clysmian  asked:


  • super hemoist and in denial about it
  • hypocrite
  • a bully towards hexxis in particular
  • won’t stop flirting/making advances even when told no
  • generally entitled and fuckboyish af
  • never not horny. always making mistakes because he’s horny
  • killed the most people in his session
  • in general was very easily swayed into killing the most people in his session, despite wanting to protect them
  • made his cinnamon roll dancestor cry
  • thinks he’s a hero but is a zero

anonymous asked:

do the trolls all hav favorite movies or genres?

  • bolide is a scifi nut through and through
  • magnid and theera like war things
  • chindi and rai are into action, rai likes historical films even more than that tho and just stuff about warriors and heroes and shit
  • chindi and aeg also like watching chick flicks sometimes they just act like super girly girls together (read: often) seq also likes this kind of things romcoms etc
  • molti doesnt like tv and shit really shes the outdoorsy type so she doesnt watch them much but she likes laughing so probably comedies
  • hex and nob like post apocalyptic scenarios and hex especially is into zombie shit
  • atras into horror
  • vanny likes ridiculous sad dramas. if he watches anything with anyone he’ll try to keep a pokerface but when he’s alone he just cries a lot