchloex

Based OnHello! I really like your imagines so i want to request one, I’d love one where thorin would fall in love with the reader :)

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this, it is my first ever Thorin written imagine that’s super long. I’m really nervous about posting this; since you weren’t so specific about the imagine, I just allowed my imagination to wander and I really hope that you love this, lovely! Please enjoy and keep sending in requests! :) - Kat

About: Kat, the only female within Thorin Oakenshield’s company is strictly unaware of Thorin’s feelings for her. One night, she finds herself wandering the woods, trying to leave the company, for she feels that Thorin will never love her as she loves him. When she stumbles in the darkness, will he come and save her?

Word count: 2,315 (I know, I seriously over did it!)

Warning’s: probably a million spelling and grammatical errors (I was too lazy to go through it again so bare with me please!), reader pushing away Thorin, intense feels, drama, slight mention of bofur and the company, protective thorin, fluff, fluff, fluff at the end, blood and injury mention, reader is super clumsy? (Let me know if I forgot anything!).

Disclaimer: I do not own Thorin or any of Tolkien’s other amazing characters.

The moments in which presented itself, Thorin’s usually cold gaze floated toward your figure, hugging it tightly as his heart beat thundered substantialyl within his chest. At first, it was an enigmantic experience that dizzied the dwarf king, this feeling to which his heart was being warmly caressed in such a manner was utterly foreign to him.

The entirity of the group, - apart from you-, were witnesses to this: they watched with glee in the way in which Thorin would sneak clever glances at you when he assumed that no other was paying any attention to him. His eyes never averted from you as you were seated opposite of him, the only thing blocking him from you was the crackling fire. Although it’s size was truly not big enough to stop him, he formed it as an excuse not to approach you. Whilst the smoldering fire burned, you warmed the iciness within his eyes, breaking and melting the brooding and dreariness that his kin had assumed would resume frozen within them forever; to which the coldness had built up over the years from what he had faced in his life time.

Inattentive and uninformed you were of the fact that Thorin Oakenshield had such deep and blossoming feelings for you. Though, in response to your own feelings, - that actually matched his own towards you-, you had gradually distanced yourself half consciously and half unconsciously, from him. You had a deep set fear that the mold in which was formed for a queen was not suited for you, that his kin would spit at your shoes and find you a disgrace. You were well aware that you did not see yourself matching him, being able to confidently stand beside him and say “I deserve this man!”.

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taehyungisbaesthings  asked:

Please do another Haikyuu Idols au but this time with all the setters 🙏

Haikyuu Setters Idol!AU

I’m sorry it took so long. I didn’t know that the setters would give me difficulty imagining them as an idol group. (Also because you said all… OTL.) BUT HERE IT IS!!!! ( I included members who are setters but haven’t been animated yet… so I guess this contains spoilers?)

Disclaimer: Once again, my references are from K-pop, than J-pop, since I know more about that. Concepts and songs were by groups I am familiar with. If the captain’s one had been done while I was crying about Boys24, this one is brought to you by PD101S2.

Note: No Oikawa or Moniwa. They’re over here with the other captains and other random things

The Group in General

-       What can I say, this group is just full of pretty people. ALL ULZZANGS I TELL YOU!

-       This group also consists of mostly people who project quiet, chic, and sassy image and they have been called the ‘Flower Boy-dols’, ‘Model-dols’, ‘Sassy-dols’ and all other variants that people can think off just to emphasize how beautiful (and sassy) they are.

-       A lot of buzz had already surrounded this group even before their debut, because some of them have experienced fame in different forms. Fangirls are easily baited. One look at the boys and they never looked back.

-       However, this was kind of a double edged sword, because most people thought that they’re all just pretty faces with no actual talent to back them up. (Haters do say the meanest things. They are most DEFINITELY WRONG of course.)

-       But that was all behind them now. Their fanbase is as strong as ever and they’re gaining more as they promote.

-       So like, I kind of visualize that their company introduced the members of the group by dropping little hints/’facts’ about the member all throughout the day, and will end with that member’s teaser video and picture that details his profile.

-       Then surprise, surprise! After that short teaser video, they actually have a short intro video, recorded with V-Live.

