disaster design

Client: This is the last ad we had made. The copy’s fine, but just look at how unprofessional it looks! We’re looking for something more professional.  

I make a slick new ad, and it looks great. I send the proof to the customer.

Client: This is great and all, but… can you change the font to Comic Sans?


R.I.T class project - Historic Event
Giving tribute to South Korea’s Sewol Ferry

Please do not claim my class projects to be yours, I worked very hard on this project for 2 weeks. I had to research information about South Korea’s Sewol Ferry Disaster and drew more than 12 designs for posters. 

I added “Ribbon In The Sky” and B.A.P as “hashtag”, since Bang Yongguk gave a tribute to Sewol Ferry.

A client submitted an image for inclusion in his book. The image measured less than an inch on all sides at 300 dpi.

Me: We’re going to need a new file for figure 6. It’s less than an inch in size at our required resolution. 

Client: Just make it bigger! If you can’t do that, I guess I’ll have to. It also needs to be changed to black and white. Can you do that, or do I have to do everything?

I just lay my head down on my desk and laughed hysterically.

Belated Inktober #29

so anna and i occasionally toss around ideas for an extremely ridiculous au in which jack atlas is a fashion designer/occasional model, when the actual models are NOT DISPLAYING HIS OUTFITS TO BEST ADVANTAGE

Well it’s 6 AM and I got three out of like, 60 Gijinka requests done, thank you everyone who sent me suggestions I may very well do more the next time I have a sleepless night because it was a blast. <3 uvu