I have recieved a few worried messages about Trump’s presidency from people who are part of the LGBT community. I am from the UK, so I cannot even begin to understand how scared you must all be feeling, espciecally after Mike Pence’s statement. I cannot promise that everything will be okay, and I think you all know that the future is definitely looking uncertain in terms of LGBT rights.

We all need to come together now, no matter where you are in the world. We need to unite and stand together even more than we have before. We need to link up with other opressed groups; blacks, latinas, hispanics, muslims, disabled and all the others, to tackle this together. Together we are stronger.

As Chad Griffin (Human Rights Campaigner) has said; “To every LGBTQ person across this nation feeling stunned and disheartened, and questioning if they have a place in our country today, I say this: You do. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. Be bold, be strong, and continue to stand up for the principles that have always made America great.”


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ok but is eating pussy ok for your face??? cause whenever i do it i have to cleanse my face as soon as possible bc im scared my pH is gonna get disbalance but also. thats like rude

HXBHZJjDhdhdjhwbeb now youre asking the real questions and honestly,,,, eating pussy shouldnt be harmful because of the low ph So Like …. get that Ph Balancing Hydrating Pussy Juice Skin Essence™

My life is his life | His life is mine

28 of 31

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what vitamins / supplements do you recommend the best ?

I take different supplements depending on how I feel that day or week.

Everyday I take:
Omega 3-6 (because I’m always deficient)
B Vitamins (because I have a history of being deficient)
Vitamin D (also, history of being deficient, +helps with mood)
DLPA (reduces pain, increases endorphins)
Silica (the only reason I have strong nails now)

At night:
L-Tryptophan (serotonin precursor, I believe. Helps with sleep)
Sometimes melatonin, but that doesn’t work for me. I have a serious sleep disorder.

I became anemic this summer, had a nightmare hormonal disbalance so around the time of my period I take a liquid iron supplement, and these Chinese herb supplements that help build red blood cells.
Also a supplement called femrebalance.

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Im having a bad day

Ah anon I’m so sorry to hear that! Bad days suck )=

I’m probably too late with replying to let you see my answer but I’m going to try and give some tips anyway. Maybe you will see them or someone else can use it

  1. Try to put whatever it is that makes you feel bad into words. Write it down, talk about it to a friend (I am a friend), tell someone on tumblr, hell, you could even just talk to your pet about it. Talking can make you realise that you might not need to stress so much, it puts things in perspective.
  2. Cry. Personally, I am not much of a crier (I’m dead inside) but sometimes I wish I was because nothing reliefs you more than a good solid cry. If fact, tears release stress hormones so crying will actually lower your stress levels and calm you down. Do try to keep it within a resonable amount though, hyperventilating isn’t going to get you anywhere
  3. Do something fun. By which I mean eat something nice, watch a fun movie (FUN movie, not sad), listen to cheery music, look up “lesbian weddings” on google pictures (that’s what I do when I’m sad)
  4. Sleep. Either go to be early or take a 20 minute cat nap. Just lying in your bed resting counts too. Sleeping is a good way to restart the day 
  5. Drink tea. Curl up with a nice book/film/fanfic/pet and wrap your hands around that nice warm mug of savety. Don’t drink coffee, that will only keep you up at night, which interferres with point 4
  6. Hug a friend. Okay, I’ll admit this is super shit advice if you don’t have friends to hug (though in that case I can always give you a firtual hug. I love hugs), but if you do it really helps. You don’t have to explain everything to them, just tell them that you need a hug. Most people will understand, we all feel like we need a hug sometimes
  7. Lie down on the floor and relax. Note that I did not say lie down on the floor and have an existential crisis, I said relax. The hardness of the floor can help ground you and put things in perspective. When you lie down you could try to empty your mind,or try point 8
  8. List everything that you did well that week. Things you’ve acomplished. If you feel like this more often you could try keeping a list of things you’re proud of/that made you feel good so you can save that positivity for later. Your brain is wired to focus on the bad, but it shouldn’t be because you did so much good stuff! You should be proud of yourself.
  9. Things will get better. Just say that to yourself. Keep in mind that you might feel bad today but you’ll feel good again tomorrow.
  10. Get away from toxic people. If there are certain people who keep saying things you don’t like (Using the word gay as an insult for example) then don’t go near them, especially not on a bad day. You don’t need people like that, you deserve better
  11. Go for a walk. Get some fresh air, let the sun warm your skin. And in case of bad weather/living in a polluted city, you could watch a nature documentary. Might sound stupid, but the voice of david attenborough can cheer up almost everyone. Plus animals are cute

