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See You Soon (Derek Hale)

Odd Love Story (Scott McCall)

Good Riddance (Stiles Stilinski)

Hidden Life (Isaac Lahey)

Don’t Die On Me (Stiles Stilinski) 

Hidden Life Pt. 2 (Isaac Lahey)

Something Right (Liam Dunbar) 

Anything Can Happen (Isaac Lahey)

Bakery Meeting (Stiles Stilinski) 

Secrets (Stiles Stilinski)

A Women’s Job (Isaac Lahey)

Locked In (Stiles Stilinski)

Shout out To My Ex (Derek Hale) 

Detention (Isaac Lahey) 

Do It For You (Scott McCall)

Cake (Isaac Lahey) 

Plot Twist (Stiles Stilinski)

New Girl (Stiles Stilinski)

Stolen Foods (Stiles Stilinski)

Christmas Disaster (Stiles Stilinski)

Christmas Party (Derek Hale)

Witching Hour (Pack Imagine)

Witching Hour Pt. 2 (Pack Imagine)

Witching Hour Pt. 3 (Pack Imagine)

I Win (Isaac Lahey)

Christmas Transformation (Scott McCall)

The Grinch (Derek Hale)

My Guardian Angel (Liam Dunbar)

Lights (Isaac Lahey) 

Love Her (Malia Tate)

My Presents (Stiles Stilinski) 

Don’t Test Me (Pack Imagine) 

Hot Cocoa (Stiles Stilinski)

Wish Upon A Star (Scott McCall)

Only Joking (Derek Hale)

Divorce Me (Isaac Lahey)

Divorce Me Pt. 2 (Isaac Lahey)

Fiance (Peter Hale)

Last Friday Night (Derek Hale)

Smell Your Scent (Liam Dunbar)

First Date (Derek Hale)

Never Forget (Theo Raeken)

Not So Bad (Stiles Stilinski)

Cliche From the Beginning (Stiles Stilinski)

You’re Always Beautiful to Me (Isaac Lahey)

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Katherine Pierce 1864

lumoskillercrispin  asked:

I always found Bella making the comment "You said that last time'' to Alice was really messed up. She knows that Jasper and Alice both will always feel bad about that.

About the party?

I’m of two minds about it.  I mean, it was a bit insensitive on Bella’s part to react that way.  Obviously everyone is aware of what a disaster Alice’s last party was and there’s really no need to bring it up. There’s a sort of resentment and snarkiness to that line that maybe wasn’t intentional? I think it was supposed to just be funny, but because of all the life and death drama that came about because of that party, it does carry more weight. But it’s also kind of insensitive of Alice to be like LET’S HAVE A PARTY when … no one else wants one? The last one they had was a disaster, and now she wants to add MORE humans to the mix. And even with all the threats and danger and drama, she’s still pushing for this party, which is a graduation party for Bella (since this graduation is largely meaningless for her and Edward), who doesn’t like parties

See, I love Alice when she’s stealing sports cars in Italy and calling out Bella and Edward when they’re being ridiculous, but as someone who is as introverted and party-averse as Bella, forcing these rituals (birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding parties) that Bella doesn’t like on her starts to move past “help her get out of her shell” to “doesn’t listen to her friend.” 

If Bella and Alice are really such good friends, they need to like . .. sort this out. Establish some boundaries. It’s helpful for introverts to have extroverted friends because sometimes we DO need a little push but there’s a difference between “I know you! You’ll have fun once we get there and if you hate it we’ll leave” vs “IF YOU LOVE ME YOU’LL LET ME THROW YOU A PARTY AND INVITE THE WHOLE SCHOOL!” And on the other side, Bella need to decide when she wants to support Alice and go to her parties and when she needs to stand up for herself and be like “I love you but this is not my thing–you go have fun though and tell me all about it later!” 

