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Betsy DeVos has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate in a 50 - 50 vote. Vice President Mike Pence votes yes in an unprecidented and historic tiebreaker. The education of our children is now in the hands of a woman who publicly embarrassed herself when questioned on fundamental education knowledge, failed to disclose possible conflicts of interest, has never been involved in public education at all, and believes guns should be allowed in schools in case of grizzly bear attacks. The Trump train continues to derail and Americans will pay the price. Very sad day for America.


Tsunamis are caused by energy originating underwater from a volcanic eruption, a submarine landslide, or, most commonly, an earthquake on the ocean floor.

1. For example, the tectonic plates of the Earth’s surface slip, releasing a massive amount of energy into the water. 2. This energy travels up to the surface, displacing water and raising it above the normal sea level.

3. Gravity pulls that energy back down.

4. As a result, the energy ripples outwards horizontally. Thus, the tsunami is born, moving at over 500 miles per hour.  

From the TED-Ed Lesson How tsunamis work - Alex Gendler

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DeVos dials back consumer protections for student loan borrowers
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday withdrew a series of policy memos issued by the Obama administration to strengthen consumer protections for student loan borrowers.
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I haven’t posted about DeVos in a while. Update: she’s still a disaster. 

Talked my dad into playing a mage in Inquisition (yes, he games). He normally plays a warrior but I told him that you can sorta become a Jedi if you play as Knight Enchanter.

But now I keep hearing Solas speak while he plays and it’s like

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In 479 BC, when Persian soldiers beseiged the Greek city of Potidaea, the tide retreated much farther than usual, leaving a convenient invasion route. But this wasn’t a stroke of luck. Before they had crossed halfway, the water returned in a wave higher than anyone had ever seen, drowning the attackers. The Potiidaeans believed they had been saved by the wrath of Poseidon. But what really saved them was likely the same phenomenon that has destroyed countless others: a tsunami.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How tsunamis work - Alex Gendler

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“Hi everyone,

As you might know, I served with AmeriCorps in Providence for 3 years. AmeriCorps pays people a small stipend to serve in nonprofit organizations, schools, and other public agencies. These volunteers provide vital classroom support, clean up after natural disasters, and help build the capacity of nonprofits. Nonprofits increase and improve their services, and corps members receive irreplaceable professional training and financial support for education.

All of this work occurs for a tiny fraction– just .029% – of the total federal budget.

Unfortunately, President Trump’s new budget proposal calls for the complete elimination of AmeriCorps.

This move will eliminate about 80,000 jobs, mostly filled by young people who are just starting out in the workforce or trying to find their way. It will eliminate 80,000 positions that support these areas: disaster relief, economic opportunity, education, environmental stewardship, healthy futures (such as drug and alcohol prevention training), and veterans and military family support. It will also eliminate the Senior Corps, which provides an opportunity for 270,000 people, ages 55 and up, to give back to their communities.

This is where we come in. Because of the unique position of current AmeriCorps volunteers, they are unable, by contract, to advocate for their own jobs. It is considered lobbying. The continuation of this program depends on alumni, like me, and our networks.

Please call your representatives and tell them to fight for AmeriCorps.

If you have questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

My best friend wrote and sent this out yesterday. AmeriCorps needs you, call your representatives!

Paradoxically, in the Caribbean (as in many other ‘cultural disaster’ areas), the people educated in this system came to know more, even today, about English kings and queens than they do about our own national heroes, our own slave rebels, the people who helped to build and to destroy our society. We are more excited by their literary models, by the concept of, say, Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood than we are by Nanny of the Maroons, a name some of us didn’t even know until a few years ago. And in terms of what we write, our perceptual models, we are more conscious (in terms of sensibility) of the falling of snow, for instance—the models are all there for the falling of the snow—than of the force of the hurricanes which take place every year. In other words, we haven’t got the syllables, the syllabic intelligence, to describe the hurricane, which is our own experience, whereas we can describe the imported alien experience of the snowfall. It is that kind of situation that we are in.