I hope this helped! And if you have bad days often, or if you think you might have a depression, seek help! If you have a broken leg you go see the doctor, so if you have a problem with your mental health you should do the same. 

In fact about half of the world’s depression are caused by a hormonal disbalance, which means it doesn’t have to be triggered by a bad event. Don’t think that just because your life is pretty okay you can’t be depressed. Leading a healthy life sometimes doesn’t stop you from getting cancer either. Sometimes you just have bad genes. And there is no shame in asking for help, only courage!

Stay save my friends! And feel free to send me a message or ask when you feel down. I’m not an expert on this area (pretty neurotypical) but I can always try and help, and I can always listen if you need someone to talk to

And if you want to read a nice fictional book about teenage depression (that originated in stress and bad luck, aka the bad genes I talked about) the you might like It’s kind of a funny story. Brilliantly written. 

Based on prompt #306 by the amazing @lego-batjokes-prompts, Nolanverse.

“I’ll stay, if I am what you choose.”

Also on AO3.

“You know, Bat, I don’t get paid enough for this,”

It has been years since the Batman appeared, and the Joker followed, in an explosive fashion. Barely anything had changed since their first fight, face to face. That wasn’t much of a surprise. An unstoppable force meeting immovable object. Anything else would disbalance the order. Of Gotham. Of nature.

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He bears a color scheme similar to normal Universe Primus, which is a fairly good sign he’s a good deity in this universe. But we’ve already seen Primus in Reunification and he’s also a nice one? Which makes me wonder if two kind gods in a single universe are the cause of a grave force disbalance, which makes autobots so evil. However, what we saw in Reunification might as well be Multiverse Primus, and that will also make sense, however, in a different way.  Than, everything is up ahead, and we’re about to see Unicron, the Creator and Primus, the Devourer of Worlds. =)

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why people is eating pieces of the crystal?? I just read a post here on tublr about people doing that, and I'm so confused! And what it means that those who eat the crystal are contaminated?? Please help this little and confused soul PS I love your blog its amazing!!!

(this is from what i remember so this maybe a little inaccurate. seriously, we need that library that is “coming soon” since 2014)

The crystal is the “solid form” of maana. Maana is like a second oxygen for the people of Eldarya and is present in one’s blood in perfect balance.

When someone decides to voluntarily “ingest” a piece of crystal (which is more like a fusion between one’s body and the crystal, they don’t literally eat it), they disrupt that balance. Their body and mind become corrupted, because they are not supposed to have that much maana in their body. They become more powerful, but they also become crazy.

When asked about why someone would voluntarily “ingest” a piece of crystal, Gardy supposed that the contaminated might have been captivated/bewitched by the beauty of the crystal, its “aura” (in ep 9, Yvoni thought that the crystal had chosen her). It didn’t help that when the crystal was broken, the people of Eldarya suffered a huge disbalance in their maana. This is more a personal opinion of mine (or maybe it was said in the game but i don’t remember), but I think that, by “ingesting” a piece of crystal, people are trying to regain the balance that they lost. Or maybe they just see it as a way to become more powerful. Miiko herself doesn’t know why anyone would voluntarily ingest a piece of crystal anyway.

There is no cure for contamination. When someone becomes contaminated, they lose their mind and become dangerous for others. Which is why Miiko said that they would have to kill Colaïa in ep 15, if it was proven that she was contaminated.

Caméria said that “involuntarily ingestions” don’t exist, at least she doesn’t believe it. But you can force someone to be contaminated. By slowly poisoning them or forcing them to fuse with the crystal. It’s also possible to ingest more than one piece of crystal.

Chanbaek and rings.

