that brotron thing makes me wonder if i should actually go and put up ‘don’t follow if you’re less than 18’ thing because frankly i am trying my best to avoid any nsfw content on here like wildfire (bc. they’re minors.) and… it makes me super duper uncomfortable

plus i am petrified with communicating with younger people since i get it. it’s hard to understand why talking to adults isn’t an okay thing and i went through it myself and… i can only chalk it up to the fact that i’ve never listened to older ppl who knew what they talked about. you may be young but you should always hang out with your age group and i am saying it as a person who has gone through hell bc i was impulsive and i get it! i get that it might be unfair and scrutinizing for you but the damage that could be done is hard to fix. it’s really hard to feel okay again.