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The types as movie characters/plot
  • ESFP: The fun and outgoing main character that gets warped into a dramatic quest to fight off bad guys and save their best friend
  • ENFP: The hopelessly romantic princess with the over protective parents. Ends up running away in order to follow her dreams which disguising as a peasant.
  • ESTP: The hero that gets to finally show off their amazing skills from years of combat training. They save the town from destruction (and get the girl/boy)
  • ENTP: The asshole type character that tries hard to be disliked, but for some reason, you can't not like them. They end up learning some kind of moral lesson about love
  • ESFJ: The backbone of a family under the apocalypse. They are second-in-command and can be very vicious when their loved ones are hurt. Was probably a doctor as well.
  • ENFJ: The main character that sacrifices themselves too easily for their friends. They end up somehow not dying due to one of their friends pushing them out of the way. ENFJ lives on to be a ruler of some kind.
  • ESTJ: The lawyer character which has to help their best friend cover up some deep dark shit they did. Using wits and skilful people skills, they help their friend escape the law
  • ENTJ: A heart-wrenching story about an underprivileged child and their journey on to becoming a CEO of a huge modern company. Probably a documentary or biography
  • ISFP: A character that everyone thinks is dissociated from society, but ends up being the only one who can soften up the coldest character in the movie. They undergo a heart-warming friendship filled with metaphors and a tragic end.
  • INFP: The main character that discovers they have incredible super powers. Spends the whole movie getting away from the government and saving their friends.
  • ISTP: Probably that character that loses their family or friends during a disaster. Goes on an epic journey to be reunited with them again
  • INTP: Part of a space crew on a futuristic mission to explore the galaxy. The film focuses on realistic problems that a colonising ship would have and showcases the brilliant minds of engineers
  • ISFJ: A heart-warming romantic comedy about two tragic lovers. But there's some kind of twist like a supernatural occurrence separated them or something
  • INFJ: Some kind of fantasy journey with dragons and weird monsters. Ends up being some kind of psychological thriller with a cliff hanger.
  • ISTJ: A character that underwent some tragic event. Used this event to better themselves for mankind. Leads a double life as a successful person and a vigilante (Basically Batman.)
  • INTJ: That main character that everyone suspects is the murderer in a horror movie. Becomes the last one alive. Is actually the killer and at the end narrates how they succeeded. Ends on a cliff hangar hinting that they got rid of all evidence except for one.

I just wanted to see what she’d look like in a more modern style and now I’m like who the fuck is this

Although this has been rewritten in a hundred different ways, due to recent events I’ve decided to once again bring up the fact that we live on a death world.

So imagine what an alien would do after hearing what we’ve been experiencing in North America and how we reacted.

When Houston and surrounding areas were hit by Hurricane Harvey, the sensible fled, but there were still many who stayed behind and played around in the flood. They were catching fish in their own homes and riding jetskis down the street. Now I ask you, what kind of sensible being would do such a thing? None of them.

Only humans have the stubbornness and determination to stick it out in one of the biggest natural disasters our planet can use against us, and actually find ways to have fun! Now there are people in Florida who are faced with not one, but two hurricane bearing down on them and they’ve decided to give Mother Nature the bird and stay home.

Drya: Human-Steve, when were these pictures of you taken?

Steve: Oh yeah! This was during the flood caused Hurricane Harvey. Man me and the guys had so much fun

Drya: My translator must be malfunctioning, the only definitions I possess for “Hurricane” and “Flood” are extremely deadly natural disasters, and yet you claim to have had ‘fun’ with others while they happened? Why did you not evacuate?

Steve: Well some people did, but a lot of people stayed behind because they just wanted to stay home

Drya: So humans sat through a natural disaster or epic proportions because they were too stubborn to move?

Steve: You think that’s bad? Right after Harvey some people who lived in Florida sat there through 2 back-to-back hurricanes!

Drya: *screams in horror*


Houston is grappling with a disaster of epic proportions from Hurricane Harvey, as the tropical storm continues to dump rain on the region. On Sunday, the death toll rose to eight, including a family of six who drowned in a van while trying to escape the rising waters.

The historic Houston flood of 2017 is deepening, and with it there are more water rescues — at least 2,000 by Monday afternoon. People who believed they would wait it out, or that the water would go down, are realizing they have to get out.

On a downtown street in Houston an elderly man pushes his wife in a wheelchair. Both wear trash bags for ponchos, as they walk from an arena that was turned into a shelter.

“We had knee-deep water in our house, so we’re here,” says Mel Mikan, who was rescued with his wife, Barbara, Sunday night by a Bellaire Fire Department boat.

Flood Of ‘Texas Navy’ Private Citizens Help In Houston Rescue Efforts

Photos: Katie Hayes Luke for NPR


Titanic (1997) | Dir. James Cameron

As an experiment, I messed with the settings on my TV and watched Titanic in black-and-white to see it in a new way, and I really liked how it looked. I decided to make some GIFs to show how it sort of looked. I decided to stick with shots of the Titanic herself for now, but I’ll likely make some more GIFs of black-and-white Titanic later.


