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"Oh my God is that what I think it is?"

Penny screamed. I pushed Baz off me (and did my best to fix my hair). I could feel blood rise to my face. He was smirking. The git. 


Penny dropped her bag, books flying everywhere, and rushed across the flat to the couch, yanking my wrist hard enough to dislocate my shoulder. 

“Basilton, you romantic sap, you really didn’t spare any expense on the ring, did you?” she said, turning my hand over in hers. 

thank you so much and im so very sorry this took so long

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There’s a panel in Uncanny X-Men Annual #4 where Nightcrawler suddenly collapses. Logan did not fall on him; this is how he chose to check his vitals.

 “I know what’s wrong with him: he has three broken ribs an’ a collapsed lung. Howdoya think that happened, Charlie?”

 Happy Birthday, Dave Cockrum & Kurt.


Natural Disaster Party Zone @brodiepenrod 🌪#skidmarkskatemag (at Planet Earth)

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If Juggie broke Betty's heart, FP would kick his ass or have one of his Serpent pals do it for him. DILF is truly fond of that sweet and determined Cooper Girl. He was also the one who told his son to man up and fix things with her after his disaster of a birthday party. I actually think that FP's secretly planning Bughead's wedding and the names of his future grandchildren. He's also probably relishing the thought of getting to call Alice "Granny." LMAO

OMG!!! And agreed. If anything, he’s cautioned every last Serpent girl to not even think about Simba, because he’s already picked Nala for “his boy”.

Seriously, can you IMAGINE the fucking lecture Jughead would receive from FP just for having looked at another girl??? Good lord, FP adored his future daughter-in-law……

I’m not sure he’s even gonna be okay with them having sexytimes—he’ll be half, “yeaaaahhhh!!! That’s mah boy!!!!” and half, “I thought I told you to be a gentleman and that you were supposed to save that until your wedding night????”

If you’ve always wanted to get into Critical Role but there are too many episodes I recommend jumping in this week because there’s a year-long time skip.

Here’s everything you need to know about the current cast as of the most recent episode:

Vax (Vax’ildan) half elf, rogue and paladin (of the Raven Queen), sneaky sneaky, does a ton of damage in a single turn, bisexual disaster twin to Vex.

Vex (Vex’ahlia) half elf, ranger/rogue, bisexual disaster twin, if the party were based on the Seven Deadly Sins she’d be Greed (she’s better now), now a Baroness, romantically involved with Percy

Grog Strongjaw: goliath barbarian/fighter, good at hitting things, has a smart player but below average intelligence, can be surprisingly (and hilariously) insightful, best buddies with Pike

Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (You can call him Percy) human gunslinger (Fighter archetype), has a bad habit of making deals with fiends”That’s the most privileged thing I’ve said that you’ve heard.” Probably sacrificed to a Sumerian deity in exchange for rolling a ton of natural 20s.

Keyleth: half elf, druid, kinda’ awkward at first (still kinda’ awkward) constantly gets arrested, has a billion spells and her player sometimes forgets about them, was a bundle of RAGE during the last arc, recently became a leader of her people, I’m so proud of her, tends to play more of a support role in combat but she has a ton of firepower

Pike Trickfoot: gnome cleric of Sarenrae, definitely not sneaky sneaky, team mom, also quite the trickster, swears in church, the fandom cinnamon roll

Taryon Darrington, human artificer, gay, possibly has a mafia don for a father, just wants to be a hero like the people in stories, full of himself, has a bunch of cool toys, had a robot friend, is science bros. with Percy, I kind of feel bad for him?

I think I covered everyone except one of the PCs who recently left the group.


Katherine Pierce 1864


I have seen weeks of far greater darkness, of war, and death, and economic despair. I have seen weeks of more confusion and uncertainty. But I have never seen a week where a president of our nation has behaved with such a cavalier disregard for the norms and institutions of our democracy… And I have never seen so many members of a political party rally around incompetence…

~~veteran journalist Dan Rather on Facebook

The Blue & Gold, A Bughead One-Shot

[Summary: Betty and Jughead decided to make out at school for the first time, but, as expected, things don’t go as planned.]

Although Betty and Jughead had yet to have sex, they did have their fair share of times that passion overtook them. This was especially prominent after they made up in Pop’s following Jughead’s birthday party disaster. Ever since that night they have been more open towards each other, more vulnerable.

This new vulnerability and ease was very obvious on the Friday after Jughead’s birthday. There was a game the next day, meaning that Betty had to wear her cheerleading outfit. An outfit that, overtime, both Betty and Jughead had realized Betty was more flexible in. Making out was much more fun when Betty could wrap her legs all the way around Jughead. She could definitely do that in the skirt. This lead to the next conversation and decision.

