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Their is a video game where River met Classic Who Docs? Care to share what she said about them? Please?

The game is called The Eternity Clock. We don’t actually see her meet them, but we do get to see some pages of her Diary which includes this little gem:

An Unearthly Mess

I couldn’t help myself. He used to have the worse swiss-cheese memory so I  knew that meeting his first incarnation wouldn’t upset too many apple carts. There wasn’t any chance he would remember me. Just one blast on the Vortex Manipulator, and there he would be. The man I love, wearing his very first face.

It didn’t go well. He lived in a scrapyard. A scrapyard! This was “blending in”. I imagine - though why anyone would try to keep a low profile by being Albert Steptoe in 1963, I have no idea.

Anyway the second he saw me snooping around inside the gates, he lurched at me, waving his walking stick like a weapon. “And what do you think you’re doing?” The point of the stick was aimed right between my eyes. “Hmmm? This is private, yes, private property, you can’t just be where you want ever to be.” He has had more erudite selves. Then I heard her voice calling from the street. “Grandfather?” My hand leapt to the manipulator and I got out of there in a shot. That is a conversation I am not ready for yet!

Followed by this list:

The Many Faces of River’s Sweetie

One: Grumpy, Rude. Hangs out with teachers – boring! And the worst taste in hats – I missed the fez

Two: Fun but wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Offered to show me “this cool place on Telos” – but I saw right through that (And I hope he chokes on that recorder)

Three: Now we’re talking! Hair like a lion, Velvet and frills. Amazing gourmand. We had a lot to talk about.

Four: Good hair. Good hat. Has fourteen of those scarves. All the same. They take up a whole lot of room to themselves.

Five: Very sweet but strangely short-tempered. Also obsessed with some place called the Eye of Harmony. A nightclub?

Six: I fear this was the payoff of all those conversations with Three. He was aiming for my hair and fell some way short. Also, is that what it looks like when you put clowns through a wood chipper?

Seven: Surprisingly Scottish! Always thinks big. Would have loved to get my hands on that jumper - and thrown it into the nearest supernova.

Eight: Velvet and frills again? So passé. But oh my word - GREAT DIGS! Got lost in the cloisters one afternoon I could have sworn I heard some American begging to be let out.

Nine: Leather jacket. Funny accent. Big ears. And don’t mention the war!

NOTE: Need to buy more mnemosine recall-wipe vapour. Can’t keep hopping into my sweetie’s life without it!

There’s some great tidbits in the rest of the diary too, which has been transcripted by forgivenalwaysandcompletely, I just picked out the stuff pertaining to the Classic Doctors

5 are looking to the stars

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“Let’s see, that’s… three– three, two, five, nine– fifty…six–no, fifty-seven point four oh…eight. Meaning the nano-varimetric level would need to be adjusted to… to…”

“…Agh!” The Doctor cried out in frustration as the sound of footsteps intruded his thoughts. “Now look what you’ve done, you’ve gone and broke my concentration! D'you mind?” he retorted, not bothering to turn around.