Ok, so y’all remember those rings the guys were wearing in the pathcodes and that if someone had them that could represent either having control of their own powers or having control over someone else’s powers? So I was watching the monster teaser photos and I realized that only Chanyeol and Baekhyun have their rings.

So okay, I know that Chanyeol has “Monster” tattoed on his lips but my theory is that actually all the members have been experimented on and that’s why they were running away. The thing is that I don’t think that the fact that both Chanyeol and Baekhyun having their rings and them running away together are not coincidences. If we take a look back at the pathcodes, Chanbaek pathcodes were pretty similar. This theory (please read it if you haven’t yet) explains how they move around until they find a dead end (Baekhyun’s being followed until he faces a wall and Chanyeol being surrounded by his own fire). Baekhyun didn’t had a ring on his pathcode but Sehun did and now he doesnt seem to have any on the teaser photos. That could mean that maybe because of the things that started to happen on their planet (the disbalance of the forces, whatever) a power can pass from a member to another if the original owner of it isn’t on its best condition. This could also mean that Chanyeol and Baekhyun are being paired up because their powers are similar.

We cannot be completely sure about other members not having rings on because they’re either with their hands on their pockets or their hands are not showed. But we can be sure about about at least Jongin and Yixing not wearing any.

And they’re also supposed to be monsters, right? Hm…
Sehun doesn’t seem to have a ring either, and that’s what bugs me here.

But as I said efore, I think all the members have been experimented on, so maybe Sehun is just in the transition from human/alien to monster?

Black Skull Archfiend Dragon
1 Level 6 “Archfiend” Normal Monster + 1 “Red-Eyes” Normal Monster
If this card attacks or is attacked, your opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step. At the end of the Battle Phase, if this Fusion Summoned card attacked or was attacked: You can target 1 “Red-Eyes” Normal Monster in your Graveyard; inflict damage to your opponent equal to that target’s original ATK, then shuffle that target into the Deck. You can only Special Summon “Black Skull Archfiend Dragon(s)” once per turn.

Can Be Found In: Clash of Rebellions (CORE-JP049)

“Red-Eyes B. Dragon” might not be the strongest monster from the classic icons of the franchise due its high Level, but always tried its best to stand out. Several counterparts like “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” and “Red-Eyes Wyvern” have a place arround or not the original Normal Monster, “Inferno Fire Blast” is a lethal Burn card to play arround with, and various Fusions to pull out made the monster not be as supported as “Dark Magician” or “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” but still able to face several ordeals. It wasn’t until recently that, like Harpies, “Red-Eyes B. Dragon” evolved into the Red-Eyes archetype, considerably improving the setups arround Fusion Summons in combination with the Ritual “Lord of the Red” and some Archfiend creatures.

“Black Skull Archfiend Dragon” is a menacing creature when comes to battles, and is not just due its high stats. When entering a battle the Fusion disbales the opponent of using cards or effects, completely assuring that no last minute countemeasures disrupts us from defeating monsters in its battles. After “Black Skull” gets in a fight, once a Battle Phase ends (Regardless of player turn) the Fusion will deal damage equal to the ATK a Normal Red-Eyes monster in our graveyard, for inmediately return them to our deck. Overall, “Black Skull” not only will have battles completely in its favor, but even if is not fighting will punish the opponent by simply entering any Battle Phase and might force them to retaliate to avoid further damage.

“Red-Eyes B. Dragon” always had solid support to bring out some of its Fusions, and now that it became an archetype of its own things became even easier. “Black Skull Archfiend Dragon” requires two Normal Monsters, a Level 6 Archfiend and a Red-Eyes, and since the build goes arround Normal and some Gemini monsters is no much of a problem to fit classic creatures like “Summoned Skull” or “Beast of Talwar” (Treated as Archfiends). Specially due the Spell “Red-Eyes Fusion”, allowing us to use materials straight from the Deck in exchange of losing any further summons for the rest of the turn. The Spell reduces the setup to bring “Black Skull” to searching it as soon as possible, easily possible by “Black Metal Dragon” once leaves the field either as equipment or as a Monster. Later on and as the graveyard becomes bigger, “Dragon’s Mirror” will banish the required materials to Fusion Summon during late turns. In resume, either “Black Skull” is brought with materials from the Deck or by using Monsters from the graveyard. Just be very aware that “Black Skull” Burn effect only works if was Fusion Summoned, so if you’re going to revive it from the graveyard remember that will lose said ability.

