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Alarms In The Heart (Damian Wayne x Reader)

A/N: Have some Damian! There’s been a constant flow of nothing but Jason lately, so have some Damian to balance it out! I hope you like it! I wanted to give you guys some fluff to apologize for all the angst in The Joyride.

Warnings: None

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Your breath hitched in your throat as Damian passed you swiftly in the hall. You hated yourself for the feelings that you harbored for him. He was your best friend, and you were sure he saw you as nothing more. Yet you couldn’t stop your heart from racing every time you were near him, or the strange giddiness that afflicted you in his presence.

You sighed lightly and continued on your way downstairs, a book in hand. You reached the living room, finding that the fireplace was lit, casting a warm orange glow across the room.

The pitter-patter of the rain outside was calming, and merged pleasantly with the crackling fire.

You settled into the far end of one of the long, forest green couches that surrounded the dark mahogany coffee table, nestling nicely into the corner where the cushions met the armrests, curling up and leaning into the back cushions. You opened your book and began to read, soon enough becoming enthralled in the story.

You’d been reading comfortably for about half an hour when you felt the cushions sink next to you and saw a figure from over the top of your book. Reluctantly, you looked up from the paged to see Damian sitting cross legged in front of you, waiting for you to notice him.

“Hi, Damian,” you greeted him pleasantly, giving a small smile and allowing the book to rest on your knees, trying to ignore your racing heart and the blush rising to your cheeks.

“Hello, (Y/N),” he returned, leaning back on his hands. “I’m bored. What are you reading?”

“It’s called Austerlitz, it’s really good,” you answered, picking up the book and showing him the front cover.

“Looks interesting,” he commented, obviously still bored. “Want to watch a movie? I’d say we could go out into the gardens and look for birds but Alfred won’t allow me outside in this weather.”

You nodded, smile growing slightly. “That sounds fun! What should we watch?”

“Grayson showed me a movie, but I can’t remember the title. It’s the one about the kaiju that come from the portal in the sea. The one we made fun of in the theatre?” Damian scrunched his nose up, trying to recall the name of the film.

“Oh! Pacific Rim? That one sounds good! Will Dick let us borrow it, though?” You cocked your head the the side and furrowed your brow.

“Who said he has to let us borrow it?” Damian asked with a mischievous smile.

You giggled in response, covering your mouth with your hand as you laughed. You could feel your face heating up and that damned giddiness bubbling up at that stupid smirk.

“Come on,” he prompted, grabbing your hand and pulling you off the couch.

Your blush intensified at the contact, and you couldn’t keep from noticing how warm his hand was on yours, and how his skin was rough and calloused, but his touch still gentle.

He led you up the stairs by the hand and through the long hallways of the manor, your footfalls soft against the dark hardwood floors. You reached the door to Dick’s room and Damian shushed you quietly before cracking open the door to see if anyone was inside.

To your luck, it was empty.

Damian turned around and began giving you instruction on what to do if Dick was to show up. “Distract him. Say you were trying to find him and…” Damian paused for a minute, biting his lip in thought.

“I need help with homework?” you suggested.

“Perfect,” Damian replied, wearing the same devilish smirk as before. “When I’m ready to come out I’m going to tap the door twice. If it’s all clear, repeat the two taps.” With that, he turned and entered the room, shutting the door behind him.

You stood watch outside the door, making sure Dick didn’t find Damian smuggling a DVD out of his room, smiling to yourself at Damian’s unnecessary signalling system.

A couple minutes later you heard two soft thunks from the other side of the door. You tapped your fingers gently against the wood and Damian quietly exited the room.

“Got it?” you asked as Damian checked across the hall to make sure that Dick hadn’t seen him leaving the room.

He grinned, pulling the DVD out from under his shirt and began to lead you back down into the living room.

On the way down the stairs, you tripped a few steps above the landing, and your breath caught as you were pitched forward, sending you and Damian tumbling down the last few steps.

It happened so fast you could barely process it, but Damian had far more training than you, and you felt him pull you into him as you fell, his arms wrapping tightly around you.

He landed on his back, making sure you received none of the impact. He groaned slightly when he hit the bottom, his arms still wrapped tightly around you.

You were blushing furiously. Your head was pressed against his chest and your legs were tangled together. When his hold around you finally loosened, you rolled off of him and sat up.

“Are you alright, bel- (Y/N)?” Damian asked, sitting up and moving over to you, scanning your face intently for bruises.

You nodded, casting your glance to the side as your cheeks heated up, trying to avoid meeting Damian’s concerned gaze. “I’m fine. I’m sorry I made us fall.”

“It’s fine.” He dismissed your mess-up uncharacteristically quickly. Usually he was one to hold a grudge, but he never seemed to be that way with you.

