disappointment at the taco bell

I have NEVER been so disappointed with the service at Taco Bell as I am right now
First off, I ordered the cheese quesadilla with no jalapeño sauce, I asked for avocado ranch sauce instead, I get a lukewarm quesadilla with just shredded cheese. It was the driest quesadilla I have ever had.
I also asked for three cheesy roll ups, that ended up being cold, the cheese wasn’t event melted
And then I asked for a nachos bellgrande combo with a soft taco supreme
This was the biggest mess
I specifically ordered the supreme taco to NOT have lettuce or tomato, but guess what? It was chock full of tomato!
Secondly, the nachos were stale. And they didn’t even have nacho cheese sauce. Those people just sprinkled shredded cheese on those chips and freakin’ microwaved that shit!!!! I had soggy stale nachos. And then they’re gonna add insult to injury by giving me an XL Mountain Dew Baja Blast that was like 70% ice and 30% actual Mountain Dew
I am LIVID!!!!