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Playstation Game-soft Survival Horror
B I O  H A Z A R D  2
‘98.1.29 For Sale
2 Discs - 6,800円 (with tax)


Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack Blu-Ray Version (First Production Limited Edition) + Amazon JP Exclusive Music CD + CD Version

Blu-Ray Version (First Production Limited Edition) contains:
-  FFXV Original Soundtrack on a Blu-Ray disc
-  Special Music Collection (250+ songs from past FF games) on a Blu-Ray disc
-  Piano Arrangement on a CD

Amazon JP Exclusive Music CD contains:
- Unlisted trailer musical composition collection on a CD

CD Version contains:
-  FFXV Original Soundtrack on four CDs

Making of Animal Collective’s Animated Slipmat
Insights into the design of stroboscopic discs.
By Elliot Schultz

I recently had the good fortune to design an animated slipmat for Animal Collective’s latest album.

If you’re curious about how it works and what kind of process is involved, I’ve compiled some of my thoughts into an article.

Here is just a sampling of the breakdowns I use to illustrate how it works:

A simplified example of how an animation might behave as a filmstrip.

The same animation, this time fanned out into a circle. This is the basic principle of how a stroboscopic disc works.

For more, please check out the full article: Making Animal Collective’s Animated Slipmat.

in which i download harry potter discs onto my computer for about the 50,000th time after having lost my itunes downloads more times than i can count :’)))


My absolute favorite entry in the series is still the original. Be it on the PS1, Saturn, PC or the DS. I even enjoy playing through the dual shock version of directors cut from time to time to hear the different soundtrack. As a bonus picture, the Japanese promotional demo copy, quite a few notable differences in the demo actually. Fun to play through every once in awhile.

……Wow yeah, I can see it already.

Little fingers pawing thru the disc collection.

“What’s Harry Potter…?”
“It’s about a boy who finds out he has magic and gets to go to a big school that only witches and wizards go to!”

Thoughtfully, they slide the rectangle off the rack and flip the cover over. Their eyes go wide & they crawl over waving it around.
“Ohmygosh Belle! It’s Belle! She looks as old as me!!”