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thank you so sosososo much to every single one of you who put up with my constant complaining and lack of fic, liked my shitty text posts, sent me messages encouraging me to keep going or just reminding me you were there for me, or tagged me in things you knew would make me smile - i appreciate each and every gesture and i honestly wouldn’t have gotten through this semester without you

one more to go!!!!!!!

Imagine a college au Loki and Tony up to mischief with friends (Bruce is there too, obviously, someone has to keep them in line), and one things leads to another and they’ve gotta skedaddle before the cops show, but before they go someone asks what they should do about the dna evidence they left behind to show that it was them that trashed the lab, and while Loki’s all

Tony’s just like

because seriously nobody’s gonna come searching for dna evidence for who broke into the school to run some lab experiment that blew up in an epic disaster (totally Bruce’s fault as Responsible Adult in charge) and as Tony and Loki start bickering about whether or not this is a bad enough destruction that they need to cover their tracks better Bruce just calmly points out that maybe if Tony and Loki hadn’t been making fuck-me eyes at each other the entire time they would have noticed when things that shouldn’t have been smoking were smoking and Tony just replies that the only smoking thing he had eyes for was Loki

and they’re both just like 

and bruce is just

We love the ride, knowing at any moment it can all break down & we will be left with the scars of those amazing adventures we had without the seat belt.. which would silently tell us to stay safe.. but why be safe? I mean honestly, the reason that we are here is to feel the most epic uplifting disaster we can right? ..because while we are going along for the ride, we make each other safe. Without any concern for the world around us, because our journey is only ours.. regardless of how they say it will end.
—  salgoud-sniog 
Scottish Serenade

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For my Summer of Soulmates || 200 Follower Celebration :D

Request #2

Scottish Serenade

Requested by: @mlleecrivaine || @youre-on-a-starship 
Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)
Relationship: Scotty x Reader (Gender Neutral)
Soulmate AU: #13 - the one where you get matching marks/symbols/tattoos
Sentence Prompts: #15 - “You’re scared of that, aren’t you?”,#49 - “It’s midnight, what do you want?”, #50 -  “Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”
Set the Scene Prompt: #11 - “i’m at a karaoke bar and i’m sober enough to realize that your voice singing my absolute favorite song is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard, and you caught me staring and winked at me oh shit” au
Other Notes: include the song Saturday Night by Yukon Blonde

Warnings: swearing, flirting????, make-out session, emotions, butt touch, drinking, a potentially terrible attempt at writing the Scottish accent

A/N: I did not forget about these!! I just got sidetracked…:\ But it’s a start. I think this is also the first thing I’ve posted since completing McKirk-Tober which is amazing! I’ve also started writing the first of my 600 Follower Ficlets and I hope to have that completed by Friday. The moodboard for that will get completed soon after. :)

Oh, I should mention that I failed to include the song in the fic. I was going to, but then I ended up keeping it more neutral and using [Y/F/S] to represent Your Favorite Song. I hope that’s okay?????? 

Anyways, you can find the masterlist for this celebration here!

Other than that, enjoy!! ♥

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Can anyone watching that Trump press conference honestly defend this man anymore? No, really. Look me in the eye and tell me that was not a disaster of epic proportions.

What the fuck did I just watch?

You know things are bad when you pray: “Well, he was on amphetamines, I guess. Blame the doctors. He’ll sober up and be more sensible tomorrow.”

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Lin for the 4 headcanons meme

What I think realistically:

Toph gave her children immense freedom but very little structure. Lin craved structure desperately, and felt anxious and afraid without it. One place in her life that had structure was her Aunt Katara and Uncle Aang’s place. Their Son Tenzin was in many ways similar to her, a person who craved control and order, and this is part of the basis of their appeal to each other as young lovers. They are both a little tightly wound.

What I think is hilarious:

In a black comedy way, I can’t see her first meeting with Lao and Poppy being anything but an epic disaster. As far as they’re concerned, she’s just like her mother, and that’s terrible. Lin is mortally offended. Su is obviously much more like their mom and they like her.

What is soul-crushing:

While Lin used to harbor some resentment that their mother bailed Suyin out of trouble, her long tenure on the police force has given her a lot of first hand knowledge of just how badly Suyin’s life could have gone, if she had gone to prison, if she had gotten in deep with the triads. She now resents the way Suyin doesn’t seem to realize just how completely she was saved and how lucky she was. It makes her furious every time she sees a dead person in an alley who got in with the triads and couldn’t get out, because Suyin doesn’t seem to get that could have been her.

What doesn’t work but I don’t care:

Lin was very close with Iroh before he left for the Spirit World. She reminded him of his nephew when he was younger. Because of this, Lin has an encyclopedic knowledge of tea.

Purple Skeles House Dorm (?)

Yeah, I juts honestly thought of this what if the purple skeles/ violet will be forced to live with each other? Would it end up as a war? A lusty place? An epic one? A monstrous one? Or a quiet one?