If any player enters their Battle Phase, “Black Skull Archfiend Dragon” will get into action. If in our turn the Fusion is facing other monsters we don’t have to worry of menacing effects like “Dimensional Prison” or “Honest” getting on our way, assuring the destruction of our target as well dealing extra damage afterwards . During the opponent’s they pretty much are unable to face “Black Skull” unless heavily prepared, so have cards ready against stat boosts and disruptive effects outside battle. Meanwhile, be always sure that “Black Skull” has some Red-Eyes members ready to retrieve and deal massive damage after each Battle Phase. This is easily done not only by “Red-Eyes Fusion” summoning this creature by dumping materials from the Deck, but also cards like “Dragon Shrine” and “Foolish Burial” directly milling monsters. Since most Red-Eyes members are Level 7, “Cards of the Red” can use them as cost to obtain drawing power while fueling the Fusion’s effect. Finally and since the build mixes Dragons and Fiends, “D/D/D Dragon Overlord Pendragon” becomes available after using them as cost from our hand or field as well to destroy backrow.

“Black Skull Archfiend Dragon” will start Duels with its arrival as well create huge comebacks on late turns. This is easily achieved by both “Red-Eyes Fusion” and “Dragon’s Mirror” barely asking for any setups whatsoever aside of the required materials, turning “Black Skull” one of the easiests and most available Fusion Summons in the entire card game. With complete protection in battles, “Black Skull” not only will defeat and/or deal damage to the opponent but also use those high ATK members resting in our graveyard to deal lethal damage after each strike. While getting in a Battle Phase with this Fusion is terrifying, “Black Skull” is as vulnerable as any other creature in the game during the rest of the turn, so be prepared for even the most common threats. But combine it with the several summon and revival effects Red-Eyes carries with them, and the build will easily overcome any field as “Black Skull” declares extremely damaging attacks.

Personal Rating: A+

+ Complete protection in battles
+ Deals powerful Burn damage after each Battle Phase it gets involved
+ Instantly brought to the field with few to zero setup thanks to “Red-Eyes Fusion” and “Dragon’s Mirror”
+ Several methods to fuel the graveyard and assure big damage with its effect

- Vulnerable as any monster outside battles
- If brought outside Fusion Summon will lose its Burn effect

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I see it as lesbophobia is because society and media have for 100s of years turned lesbians into crazy villains by having the lesbian against heteronormative, reverse gender roles, and basically threaten straight men. It's ensured that gay women were always discriminated against and hated. So You say 'no one hates lexa bc she was a lesbian' I see 'we've been conditioned to hate lesbians bt I definitely don't- but I will stan a man for doing the same thing' - does that make sense?

What you’re saying makes plenty of sense. I’m a triple minority. I know all about the way society has been conditioned to fear/see as less than, etc, etc minorities. In fact the situation is even more obvious when youre a POC as well.

However, I don’t think The 100 fits into this particular mold and I’ll tell you why:

This is a show that’s strongly feminist and breaks the glass ceiling every time. Clarke, our female lead, is given a masculine name, makes the hard, logical decisions, doesn’t let her emotions prevent her from doing what must be done, is given the opportunity to have multiple sexual partners with no one implying that she is a whore, and has never had anyone question her sexuality.

The smartest person on the show is a disbaled, Latina woman. Raven is constantly lauded as being intelligent and fierce. She isn’t made less attractive because of her genius, but more so. She is proud of her intellect and does not try to shrink it or hide it to pander to the men in her life.

L/xa was the leader of her people, the highest ranking official. She was strong and imposing. She took no prisoners and kicked ass. She knew how to use men’s perciption of her as unassuming and young to their disadvantage and did so easily. She commanded entire armies and nations with just a few words.