He helped you to your feet and you both went to the living room to watch the movie.

You turned the television system on and Damian put the DVD in the disc tray, pressing a few buttons to set up the DVD player.

Damian returned to the couch as the film began to play, settling down right next to you.

Your shoulders brushed together and you blushed for what seemed like the millionth time that day. Seemingly out of the blue, you felt Damian’s wrist against your forehead.

“Are you sick? You’ve been flushed all morning,” Damian inquired, once again giving you that concerned look.

“I’m not sick, Dami,” you told him, giving a small laugh. Your heart swelled at how concerned he was for you, but you reminded yourself that his actions were merely out of friendship.

“Alright,” Damian said, though he didn’t quite seem convinced.

As the movie played, Damian couldn’t help but find himself looking over at you constantly. It disappointed him greatly that you most likely didn’t reciprocate his feelings for you, and it disappointed him even more that you seemed completely oblivious to just how much he cared for you.

Somewhere in his mind, he had the urge to kiss you, right then and there, but he ignored this urge. He valued your companionship too much to ruin your friendship.

It was nearing the end of the movie, and he could tell you were getting sleepy.

Your head would fall slightly to one side before you shifted it back up and rubbed your eyes. He reminded himself to get you to take a nap once the movie was done before turning his attention back to the screen.

It wasn’t even a minute later when he felt a light pressure on his shoulder. He glanced to the side to see your head resting upon his shoulder, your eyes shut and your mouth parted. He gave the smallest of smiles and he could feel his heartbeat pick up pace.

He wanted to slap himself for the illogical nature of these feelings. Like he’d told himself before, the odds of you ever reciprocating them were slim to none.

You weren’t sure when you had fallen asleep, but you woke up drowsily, your head resting comfortably against- Oh. Oh dear.

You noticed that the movie was over, and that the television had turned off. A quick glance to the wall clock told you that you’d been asleep for maybe half an hour. How long had the movie been over? How long had Damian been sitting with nothing to do?

You looked up to his face as best you could from your position without moving your head too much.

His eyes were open, and his eyes travelled around the room, probably searching for something to end his boredom.

You sat up, drawing Damian’s attention, and looked down at your crossed legs. “I- uh- Sorry.” You muttered your apology. “I should probably- uh- go. I have some homework to do.”

“Y-yes. Father probably wants me to be training right now anyway. I-I’ll see you later,” he responded, standing quickly and walking away.

You sighed. It was nice while it lasted.

Damian made his way down to the cave and changed into his Robin uniform. Dick, Bruce and Tim were all there, Tim and Bruce at the console and Dick training with his escrima.

Damian drew his sword and warmed up a bit on a sparring dummy, trying to get his focus to shift away from his feelings for you, even if it was just for a little while. Despite his best efforts, his thoughts gravitated towards the topic, and soon it was all he was thinking about as he attacked the dummy relentlessly.

He had been training intensely, lost deep in his thoughts. His perception of time had apparently slipped away, because you entered the cave, carrying a platter, saying that you and Alfred had made them lunch. He could have sworn it was still only ten-o’clock that morning, but when he looked at the time on the Batcomputer it was the afternoon.

He sheathed his sword and made his way over to you, his heart pounding at the thought of what he was about to do.

You set the tray down on the table, starting to set out the food. You had just finished pouring lemonade for Dick when you saw Damian quickly approaching, a look on his face that you couldn’t read.

“Hey, Dami, I brought you guys some-”

You stopped mid sentence as Damian grabbed your hand and led you off into a secluded area of the cave.

When he stopped walking he moved to face you, his expression still unreadable to you.

“Dami?” you asked softly, looking up at him in curiosity, noticing that he hadn’t let your hand go.

He didn’t respond, his free hand moving to cup the side of your face.

“Damian what are you-”

Suddenly his lips were on yours.

You were shocked for a moment, but you kissed back, finding his lips surprisingly soft.

The kiss was chaste, and it was over sooner than you would have liked, although you were still having trouble processing that it had happened at all.

“I have wanted to do that for a very long time,” Damian said airily.

You stared up at him, still having trouble finding the words to say anything. “C-Can I kiss you again?”

Damian nodded, leaning down once again, and allowing his lips to brush against yours, his arms wrapping around your waist this time.

Your hands went to his shoulders and you stood on your toes. Maybe your odds were better than you had thought.


Since I’ve been asked a few times about the HS event, I will be on the lookout for any vids/links to the event and post them here. It’s just that I can’t upload the event onto mega/drive since

1. It’s a pretty huge file (6gb) and it takes about a day to upload

2. I cannot keep very large files on my laptop for too long since I need to reserve space for school and other things (other laptop doesn’t have a disc tray which sucks ass)

I really wish I could, but sadly I can’t ;;. Sorry for the inconvenience!!