“Please, Juggie,” she begged with her lip out in a pout, “No one can see us in the Blue & Gold office.”

Although Jughead did enjoy his newfound comfort around Betty, he still did not enjoy public displays of affection, “Fine,” he sighed.

“Wow,” Betty frowned, “you sound really in to this.”

Jughead placed a gentle hand on her cheek, “I do want to do this, Betty,” his eyes scanned her body, “I definitely do,” he paused, “I’m just nervous that’s all. We’ve never made out at school before.”

Betty smiled and placed her hand on his hand, “There’s always a first for everything,” Betty and Jughead both turned their heads, hearing heels clicking in the distance.

Jughead grabbed Betty’s hand and pulled her down the hallway, “Yes there is, but there won’t be a first for this if we get caught skipping class.”

Betty giggled, trying to keep up with Jughead, “My legs are shorter than yours.”

He pulled her into the Blue & Gold, wishing the door had a lock. They would just have to risk it. That had recently convinced the principal into letting them get a couch for the office, stating that the wooden chairs were hard to sit on for long periods of time. This was the couch that Jughead led a still giggling Betty onto.

“We can’t kiss if you’re laughing you know,” He smirked.

Betty stopped laughing, but still had a smile on her face, “I’ve never broken the rules at school like this before. It’s exhilarating!” She threw her hands up and then dropped them down to Jughead’s face, pulling his to her’s and pressing their lips together.

Jughead pulled his beanie off and Betty raked her hair through his soft raven curls, evoking a moan from deep within his chest. Already sitting in a straddling position on Jughead’s lap, Betty wrapped her legs tighter around him. The skirt definitely helped.

He dug his fingers into her waist, willing himself to not get carried away. He lost control though when Betty took a hand out of his hair, causing him to groan, and pulled the elastic out of her hair. Her golden locks feel in waves down to her shoulders, somehow making her look even more delicious. She was delicious to Jughead in a way that almost scared him. He literally wanted to eat her face, taste the sweetness of her lips, feel the curves of her body.

Surprisingly, without their regular safety blankets, the teens were still calm, well as calm as they could be in this situation. Jughead leaned forward to devour Betty’s neck. Neck kisses were her weakness, her kryptonite. Betty threw her head back and let out and strangled moan, now gripping Jughead’s shoulders.

He nibbled at a sensitive spot under her ear and she almost shook with pleasure. Instead of shaking, she raked her fingernails down his back, and he almost lost his damn mind. He had recently told her to cut her nails so she couldn’t dig them into her palms, but, she thought, maybe now he would rethink that. His hand came up to cup her side, his thumb brushing just underneath the swell of her breast. She just wanted to scream at him to move his hand up, but she knew that they weren’t quite ready for that yet, so her breasts were left neglected. This turned out to be a good thing though, because right as Betty was snaking her hand under the bottom of Jughead’s shirt, the door swung open.

Anyone would have been better than the person that walked through the door, the principal, a teacher, any of their friends, but no, Alice Cooper just had to be the one to walk through that door. She gasped and jumped backwards, surprised that anyone was even in the room, much less her daughter passionately kissing her boyfriend, “ELIZABETH COOPER, WHAT IN HELL ARE YOU DOING?!”

Both of the teens heads snapped up, and Betty quickly pushed off of Jughead’s chest, struggling to get out of his lap, “Uh…I can explain?” Betty replied.

Now Alice just looked mad, “I don’t need an explanation, Betty. I have eyeballs.”

Both Betty and Jughead blushed bright red at her words, “Oh,” was all Betty could muster up the courage to say. It was better than Jughead though, who was completely silent.

“Why would you choose to do this in this exact room when you knew your mother’s first day as your advisor was today?” Alice asked.

“I thought you started,“ realization dawned on Betty, "…it’s this Friday isn’t it?”

Alice nodded, “uh huh.”

There was silence between the three of them for a straight minute, “Can we go to class now please?” Betty asked, breaking the excruciating silence.

"Be my guest,” Alice gestured towards the door, “No one’s stopping you.”

Slowly, both Betty and Jughead got up, glancing back and forth from each other to Alice and then awkwardly exited the office, hand in hand. Working together on the Blue & Gold after that encounter was awkward to say the least.

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you don't understand how excited I am for this thing that you are writing with Bookshop because you are two of my fave writers and the concept sounds AMAZING - can you say anything more atm or is it still too new?


Our entire plot centers around a group of hipster theatre nerds who are stuck in a Linklater film about not being able to move on after college. Except it’s WAY MORE FUN than a Linklater film. 

The MC has two best friends. Only one of them is his best friend. The other one is the love of his life. He just doesn’t know it yet. 

The MC’s real best friend had a Skype flirtation with a member of Big Bang.

The MC is fond of taking intimate pictures of his OTHER love-of-his-life best friend at artfully composed angles.  

