Since there was apparently a need, I made a couple of images to explain why asking for veterinary advice online will often be met with silence, and why you just shouldn’t do it. Get a vet on the phone and they will tell you if you need to bring the animal in. I have tried to keep civil, but I do have very strong opinions on the topic.

I’ve heard all the excuses. I don’t care, you call your local clinic.

@why-animals-do-the-thing and anyone else who feels the need to use these images, you are most welcome to reblog, report, reply with or otherwise use these images anywhere they will be helpful.

Skepticism in Witchcraft

It’s healthy. It’s natural. It’s good.

Maybe while you’re in the midst of a spell, try to keep it at bay. (This will help you get the best results.) But question things. 

Not everything is a sign. 

Not everything is a curse. 

Test things out. 


All of this is important.

Being critical of things does not make you a bad witch.

evidence that david wymack is the best character in this entire series, part i

part ii, part iii

The Foxhole Court

  • “I want my subs at the wall cheering them on, but if you trip up a referee, I will cut you.”
  • “Watch me beam with pride. It’s not your job to take care of yourself anymore.”
  • Wymack sliced a hand across his throat and jerked his thumb over his shoulder. Neil hoped he was right in translating it as “Let’s get the hell out of here.”
  • “Do you have any idea how much I hate coming home and finding you in my apartment?”
  • Wymack only recruited athletes from broken homes. His decision to turn the Foxhole Court into a halfway house of sorts was nice in theory, but it meant his players were fractured isolationists who couldn’t get along long enough to get through a game.
  • “Are you done wasting my oxygen yet?”
  • “Kevin, wake that dingbat without getting punched in the face.”
  • “You have five seconds to get your retarded psycho ass to my apartment! You even think about telling me no and I swear to god I’ll throw Kevin’s contract down the garbage disposal.”
  • “Your opinion has been noted and dismissed,” Wymack said. “Anything else, or are you going to start signing stuff?”
  • “I am going to drop you off at the dorm and spend the rest of the day drinking. Damage control can wait until tomorrow.”
  • “Kevin, you’re out if your hand so much as itches. Don’t be stupid tonight.”
  • “Coach Wymack was the only one I could think of turning to, and he didn’t disappoint me.”
  • Wymack snapped his fingers in front of Andrew’s face, trying to get Andrew to look at him instead of Neil.
  • “Damn it all to hell. Hemmick! You were supposed to wake them up ten miles ago.”
  • “Did you think I made the team the way it is because I thought it would be a good publicity stunt? It’s about second chances, Neil. Second, third, fourth, whatever, as long as you get at least one more than anyone else wanted to give you.”
  • “We saw their files,” Wymack said. “We chose you.”
  • “Breaking news: I don’t care.”
  • Neil wasn’t quite ready to face Andrew yet and he didn’t want to deal with this teammate’s curiosity over his prolonged absence, so he went to Wymack’s apartment instead.
  • “When I said Abby and I would look out for you, I didn’t mean you should pick a fight with Riko on national television,” Wymack said. “Should I have spelled that out beforehand?”

and my personal favorite for last

  • “God damn it, Minyard. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

If you don’t want to use animal parts or curse or whatever in your magic, that’s fine, but don’t go telling other people they can’t. And don’t act like your way is the only way that has ever been.

I’ve seen so many authors (and so many people on here 00) acting like magic that they personally don’t like just doesn’t exist.

Witchcraft has always used bones, fur, meat, and blood.

Witchcraft has always been used for personal gain.

Witchcraft has always been used to curse, hex, jinx, and cross.

Witchcraft has always used plants and herbs.

Witchcraft has always been used to heal.

Witchcraft can be used for good, for evil, or for neutral.

Do whatever you want with your magic, but don’t deny history.

The defenders drinking game

Drink every time a character says “we’re on the same side”
“This is a war”
“You and I are the same”
Matt says “I lost someone I loved” or “elektra”
Danny says “my chi” or “I am the immortal iron fist”
Luke laughs at or calls out Danny’s bullshit
Jessica swears

  • pj's daycare fans: omg I love pjs daycare its gr8 ANIA draws it so well <3
  • drunk chara fans: yeah thats good but have you seen STARBOT'S drunk chara series like omg she's the best <3
  • me: *shoves hawker and rouge in their faces* WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE THEN???????
  • them: um???? some random people having nothing to do with the stories we're talking about???
  • me: *facepalm*
REQUESTED: The Marauders as Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gifs

James Potter:

Sirius Black:

Remus Lupin:

Peter Pettigrew:

Lily Evans:

James (with wingman Sirius) @ Snape:

Sirius & James:

James & Lily: 

Lily @ James:

James in response:

Sirius @ Remus:

BONUS - Probably Lucius Malfoy at some point:

((ADMIN: Well that was lots of fun to make. I’m sorry I haven’t been very active lately- I’ve been taking care of college junk and trying to make money, BUT… 


The idea that mentally ill people can’t practice witchcraft is a complete myth, and a very harmful one at that. It’s spread primarily by people who aren’t mentally ill themselves (and really have no business speaking for the experiences of actual mentally ill people).