(And yes I have seen that V’s blush is yellow so I assumed that she has yellow magic but eh who cares I still see her as a purple one-)

Oh we’ll find out in the next episode-

Lust and Dust belongs to their respective owners

Epic belongs to @ yugogeer12

V belongs to @vzearia

Loxke belongs to me-

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I don't understand the PR team like I'm trying to make sense of it. Darren and Chris have both said that they were close friends on set etc etc. So doesn't it make it extremely obvious that when glee is over they don't even acknowledge each other's accomplishments. I mean friends would do that. I'm trying to make sense for it I really am...but I mean if Darren is 'happy' then I'm happy.

Ask 2:  There is so much CC proof out there. One of the biggest is definitely the big change in their public relationship. They go from supporting each other and D being C plus one to not even acknowledging each other. How can CC haters ignore the heart eyes at the Trevor project? Also, what about D participating in a walk to end epilepsy? There is just so many instances that point to them being together it’s crazy.


 I grouped these together as they are very similar.

The number one tell that that all is not as sold is the complete lack of interaction between Darren and Chris since Glee ended with the exception of one brief twitter exchange that was meant to rehabilitate Darren after an epic disaster at the Trevor Live Red Carpet the week prior.

The fact is, Fox and Murphy and Team Beard made a decision somewhere in Season 3/Season 4 that Chris and Darren could not be publicly seen together outside of Glee Production. And Post Glee, Team Beard, Darren and Chris, pushed this further and cut off all public contact. I have said before and I stand by this, I do believe Darren and Chris thought this was a way to highlight the obvious. Both gentlemen go out of their way to comment on every other cast member of that show’s latest projects, social media, photos, etc.  They have been seen and spotted with so many of their former caste-mates. But when it comes to each other they, in the words of Chris, only “kind of sort of” stay in touch (kind of sort of, i.e. live together, sleep together, make decisions together, own property together, spend holidays together, own pets together, exactly my definition of “kind of sort of” as well). It makes no logical sense, they are well aware of this, and they wanted us to talk about it. And we do. But sadly, the other side is that there are fans who genuinely believe they hate each other and feed off of this fabricated hatred.

Why did this happen? Fact is, Darren and Chris are pretty obvious when they are together. They  have amazing chemistry and they are not capable of hiding it. And they are crazy in love and they are terrible at hiding that as well.  Chris in general does a better job, but he has his moments as well. So instead of using this as a marketing tool, and it would have been golden, Fox/Murphy/Team Beard repressed it completely as it contradicted the straight Darren narrative. And let’s face it, their limited interactions do contradict straight Darren as there is NO ONE he looks at like he looks at Chris. NO ONE that he reacts to like Chris. And NO TWO WORDS he enjoys saying more than “Chris Colfer.” 

And here are some of my favorite examples that I thought I would share this Monday morning before diving into work:

I mean clearly two people who hate each other and cannot stand breathing the same air:)

Honestly why Fox did not capitalize on this is utterly and completely beyond me. This is a beautiful thing and should never, never have been hidden. And I only hope that someday they are able to be free and open and their feelings.

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I need your help. This weekend I've dealt with terrible allergies, stress from school, and shitty people at work. And out of all of that, the stress of the New Jersey Devils picking Nolan Patrick or Nico Hischier with their 1st overall pick surpasses all of them. Help. What do I do?

HELLO, FRIEND. I, a human disaster of epic proportions, am not remotely equipped to deal with stress. HOWEVER, I am here for you in your time of need!


1) All About The Jersey is the SB Nation blog of the New Jersey Devils, where you can find people who are Similarly Stressed. Also, intuitive debates about who is better.



2) Here are some highlight packages for Nolan:

(also sometimes featuring John Quenneville, current Devils forward! He and Nolan played on a line together in 2015-16.)

Here are some highlight packages for Nico:

I apologize in advance for the shitty music choices.

3) You don’t HAVE to be stressed out about Nico and Nolan! Why not stress about other Devils things, like the multitude of Kovalchuk rumors, or even Shattenkirk rumors, or just this photo of Patrik Elias, which I have been crying over for like eighty years.

Scoot on, Patty. Scoot on.


*Zach Parise is not actually dead**.

**as far as I know. I’m pretty sure he might be dead inside, though.

5) Here are some ~~fun links about them and the draft!

Nico: (x) (x) (x)

Nolan: (x) (x) (x)

A general draft preview. Bob Mckenzie’s pre-season draft rankings (slightly out of date). An article about how much John Quenneville loves Nolan Patrick

And, lastly: these gifs, and a few facts that I will leave you with!

gif credit: x

Nolan Patrick doesn’t like pizza, has at least 1 tattoo, once went to a One Direction concert with Wheat Kings teammate Kale Clague, and claims to have the best hair in the WHL, even though his friend Tanner Kaspick cuts it in his basement.

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Nico Hischier comes from a soccer family, is going to be the highest-drafted Swiss player EVER, is a big fan of Nintendo games (which he got?? for free??), and once did this interview, where he was asked “how he would stop himself” if he… played against himself? I will let you experience it on your own!! (x)

Good luck!!! Remember, the draft is June 23-24, with the combine coming up soon! <3