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Video Collector does it again

These are the Blu-ray covers and disc art for my Monster Zero reconstruction, which I’ll be uploading as soon as I post this! This time you’ve got four variants to choose from, the first being based on the American poster by UPA, the second being Toho’s Japanese poster, the third being the Paramount VHS cover from the ‘80s, and the fourth - my personal favorite - being a German poster that VC had to drop almost $60 to actually buy so he could get a decent scan to use. Now that’s dedication.

These’ll be included with the MKV version of the reconstruction! Hope you all like them as much as I do!

mm headcanons - decorating for christmas


  • he puts up a bunch of lights in the living room, even when there’s already a lot on the tree
  • he made you get a real tree because when he was younger, his mom always had a fake tree as she didn’t want bugs
  • he didn’t have one last year either because he couldn’t get it together by himself and he thinks the only fun part is decorating it with someone you love
  • he can’t stop obsessing over the glittery bulbs
  • “MC we never had THESE before!! My mom only hung up ornaments we made as kids ! They’re reallllyyy pretty, oh, just like you are!”
  • his gift is a CD that he put all of his and your favorite songs on (with help from Seven) and he even doodled on the disc and the cover and wrote lil things like “i love you to the moon and back” and “this belongs to the best human to ever have existed”
  • he puts on Christmas music and attempts to twirl you around and sweep you up but he trips over a train set around the base of the tree and you both fall over
  • he’s blushing and apologizing but you actually love it and don’t mind at all because you love Yoosung and he loves you and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here

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Seraph Christmas Gifts Pt. 2! It’s the season 2 disc(s)! (Includes eng dub & sub, owaranai seraph omakes, and trailers/promo stuff)

Bonus: I showed the mikayuu disc/inside cover to my little brother and had the following exchange

Me: What do you think of this art?
Brother: ???
Me: What are the characters doing in this picture?
Bro: cuddling
Me: What do you think their relationship is? Are they friends?
Bro: No
Me: What are they, then?
Bro: Married?
Me: …well, you’re not exactly wrong


More utterly fantastic Blu-ray covers and disc art for my Ghidrah reconstruction, courtesy of Video Collector from OriginalTrilogy.com. The yellow version is based on the US poster art used by the Walter Reade Organization/Continental Distributing, while the white version uses Toho’s original Japanese poster art. The full-resolution copies will be included with the MKV version of the reconstruction!