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Mark + Ethan + Tyler 38?!??! (there ship name still kills me) 🎶

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
“Is he up yet?” Mark asked, entering Tyler’s bedroom with a glass of water in hand.

“Nearly,” Tyler responded, sitting across the bed from Ethan and watching with a soft look in his eyes.

Ethan himself was beginning to stir, rolling over and making noises. Sure enough, after a few minutes, he finally blinked awake slowly with a yawn.

“Morning,” Mark greeted comedically as he approached the bed.

Startled, Ethan flinched and rubbed his eyes, seemingly beginning to realize his surroundings. “Hey,” he replied, looking up at Mark in disorientation, “Why… Why am I in Tyler’s room?”

“You fainted…straight into my arms,” Tyler explained, “You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

“Shut up,” Ethan said lightheartedly, smiling as he sat up on the bed, “Did I really faint?”

Mark nodded enthusiastically. “You looked like a distressed princess, it was magical.”

A light blush rose to Ethan’s cheeks, but thankfully Tyler spoke before either of his friends could notice.

“We’re just glad you’re okay, though. Any idea why you passed out?” The oldest asked.

“I’m probably just kind of sleep deprived,” Eth said with a shrug.

“Or dehydrated,” Mark interjected, passing his cup of water to Ethan.

Ethan’s casual dismissal of the topic drew a disapproving frown from Tyler. “That’s not a ‘just kind of’ thing, E,” He said sternly, “You fainted, which means you probably haven’t gotten enough sleep in days.”

Eth rolled his eyes, finishing his water and passing the empty cup to Mark. “I’m an editor, I don’t know what you expect,” He smiled, trying to make Ty and Mark let the whole things pass as a joke.

“Sorry blue, I’m with Ty,” Mark shrugged, standing up to put the glass somewhere else and join Tyler on the other side of the bed, “You need to take a break and sleep.”

With both Tyler and Mark staring at him stubbornly, Ethan groaned. “You guys can’t just team up on me, it’s not fair,” he whined, “And besides…Even if I wanted to, it’s not like I can sleep.”

This captured both his friends’ attention.

“What’s that mean?” Ty asked with concern, making Ethan realize he’d have to explain the whole problem now and he’d really been hoping to avoid that.

“Nothing,” the youngest sighed, “I just mean– It’s hard sometimes. With- with being alone all the time and it’s cold and how am I supposed to fall asleep with that?”

A comprehensive silence followed, then,

“Would it help to have someone next to you?”

It was Mark, and from the looks of it, he was being completely serious. Ethan, embarrassed, tried stuttering out a response but was interrupted by Tyler.

“Or two people?”

Ethan nearly burst into the widest grin of his life at the pleasant thought, even felt tempted to break into happy tears. Instead, he gave a small smile and nodded. “That might help.”

Tyler and Mark were more than happy to help.

The Dineen Question

In season one of Scorpion, we saw Walter and Megan’s parents via flashback, and by the first hiatus of season two, we’d met both of them.  Happy’s father was introduced in the first half of season one, and although her mother is dead, we were introduced to her via a videotape in the early second part of season two.  Sylvester’s father will make an appearance in the January 18th episode, “Son of a Gun.”  These appearances of parents that have a canon shaky (at best) relationship with their children brings to mind a question that some have been wondering for a while now.

Where are Ralph’s grandparents?

From the few mentions of Paige’s childhood, she seemed to be happy.  In Dominoes (1.12) she looked genuinely shocked and sad at the geniuses’ negative memories of Christmas.  Her reaction to a story of Happy’s about always being rejected by her foster families, and every other “that is so sad,” comment she’s made over the course of the series in response to a story about her coworker’s families gives every indication that her (Paige’s) childhood was a pleasant, memorable one.  

So what happened?

Something had to.

The simplest answer to this question is that they are dead.  Paige’s age has never been definitively stated, but Eddie is a 35 year old playing a 33 year old.  Elyes is a(n almost) 33 year old playing a 32 year old.  Camille is a 37 year old who played a(n about) 36 year old. Ari is playing his own age.  This isn’t Glee. Katharine is almost 32 and is definitely playing close to her own age.  We know Paige started college (for most that’s at 18) but didn’t finish (for most that’s at 22), since she mentioned in 1.18 that she wanted to “finish my degree” and in 2.11 that she was in a sorority.  Ralph is at least ten but probably (assuming her comment to Owen in Dominoes wasn’t rounding up) 11 at this point, which means Paige is at the youngest, 30, and at the oldest, 32.  It’s not impossible for someone in their early thirties to have already lost both her parents to old age, but it’s unlikely.  It’s more likely that if they are both dead, it wasn’t peaceful old age that took them.

And if they aren’t dead? If one or both of them are still alive?  Then there are a lot more questions.

