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The Siren’s Allure

Severe thanks to @lynyrdwrites and @wanderlust-in-nyc

Klaus the demi-god and Caroline the siren

Part 1



Klaus had just been in the kitchen planning on making an early lunch for them when he changed the record Caroline had set on top of the record player. He frowned at the cover knowing she had been in his room when he asked her not to because that’s where this one was. He let it go for the moment as he heard the shower turn on knowing there was nothing he could do about it now. Not when she was probably very naked, dropping her sleep shorts in the hamper, picking the elastic from her hair.

He cleared his throat at the distracting thoughts that coursed through his brain and pulled the record from the album cover flipping the disc over. He set it on the turner and placed the needle on one of her favorites, Roberta Flack, before he set to work on lunch. Klaus focused on the words the woman sang as he prepared a light salad smirking at the fact that the blonde had yet to figure out how he cooked without soiling meat or turning the vegetables to ash.

His smirk died quickly when he heard Caroline’s voice carry from the bathroom, down the hallway, into the kitchen where he stood. He shut his eyes trying not to listen, not to be swept into her words, again, but the harder he tried the more she seeped into his senses. His eyes opened, full of a yellow glow that had been fighting to surface before they glazed into her shades of green. Klaus dropped the knife without thinking as he moved, walking out of the kitchen, following mindlessly.

The first time, ever I saw your face,” she sang as she washed out her hair swaying under the warm water of her bathroom shower.

Her body shimmering with the hues of blue and purple under the light of the imposing sun in her bathroom window as Caroline hummed the music she heard Klaus playing in the kitchen. Her eyes shut as she lathered herself in the rose body wash, the one floral thing she was allowed because Klaus couldn’t kill it just by walking past it.

That meant no flowers survived in his wake, not ones from admirers dropping them off at odd hours or her occasional dates. The ones he didn’t later eat, her dates, not the flowers, he took more after his father Hades than his mother. Oh, that also meant no fruit, mostly just pears, she thought wondering why she was going over what she already knew in her head as she turned around.

“Caroline,” he whispered hoarsely, her eyes shot open as her name, her face good mood gone as she thought, not again.

This is the part where she should mention, she’s a siren. She looked up and sure enough her translucent wings hung like shadows on the walks engulfing him in an embrace as Klaus stood in a trance. She blinked as he cradled her face waiting for Caroline to kiss him, to death.

“Klaus,” she sings softly, the spray of the shower wetting his clothing, as she pulls his hands off of her face, “Wake up,” she whispered not wanting to do the thing again.

This happened regularly, thankfully mostly when their very human roommate was out but still Caroline felt bad for forgetting so often. Klaus called her a dangerous temptation, Caroline had yet to figure out if it was because she was a siren or because he was attracted. She quickly turned off the water and grabbed her red towel before she did it.

Smack, her hand connected with his cheek, “Damn it, Caroline,” he woke blinking in rage as he took in his surroundings.

His eyes rolled up to the ceiling, “Again?” he asked as he stepped out of the tub not bothering with modesty as he undressed.

“Sorry,” she called to him as he trudged down the hall of their three bedroom apartment to his room at the very end to dry off and redress.

She held her hand to her mouth as she suppressed a laugh when she heard him trip over his jeans, “Supernatural reflexes,” she mutters as she peeks her head out into the hall.

Though he smiles she can’t see it as he shouts, “I can hear you,” out of the open bedroom door as she hears him in his closet causing another fit of giggles.

That sound is more joyous to Klaus than her singing as he drops the smile and exits his bedroom, “It’s like you’re trying to kill me.” he tells her.

“Make no mistake, you’d be dead if you weren’t immortal,” she says as she opens her bedroom door across the hall from his.

“As a demon, aren’t I supposed to be the evil one?” he asks as he reaches the door bare chested with a shirt in hand and his jeans pulled up but undone.

“It’s not my fault you can’t resist me,” she teased, Caroline meant it to be funny but Klaus didn’t seem to take it that way as he took two long strides to her door.

Klaus snapped his fingers and his door shut, he took another step forward and Caroline took two back, he walked in after her, “Why would I do something stupid like that?” he asks as he snaps again shutting her door, locking it.

Sometimes she loves it, the domineering look in his eyes, the rush she gets when he strokes her arm like now, his calloused fingers gathering the water dripping from her skin. Her body heats as she lets her towel fall away, her nude body was her only weapon left in her arsenal that would bring her confidence. Klaus pays no mind, having seen it all before as he lifts his hand to his nose inhaling the rose of her wash, a gratifying smile forming over his pink lips.

“Rose,” he identifies the scent a sort of pride filling him, in knowing it’s from the expensive gift basket he gave her after he ate her prey last month to get Caroline to talk to him.

The silent treatment is something a siren could do without even trying the silent hum in her head seemed to distract Klaus so much he lost his inspiration for nearly a week. As a commissioned painter he explained to her that it wasn’t good for business so she forgave him after he cooked her dinner. That dinner led to slow dancing under the singular light of the kitchen as the darkness consumed them.

“Get out of my room,” she says slapping his hand into his face as she marches to the door unlocking it as she leaned her back against it.

Klaus stood in place only turning his head for his eyes to take in the diminishing shimmer of her drying skin, in a blink he was pressed against her. The siren swallowed a breath as he placed his hand on the door by her face crowding her, the feel of his warm body and the cold door overwhelming Caroline. His fingers played with the wet strands of her blonde hair as he pressed his forehead to her own.

His tongue darted out to lick his own lips as Caroline suppressed the flicker of disappointment as her mouth went dry. Her nails scraped the door as she held them at her sides, clawing at the wood as their rapid breaths intermixed forged by a coiling desire. Klaus’ hand is but a gentle caress over her cheek a stark contrast grit teeth and locked jaw look he gives her.

“Whatever you desire,” he replies, his tongue curling over the word ‘desire’ purposely as he takes a step back asking with a tilt of his head for her to step away from the door.

Caroline looks up as she opens the door for him using her hand to push him out of her room, “Shut up,” she mutters as she slams the door on the obnoxiously perfect dimples that cut through his cheeks as he grins.