But wait, i didn’t see any of BONDING DANCES headcanons.

It’s like one of the obvious thing to think about.

Like Allura or Shiro (or both) makes Team dance in sync. And team try to object, but MOM AND DAD WOULD BE SO DISAPOINTED AT YOU IF YOU DON’T DO IT, so they have to dance.

And Lance being Lance volunteers to pick up music. And it’s surprisingly actually really good dancing tunes, not too slow, but not to fast. Yeah, it’s mostly cheezy pop songs and some memetic ones, but they are nice.

And after all-team-together training Shiro “asks” Lance and Keith to train together, like “Yours ‘rivalry’ brings disbalance to the Team, you need to learn to work together”. And they both kinda “meh” but just can’t say “no” to Shiro.

And then, when they train together, just two of them, Lance change playlist. To goddamn love songs. Really romantic ones.

And Keith is like “????!!! What should I do? Is Lance trying to be romantic or just teasing me? OH NO COULD HE POSSIBLY KNOW THAT I HAVE CRUSH ON HIM?” but tries to stay cool.

And Lance is like “Oh fuck, I mixed up playlist. Why it’s this one, oh, whatever, I’ll just pretend that it’s was on purpose”

And they dance. Really nicely, and it’s actually really romantic, and Keith is trying really hard not to blush, and Lance feels surprisingly comfortable and just having fun, cause dancing with Keith turns out to be really nice.

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