disciple meulin


i found this for mod davepeta but i thought all leijons would enjoy it!!

-mod karkat

scribbledhands  asked:

How bout page 66 from all sketchbooks? Amazing art by the way!!!! *7*

Thank you!! :’D

Sketchbook A

[FULL SIZE] AH YES, the reason I started to mess with Blender! I wanted to try and make simple loop animations of the trolls as if it was a fighting game orz

I still really really want to do this!! >’:

Sketchbook B

A bunch if ancestors! + Meulin and Kankri. I might have to make a post for all of these??

Sketchbook C

MORE GEMS with less Jasper and more RUBY AND SAPPHIRE!! They are so cute!

Sketchbook D

More drawings for my Drone Season assignment in this page :x So I can’t really share. BUT here’s a Dave losing his cool for a bit.

[look at my handwriting in that first page, sometimes I can’t understand it myself D:!]