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We need help, buildings are collapsed, people are going missing, so many kids are injured and some others were left homeless too or are trapped in the ruins. There is no water and no power.

Down below are included few links to organizations. Donations go toward basic necessities such as food, water, medicines, temporary shelter and long-term recovery assistance.

Thank you everyone in advance and if you can’t donate please help by spreading the word. We’d appreciate it a lot. May god bless you ❤️🇲🇽🙏🏻 and keep Mexico in your prayers

1. International Community Foundation(ICF)
2. Global Giving
3.  Red Cross Mexico
4. Unicef Mexico
5. Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco is a volunteer rescue brigade, non-governmental or commercial: bit.ly/2wuLB8l

If you have other reputable donations sites to recommend, please include them.

Let’s talk about Montana

Since it’s not on the news and every other disaster is. The state is literally burning to the ground right now. People have lost livestock, their homes are threatened, some fire fighters have lost their lives, towns are being evacuated from the smoke. It’s not even safe for us to be outside. We have blown through the state’s disaster relief fund and we need help. This has been the driest August on record and when we thought we’d get some relief from a storm the other day, it produced 60 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes and every. single. one started a fire. Only about half were able to be extinguished. WE NEED HELP. Please please signal boost. We have asked for federal aid and are being ignored.

FEMA’s Hurricane Response Is Making Trump Look Good. Thanks, Obama.
Trump can thank his predecessor, his predecessor’s pick to run the disaster agency, and the "deep state."

“Trump’s riding on the shoulders of Obama,” said James Fraser, a Vanderbilt University professor who has done research on disaster mitigation. “It’s heartening to know that in this case, the Trump administration is not trying to undo something the Obama administration did to help people.’”



President Velveeta would’ve fucked up FEMA too if Hurricane Harvey hadn’t popped a squat over Texas before Congress could get around to shifting a billion dollars from the agency over toward border security so Cheetolini could put a down payment on his stupid wall. That was on the legislative agenda. Mango Mussolini and the GOP wanted to cut over $800 million from disaster relief efforts to fund The Wall.

So no, it’s not “heartening” at all because these heartless idiots without an iota of foresight would have in fact run FEMA into the ground if we hadn’t had an actual disaster to contend with before they could get around to emptying its coffers.

Hurricane Harvey Relief and Donation Organizations

It is unfortunate that scams have cropped up in the wake of this devestating hurricane. Here are some organizations that NY Times and my brother (who is currently in San Antonio, he’s fine, he’s military) have vetted.


  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund (ghcf.org)
  • Houston Food Bank (houstonfoodbank.org)
  • Food Bank of Corpus Christi (foodbankcc.com)
  • Houston Humane Society (houstonhumane.org)
  • Houston ASPCA (houstonspca.org)
  • San Antonio Humane Society (sahumane.org)
  • United Way (unitedwayhouston.org/flood)
  • American Red Cross (Txt: HARVEY at 90999 to donate 10 dollars)

Please stay safe!

Are no national news outlets going to cover the 900+ wildfires ripping through Oregon? Yes, Hurricane Harvey was bad. The Walmart relief campaign alone raised over $20 million to aid Harvey victims. There’s one fundraising campaign that I know of for the Oregon wildfires with an end goal of $20,000. Not even $600 have been raised yet. Oregon is my home, and the very things there that people from all over the world come to see are being destroyed rapidly with each second that passes. Harvey aid doesn’t need more money. This does. This needs coverage. Please reblog and spread the word. I’m honestly disgusted that nobody’s talking about this on a nationwide platform. If you would like to donate, outinoregon.com has a GoFundMe page, accessible by the front page of their website (outinoregon.com).


I got all the Harvey relief commissions done. I had been planning on donating to the Red Cross, but after seeing a couple articles on how it’s difficult for them to get the money to those in need, I decided to donate the proceeds to The Humane Society’s Disaster Relief Fund, to help any poor animals affected by any of the horrific hurricanes. 

