7 hours in the steel coursing over hot asphalt - the desert existing unflinched and unpainted - dry and bleached each day relentlessly by our sun. the expanse fills us. We reach Tucson Arizona - south of Phoenix - in a small joint where Fugazi was going to play live. their intensity emanated from the instruments - such a beautiful way to express your feelings through song! such power and sincerity! the years of being together betray a tight & telepathic oneness as the band parts become this merging whole for all to see and hear - raw power thrusting a wall of sound at the swaying audience creating an atmosphere of community and connection”

Fugazi @ Rialto Theater, Tucson, AZ 4/10/01 - Photo and words © by Ed Templeton


Fugazi – Washington Monument 8/7/1993

Fugazi played at the Washington Monument 2 times. These are photos from the first show. I found some of the negatives in a shoe box and unfortunately they didn’t hold up. 

I just had graduated high school and was off to my first college that year in Va Beach.  I can’t believe it was that long ago….

PS fugazi was rad that day