More Kitty spam! 

Ah! It reminds me of my own hairy baby. His name is ‘Castiel’ because that’s what the shelter workers named him. I chose to not change his name, but we just call him “Kass” which sounds exactly like “Cas” but means 'cat’ in my native language. My Cat’s name is Cat. Share more stories of Kitty.


When my biddy was a kitten, her greatest joy was pushing buttons. We had a stereo with a 3-disc tray, and any time we would put in a CD, Kitty would come along and start pushing buttons on the stereo. She liked it when the disc tray would come out and the CDs would rotate. Many times we would be happily listening to music, and she would change it to NPR inadvertently. My dad got fed up and bought a new stereo with tiny buttons. She groped the thing for weeks, but her little paws lacked the dexterity for the new buttons. After a while she stopped trying. 

Don’t feel bad for her, though, she moved on to the printer and remote control. When I still had my laptop, she would sit on it and change my internet settings with her butt somehow.

Movie Night (Suga/Yoongi)

Originally posted by hellosweet96

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 625 

Summary:“Okay, okay I admit it I’m scared, now will you come here and let me cuddle you?”

A/n: Sorry for how short it is, hope you enjoy it~J

It was movie night, and Yoongi and I were choosing movies to watch.

“You wanna watch Snow white?” I suggested picking up the case, showing it to Yoongi only to receive a frown.

“I want to watch something else, let’s watch The Babadook!” Yoongi suggest, shoving the dvd into my face.

“I mean I guess, but I really wanted to watch snow white” I say looking down, pouting hoping to change Yoongi’s mind.

“Too bad, we’re watching this tonight” Yoongi says before putting it into the disc tray, starting the movie.

We sit together on the couch watching the movie, I honestly just wanted to watch a Disney movie but I didn’t care if we watched this. I was chewing on the popcorn and waiting for all the jump scares, every time they came on the screen I swore I felt Yoongi jump.

“Y/n are you scared?” Yoongi asks.

“No, not really, are you?” I ask Yoongi.

“What are you kidding me, no why would I be scared of this movie.” Yoongi laughs it off.

“Uh-huh okay, let’s get back to the movie shall we?” I ask him, taking a chunk of popcorn and eating it.

Moments later, we were halfway down the movie and Yoongi was trying his best to distract himself from the movie. He even asked me questions he already knew about me to distract himself, I knew he was scared I just decided to keep the movie playing since he didn’t let me watch my Disney movies. I decided to be scared as well so he wouldn’t feel left out, when the next jump scare came I pretended to jump earning a smirk from Yoongi.

“Awe are you scared Y/n? Do you want a cuddle to keep you less scared?” Yoongi asks.

“Oh it’s okay, I would hate for you to have to deal with my scared self” I tell him grinning, his smirk dropped.

“No it’s okay, I really don’t care I want to protect you when you’re scared.” Yoongi says giving me a hug.

“Protect yourself first” I laugh pushing him away.

“I’m not scared, you are” Yoongi argues.

“Uh-huh totally, just admit it that you’re scared and then we can cuddle.” I tell him.

“I’m not scared, I’m only cuddling you for your sake, so you won’t feel scared cause your strong boyfriend is here for you.” Yoongi proudly grins.

“Yoongi admit you’re scared then we will cuddle” I say heading to the other couch to sit on.

“Fine whatever your loss” Yoongi pouts, crossing his arms.

We continued to watch the movie for awhile, till the jump scare happened again. Making Yoongi jump and he was now really scared since there was no one beside him.

“Okay, okay I admit it I’m scared, now will you come here and let me cuddle you?” Yoongi asks.

“Alright, I guess I’ll sit over there.” I tell him, heading over to be crushed in his arms, the warmth taking over. I could hear his heart pounding from the jump scare. He’s so cute when he’s scared, I love watching horror movies with Yoongi. He’s like a frighten puppy, who needs to be with others to be fine.

“Hey guys we’re home” Jimin shouts “what horror movie are you guys watching?”

“Wait is that the horror movie I just bought from the store?” Taehyung asks “I told you guys not to touch my stuff.”

“Awe is Yoongi scared, he’s basically crushing Y/n” Hoseok teases.

“Shut up, Y/n is scared I’m just cuddling her to make her feel secure.” Yoongi glares at Hoseok.

“Yoongi” I say.

“Okay, okay I’m the scared one.” Yoongi mumbles.

“A little louder please?” Jungkook asks teasingly.

“A little louder and you’ll be missing a arm.” Yoongi says.

