October 22nd 1877 saw a firedamp explosion at Blantyre Colliery kill 207 miners.

The Blantyre mining disaster happened at around 8:50 am on the morning of 22nd of October, 1877 at Blantyre Colliery, William Dixons pits numbers one and two, in High Blantyre. 126 men had gone down number two pit, and 107 down number three at 5:30 am. There was thought to have been 233 people down the pits,but there could have been more. Although the explosions were unexpected, it was known that there was fire damp (methane gas) present, with a naked light being the most probable ignition source.

On the surface the blast was heard for miles around, with a dense volume of smoke filling the sky. Soon after lots of people began running from the rows of houses near the pits to gather at the minehead. The youngest to die in the explosion was only 11 years old.

Less than two years later on 9 July 1879 another explosion occurred in No. 1 Pit resulting in the death of 27 workers.

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This is what colonialism looks like

“If you ever wondered what colonialism looks like, this is it. It’s a country that ignores a catastrophic disaster in its colony while people draw “SOS” signs on the street that they need water and food, yet responded with surprising agility to make sure they passed a law protecting Wall Street investors and their profits in the island.

It’s a President that tweets how “sad” it is that millions are starving, with no electricity or water and reminds them that it’s because they owe bankers billions of dollars, which they will need to repay (before aid is shipped?).

It’s an imperial power whose denial of climate change and undeterred capitalism contributed to the destruction of whole island nations and yet when calls of aid are demanded to respond for their crimes, silence.

Colonialism is not being able to control your borders, air space or ports so you can’t receive aid shipments from nearby countries wanting to help and show solidarity because your colonial power is MIA, except for their military planes which hover nearby to keep away other countries’ aid.

This is what colonialism looks like. This is what capitalism looks like. This is what climate change and our future looks like.”



We put our artistic skills to the limit with some 90 Second Portraits! 

BREAKING NEWS: 42 people are dead after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake ripped through central Mexico today, further damaging buildings that were hit just two weeks ago during a nearby 8.1 magnitude earthquake which killed 90 people. Reports of damage are widespread including collapsed buildings and small fires. The video here shows the immediate aftermath in Mexico City. This quake comes on the 32nd anniversary of an infamous and deadly 8.0 earthquake that struck in the same region. Our neighbours in Mexico reached out to us during Katrina and sent troops and supplies to aid rescue and relief efforts, they also reached out recently during Harvey and Irma, we share much more than a border, we share humanity’s greatest character - love. Despite all the recent propaganda and apathy from folks up and down the spectrum, the people of Mexico have shown they care, and we must do the same.

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We’re using our unique vantage point in space to provide observations and data of Hurricane Irma and other tropical storms. Hurricanes Irma and Jose are seen here in a 12-hour long infrared loop. Scientists monitor storms in infrared to closely monitor clouds and storm intensity. We continue to provide satellite imagery for these storms, tracking its trajectory, force and precipitation to inform forecasters at the National Hurricane Center.

As these storms continue their westward drive in the coming days, they will be passing over waters that are warmer than 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit)—hot enough to sustain a category 5 storm. Warm oceans, along with low wind shear, are two key ingredients that fuel and sustain hurricanes.

Get the latest imagery and data from us at www.nasa.gov/hurricane

For information on making preparations for Hurricanes, visit the FEMA website at: ready.gov/hurricanes.


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According to Sheriff Joe Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, 20+ people are dead and 100+ people are injured following a shooting attack on the Vegas Strip last night. The first gunshots rang out at 2208 local time from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay casino and resort, above the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. The gunman was killed by SWAT members. Among the dead are several police officers who were attending the concert. Among the injured are at least two police officers who responded to the shooting, one is critical. An exact number of injuries and fatalities cannot be accurately reported at this time, according to the Sheriff. Police are searching for the gunman’s female roommate, Marilou Danley - Asian female, 4'11", 111lbs as a person of interest in this attack. No other persons are believed to have been involved in this shooting, only the unidentified male gunman, with his female roommate as a person of interest. No explosives were discovered at the scene and no other attacks were carried out at other hotels, despite social media reports. The entire area remains locked down, the scene is active but no further threat to the public is believed to exist. All area hospitals are treating patients from this incident. The Red Cross is in need of immediate blood donations for live saving efforts, so locals are asked to donate as soon as possible.

[Information accurate as of 0500 EDT 02 October 2017]

Incredible footage from the scene unfolding in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as Irma slams the island with 185mph winds, flooding rain, and storm surge.

Before you fall for me, know that I am made of chaos. Part of me will beg to be yours, and I will love wholly, violently. Yet, another part will be ready to flee, to wreak havoc, to preserve self above all else. I cannot help what makes up my bones, what primal survival instinct thrives inside.
—  a powerful disaster, violently protective of the soul it wraps itself around