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Disasters (Requested)

anonymous  asked:
Can you do imagine where it’s the reader and algee’s bachelor and bachelor party ( for girls) and the wedding to pls

A/N: I hope you like it , wedding coming soon. XX basicKassandra

Algee sat in the corner sulking already regretting the fact that he let the boys plan out his bachelor party, he had his drink in one hand and phone in the other waiting for (Y/N) to answer him hoping she was as miserable as he was at the moment. He watched the strippers perform their routine on his cast mates but he didn’t budge from his seat “Come on man! This is your last night to be a free guy and you’re wasting perfectly good money but sitting here! So stop thinking about (Y/N) with you heart and think about this strippers with your dick!” a drunk Woody screamed over the loud music causing Algee to roll his eyes and sigh, Woody may think he was right but Algee no longer cared for the fast life of an actor he had (Y/N) the woman of his dreams and he didn’t want any other women on him. “Man I know that look, you’re thinking about her. Aren’t you?” Keith said sliding into the booth with a glass of wine in his hands “Yeah man, of course. Tomorrow she’s going to be my wife, I don’t want to or need to screw that up by having these girls dance on me or try to get a feel for me. Why aren’t you out there enjoying yourself?” Algee asked looking at Keith who shrugged “Their kind of boring, i’ve seen better. No offense.” He said laughing “None, taken I’m not paying for them. That would be Woody and Luke’s money being wasted.” Algee said finally laughing for the first time tonight “Look I have an actual good way to spend your bachelor party if your up for the challenge.” Keith said getting up and walking to the exit cause Algee to follow quietly

Meanwhile at your bachelorette party every corner you turn there is a new dick flying next to it, and even though most of the ladies here are single you wouldn’t think they needed so many men in this one room for the night. You quickly make your way to the balcony trying to catch some air that isn’t mixed with sexual tension and lust, you can finally breathe at ease. You look down at your phone still waiting for Algee’s text that doesn’t seem to come “Thinking about baby love?” you heard your mom say behind you, you turn back to face her and give her a slight smile “That obvious?” you said looking back at the party scrunching up your face when you see the strippers shoving their dicks in your bridesmaids faces. “Come baby girl mama, knows what will make you feel better.” Your mom said grabbing your arm leading you out the door to see what she has in mind as a good idea.

Algee and Keith were driving the company Range Rover to crash your bachelorette party only they didn’t know that your mom and you were also in your Camry on your way to crash Algee’s bachelor party. The drive was going well on both sides until you and Algee hit Grands Road and thats when the true magical moment happened “Babe!” you hear a voice call from a car next to you and as you turn you see your soon to be husband in the car next to yours “Where are you going?” you both said in unison cause you both to laugh “Pull over!” Algee said parking near the parking lot and you followed him. Once you both got out of the car you ran into his arms holding him so tight “God I’ve missed you, the party is a nightmare from hell.” you said burying your face in his chest taking in his presence and smell “Baby all I could do is think about you as I was sitting there in my own hell.” he says holding you closer to his playing with your hair “Baby can we just ditch everyone and go home and doing nothing, but lay next to each other and talk about our future.” you said looking at him with puppy eyes which caused him to cave automatically, he swopped you up into his arms are carried you to the Ranger Rover “We’ll meet you guys there.” Your mom said as she perched up in your Camry with Keith in the passengers seat causing you and Algee to smile as you sped off to reach the house “God I love you.” you said holding his hand “I love the fact that were running away from our parties together” he said bringing your hand to his lips and kissing it “You better not think about running away from our wedding tomorrow.” you said seriously looking at Algee “i’ve been waiting my whole life for you, so i don’t think I’m running off anywhere, don’t worry about me baby.” he said kissing your hand once again and before you knew it you were at the house “Movies, popcorn and shit talking?” you asked holding his hand as you both walked to the house “Do you even have to ask baby.” he said running to the house which caused you to chase after him. This is the party you both wanted and finally got one way or another.

I know i’m late but i just want to say that i loved 2x07. I mean, all the malec scenes were super cute and beautiful and they made my heart jump out of my chest, and knowing that they had their first time is really cute too.
The rest of the episode was amazing, i loved the interactions between maia/magnus simon/jace and magnus/izzy and the scenes where luke had to face valentine and clace fought to save the angel were flawless.
I’m really excited for 2x08 and seeing magnus and jace talk about alec and the whole party disaster.

“Dear useless diary,

Today my thoughts have been plagued by vivid and uninvited images of Kara in nothing but a blue thong. I had her make a therapist appointment for me just in case, but used my investigate skills in the meantime to uncover the inspiration for this latest development.

The mystery was solved when I overheard her singing “let me see that tho-o-ong” under her breath when bringing my lunch order. 

I have banned Spotify and YouTube on all CatCo networks. I’ll have the hobbit wipe the playlists on her phone somehow, too.