Edward Kamau Braithwaite, Nation Language

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Can you rec some bullied au! As well as fics where by kyungsoo is a nerd and jongin is some popular kid

Hi! Here’s an ask for bullying au, and here are some more, with nerd!soo:


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I don't because he he says the n word so yeah tbh !!!

alright so, listen. there is one video from one year ago when he said a shortened version of the n-word and that was not right, i admit that.

but also lets look at other things louis does, shall we :)

  • He played football in a charity game at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster to raise money for the Bluebell Wood Charity. 
  • He played for Celtic in another charity match for Stiliyan Petrov (during which he was injured, the match was promised to be rescheduled). 
  • That happened on 26 February 2014, a charity match in aid of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice attended by a crowd in excess of 4,000. 
  • He participated in Niall’s Charity Football Challenge on 26 May 2014 at the King Power Stadium.  
  • He played in Celtic Park on 7 September 2014 taking part in the MAESTRIO Charity Match. The match was attended by a crowd of around 25,000 with proceeds benefiting several charities including UNICEF, War Child, the Celtic Foundation and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation. 
  • He is a patron of the Eden Dora Trust Charity see here
  • He is also a patron of the earlier mentioned BlueBell Wood Charity see here
  • Thanks to him (yes, because it was for his 23rd birthday) the fans have raised  $24,975.29 for the BlueBell Wood Charity see here
  • When he went to the x factor, he worked so so hard, he was given a chance and now he makes sure other’s are given a chance too as he has started his own record label which has already signed some artists and Louis himself said that  “To be given the opportunity to potentially give new artists a platform is an incredible feeling. “
  • “Literally the first thing Louis does onstage is run to the corner and wave up to the nosebleed seats in the upper deck, a mile in the sky with only a side view. He’ll take care of the fans up front later, but his first order of business is making sure the cheap seats get noticed.” taken from Rolling Stone article here 
  • He literally changed so many lives, has saved so many people (i am speaking about fans who might think about giving up but thanks to him they didn’t, and trust me there is plenty of those, he saved my life)
  • He treats everyone equally, he is kind and nice to everyone, he doesn’t treat ill kids any differently, he is lovely with everyone.
  • But also he is protective of his fans, friends and family and has shown that on several occassions.
  • He is very talented songwriter and singer and i cannot explain what some of his lyrics mean to people.
  • He is using the power he has to give back to people and appreciate their fans, he always makes sure the fans know how much he cares and how much he sees, that he knows about them and that they are important
  • When you scroll through his twitter, you will find links to charities and videos, retweening charities his mom supports, again lets talk about his influence.
  • When talking about charity, lets go through One Direction charity work, because I cannot let this pass , so these are charities 1D has supported:
  1. Alzheimer’s Association
  2. Comic Relief
  3. Global Poverty Project
  4. Greenpeace
  5. Mines Advisory Group
  6. Nordoff Robbins
  7. Small Steps Project
  8. Sport Relief

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Do you have a list of charities and charitable events Beyonce and Jay Z have been involved in over the years. Even ones that media might not have highlighted, Just so I can have something to pull out next time someone tries to say they don't give back.

I have a few, maybe I missing some, but this would be enough for you to go HAM..

Beyoncé Charity Work, Events and Causes

She is not only one of the great survivors of the music industry, but also someone who cares deeply about people.

The Survivor Foundation, an organization she founded with fellow Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. The foundation’s accomplishments are many, including the Music World Cares Christmas Carnival that enabled over 300 low-income households to enjoy a fun-filled day of food, entertainment, a visit from Santa Claus and free toys from the toy giveaway. The singer also held a series of food drives before her concerts in 2006 to collect the food that was so desperately needed by victims.

Beyoncé was also an Ambassador for the 2005 World Children’s Day, and released “Stand Up For Love,” the anthem for the event which takes place annually around the world on November 20 to raise awareness and funds for children’s causes.

In 2007, Beyoncé partnered with a variety of anti-hunger organizations, including Feeding America, The Houston Food Bank and The Global Food Banking Network, in conjunction with her Beyoncé Experience tour.

Beyoncé and her mom Tina, joined forces to give back to the community, they opened the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix House Career Academy, located in Brooklyn, N.Y.
She first came to know the Phoenix House, the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of substance abuse and prevention services, when she was preparing for the role of Etta James in the 2008 film, Cadillac Records. She donated her entire salary from the production.
The Beyoncé Cosmetology Center, was founded to help people addled by drug and alcohol addiction, offers a seven-month cosmetology training course for adult men and women, teaching the theory and practical skills that the recovering addicts need to pass the New York State cosmetology licensure exam.
They pledged to donate $100,000 annually.

Beyoncé is a co-founder of CHIME FOR CHANGE, a platform designed to empower women and girls through education, health and justice.

Last year at the one-year anniversary of The Sound Of Change Live, she donate $500,000 to fund Chime projects for girls and women in the areas of Education, Health and Justice, as follows:
$125,000 to support 100 school girls at Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) schools in Kenya for one year.