-       Imagine being a fangirl and doing this for 10 days, every other day, just to die and resurrect again for the rest of the members.

-       Then they update with the album highlights, and MV teasers up until their official debut.

-       When the MV had been released, and all of them have been introduced, they do a group v-live to formally introduce themselves as a group, inviting the support and love of the people.

The Members

Semi Eita – Eita is the Leader of the group. He also serves as the lead dancer and is mostly responsible for overlooking the member’s activities. Eita started his career as back up dancer to some solo female artists, but he didn’t hesitate to join the agency when they recruited him. He’s the kind of leader that doesn’t really step into the spotlight and is just content with letting the other member’s do their thing but knows when to put his foot down. Always thanks fans for their gifts and for watching their live performances.

He’s like EXO’s Suho mixed with Ikon’s Junhoe. (IDK why…)

Sugawara Koushi – Koushi is the actual eldest of the group and serves as the lead vocalist as well as the Face of the Group. Started as an ulzzang with an already good amount of followers, and he has the largest fanbase among all of them because of this. He was discovered when he heeded the request of a fan to sing even just a short line of a song. But since he likes to go the extra mile, he also played the guitar. Though he may look innocent, fans are well aware of how much sass this boy possess, apparent with his responses to fan questions over twitter and during fan meetings.

EXO’s Luhan is who comes to mind for idol!Suga

Echigo Sakae – Echigo completes the hyung line. He is the main vocals of the group because of his smooth RnB vibes. Echigo competed in a singing contest organized by the agency and he won 2nd place over all, but it was enough to secure him a spot as a trainee. He’s a man of few words, but do not mistake his quietness for he is a certified deadpan snarker, to his members as well as the fans. He also likes to tease the ‘middle children’ line, especially when their maknae does evil things to them.

Echigo is based off of MBLAQ’s G.O, mixed with Big Bang’s Taeyang.

Akaashi Keiji – Keiji is the main dancer of the group. Develops their group’s choreography with Shigeru, with Semi occasionally lending a hand. Has quite a following, especially when he made waves as the ‘boy who really danced well’ in one of the biggest dance studios dance class video. It took a while for agency reps to scout him since he doesn’t really want to become an idol and was content in dancing, but when he assisted one of the dance instructor for another idol group’s choreo, somehow changed his mind. The long suffering responsible brother, despite being the actual youngest in the middle children line.

I would liken Keiji to EXO’s Kai.

Kozume Kenma – Kenma is the shy and young, lauded by fans as ‘genius producer-dol’ of the group. He’s very skilled in song writing and composing, and most of the group’s songs are produced by him, with members lending their hand in the lyrics. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. The members collaborate with writing the lyrics, then Kenma makes a song out of it. Mostly works with a piano, but asks for Suga’s help for guitars and Shirabu’s help when it comes to percussions. If he had the choice, he would just stay inside the studio and make songs, but such is not the case, so he serves as a sub-vocal (only because he doesn’t want to be in the center of performances as much). He’s close to Keiji because he’s the only one who’s is warm but quiet among his same age peer.

The best reference I have for Kenma is EXO’s D.O

Yahaba Shigeru – Shigeru acts as the group’s dancer and their unofficial variety representative. Before this though, he was thought to be the second Koushi, because he exudes the soft grace, that isn’t far behind his hyung. All this was shattered when they guested at a variety show and became a complete fountain of laughter, because of his witty comments and clever comeback lines. Often ‘butt’s heads’ with Shirabu and created the Wise Guy to Shirabu’s Straight Man. And they have created memes fans call the “Shi-Shi’s” because of this. He is also game with cross-dressing, since he admits that its part of his charm.

SHINee’s KEY is my reference for Shigeru.

Shirabu Kenjiro – Shirabu comes from a family of actors, and was actually a child actor before he made the decision to train and become an idol instead, in his desire to create a name for his own. It wasn’t unexpected for him to be in the spotlight with the rest of his family, but people mostly expected him to follow his parents’ and brother’s footsteps. But since his history with acting is not forgotten, he’s often tapped to act in productions but he’s only accepted minor roles, since he wants to focus more on his idol activities. He blends in well with the group and lends his support as vocals.

Think of Infinite’s L, as the image he projects, but he actually has BTOB’s Sungjae’s playfulness in him.

