[fundraising]Day 2: Mysterious donations :o

First post: https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/3bmkm3/fundraisinghey_shibes_maybe_you_can_help_me_and/I’m already at 37.5k Doge, thanks to 2 mysterious donators. One tipped 1.5k and the other 25k. Whoever you 2 are, THANK YOU! :DFor current status, we disasembled the whole car, it took 1h because the screws were placed in weird places. We found some useful things, like the engine, it’s still working :).Once again, everyone who donated, thank you, without your help won’t this car come far.TO THE MOON! via /r/dogecoin

Very donate, such easy: DQiyjJpVQyWwEzF5RvjMJXqNAaUGmYKny7