I think about you and “fucking” a lot.
(Please, don’t act so surprised.)
I swear I do.
I promise it’s true.
It’s a daily thought of mine.

For instance
I will never fucking ever be you.
I will never treat people the fucking way that you do.
I will show people how much they fucking mean
The way you never did with me.
I will treat people with respect the way they fucking deserve,
I will strive to show them their worth.
Instead of fucking them over
Like you.
I will work so
To do everything you didn’t.
To be everything you aren’t.

‘Fucking’ and ‘you’
The perfect set of two.
Oh how I fucking hate all that you do.

What’s that, my dear?
You thought I meant something else?
Ha. In your dreams.
Go fuck yourself.

—  All the things we never said.