30 Days of Voltage love! ~ 1! How MC reacts to the bodyguards getting emotional at a movie - MSB Head Canon!

Hello, hello, hello! *whew!* It has been such a hectic week and a half >.< I don’t mind when things get so busy, but when it holds me back from writing, that’s when it’s too much.. 

Anyway! I’m back and catching up posting on Tumblr. As October signifies my year anniversary on Tumblr I wanted to do some special things for it, including 30 Days of Voltage love, featuring head-canons and one shots every day throughout October <3 this is to celebrate, not only a year on Tumblr, but a year of being completely back to myself in regards to my writing habits. I’m so proud of all I’ve achieved and while I’m still only just getting my new novel off the ground, I have accomplished so much and met so many wonderful diamonds that I call friends and followers on here, so I wanted to do something awesome to celebrate!  

Starting on that note I’m beginning with a head canon of my own. Enjoy! 

This is actually one of my own ideas and has been sitting in my to do list/request list for months now. So I decided to write it today. It just felt applicable for the things I’ve been thinking about today.

How the MSB boys react to watching an emotional movie with MC. A couple of movies featured are ones that undeniably broke my heart to watch and made my boyfriend at the time cry a lot too, so they seemed applicable for this.

Fluff, sadness, love, it’s all here!

***Warning!*** Some spoilers for the movies listed below!! I tried to keep them minor, but I thought I’d best add this in! 


Sora - PS. I love you. Looking over the cover of the film you had borrowed from Midori, you were perched on the sofa, leaning back into the cushions at Sora’s apartment as he joined you with a bowl of popcorn and drinks.
‘Ready to watch it?’ he asked with a warm smile, regarding you kindly as you nodded and handed him the case.
‘I heard this movie is a real tearjerker,’ you remarked as you took out some tissues from your handbag, just in case.
‘Aww, it’s okay, you’ve got me to cuddle if you get sad,’ Sora responded with a wink as he put the blu-ray disc in the tray and let it load up.
Settling himself beside you, you had willingly settled against Sora’s chest, allowing yourself to be wrapped up in his arms.
As the movie started, you spent the first few minutes laughing at the silly argument as certain aspects reminded you of moments you’d had with Sora.
Though it was as the movie progressed that tears began to surface in your eyes as the heartbreaking storyline unfolded.
You hadn’t realised it at first. You could feel Sora’s grip tightening on you, though you had initially thought it was because you were crying.
It was only when you looked up to Sora after wiping away your tears that you saw him looking down at you with wide eyes, filled with tears that slipped down his cheeks as he pulled you close to him and rested a hand in your hair.
Two hours. Every time you had both begun to calm and the tears ceased, something else would start one of you crying again. By the end of it, you were both wrapped up completely in each others embrace, with Sora kissing the top of your head.
‘I’m so sorry, I never realised just how emotional that was going to be,’ you remarked, clutching on a tissue as Sora cradled you in his arms.
‘You are so precious to me, I’m never letting you go,’ he breathed, wiping your tears away as you smiled weakly.
‘You better not go anywhere, ever. Okay? I can’t ever lose you,’ you responded, leaning your forehead against his as you expressed your love for him.
Sora was even more protective than usual for weeks after you’d watched that movie…

Mizuki - Marley and Me. It seemed like such a great movie for you both to watch. You couldn’t help but giggle and laugh at the various antics Marley caused for his owners as you cuddled with Mizuki on the sofa.
Given that Mizuki was so in tune with animals, plus his own experiences with owning a dog, you had thought it would be the perfect film to watch together.
Having gone over to Mizuki’s apartment to watch it one evening; you had been greeted with a warm kiss as Mizuki took your bag and coat.
By the time you had settled, you spent the majority of the movie laughing at Marley’s antics.
Though as the film drew to a close, you could feel Mizuki’s grip tighten on you.
Nuzzling against his chest in a comforting manner, you hadn’t expected such a heartbreaking ending to a wonderful film.
Though as you wiped the tears from your eyes, you realised that Mizuki was trembling slightly.
Shifting in your position to look up at him, you found Mizuki barely containing the emotions that had risen to the surface.
‘Mizuki…?’ you breathed, your voice laced with concern as you gently brushed back a lock of his hair.
‘I miss him…I didn’t even get to say goodbye…’
‘Oh Mizuki…’
You had never seen Mizuki look so hurt before, the tears that streamed down his cheeks broke your heart as you gently enveloped him in your arms.
You knew it had been hard on Mizuki to have his dog taken away, back when he was Mizuki’s only true friend in the world. But you had never seen him like this.
‘I don’t want you to ever get taken away like he was…I don’t know what I’d do,’ Mizuki admitted, taking you by surprise as you felt his grip on you tighten.
Ending up in Mizuki’s lap, you made him look at you as you gently cupped his face in your hands.
‘No one will ever take me away Mizuki…I promise.’
Seeing the earnest look in your eyes, Mizuki raised a hand to touch your cheek with such tenderness as you leaned your head into his hand.
‘See…I’m right here…’
Kissing him softly, you could taste the saltiness of his tears on your lips, though it didn’t matter to you.
Mizuki didn’t let you leave the comfort of his arms for the rest of the night.