Sure, it can be hard, but never once have depression or anxiety affected my magic in ways other than they affect my mundane life. I get tired, worried, hopeless, etc., but magic is a huge help in times like those.
Witchcraft has been monumental in improving my mental health. It can ease anxiety and make me feel less helpless and give me a boost when I need it.

Not to mention that intense emotions can make for really powerful spells. (Fear and desperation really pack a punch in protections and curses, let me tell you.)

It can be hard to balance mental illness and a spiritual life, but whether or not mentally ill people do so is up to the *individual*, not a person making sweeping generalizations, to decide.

Book Genres

“ Hi! Do you think you can post some book genres in Korean? For example, how would you say to a friend that you’re reading a book that contains science fiction or a dramatic book?”

Best-seller 베스트셀러
Series 시리즈 (EX: “Goosebump 시리즈”)
Art Book 화보집/미술서
Autobiography 자서전
Biography 전기
Comic Book 만화책
Cook Book 요리책/조리서
Coloring Book  칠하기 그림책
Detective (Mystery) 추리 소설
Educational Book  교과서
Historical Book 역사(서)
Fantasy 환상
Fiction 소설
Horror 공포 소설
Language Study Book 어학 교재
Memorandum (“Memo”) Book 비망록
Auxiliary Book 보조부
Mystery 미스테리 책
Nonfiction 논픽션, 실화
Poetry Book 시집
Poetry  시
Science fiction - 공상 과학 - but you can also just say SF like you do in English
Self-Help Book 자습서, 자립 안내서.

A Korean language as a foreign language learning book 외국어로서의 한국어 교재
Korean grammar book 한국어 교육 문법서
Conversation book 회화 교육교재

Safety Disclaimer

I don’t want to put a disclaimer on every. single. post. So here’s a collective one:

  1. Know how to be safe with fire.
  2. Know how to ward and protect before using magic or working with spirits.
  3. Know how to cleanse before using magic or working with spirits. 
  4. Don’t take everything you read as fact; do research of your own.
  5. Get a basic knowledge of herbal medicine and botany before witching. Don’t ingest herbs you know nothing about. Don’t ingest herbs that may mess up the effects of your medication. Learn about dem plants.
  6. Don’t put magical concoctions in people’s food or anywhere near them if you don’t know about all their allergies/intolerances.
  7. Don’t bury non-biodegradable things in unsafe places.
  8. Don’t pour salt on plants, yo.
  9. Magic can ease mental illness and physical problems, for sure, but it is not a substitute for a trained professional.
  10. Be aware of laws that affect you.

It’s not my responsibility to teach you these things, in all honesty. 

This is my blog. I’m putting out the information that I want to. Y’all’d’ve gotsa use your brains.

Last updated July 14, 2017

I swear, sometimes the phandom has the mentality of preschoolers

(now to be fair, this isn’t just the phandom, but I wanted to say something click-baity to get people’s attention)

I am working at a summer camp and on Monday the campers had Goldfish as a snack. A five year old boy was upset at this because he doesn’t like Goldfish and in his mind, that means it shouldn’t be a snack. 

So I explained to him that, he didn’t have to eat his Goldfish and if he doesn’t like Goldfish, that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean other friends shouldn’t have it. Lots of people like Goldfish and we don’t want to be unfair to them. So he can throw away his Goldfish and go play, and let the friends who like the snack enjoy it. 

This five year old looked at me and said, “okay, but we won’t have Goldfish alls days right?” and I told him that we have different snacks each day and sometimes the snack won’t be your favorite . Then he threw away his Goldfish and ran off to go play.

Okay so, why am I sharing this?

Lately, I’ve seen more people saying they don’t like The Sims series on DanAndPhilGAMES, so therefore Dan and Phil “shouldn’t make them”And I just wanna point out, how this train of thought is similar to many four and five year olds (the Goldfish anecdote isn’t unique, I’ve had this conversation with many young children).

Basically, it’s perfectly fine for you not to like The Sims videos. However, just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s “bad” and nobody should get to see it. You don’t have to eat the Goldfish, if you don’t want to. So if you don’t like the Sims series, follow in the footsteps of that five-year-old and just do something else. Goldfish aren’t the only snack and The Sims isn’t the only gaming video. Because the world doesn’t revolve around you individual wants and desires. 

One anti-cursing statement people throw around that really bothers me is “What goes around comes around.” or some other variant. I’d like to think that bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people, but I know that it isn’t true.

People have awful things happen to them that they don’t deserve, and bad guys can get away with murder. You can’t just wait for the universe to get back at someone who has hurt you, because it might not happen.

If you want something to happen, you often have to do it yourself.