There’s a cat named Ian Purrtis.

A major plot point figures around a Fashion Disaster

Drunken party games are also a major plot point. 

Also drunken karaoke. 

And jealousy. 

The OTP flirts entirely through Sondheim and random literary references.

We talk about A LOT of random hipster cocktails. And craft beer.

Some of the characters are weirdly obsessed with deviled eggs. 

And also there are metaphorical cheese plates. Also literal cheese plates. But the cheese plates are a metaphor. 



eva likes to say it, sometimes, out of the blue. it makes noora smile, her goofy, too-big-for-her face smile. the ones eva likes so much.

see, noora is noora, the girl almost anyone would notice first in the crowded room, the blonde girl with the clothes, the make-up, oozing that effortless air of elegance that eva had so fiercely envied when she first saw her. but shes not like that. when she’s with eva, shes all smiles, genuine ones, constantly laughing and scrunching her nose and it’s like they’re actually seventeen, careless, a little childlike. it feels like a different noora altogether.

eva finds it fascinating.

so she keeps those moments close. like that one time they ended up walking home from some disaster party vilde had insisted they’d go to and they’d started singing off-key to that new song by the chainsmokers, the one that noora secretly likes. or like the games they play : who’ll spot the fanciest car in traffic, how many people wear stan smiths out on sundays or how long til that one movie drops an offensive line and noora feels the need to rant about it. it’s silly, a little embarrassing but it’s what eva remembers the most vividly, when she thinks of noora. it also reminds her of jonas a little, back when things were still good.

it’s that same feeling, like a spark that ignites and slowly burns, urgent, warm and sweet. noora makes her feel like that, like she’s so much bigger than she is.

they don’t talk about it. or haven’t yet. but all eva knows is that whenever she looking at noora, noora is looking back at her. and she thinks, perhaps, thats all anyone could ask for.


Not Just Obstruction – Trump Also Wanted Comey To Jail Members Of The Press

And which country are we in again?

Books and kisses | Young!Sirius Black imagine

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, if you don’t celebrate any of those happy 25th December. Hope you have a wonderful day full of smiles and laughter.

Sirius Black and 59. “I’m not jealous.” + 100.“Kiss me? For good luck?” – “You don’t believe in luck.” – “No, but I want you to kiss me.”


four times you and Sirius met in the library.

Thanks for requesting! Had lot’s of fun writing this.

Key: Y/N - your name; Y/l/n - your last name

Warning: Some swears.

Words: 1435.


5th year

You have fallen in love with Hogwarts’ library the moment you entered it for the first time back in first year. Since then it had become your safe heaven, a place to escape the world for a while. It was safe to say that it was one of your favorite places in the whole entire world. Your classmates weren’t surprised to find you there, in fact if you were needed this was the first place they would look at.

So naturally, after a long day of classes and even longer quidditch practise you headed to the library. You sat at your favorite table by the window and pulled your books out of your bag. The essay on the properties of Moonstone and its uses in Potion making wasn’t going to write itself so you figured you better start.

Half an hour later you heard the unmistakable scraping of a chair being pulled out. Your curious and confused stare was met by a cocky smirk. Sirius Black. The sound of three other chairs being pulled out. So it was Sirius Black and company.

“Hey Y/N.” Sirius greeted you. It was followed with other greetings from the three other boys.

“Hey guys.” You didn’t have the strength to greet each and every one of them separately. “What have I done to deserve your company?” Three of the boys grinned at her, Remus was too busy bringing out his books.

“We couldn’t let a lady sit all by herself in a dark corner in an even darker library.” James said with a grin and looked towards Peter sitting next to him, who in turn looked at Sirius.

“Why?” You blurted out and continued writing your essay. “Did you not consider that the lady likes sitting all by herself.” Remus snorted out a laugh. “Also it’s not dark. I’m next to the window and there is a lantern here. So you know… people can read even in the dark.”

“Merlin’s beard.” James muttered under his breath and shut up.

“Good job Y/N.” Sirius patted you on the back. “No one really manages to shut Prongs up. Except Evans but that’s a whole ‘nother story.” You rolled your eyes. Everyone knew of James’ crush on the redhead. Everyone.

“How’s your essay going, Y/N?” Remus asked.

You shrugged. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to write 12 inches. I don’t have enough information.” You leaned back in your seat and sighed.

“Have you tried Magical drafts and potions?” Remus asked and looked up. There were purple circles under his eyes probably from lack of sleep.

“Someone took the last copy from the library.” You sighed again. You had tried looking for it yesterday but no such luck.

“Sirius can lend you his.” James finally spoke up and pointedly looked at his best friend.

“Yeah, of course.” The boy nodded enthusiastically and reached in his bag. His hand emerged seconds later with the book in it.

