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You're an anxiety riddled young woman who stays couped up inside, choosing online college courses and pets over going out for anything other than groceries and necessities. You love to stare at beautiful cosplays on Insta but everytime you've tried to see it's a disaster. Your favorite cosplay designer announces a giveaway to wear any of his creations for a photoshoot and a con. You enter, not having much hope, but still dreaming. (1/?)

When the giveaway closes, the designer, Jefferson Hatter, announces the winner using a random name generator and calls out your username. You’re in total shock. Can barely comprehend his message to you congratulating you for supporting his page and winning. You finally reply back expressing your shock and Jefferson is nothing but a sweetheart. He asks which outfit you want and you tell him the grandest of his ballgowns. He says that’s the perfect choice. (2/?)

Arranging the details of when he’ll fly you out to meet him, you let it sink in that you’ll be getting the princess treatment you see in movies. It’s still hard to believe but Jefferson makes you feel at ease. When you arrive at his studio, he’s quirky in appearance but completely warm. His partners Regina and Anastasia are there to help you with hair and make-up, which is surprisingly fun despite how low maintenance you are. (3/?)

You come out all dolled and dressed up, wearing heels you just barely stand in, and Jefferson feels his breath taken away. Despite working with so many different people, none of them have ever made him think of a fairytale come to life quite like you. Immediately Regina and Anastasia push him to wear his favorite personal costume so you can have your “prince charming” in the photoshoot with you. As soon as he comes out dresses to the nines, you feel almost complete somehow. (4/?)

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Turbine No. 3. 1927. Stenberg Brothers.

28 3/8 x 42 ¼ in./72 x 107.2 cm

The Stenberg Brothers’ riveting Constructivist photomontage illustrates “Turbine No. 3,” a film within the classic Soviet trope of industrial drama. Inspired by the Socialist Realist novel Cement by Fyodor Gladkov (see the Sternberg Bros.’ “Thirty Days”, No. 85), directors Belyaev and Moskvin valorize Soviet builders in a crisis. They’ve got to save an uncompleted hydroelectric station from a glacier. Just when the crisis appears to be over, an engineer, bedridden in hospital, is studying the plant’s blueprints and finds a catastrophic fault in Turbine No. 3. He leaps from his sickbed and rushes to the industrial site to prevent a terrible tragedy. Inset photos include shots of workers donning protective gear, the long march out to the site, and a sailor kissing his beloved goodbye.

Client: This is the last ad we had made. The copy’s fine, but just look at how unprofessional it looks! We’re looking for something more professional.  

I make a slick new ad, and it looks great. I send the proof to the customer.

Client: This is great and all, but… can you change the font to Comic Sans?

I know I’ve already stated this but the X-looks™ are the most iconic & best looks out there while simultaneously sucking?? Scott Summers terrible fashion sense? literally wears variations of his first outfit? yes but his black one w the red x? fashion icon, Jean Grey? the only person in the X-men to dress worse than Scott on a daily basis? every Jean Grey outfit? terrible (tho I have a soft spot for the green dress), her Phoenix costume?? Iconic, Emma Frost? her white queen costume iconic, her x-cutout, iconic, anything she’s ever worn? iconic. what I’m saying is Emma makes up for her Bf & Gf’s shitty fashion sense 

Dashboard Osmosis is probably to blame for this, but the other night I had a dream I was trying to Google the name “Ignatio/Ignatius Rex” for a Caesar’s Legion OC (very hard and mostly ineffective to do in your own subconscious, by the way), and when I woke up I felt I probably had to make him official. 

So, here’s Ignatius Rex. He’s 6′3 when he stands up straight, loves fire and explosives, and is the Legion’s token scalie.

@ifyougiveagirlapencil and I must talk to you all about something very important….Jared Kleinman being a set designer! (Also. Imagine. They all put on a show together. Jared does the set/lighting, Evan writes the script, Zoe writes the music, Alana does marketing/management, and Connor does hair and makeup!)

It’s perfect, I love it! I’m just going to run it by my colleague before I print it. I’ll get right back to you!
—  Client whose bill I shouldn’t finalize yet because I’m
definitely about to have to redesign the whole thing to suit the tastes of a
random coworker whose opinion is suddenly important

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(In response to that last ask about building designs for earthquakes) Japan has some cool designs of buildings around a central pillar but you have to build that from scratch which takes money and time

Because of its location near major tectonic plate boundaries situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan has a long history of devastating earthquakes that have created an architectural culture where innovation and adaptability brace for disaster by applying good design to new structures. Here are some interesting projects designed to sustain an earthquake: 

Life in Spiral Hideaki Takayanagi Arch&Assoc

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The reason why I shine so bright is that I have nothing to hide.

I know who I am, what I’ve done.

I know what I’ll do, what I’ll become.

I am different from the masses, different from the sheep.

I’m not afraid to be the monster I am


Indie Donquixote Doflamingo. Free portrayal, as imagined by Philne