Indra (although she falls dangerously into the “angry black woman” trope) and Octavia are both warrior women. They don’t whimper and whine about being hurt (emotionally or physically), they fight with men and don’t expect punches to be pulled because they are women. They are both proud and defiant.

Now let’s look at our men, one specific example actually:

Bellamy, who is given a traditionally female name, is emotionally driven, definitely lets his heart overrule his head sometimes, cries openly, is emotionally vulnerable and functions as “The Mom”, i.e., caring, supportice and a constant presence for “The kids.”, sacrificing over and over for the good of his “children”, Jasper/Octavia, checking on their emotional wellbeing (Monty), being a sounding ear (Miller).

And yet the audience still isn’t pleased. Women want female characters to be able to fit the mold that male characters are normally assigned, but when they do, we see constant cries of “When will the women be allowed to mourn?!”, “ Why does Clarke always have to be the one everyone looks to for answers?!”, etc, etc.

We want to see male characters being more emotionally vulnerable and open, to see them break gender roles usually assigned to women, but when they do, we see comments like: “Look at Bellboy being dependent on Clarke”, “Look at Jaspear and Beluga forcing their man pain on everyone.”, “They need to suck it up and deal like men.”

The problem with the way the audience interprets this show is exactly what you described anon, we are conditioned to see certain characters certain ways and when they don’t fit their proper molds some of us don’t know how to react. We don’t know how to say, “This is good!”

The show did not make L/xa “bad” because she was a lesbian. The show never painted L/xa as bad. The show gave us a morally grey character who will do what needs to be done to save her people, just like Clarke, just like Bellamy, just like Jaha, just like Becca, just like Monty, just like Raven, just like Finn, just like Pike.

The fandom (and, not to be rude, but most specifically the Cl/xa fandom) reduced L/xa to just her sexuality. The Crabpuffs decreed that if you disagreed with anything L/xa did, if you thought Cl/xa wasn’t given the proper development and felt rushed, if you thought Clarke would have struggled a bit longer to forgive L/xa (based on what we’d seen of her in the prior two seasons), you were a homophobe or a lesbophobe.

Take a look at how often the show features sexuality. The answer is literally never. Its not something that gets talked about, because its not something that MATTERS. That is literally the dream for the LGBTQA community. People ONLY seeing who YOU are, independent of your sexuality, because being gay, lesbian, bi, trans, ace or questioning don’t make us any different than straight people.

Clarke being bisexual isn’t a big deal on the show because it just IS. Miller and Bryan being gay isn’t a big deal on the show because it just IS (Literally no one cared when Bellamy said “Miller’s boyfriend is from farm station). L/xa being a lesbian wasn’t a big deal on the show because it just WAS (Clarke wasn’t shocked to learn about Costia, she didn’t care, Titus didn’t dislike Clarke as a partner for L/xa because they were both women, he disliked their relationship because Clarke inspired changes in L/xa that Titus was smart enough to see where dangerous to L/xa’s life and position as Commander). The AUDIENCE imposes our current world view on a show that is taking place over 100 years in the future.

If we want equal and fair treatment in the media (as minorities), we can not be upset when our representation is not “perfect”. I can’t be upset as a POC, that a lot of the “villains” are POC.(and honestly it’s really the FANDOM that makes characters like Pike and Jaha and Bellamy “villains”, not the narrative), when over half of the cast members are POC. I can’t be upset that sometimes, my bisexual rep will undergo literal torture, when this is a show about people being tortured, physically and emotionally (where was the outrage about tortured minorities when it was Lincoln being whipped, Bellamy being hung, Bellamy being tortured in Mt. Weather, Lincoln being forcibly turned into a drug addict, Lincoln being hit by his lover, Lincoln being chained up again, Lincoln being shot in the head and left to die in the mud, Bellamy being beaten by his sister?)

This show is not about “who’s wrong and who’s right.” This show is not about “who has it the worst” (although it seems like POC often get the brunt of it, because we make up the majority of the main cast.). This is a show where there IS no right or wrong. Where EVERYONE is tortured.