Miya Atsumu – Miya is the main rapper of the group and the one that completes the middle children line. Has a love-hate relationship with fans because of his resting bitch face that he uses to tease them with. But his performance on stage is something they all love about him. Has a twin brother, who is his complete opposite and wants to be far away from the spotlight as possible. Ever since the fans learned about this, and how mature his brother is, they found a way to tease him back and called them “The Prince and Pauper”, with Atsumu being the pauper, much to his annoyance.

I think the resting bitch face is a clue enough that EXO’s Kris is my reference for Atsumu.

Koganegawa Kanji – Kogane serves as the second rapper of the group and is actually the older of the two members of the maknae line. He is the tallest among the group, earning him the nickname ‘Super-Sized Maknae’. He’s also painfully new in the idol industry, but his enthusiasm and willingness to learn, as well as his hyung’s support, helped him become more confident in his skills, as well as his presence in the group. Another variety representative, because of his naivety and simple mindedness. Considered a 4D member by the fans, but despite this, they all find him lovable because of his energy and determination.

Kogane reminds me of MBLAQ’s Mir.

Kageyama Tobio – Tobio is the other half of the maknae line, and is the actual maknae of the whole group. But fans often mistake Kogane to be this, because Tobio is often too serious, and doesn’t display maknae tendencies. Absolutely hates doing aegyo and claims that he doesn’t know how. Its cringe worthy whenever he tries (and he tries really hard), but when he’s not thinking about it though, it shows. Fans especially finds his squinting-pouty face adorable. The official visual of the group, and not to be confused with Koushi’s Face of the Group. They’re both considered visuals, but with different image/projection (Koushi is the warm to Tobio’s cold). He’s a dedicated all-rounder, although he usually plays more vocal parts.

Tobio’s reference is Nu’est’s Minhyun (and I swoon)

Concept/s and Songs

-       This group started out safely enough with songs that are influenced by jazz, like B.A.P’s Coffee Shop and Where are You, What are You Doing.

-       Then they delved into the more ‘pop’ side, with concepts centered-around chic style and synchronized dance. Like Infinite’s Dashi Dorawa; BEAST’s Fiction; EXO’s Call Me Baby.

-       The song that I seriously think fits them the most is C-Clown’s Shaking Heart. I don’t know why but it just does.

-       Other songs: Winner’s Really Really; VIXX’s Error; Super Junior’s Devil.

-       Of course, they couldn’t escape doing cute songs like SHINee’s Replay and Hello; Got7’s A; Astro’s Breathless; Seventeen’s Mansae; lighthearted songs like iKon’s #WYD; Super Junior’s No Other and Why I Like You

-       For feel fest songs they have: BTS’ Spring Day; Boys24’s Starlight; Infinite’s Paradise; Nu’est’s Hello and Good Bye Bye; Winner’s Fool; and VIXX’s Only You.

-       Yeah… I guess that sums it up. Also note that they’ve done plenty of share of covering girl group songs. Shigeru for some reasons were able to rope most of the group, especially Suga. Once Suga says they do it, they do it. They can’t refuse. It will be their end.

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a few words concerning Jeyne Westerling, Jeyne Poole and their importance in Robb and Theon's storylines

Along with a nice epilogue about how much D&D could have gotten it a lot better when talking about the adaptation.

[this meta is dedicated to emiliosandoz - she said she’d post hers on Theon if I dusted this off from my drafts and actually finished and I’m upholding my part of the bargain]

with this, I mean how the fact that Jeyne Poole isn’t the show so far and that Jeyne Westerling was changed into a new character with a different name, are both imo pretty bad moves. Meaning: it probably doesn’t change *too much* in the big picture and it certainly isn’t as horrible as some of the book/show divergences until this point (I mean, the basic economy of the story and the basic outcomes didn’t change, but the way it went changes things a lot) it still shows that they missed one of the most interesting parallelisms going on with Robb and Theon’s storylines and that they also missed a good part of the entire point of both narratives.

(Disclaimer the first: obviously I have no clue if they’re still planning to introduce Jeyne Poole - I should hope - but even if they do and she’s everything she is in the book it still doesn’t work because of the changing-Jeyne-Westerling-to-Talisa deal.) 

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