$125,000 to provide 320 Embrace infant warmers to 100 rural health facilities in 11 Millennium Village sites across 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, and Ethiopia). The Embrace infant warmers will help more than 1,900 at-risk newborns survive and thrive.

$125,000 to provide 600 Sisters in Strength Youth Leaders and Alumni in New York City with the critical educational and mentoring support, job training, counseling services, and resources they need to successfully navigate and graduate from high school and college through Girls for Gender Equity.

$125,000 to provide 25 human trafficking survivors in Los Angeles with counseling, medical care, legal services, and individual recovery treatment to rebuild their lives through the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST).

Beyoncé donated a handbag to an auction benefitting Women’s Fund for Scotland. But her concern for people is sometimes more discreet, as was shown when she visited two people who were injured during a fireworks accident at one of her concerts, arriving at the hospital shortly after the concert ended. Head nurse Darryl Williams said, “She was just very concerned about the people injured in the audience. It was unannounced and we kept it very low-key so that she could spend time with them.”

Charities & foundations supported 

46664 American Foundation for AIDS Research Artists for Peace and Justice Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes Boys & Girls Clubs of America Candie’s Foundation CHIME FOR CHANGE Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Clothes Off Our Back Entertainment Industry Foundation Feeding America Food Bank For New York City GEMS Global Poverty Project Kids Wish Network Love Our Children USA Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation MusiCares Music Rising Oxfam Phoenix House Prince’s Trust Save The Music Foundation Small Steps Project Stand Up To Cancer Survivor Foundation The Lunchbox Fund The Samburu Project Women’s Fund for Scotlan

Causes supported

AbuseAddictionAIDS & HIVAnimalsAt-Risk/Disadvantaged YouthsBullyingCancerChildrenCreative Arts,DiabetesDisaster ReliefEducationFamily/Parent SupportGrief SupportHealthHuman RightsHunger,MiscellaneousPovertyRape/Sexual AbuseUnemployment/Career SupportWaterWomen


And there is BeyGOOD  Launched in 2013, inspires people everywhere to be kind, be charitable and get involved in their local communities. To date, over 2 million fans have joined in to raise awareness and resources for causes important to them. 

Jay-Z Charity Work, Events and Causes

Jay-Z sent more than $2,500 worth of designer street wear to the Spring Hill Campaign for Adolescent and University Student Empowerment (CAUSE) in appreciation of their community efforts.

His November 2006 concert in New York city raised over $250,000 for PlayPumps International.

On August 9, 2006, he met with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at the organization’s headquarters in New York. The rapper pledged to use his upcoming world tour to raise awareness of–and combat–global water shortage.

Also in 2006, he visited Africa and produced a documentary entitled Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life.

He pledged $1 million to the American Red Cross’ relief effort after Hurricane Katrina.

Shawn Carter Foundation, the mission of the Shawn Carter Foundation is to help individuals facing socio-economic hardships further their education at institutions of higher learning. Students served by the Shawn Carter Foundation represent diverse backgrounds, and face significant barriers to success such as teen pregnancy, homelessness, poverty, former incarceration, sexual and domestic abuse, and gang membership. The Foundation supports these students on the run to greatness through its scholarship fund, annual college tours, study abroad experiences, counseling initiatives, and holiday toy and meal drives

Jay Z set up an educational trust for Sean Bell’s kids. They lost their father at the hands of the NYPD (Jay has paid and is still paying for the tuition of the children)

Charities & foundations supported  

Artists for Peace and Justice Boys & Girls Clubs of America Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Global Poverty Project GRAMMY Foundation Music for Relief PlayPumps Red Cross Robin HoodCauses supportedAIDS & HIVAt-Risk/Disadvantaged YouthsChildrenCreative ArtsDisaster ReliefEconomic/Business Support,EducationEnvironmentHealthHuman RightsMiscellaneousPovertyWatersrc I made a  little post before, this may help you (Just because you don’t know about it doesn’t mean Jay Z isn’t ultra conscious and charitable by Shaun King) by the way, they joined forces

Beyonce And Jay Z On The Run For Charity
“On The Run: Beyonce and JAY Z,” in partnership with #BeyGOOD, donated $1 from every ticket purchased to the Shawn Carter Foundation to support students. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from each Chase Lounge VIP Ticket Package also was donated to The Shawn Carter Foundation.

The greatest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous. So here y’all go, I promise this. Jay Z (Nickels and Dimes)

Hope this help you! :D