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HIP-HOP the four elements

Dj / Mc’s / Graffiti / Break Dance

“A lot of times, when people say Hip-Hop, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They just think of the rappers. When you talk about hip-hop, you’re talking about the whole culture and movement. You have to take the whole culture for what it is.” Afrika Bambaataa

Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Kyungsoo, a nerd who likes video games, decides to help his friend Baekhyun by giving his cousin Jongin, a loud, playful and gorgeous 20 year old, a place to stay.

Regret is an understatement as Kyungsoo welcomes his new guest into his home. Surely, he didn’t expect for this loud-mouthed, nonsensical thing to strut into his one bedroom apartment with not one, not two, but three large suitcases.

What does he need them for? He’s only visiting for three days. Does he need a suitcase a day? It’s safe to say that Kyungsoo is already annoyed at this point. Not to mention that this guy lacks all manners and greets him with a ‘wassup shrimpy’ as though he’s known Kyungsoo for the entirety of his twenty-one years on the Earth.

Quite ironic how the disc jockey is a year younger, but his height reigns over Kyungsoo’s a few centimeters, and the computer engineering major might have a problem with that.

“So where am I sleeping?” Jongin questions, glaringly smacking on a piece of gum that Kyungsoo is certain has lost all flavor and is stale.

He gestures in big hand movements toward the black sofa, “I present to you, the ever most luxurious, super comfy and stylish black couch. It even has two recliners!” he says in awe, followed by a few ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ courtesy of his own self audience.

Jongin scoffs hard, “You expect me to sleep there?”

Kyungsoo looks at him with every bit of seriousness in his face, “Why yes. Yes, I do.” Jongin folds his arms over his chest and parts his legs shoulder length in protest. Kyungsoo rolls his eyes, he doesn’t have time for this. He was in the midst of running a dungeon in Neverwinter with his guild until Jongin came into his apartment. “Look, I’m doing your cousin a favor by allowing you to stay here. So the least you could be is grateful and not ask questions. Beggars can’t be choosers.”

“I’m not a beggar,” Jongin corrects with a hiss of his teeth. Cute, Kyungsoo thinks, but then wonders why he would think that.

“You are, so don’t complain.” He attempts to return to his room but Jongin reaches out and grabs his wrist.

“So that’s all? You don’t want to hang out or anything?”

Kyungsoo sighs, “I know Jongin. Such a fine specimen as myself, I would want to hang out with me too. It’s hard not to want all of this, but…I just don’t think we are made for each other.”

Jongin laughs, actually laughs at his words and Kyungsoo knows he’s being a dick, but really, there’s no reason not to be. “You’re funny, I like that. I actually think we may have a lot in common Kyungsoo,”

Oh the horror. Kyungsoo’s face scrunches as he pulls his arm away, “No, I don’t think we do.”

“Really? Well, the only way to find out is to hang out together.”

Kyungsoo supposes that’s true, “Alright fine, you got me. I don’t really have a rebuttal for that so whatever.”

“So let’s–”

“We’ll settle this with a game of Mario Kart.”

“You must be pining for this ass whoopin then,” Jongin smirks.

Kyungsoo laughs without humor in a monotonous fashion, “Ha. Ha.” he deadpans, “Please, I can do rainbow road backwards while controlling it with my feet,”

“Put your bed where your mouth is,” Jongin challenges.

Kyungsoo nods, “Bet.”


“Cham the Man (former Kiwi radio disc jockey Nev Chamberlain) led the four of us down the side of the Wellington Town Hall to a door next to the stage. We were the winners of Cham’s “Meet The Beatles” contest. 

“In a small room, the Beatles were sitting around a dining table in white shirt-sleeves. They were having a between-the-shows snack. There was fruit and Coke.

“A slim guard stood inside the door while a lady came in with a watermelon on a tray. It was made up to look like a beetle.

“We chatted and they autographed. I asked John (Lennon) what would he do after the music finished. He said “write poetry”.

“I asked Ringo (Starr), how many drumsticks he had. He replied “one”.

“John kept his sunglasses on throughout our time with The Beatles.

“Their accents were broad. They joked among themselves as a photographer kept shooting.

“Then it was time to go, and take our seats for the second show, close to the front row.”

[Chris Watson, NZHerald.co.nz, 30th Dec 2016]


1 - 3. The Beatles arriving in New Zealand, 21st June 1964. Photos by Morrie Hill. 
4 - 5. The Beatles performing at Wellington Town Hall, 22nd or 23rd June 1964. Photos - Dominion Post Collection / Alexander Turnbull Library.
6. Chris Watson (left) and DJ Nev Chamberlain (centre) chat to Paul and Ringo, backstage at Wellington Town Hall, 22nd or 23rd June 1964. Photo from NZ Herald. 

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"random ass publication man" not to sound rude but broshmo's insiders should inform her that "random ass publication man" elvis duran is one of the most popular radio hosts who has been awarded with the star on the hollywood walk of fame and billboard put him on "best top 40 disc jockey" list. and as a cherry on top, he is also out and proud gay man who received GLAAD award and Out magazine award for his work for LGBT community. but i guess broshmo cares only for certain type of gay men :)


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