Daichi - Brief encounter. You had always wanted to watch that movie with Daichi. It had seemed so perfect to do so when you discovered he was getting an unexpected night off.
Having gone to his apartment to make dinner for him coming home, you had brought Brief Encounter with you in the hopes of watching it.
You had watched it several times with your grandmother when you were younger and while you knew it was a relatively sad film, it still held a warm memory for you in the time you’d spent with your Grandmother.
You had just finished putting dinner out when you heard the front door open and Daichi’s deep voice call out.
‘I’m home,’
‘Welcome home,’ you smiled warmly, walking out into the living room to greet him and finding Daichi with a light blush on his cheeks at your greeting.
‘I’m happy you were able to come over this evening,’ Daichi smiled, showing a bag of drinks he had purchased for the evening.
‘Me too, how about we let the drinks chill a little first? I made dinner and brought over that movie I was telling you about.’
By the time you sat down to watch it together; after hearing a lengthy explanation about the quality of movies and how much they had changed since the days of black and white movies, you couldn’t help but giggle as Daichi stopped abruptly.
‘I did it again didn’t I?’ he asked, seemingly embarrassed by his fascination with technology as you shook your head.
‘I like hearing you talk so passionately,’ you admitted, though you were about to see a very rare side to Daichi that you didn’t know existed.
Putting on the movie, you hadn’t told him much about it, not wanting to spoil the story for him. As the familiar story played itself out and the main character watched her love walk away for the last time, it was still as heartbreaking as ever to see her hoping for him to return.
As you cuddled closer to Daichi, feeling emotional as the film drew to a close, you thought you felt a difference in Daichi’s breathing with your head against his chest.
Glancing up, you had been unable to see Daichi’s face as he suddenly pulled you against his chest.
‘Don’t look at me…’
Surprised by his request, you had tried to move but his hold only tightened.
‘I don’t…I don’t want you to see me like this…’
Was he upset?
‘I never want to lose you…not to anyone. I know it’s selfish of me, but I can’t…’
Feeling something warm drop onto your cheek, you realised Daichi was crying as you reached out to wrap your arms around his back and embrace him.
‘I’m not going anywhere Daichi…you’re the only man for me,’ you promised him. ‘I love you,’
Finally managing to shift in his arms, you looked up to Daichi and wiped away the single tear rolling down his cheek and kissed him softly.
‘I love you too. More than you could ever imagine,’ Daichi responded, his voice warm as he rested his forehead against yours.

Kaiji - The Notebook.
‘Really? The Notebook?’ Kaiji sighed as he looked over the dvd case you handed him.
‘Yep, it’s supposed to be a really good movie,’ you responded, looking at him with a bright smile as he frowned.
‘Looks like something my sisters would rope me into watching with them,’ he responded, ‘though I guess it won’t be so bad if it’s with you.’
‘I’m touched,’ you replied, rolling your eyes as Kaiji grinned at you and pulled you onto the sofa with him.
‘Okay, okay, let’s just get this over with,’ he remarked, putting the film on as you cuddled down with a throw, making Kaiji smile at you.
Wrapping his arms around you from behind, you couldn’t help but blush a little as Kaiji rested his head in the crook of your neck.
While the movie made you laugh a lot in the similarities you saw between your own relationship with Kaiji, you found it so moving how after all that time Noah and Ally had come together regardless of all the obstacles in their way.
Feeling a warmth in your heart as you understood their journey, watching their last scenes together, you couldn’t help but be moved to tears by their honest, raw love for one another.
Though it was only when you heard a choked sound from behind you that you realised Kaiji was crying.
‘Don’t say it,’ he responded, roughly wiping his eyes with his sleeve as he pulled you closer and refused to meet your gaze.
Shifting your position so that you were in his lap, you cuddled into Kaiji’s arms as he cried onto your shoulder.
‘Don’t you ever go anywhere…cause I’m not letting you go.’
Feeling the tears well in your eyes as Kaiji held you close, you shook your head as you leaned against his shoulder.
‘I feel the same way,’ you whispered, making him smile as he kissed you softly.