The commissions are as follows:

  1. @yenneferofvengerbxrg
  2. @sith-agent-xanavai
  3. @caffeinatedmichi
  4. @greyias
  5. @lanalanabobana
  6. @swtorramblings
  7. @theswtorblog

Thank you guys!

Started my new week-long weights-based fitness program today!

It was chest and back day. 🏋

I didn’t have as heavy as weights as I wanted, but I still got a pretty good burn. I need to invest in heavier weights! 😶 #gettingstrongereveryday

And the coolest part is that for every time the program is streamed, $1 is donated to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief fund.

Up to $100,000 will be donated!

You can do the workouts this week for free too, if you want a good strength training challenge and to help raise some money for our friends in Houston too. ❤

If you want to, let me know!

anonymous asked:

Guys I'm pissed! Your little cinnamon roll is being a dick. Ppl are in danger, losing everything, dying in Texas, and no word from him? HELLO IT'S IN YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY? You aren't even concern with the lives of ppl that are in a place you'll soon be? You're famous, use it for fs "hi guys little donation for ppl who are losing their homes....". How hard is it. That's fucked up. How fucking selfish can you be for not even TRYING to spread help? 1.7m followers who knows how much a post can bring

Yeah, I won’t make excuses for him here.

Drag his fucking ass.

And after you’re done, do what he hasn’t: Donate.

Houston Area Women’s Center
Houston Food Bank
Food Bank of Corpus Christi
Galveston County Food Bank
LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund
Texas Diaper Bank
SPCA of Texas
Houston SPCA
Coalition for the Homeless
St. Bernard Project

x M

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So it just occurred to me that you live in Texas right? Are you and Deacon safe? I'm assuming you would have said something and it looks like you're still home and dry from your last few posts, but can you let us know?

Oh man, we are completely fine. We live in Dallas, and it’s just been cloudy with minimal amounts of rain here. Houston and the surrounding areas were the most affected and I know several people and family members who were forced to evacuate (the Facebook live stories have been wild–water up to people’s chests. People stranded on the second floor of their house looking down the stairway into a lake. Etc.). Many of them do not have insurance and it’s still raining in some places, so the news is not exaggerating when it says this is the worst natural disaster that has occurred in Texas. If you can donate, please do, though I would avoid The Red Cross since their disaster relief funds allocation has been called into serious question in the past. Actually, I’ll attach a handy article of good places to send your money. I personally donated to the Houston Humane Society, and the LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund. 


Inspired by our friends & gentlemen DUNE RATS we are gonna donate all our Falls Music and Arts Festival merch profits to ppl & animals affected by the fires❤ (Photo:Pat Stevenson)

Jirrahlinga Koala & Wildlife Sanctuary Fire Fund -https://fundraise.giveeasy.org/campaigns/jirrahlinga-fire-fund/

Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery -http://redcross.org.au/disaster-relief-and-recovery.aspx 

this is what it feels like

In the aftermath, Owen tries to find his place in the world. He suddenly has a lot of sympathy for Indominous.

“I can’t believe you’re considering this,” she tells him a he looks over the contracts for the third time, and he shrugs. 

“Ian Malcolm wrote a book, Grant did that Rolling Stone article. Hell, even the paleobotanist got in on the action, Claire. Besides. They tell me I have a face for television.” He pauses, glances at her over the top of his paper. “I’m pretty sure that’s an insult.”

She rolls her eyes, unwilling, as usual, to fluff up his ego any more. “Why, though? It’s not like you need more notoriety. Or want it.” 

“Claire. Don’t mistake my appreciation of your big house and your way too healthy food, but I’m homeless, and apparently telling your employer to go fuck themselves makes your paychecks stop coming in, so… if you don’t want me camping out in your living room for the next few years while I attempt to find my marketable skills, you should maybe think about the fact that they want to pay me twenty grand to sit across from Brokaw and answer dumbed down questions for a few hours.”

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