Beautiful Disaster (1/2)

Title: Beautiful Disaster
Rating: K+
Genre: Family, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Word Count: 4930
Pairing: Vague hints of Ten/Rose
Summary: After losing her parents, Rose is struggling not to lose custody of her brother – the only family she has left. Thankfully she’s not completely alone in her struggles.

Notes: Based on this prompt posted on @timepetalsprompts​. This was meant to be one a shot but then it ended up being over 8,000 words so I decided to split it up into a two shot. Enjoy!

It was just a temporary basis. A trial period, the social worker said even Rose clung to Tony, holding him tight against her. They’d pry him out her cold, dead hands. But it was clear the social worker – whose name Rose couldn’t even remember but she was tall and stern and obviously looking down at Rose like the young blonde was below her – had no faith in the twenty year old’s ability to responsible for her five-year-old brother.

And maybe she was right not to.

Tony never starved, of course – Rose did sometimes, but that wasn’t important. He never wanted for food, he got new shoes when he needed them, he got to school every day, he always had his homework done, and as far as Rose could tell he was happy – as happy as any little boy could be after suddenly becoming an orphan, anyways.

Sure, Rose’s life was falling apart. But Tony was safe and not bouncing around in probably abusive foster homes. And that was all that matters.

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