Subaru - The Time Travellers Wife. You had been surprised when Subaru suggested that you watched The Time Travellers Wife together. It wasn’t that you minded, but it seemed like something uncommon for a guy to pick out.
‘Really? This one?’ you asked as you looked over the dvd case.
‘Yeah, why not? Do you not like the look of it?’ Subaru responded as he made you both some tea in his kitchen.
‘No, I do. I just didn’t expect you to pick this kind of movie…’
‘Well I do have impeccable taste,’ he grinned, looking over to you with such confidence that you couldn’t help but giggle.
‘Okay, okay. I’ll go and put it on.’
You had heard good things about the movie, but had never watched it yourself. So as you cuddled up with Subaru on the sofa to watch it, you had been quite eager by the time the film was opening.
The film was an emotional rollercoaster for the two lovers who never seemed to be together long enough before they were torn away again.
It seemed like such a cruel fate and one that touched your heart as you began to tear up over it.
Reaching for a tissue, you were wiping your eyes when Subaru nestled his face in your hair.
At his silence, you tried to turn and face him, though you still couldn’t see his face as you felt a dampness on your shoulder.
Was he crying?
‘Are you okay?’
‘I love you,’ he stated finally, his voice husky.
Blushing at this sudden declaration, you were suddenly met with his gaze as he rested his forehead against yours.
‘I love you too…’
‘Nothing could ever keep me apart from you,’ he assured you, taking your hands and kissing the back of them tenderly as you felt a warmth in your heart.
Capturing your lips with his, Subaru’s hands gently traced through your hair as he continued to express his love for you.

Toru - The fault in our stars. You weren’t sure you could have picked more of a tearjerker with this movie, but Toru was okay with watching it.
‘Don’t worry, I’ll be here if you want a cuddle,’ he remarked, offering you a wry smile as you let out a giggle.
‘The bodyguards will probably appear out of nowhere if you do that,’ you joked.
‘Don’t say that! They might hear you,’ Toru responded, looking around him as if he expected to see Sora or Mizuki pop out from somewhere, making you laugh as Toru offered you a bright smile.
You knew it would be emotional film. You knew full well it would make you cry.
Watching such a tragic love story had made you so emotional that you were finding it difficult not to cry.
Feeling grateful for the tissues you had brought, you were trying to hide away from Toru, though you could feel him hugging you from behind all the same, comforting you as you cried.
Though as you turned inward to rest your head into his shoulder, you realised that Toru had tears slipping down his cheeks.
Meeting your eyes with a saddened expression, your hand touching his cheek only seemed to make the tears fall faster as he suddenly embraced you tightly.
‘I never want to lose you. Not ever…’ Toru admitted, his voice breaking as he held you close to him.
You had never expected it to have such an effect on Toru. You knew he was sensitive, but you didn’t think a movie like this would move him to tears.
As you wiped your eyes, you gently ran your hands through Toru’s hair, feeling him lean into you as he let out a small sigh.
‘I’m sorry…you must think this is really pathetic…’
‘Never,’ you responded, your voice soft as you kissed his cheek.
‘I love you Toru,’ you whispered, making Toru’s heart beat faster as his cheeks darkened, though you couldn’t see his face.
‘I love you too, always…’

So there you have it! That was too sweet to write :3 More posts coming up in the next twenty four hours! 

Thank you for reading and to those who like and re-blog! It honestly means the world to me! 

Much love! 





Creepypasta #264: "Xbox, Stop"

I wouldn’t call myself a gamer. I don’t play too many games, or maybe I should say I don’t like many games. I play a lot, but because of the sheer quantity I need to filter through, I must be frugal. I’ve been playing the same old Counter-Strike matches for the past ten years. That being said, I don’t get many new games, and about 2 years ago I purchased my first XBox 360 from Craigslist. There was nothing strange about it, no ominous air of death or any sort of shady dealings. I met a broke kid and didn’t even haggle with him. He was polite and the whole thing took place pretty quickly on his front porch. He lived in a pretty nice part of town, but probably didn’t get hand-outs from his folks. It felt like a pretty standard trade, exactly the way you would want it to be.

There was only one slight problem. The controller he gave me didn’t work. I still got a pretty good deal on the console, but had to get a new one. I was in luck and got a pretty good price on a used one. (There’s me being frugal again…) Since I saved a few bucks, I picked up a headset and a 3 month subscription to Xbox Live. Luckily, they were both also on sale! When I got the console, he included a copy of Modern Warfare 3, so I wanted to play that online. I was pretty excited to get my game on after unlocking the “Thrifty” achievement.

I had only tried to turn the console on twice before I realized the controller was broken, so there wasn’t much I could do without a new one. There were 2 profiles left on there, so I did I system restore or format or whatever that is called. Having erased everything, I created a new profile and made an avatar that looked like me. I didn’t put much effort into it, though. After a few frustrating minutes of network configuration, I punched in the code on the prepaid card I purchased and was online for the first time. Finally, I was connected to a world of “current” gamers and excited to try the latest shooter!

