disaster relief funding

Inspired by our friends & gentlemen DUNE RATS we are gonna donate all our Falls Music and Arts Festival merch profits to ppl & animals affected by the fires❤ (Photo:Pat Stevenson)

Jirrahlinga Koala & Wildlife Sanctuary Fire Fund -https://fundraise.giveeasy.org/campaigns/jirrahlinga-fire-fund/

Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery -http://redcross.org.au/disaster-relief-and-recovery.aspx 

this is what it feels like

In the aftermath, Owen tries to find his place in the world. He suddenly has a lot of sympathy for Indominous.

“I can’t believe you’re considering this,” she tells him a he looks over the contracts for the third time, and he shrugs. 

“Ian Malcolm wrote a book, Grant did that Rolling Stone article. Hell, even the paleobotanist got in on the action, Claire. Besides. They tell me I have a face for television.” He pauses, glances at her over the top of his paper. “I’m pretty sure that’s an insult.”

She rolls her eyes, unwilling, as usual, to fluff up his ego any more. “Why, though? It’s not like you need more notoriety. Or want it.” 

“Claire. Don’t mistake my appreciation of your big house and your way too healthy food, but I’m homeless, and apparently telling your employer to go fuck themselves makes your paychecks stop coming in, so… if you don’t want me camping out in your living room for the next few years while I attempt to find my marketable skills, you should maybe think about the fact that they want to pay me twenty grand to sit across from Brokaw and answer dumbed down questions for a few hours.”

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