“Thanks, Sirius.”


5th year

The Marauders started joining you often and you found yourself enjoying their company. Sometimes it would be just you and Sirius, because James was chasing Lily, Remus was reading in their dorm and Peter was doing whatever he usually did.

Tonight it was only you and Sirius.

“Who the fuck came up with this shit anyway?” You groaned and pointed towards the Potion textbook in front of you. Sirius laughed.

“Someone that wanted us to suffer, that’s for sure.” He replied and pushed his own book away.

You rested your chin on the palm of your hand and closed your eyes. “This is horrible. And how can James even chase Lily when he knows that we have our Potions O.W.L. tomorrow?”

“He’s confident in his abilities.” Sirius replied, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

“And so are you.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

“And so am I, indeed.” Sirius traced a pattern in the wooden table. “Why aren’t you? You are good in Potions.”

You snorted.

“Yes you are.” Sirius pressed. “And you deserve a break.” He took the book in front of her and closed it.

“I am going to have a break.” You replied before taking the book back from him. “After the O.W.L.s pass.”

“No.” Sirius sighed and took the book again. “You are having a break now.” Just to be sure he put the textbook in his bag.

“But Sirius…” You groaned and dragged his name out. He glared at you and you giggled. “Fine, fine. Only five minutes.” The two of you talked for hours.


6th year.

A hand was carelessly draped over your shoulders. You looked up only to be met with Sirius Black’s flirtatious smirk. You raised an eyebrow and removed his hand from where it had been rested.

He pouted. “But Y/N.” Sirius dragged out your name, making you roll your eyes. You returned to the homework in front of you as the rest of the group calling themselves “Marauders” sat around the table in the library you were occupying.

You didn’t fail to notice that Lily Evans was with them. The two of you smiled at each other. You and Lily had sat together in Charms for about three years now so you have built up a friendship.

“What are you working on?” Sirius asked, peering over your shoulder.

“The essay on defence against Dementors for DADA? It’s nearly over.” You sighed blissfully at the idea.

“I have another paragraph left.” Lily announced. “Can I see what you’ve written?” She asked you politely and you gave it to her. The red-head started reading.

“Y/N.” James asked for your attention and you turned towards him. “Are you going to Slughorn’s christmas party?” You shrugged, you really didn’t know. Maybe if someone asked you out, you could go.

“Are you guys going?” You asked them and played with the end of your quill.

“No one’s asked me out yet, but I’ll go.” Lily answered, still scanning your homework. James looked like he was about to say something but Peter elbowed him and he closed his mouth.

“I’ll pass.” Remus said and flipped another page in his book.

“I just asked Vivian from Ravenclaw out. So yeah I’m going.” Sirius replied and drummed his nails on the table.

“Vivian?” You asked, voice venomous. Lily had just returned your essay and rolled her eyes. You knew she didn’t like Vivian. Not a lot of people liked her. “Vivian Leeker?”

Sirius nodded. “Yeah. Jealous y/l/n?”

You snorted. “Jealous? I’m not jealous!” Okay, maybe you were. Just a little. “I’m surprised to find that your type is bitchy bimboes that’s all.” Lily coughed to cover up her laughter.


6th year

You’ve been looking for a book for the last ten minutes and you still haven’t found it. Another book caught your attention and you reached for it, the same time someone else did. You turned around. “Sirius.” Your voice sounded more like a released breath than your actual voice. Heat crawled up your neck and to your cheeks.

“Hullo Y/n.” He greeted you and passed you the book. There was an obvious glint of satisfaction in his eyes. The two of you had not talked to each other since Slughorn’s disaster of a party, which you had spent glaring at Sirius’ back. You caught hm staring back at you too. That was around two weeks, three days and eight hours ago, but who counts them anyway.

“What are you doing here Sirius?” You asked with a sigh and took the book from him.

“Is the library a forbidden territory for me now?” Sirius tried to joke but you crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow. “I’m researching. The boys are already at the crime scene while I was sent for a book.” He reached for the book he was probably here for.

“Another prank?” You asked. “Wait… I actually don’t wanna know.”

Sirius grinned mischievously at you. “Kiss me? For good luck?”

You stared at him with rosy cheeks, wondering if he was serious. “You don’t believe in luck.” You clutched the book in your hands tighter.

Sirius nodded. “No, but I want you to kiss me.”

Your face flushed even more but you rolled your eyes, to seem irritated. “Fine.” You groaned and came closer to him. Just when your lips were about to touch his cheek he moved his head and kissed you on the lips. A few seconds later you jumped away from the Gryffindor shrieking “Sirius!”

Sirius laughed, it always sounded a lot like a bark. “Later Y/n.” He winked at you and left you standing at the library, staring after him.