You do L/xa a disservice when you reduce her to just her sexuality. Maybe instead of telling everyone ELSE that we “instinctively dislike L/xa because she’s a lesbian and we just can’t tell because of conditioning” you take a look at why YOU think that’s the only reason people dislike her character, because I can guarantee the vast majority of this fandom (at least on Tumblr) dislike L/xa because of her ACTIONS, not because of who she chose to sleep with.

But wait, i didn’t see any of BONDING DANCES headcanons.

It’s like one of the obvious thing to think about.

Like Allura or Shiro (or both) makes Team dance in sync. And team try to object, but MOM AND DAD WOULD BE SO DISAPOINTED AT YOU IF YOU DON’T DO IT, so they have to dance.

And Lance being Lance volunteers to pick up music. And it’s surprisingly actually really good dancing tunes, not too slow, but not to fast. Yeah, it’s mostly cheezy pop songs and some memetic ones, but they are nice.

And after all-team-together training Shiro “asks” Lance and Keith to train together, like “Yours ‘rivalry’ brings disbalance to the Team, you need to learn to work together”. And they both kinda “meh” but just can’t say “no” to Shiro.

And then, when they train together, just two of them, Lance change playlist. To goddamn love songs. Really romantic ones.

And Keith is like “????!!! What should I do? Is Lance trying to be romantic or just teasing me? OH NO COULD HE POSSIBLY KNOW THAT I HAVE CRUSH ON HIM?” but tries to stay cool.

And Lance is like “Oh fuck, I mixed up playlist. Why it’s this one, oh, whatever, I’ll just pretend that it’s was on purpose”

And they dance. Really nicely, and it’s actually really romantic, and Keith is trying really hard not to blush, and Lance feels surprisingly comfortable and just having fun, cause dancing with Keith turns out to be really nice.

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Eruri "are you flirting with me?" preferably canon-verse? :D

It’s what should have been a more-or-less peaceful evening with drinks in Erwin’s office; shared paperwork split between them in the quiet of each other’s company before Levi lets the alcohol get the better of him and sends their dynamic flying out of balance.

So, Levi’s a little loose-lipped when he drinks. It’s typically why he refrains to begin with.

“Levi.” Erwin says, voice heavy with regret, his hand heavy on Levi’s over the trembling muscle of his thigh.

He pushes Levi’s hand away, and while rejection burns hot in his chest, Levi isn’t surprised because Erwin is Erwin and there’s a reason why he keeps his feelings close and out of sight in light of day.

“I’m sorry,” he continues, but he doesn’t let go of his hand. “I can’t, Levi, you know I can’t–” There’s something about the night that softens the mask Erwin puts up, a dichotomy that Levi usually appreciates, but the self-loathing in his tone tugs something vital in Levi; the way Erwin exposes that vulnerable part of him Levi’s only glimpsed a handful of times.

Levi wants everything, or nothing. Parts get too messy, too convoluted and too easy to disbalance this fragile thing hanging between them.

“I know,” Levi murmurs, a rueful smile twisting his mouth. He pulls his hand away, knows Erwin won’t do it on his own. He drinks the rest of the liquor, revels in how it goes down smoother than anything he’s used to. “I fucked up, Erwin. I know.” He gets up, wants to leave before he makes more of an ass out of himself and before the flayed look on Erwin’s face makes him do something he’ll regret.

And then Erwin’s shaking his head, hands moving toward Levi in an aborted movement before settling uselessly at his side. “It’s not that I don’t want to– you have to know that, Levi, please–” He gets out.

His hand lands warm and calloused on his, long fingers wrapping around his wrist, the unspoken plea hanging in the air.

It could be easy, a one time thing for the both of them. Levi could convince himself that one night is all he needs, that he can live with that, and Erwin–


“I know.” Levi makes a decision. He leans down with trembling fingers skitting across the man’s jaw and kisses Erwin firmly at the corner of his mouth, because really, what does Levi have to lose at this point?

He pulls away, and Erwin leans back against his chair, eyes closed as his fingers touch the ghost of Levi’s lips.

He strokes his cheekbone with his thumb, savouring the feeling before he pulls away for the last time.

Maybe another time, maybe in the next life. Levi shuts the door behind him. They’ll slide back into normality when the sun comes up.