Why didn’t Paige and Drew decide to settle near her parents?  Or why didn’t she go to them, either moving back in temporarily or just moving to the same city, once it became clear Drew wasn’t coming back?  She and Ralph got evicted when he was three – you don’t get evicted unless you miss rent, so if she couldn’t pay it, why didn’t she ask them for help?  Especially when not asking them for help could have left her child homeless, something that we know Paige would not do if she had a single other option.  Why has she never even mentioned them?  I don’t remember if Toby has any living parents, but we have gotten a decent taste of his tragic backstory and he’s mentioned his parents several times, even if to just make a point.

Why have they never come to visit?  We have seen Paige and Ralph through several Christmases at this point, at least one birthday for each of them (and probably two birthdays for Ralph if his stated age of 10 in Dominoes is correct, since we know he was 9 in the pilot).  Why has every excuse for Ralph’s absence either been “sitter” or “Drew” when it could be so easily mentioned that he was visiting “his grandparents?”  A passing mention of Paige’s parents wouldn’t necessarily need a storyline built around it, as the geniuses probably also assume that she’s on pretty good terms with them.  But there isn’t one single mention of them.

So what happened? How did this falling out - it’s entirely possible the show could try to convince us there was none but the evidence suggests otherwise - begin? Did they disapprove of her dropping out of college? Did they disapprove of Drew?  Did one of them have some secret life that came out and she didn’t want them around her child?  Is it something else entirely - are they in witness protection?  Are they living in poverty and can’t afford to travel (or provide their daughter and grandchild with financial assistence?) but it seems odd that Paige wouldn’t be trying to help them out now that she’s financially secure.  

While pride is a thing that exists (that might prevent Paige from asking for help when they got evicted or that might help poverty stricken Dineen parents from accepting help now), it seems strange that Paige and/or her parents wouldn’t swallow their pride for Ralph’s sake, if nothing else.  Paige let Drew back into Ralph’s life for the sake of her son, it’s unimaginable to think her pride would be enough to separate Ralph from his grandparents, and just as unfathomable that Paige would risk her three year old son being homeless rather than swallow any pride she might have and ask her parents for help.  And even if her parents couldn’t help them out financially, but would have if they could have, and even if they won’t accept financial assistance from their daughter now, how would that translate to them never even seeing Paige and Ralph now, seeing as the Dineens we know can afford to travel?  It just seems that some sort of tragedy, death or a bitter falling out, is why we haven’t met or heard from (or heard about) Paige’s mother or father in thirty five episodes thus far, especially when she 1. by all accounts and implications had a good childhood and 2. has made them grandparents.

It’s possible – even likely – that Paige’s backstory, while her origins and childhood may have been the picture of what most consider ideal, is just as tragic as any of the geniuses’.

I Started a Wrightworth Oneshot - should I continue?

The flash of red caught Phoenix’s eye; a streak of scarlet slashed violently and elegantly across the window as he hurried past it, anxious to be out of the mercilessly pounding rain.

But he knew – it had to be him.

His legs were folded sophisticatedly over each other; slender, spidery fingers curled around the handle of a teacup, steely eyes trained on something that Phoenix could not see.

Breathlessly, he pushed open the door, standing, sodden and damp, in the entrance of the tea shop, sopping newspaper in hand and a somewhat sheepish smile on his face. The place was ridiculously extravagant.

But, then again, that man had always been ridiculously extravagant.

He drew numerous disapproving gazes from prim ladies and stiffly-attired men; self-consciously he slicked his free hand carelessly through damp black hair and patted his pale blue waistcoat, leaving a distinct, hand-shaped patch of moisture on it.

An impassive waiter, who had obviously been so well-trained so as not even to look curiously at him, politely inquired if he was Mr Wright. Upon this being affirmed by the rather damp Phoenix, he led him to the seat in the window, opposite the scarlet-clad shape.

“You’re late, Wright,” murmured the man, his finger resting at his brow. The cold light reflected off his glasses – he was not looking at Phoenix; rather at the sheaf of papers that rested in his lap. A shiny black leather briefcase rested beside him on the floor, evidently currently devoid of its contents, and the elegant white teacup rested on the knee-height table in front of him.

Phoenix lowered himself into the seat opposite him and smiled sheepishly, running a hand through his hair again. A stubborn inky strand persisted in hanging over his forehead. “Yeah, sorry – it was all wet – I tried cycling here but it started to rain really heavily, so I ditched the bike –"

“You cycled?” There was a frown in the other man’s voice.

“I don’t have a drivers’ license, remember, Edgeworth? So, anyway, I walked –"

“And, despite it raining heavily, you still elected to stop and buy a newspaper?”

“I needed a cheap umbrella,” Phoenix admitted.

“Mm, and what an effective umbrella it was.” Edgeworth’s cultured voice dripped with sarcasm, and he finally looked up at Phoenix. His grey eyes were lined and tired and he seemed to have an indelible frown, but Phoenix had long since learned to spot the glint of thinly-veiled amusement in his eyes.

It was certainly present as he dryly regarded the sodden defense attorney in front of him.