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Well it’s 6 AM and I got three out of like, 60 Gijinka requests done, thank you everyone who sent me suggestions I may very well do more the next time I have a sleepless night because it was a blast. <3 uvu


Holiday Horror Story: Daveed Diggs

Daveed Diggs shares the story behind his family’s holiday invention, Meatfest, which comes with a set of rules designed for disaster.

“But the great thing about Meatfest is…that you can’t be that MAD when you’re eating that much STEAK.”

Belated Inktober #29

so anna and i occasionally toss around ideas for an extremely ridiculous au in which jack atlas is a fashion designer/occasional model, when the actual models are NOT DISPLAYING HIS OUTFITS TO BEST ADVANTAGE

anonymous asked:

Can you explain what's going on with Emma and the lady who made the dress?? Why would she be losing her job because of someone else wearing their design?

Okay, honestly I had no idea why at first but it came up in a group chat today:

And it’s true, Emma Watson worked with the costume designer to make the dress more “feminist” and “modern.” (this article is unfortunately a positive stance on this disaster).

So basically, the designer’s gonna get ripped to shreds over this ugly ass cheap-looking dress despite the fact that it doesn’t match Belle’s dress because of Emma fucking Watson, not the designer.

-Mod Sunny

P.S. here’s the dress:


After the Water Recedes 

Victo Ngai

I had the great pleasure to work on the very challenging cover for yesterday’s New York Times Book Review. At this 10th year mark of Hurricane Katrina, the review dedicates itself to books and shorts about the lives in New Orleans after the disaster. 

At first, I wanted to depict the social and racial inequalities that has been exposed by the water line which is still haunting the recovery. But in the end we decided to show more defiance/perseverance/celebration after the waters receded. 

After I came up with new sketch V.2,  I realized I really miss the mix-match perspectives in my original V.1 sketch, hence the V.3 which was picked for the final. 

Big thanks to AD Shannon and Jolene!

Straight buckwildin in the place to be. Day 73 - 03/14/17.


NEW SHIRT DESIGN UP ON REDBUBBLE! I’ve wanted this shirt for a while and even had the concept art ready two sketchbooks ago, but finally got around to actually create it.

Sometimes, you look around at the rubble surrounding you, the mess on your desk, the coffee you just spilled all over your shirt, the hellbeasts that escaped from the dark portals that  appear every time you sneeze … and you have to face it. You’re a disaster. Some might try to change this, but if you, like me, are a lost cause, might as well show it with pride. This t-shirt, adorned a drawing of a tiny, beautiful bird made entirely of anger who is still bitter over not having been equipped with a flamethrower from the hands Mother Nature, serve as both a fashion statement and a fair warning to your surroundings.

Earnings go to your local neighbourhood disaster aka. me

To all my fellow disasters: Face it, and wear it with pride! I’m not just saying this as a sales pitch, you can, do that, without the shirt. But if you DO want the shirt, then you can get it HERE!

Also available as notebooks and other stationery. Without the watermark, of course.

I was making a website for a client. The website’s main color was navy. Of course, to make it more interesting and attractive, I added some colors that would complement navy.

Client: I don’t want these other colors. Make it all navy.

I change it so that the entire website is navy, but with some slight variations in shade to distinguish elements.

Client: What’s with these shades? Make it all solid navy.

I do so.

Client: I told you to make it a solid color! Don’t try to trick me. When I stand up it looks lighter when I sit down. Make it all the same color.