So I’m rereading Mirrors and Second Sight, and while I’m disappointed that yet another of my favorite books has Alan Alexander stamped all over it, it did make me miss some of the cool things I’ve done in past nWoD/CofD games, including:

  • the possessed shotgun who communicated in safety clicks and liked blondes
  • the cult with mirrored masks
  • the fae ice queen with the chandelier world palace (i.e. sky is down, land is up)
  • the ten-year-old Lucifuge
  • the traumatized and aichmophobic Flowering in the game that really didn’t deserve her
  • the Regency-era Acanthus who infiltrated the Masons
  • Anna, the most disappointed Nosferatu
  • the ghost of a little girl who died on the NYC subway and just wanted to see the ducks in Central Park
  • that one Asylum game I ran using the trapped angel scenario and the nightmares
  • I love running nightmare sequences ok
  • the one Hunter game where one of my PCs was desperately attempting to be Changelingified and the rest of my PCs dusted her apartment with cold iron flakes (from a nearby factory that made disc brakes) to prevent it
  • the razor hail during the spirit invasion game
  • star imagery as souls
  • the possibility of actual weird alien monstrosities instead of “oh hey that’s an [obscure monster from an obscure splat] and here’s how we fight it”
  • The one iteration of High, Sweet, Evil Laughter I ran from Innocents, set in an AU of St. Andrews (aka the school used to shoot Dead Poets’ Society)
  • “surrender, we’re here to rescue you”

Since my L'Esperance Track is my only track/fixed gear bike and i still NEED to ride fixed in the deep-dark-as-shit-winter that has been happening here in seattle (and riding brakeless fixed in seattle in the winter is SUCK) – i had garth make me a new fork with a disc mount.  its the same fork, but one size bigger tubing for the fork legs for extra beaf (cuz of dick brake)