Okay, Phandom, I feel the need to point something out here.

A meteor hit Russia today. The president of Russia’s name is Vladimir. He was elected on May 7th, 2012. 

It’s like the Disasteroid all over again, except this one was a lot smaller and actually hit the Earth.

Also, May 7th is the anniversary of when Bitter Reunions first premiered. That was the first episode in which Vlad made an appearance.

I just thought I’d point this little bit of information out.

Corrupted Core

Alright so you know about that one hc for the reason Vlad is doing increasingly OOC and desperate in season 3? Basically it’s bc the disateroid he’s parked his space shuttle (unwittingly) near is slowly poisoning him every time he goes up there & is driving him insane. Well what if Danny somehow found out about it? And he’s torn on what to do. On the one hand Vlad’s evil; finally having him out of his life would be amazing. But he’s still a hero & he’s not sure even Vlad deserves to go crazy(er) & die… So he goes to Clockwork and asks him if there’s a way to fix him. Clockwork tells him that yes, there is a way, but it’s risky. Vlads might die anyway…& if he does survive there are many possible futures where Vlad could hurt Danny or his family. After a long internal debate, Danny comes to a decision.
Danny doesn’t give Vlads any time to react. This isn’t a battle after all. It has to work or Vlad’ll be dead anyway. Danny shoots him before he even has time to process what Danny has done. He can only hope that the ectopurifier he put in his parents ghost gun works. And that he destroyed just enough of Vlads corrupted core that it can still reform…

DISASTEROID getting a background and some rudimentary gameplay mechanics.

As you can probably tell, the game consists of two parts – one part a match-3 / tetris-like gameplay where you build up your asteroid, and the second which is all about blasting through as many obstacles as you can.

There’s a lot to go (more block types, scoring, etc.) but I’m feeling confident that it could be fun! Things currently planned

  • better graphics
  • actual scoring / game over system
  • exploding blocks heck yes 🎉