disc covers

Hope you guys in Seattle get to attend Emerald city Comicon and support all the awesome folks at the artist alley. 

Regarding this concept, I Had the idea of using the non dominant hand of the tennis players as a shield arm. The top one has a clamp that traps the grenades and contains the explosions. Bottom one has disposable disc shields, the prong triggers the grenade keeping it at a distance from the player, and the disc covers the explosion and it’s discarded. More concepts tomorrow.

”Akira Kurosawa - Les films de jeunesse - Un merveilleux dimanche 素晴らしき日曜日 + Le plus dignement ” - Toho - Japan - 1947+1944 - Wild Side Video Blu-ray Edition - France - 2017

The Gerogerigegege, Ai-Jin (Love), burning/performance, 1988. (Fool’s Mate, no.84) / 7" single, flexi-disc, track: Cover Song Of Teresa Teng (鄧麗君).

Interview excerpt from Life Without Sex magazine 2001 :

“2000 flexi discs were made to be burned out in live from the beginning. So I had advertised it, on any kinds of musical magazines, as "Release Memorial Performance”. Many many people came on that day. Of course, they expected some performance, but all they could see was that I burned out all the discs in front of them. The remained discs were simply forgotten there to be brought. Well, I cannot answer your question “Why?” but can only say that this is THE GEROGERIGEGEGE! While I was burning out them, GERO 30 was having fun with his masturbation. Teresa Teng is a Taiwanese singer who once hits explosively the numbers in Japan.“ (Juntaro Yamanouchi)

ideas for a "Regular Show: The Complete Series" boxset of some sorts

So do you guys remember that boxset from one of the last episodes of season 8 of Regular Show? What if that actually becomes a thing in the near future? Here’s how I think it would be like.

-Contains both DVD and Blu-Ray. A version with both would be made and two seperate versions of JUST the DVD/Blu-ray would be released later.

-The boxset would go for around $60- $100 and would be sold at places such as FYE.

-Would be announced during Comic Con and would release around holiday 2017.

-Preorders would get a poster of the cast and a statue of Pops, similar to the one in the finale.

-The boxset will look exactly the same as in the last few episodes. (Photo of the main seven plus Eileen.)

-Unlike the boxset in the show, each disc isn’t a certain theme. Instead, it’s each season and the movie plus a few bonuses.

-Commentary included for every episode.

-First disc will be season 1. Will include every episode from the season plus the teaser trailer from Comic Con 2010, the commercials before and after its premiere, animatics, and the original pilot. The cover and disc has Mordecai.

-Second disc is season 2. Every episode plus a few commercials, animatics, and the music video for “Party Tonight”. The cover and disc has Rigby.

-Third disc is season 3. Every episode plus commercials, animatics, and the trailer for Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land. The cover and disc has Benson.

-Fourth disc is season 4. Every episode plus commercials and animatics. The cover and disc has Skips.

-Fifth disc is season 5. Every episode plus commercials and animatics. The cover and disc has Muscle Man.

-Sixth disc is season 6. Every episode plus commercials, animatics, and the first batch of shorts made for the show. The cover and disc has Hi-Five Ghost.

-Seventh disc is season 7 and the movie. Every episode and the movie plus commercials, animatics, the second batch of shorts, and the trailer for the movie. The cover and disc has Eileen.

-Eighth disc is season 8. Every episode plus commercials, animatics, teasers, the last few shorts, and a behind the scenes. The cover has Pops, while the disc has Anti-Pops.

-Deleted scenes COULD be added, if any.


Seraph Christmas Gifts Pt. 2! It’s the season 2 disc(s)! (Includes eng dub & sub, owaranai seraph omakes, and trailers/promo stuff)

Bonus: I showed the mikayuu disc/inside cover to my little brother and had the following exchange

Me: What do you think of this art?
Brother: ???
Me: What are the characters doing in this picture?
Bro: cuddling
Me: What do you think their relationship is? Are they friends?
Bro: No
Me: What are they, then?
Bro: Married?
Me: …well, you’re not exactly wrong

  • (for anyone who is wants to draw but cant find any ideas i guess )
  • ----
  • Sammy: **looks worried and is digging around piles of junk in his office** "Where is that damn song??" **finds a Phonograph disc with dirt covering the title** "FOUND IT!" **runs out of the office**
  • **another Phonograph disc lays on Sammy's desk and the words "New Bendy cartoon tune" is written on it**
  • ***Everyone is sitting in the music room***
  • Sammy: "Ladies and gentlemen....and uhh "Toons!"
  • ***Alice, Bendy, and Boris all wave***
  • Sammy: "I present to you, my new song for the newist Bendy cartoon!"
  • **Sammy places the disc in the Phonograph music player and "Do The Conga" by Gloria Estefan plays**
  • Sammy: "........"
  • Alice: "TURN THAT SHIT UP!" *Conga lines with Boris and Bendy*
  • Sammy: "This isn't the right song....I swear..."