discharge printed


star wars female character meme 1/4 outfits

return to naboo gown ; while traveling back to naboo, amidala wears this purple mutlilayered gown, complete with full cerlin sleeves. the golden tiara she wears is an antique adorned with the royal emblem, and her veil is made of mauve chersilk with drapa bindings. amidala also wears this subdued gown for qui-gon jinn’s funeral. this beautiful gown consists of two layers. the first is a purple paneled velvet overdress, with a discharge-printed allover naboo pattern. the second layer is a pleated silk undress, which was worn over layered, stiffened petticoats. the sleeves of the gown also consist of two layers. the inner sleeves are finger-length and corded, while the outer sleeves are petal-shaped and made from shot-silk chiffon satin. chiffon was also utilized for the veils.


A little sneak peak of some upcoming t-shirts!

Heraldic Yi qi on heather military green or heather navy.

This time I have opted to have the designs applied using the discharge printing method - Basically, the designs will be “bleached” into the shirts rather than inks printed on, meaning that the shirts will remain super softl!

It also means the design will last longer, even the best inks will get a little worn over time, whilst this design should last as long as the t-shirt itself!

I’m really excited to see these made, I hope you all like them!