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how is jake disbled ? not like i hsve a problem with him or disability i havemt read the script or the book

in the musical, jake breaks both legs trying to escape the fire at his house and later on, he’s basically hijacked by the squip which makes him WALK on his broken legs because the squip made him feel no pain. there’s no way jake didn’t severely damage his legs due to that so jake being disabled is plausible


Spoonie Calendar *PREORDER*

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Good Vibrations

Summary: Phil’s band gets a shot at impressing a talent scout, but their drummer drops out just three days before the big gig. Their only shot at a replacement comes in the form of the lead singer’s younger brother, the lead singer’s deaf brother with a fondness for soft pastel colours.

Genre: Fluff, AU

Warnings: Deafness

POV: Third

Words: 3247

((Could you add the deaf, disabilities, gettingtogether, band (if it’s one), punk!Phil and pastel!Dan tags please?))

Someone needed to say this

The wheelchair isn’t what makes Korra broken. 

Disability does not make a person broken. 

Was Ming-Hua broken because she didn’t have arms?

HECK NO!! She was a badass regardless.

Disbled people are just as capable of badassery, and don’t think that Korra is any less strong, or cool because she’s in a wheelchair. 

Don’t be ableist, people…


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