I wasn’t up-to-date with modern games, but apparently my skills were. In Call of Duty, I was getting first place in nearly every match I played. It almost felt like I was cheating. Was I doing something different that no one had thought of? I started uploading videos and posting on forums. Some people would message me and invite me to join their “clan” and I felt like a mini-celebrity. One group even asked me “if it would be cool to use my strategy?” After two months, I had over 300 new “friends” just because I was good at a video game.

It started to eat into my personal time as I turned down plans to game. I broke up with my girlfriend. I considered quitting my job and took a serious cutback on hours. To account for the loss in income, I monetized my videos and had a surprisingly large influx in cash flow. I quit my job. I made more money by playing video games than I would make in any job my resume could land. In less than three months of owning an Xbox and playing this game, I had become a highly respected CoD player and a new game in the franchise was about to come out. Black Ops 2 was hitting stores in one week and I had the potential to rise up the leader boards if I jumped on it the day it came out.

I remember waiting in line at midnight. I remember running out of the mall, not starting the car, but certainly ripping the shrink-wrap with my teeth while driving home. The smell of the new disc was heavenly. I sped and should have been ticketed, but managed to pop that disc in my tray less than 15 minutes after the time printed on the receipt. There was a problem. My Gold subscription was up. No big deal. I punched in my debit card numbers and was online in a few minutes.

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Favorite creepypasta #110: Notes

All this shit started when I found that little note.

On a square piece of paper I found at the bottom of a box I was moving out of my basement, it read, “HELLO? PLEASE RESPOND”. I had no idea how long the paper had been there, those boxes had sat in my basement since I moved in. I ignored it until the next morning, when I opened my coffee maker to throw out the grounds, and inside was a sopping wet piece of paper that read “PLEASE RESPOND! PLEASE HELP”. I figured it must have been put inside my coffee maker by whoever was pulling this pointless prank, because it wasn’t there when I put my coffee grounds in.

I found more notes, under my mousepad, inside my computer tower while I was putting in some new RAM, between the layers of tissue of my toilet paper roll, under my DVD player’s disc tray. Places that no one would ever look, places you’d never think of putting a note, places you knew no one would ever look and it would be foolish to put a note, because who knew when they would see it?

But it kept happening, and they all said the same thing every time, begging me to respond and help them. Being the retard I am, one day I just got fed up when I found one inside a cup in my dishwasher (right after I had run it – the paper was dry) I wrote on the back of it “HELLO. I’M RESPONDING. PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR SITUATION!” and slid it under a crack in my bath-fitted tub.

No sooner had I left my bathroom did I find another piece of paper, floating on the surface tension on the surface of my glass of sprite I had in the living room.

I carefully picked it out of my drink, it read “THANK YOU.” and in larger letters, “I’M TRAPPED”.

I waved it around to dry it off a bit, and wrote on the back of it again, “where are you trapped? how are you sending me notes?” and, not creative enough to think of where to put it, I just threw it behind my couch. I waited and looked, but I didn’t see any other notes for the rest of that day.

The next day I checked my mail, inside of some spam letter was the next note, “IN THE SECOND DIMENSION. BELOW YOU”. I wasted no time in responding “whoever you are, this prank is retarded. give it a rest” and threw it outside, the wind blew it away.

The next note I got was still in obnoxious capital letters, though it was much longer than before and the last sentence seemed to have been squeezed into the remaining space. I think it was a passage from some encyclopedia or textbook. “The first dimension is a defined point in space. The second dimension (this was underlined) is anything that exists with height and width, while the third adds on length. The fourth includes time, the and the fifth is the past: time that has already occurred and is solidified in timespace.” Everything beyond that was too squished in to read. I rolled my eyes and responded again, “How can you read this if you’re in the second dimension? How can you even exist??” I slipped this note into the space in my toaster between the element and the metal casing.

My reply came when I brushed it out of my hair the next morning before I took a shower. “WRITING IS 2D. VISION IS 2D- TWO 2D IMAGES SUPERIMPOSED.”

That didn’t really get to the point of how I was supposed to “rescue” this person, which I defined in my next note that I flushed down my toilet.

“MAKE ME 3D” was all that was on the new slip of paper I found inside of a chocolate bar I unwrapped, later on. How the idiot was putting these inside sealed products was beyond me but at this point I decided to play along, maybe it was some kind of TV show thing.

“How?” was all I wrote for my reply. I remember exactly where I put it, because it was the last thing I wrote for a long time. I put it in a crack between my length mirror, and it’s wooden backing. As soon as I let go it slid out of sight and I didn’t see any papers again for a year and a half.

Getting dressed one morning for work, I went into my room and adjusted my tie and shirt in my mirror, the same one, only it was now on the opposite side of my room. Looking into it, I noticed a square behind me on the wall. Turning around, there was none. In the instant before I turned around again I thought it must have fallen off, but in the mirror it was still there, still suck to the wall. I touched my mirror thinking maybe it was some sort of warping or optical illusion, but it wasn’t.

I lifted my heavy mirror up from the ground and slowly walked backwards with it, nearing myself to the opposite wall on which the paper was stuck. The closer I got, the clearer the message on it became, until I stopped, sandwiched between the heavy mirror and the wall, looking at the paper immediately over my shoulder: “MAKE YOU 2D” it said.

I moved the fuck out of that house as soon as I could. After bunking at my girlfriend’s for a while, I got the fuck rid of the mirror, the toaster, everything. My heart still skips a beat when I see any perfectly square piece of paper, sitting on the floor, all alone. I still live in fear of some day I’ll open up a book or look in the inner lining of a jacket, and a piece of paper will flop out.

I check all my things, now. Constantly. I also don’t drink coffee anymore.

I was unable to find the author of this creepypasta. 

Lol so my DVD player has been doing this weird broken thing where I’ll be watching Netflix and it will randomly shut off Netflix and start playing whatever is in the disc tray. As you can imagine Harry Potter is in there currently. So im in the middle of a stone cold documentary on Netflix about prisons and then it just suddenly shuts off and boop! Aunt Marge is having dinner at the Dursley’s. Brilliant.

For the prompt: “Kirsten and Cameron are watching movies and Cameron tells her to pick one out while he goes to get popcorn. Then Kirsten sees a disc that says “Cameron’s high school musical” on it, with Cameron dancing and singing, and she plays it.

“Every time you let me pick the movie you complain.” Kirsten reminds Cameron, sifting through his extensive collection of Blu-Rays.

“That’s not true.” He argues, peering at the title in her hand. “But we’ve already seen The Princess Bride twice.” She sighs, fixing him with a pointed look. He throws his hands up in surrender.

“Fine. I’m going to go make popcorn. You choose whatever you want. Except-”

“Go!” Kirsten commands, pointing toward the kitchen. He shuffles off, sulking. She turns back to the movies, which are organized first by genre, then alphabetically. Next to Hercules, she finds a title that surprises her.

“High School Musical?” She reads aloud, glancing back at the kitchen. She can’t imagine why Cameron would have that, but figures that aside from the Princess Bride, it’s probably her best bet at getting back at him for critiquing her choices every week. It’s a blank case, probably a bootleg, and she slides the disc into the player with a smile on her face. He’s going to be extremely annoyed when he comes back to find a Disney Channel special playing, but he did tell her to choose whatever she wants.

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i remember bruh put a peanut butter sandwich in the disc tray in one of the computers and closed it and the teacher kirked on him n asked him what he was doing son said “uploading”

anonymous asked:

maybe you should just have your dog put down

I really hope you don’t have pets (or even children) if your first response to trouble is to kill it

My dog’s name is Sasha and she is a living, breathing creature with needs, wants, emotions, and a personality. She’s very active and loves walks, playing tug-a-war or just racing around. She loves belly rubs but doesn’t like her tail being fiddled with. She used to be scared when a DVD players disc tray popped out but she has conquered that fear and is now only terrified of strangers and the vacuum, (although she insists on charging the vacuum in a valiant attempt to protect us all).

As her owner, I have an obligation to exhaust all my resources and options before I could even CONSIDER the idea of putting her down. Having a dog put to sleep is a desperate last chance for animals in pain or animals who are a severe danger to themselves and others with no other viable options such as training, vet check ups, etc. We’re lucky because Sasha is only 20 lbs so if she bites any of the family, it hurts, but isn’t often more than just a bruise. We worry more about our smaller pets, but we watch them all very carefully and keep them separated at this time.

The worst part is Sasha seems unable to  control her anger and will “put herself away” before an “episode”. She’ll run to her crate and start barking and growling and throwing herself around like she can’t help it. She doesn’t intend to go after any other dog unless they’re in her path, than she does, but seems confused afterwards. I love this dog, as do my parents, and as I said in my post, she seems to have a mental health issue that may be able to be treated if we can just pay up front of all the tests and treatments.

It is not ideal. I am ashamed to have to beg for money from people online or the people who follow my blog. But Sasha is family. She may not be human, but that doesn’t mean her life is inherently worth less. I will sooner beg out in the streets for someone to help my dog than I will to just throw her away like garbage.

She is a living, breathing creature who relies on my family and we will do everything we can to help her. 

Anyone interested in donating to Sasha’s medical tests fundraiser can find the link here.