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Day 2: Pets

Hogwarts AU! feat. Akaashi’s first owl and the poor Bokuto family owl.

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First of all, I absolutely LOVE your blog, and next for the prompt : hbp hinny would be great(there's never enough of those)

first of all, thanks! next, apologies for the fact that like WEEKS ago i was like “send me prompts!!!” and i didn’t do any of them but here’s a late xmas present 

“Harry could not help himself talking to Ginny, laughing with her, walking back from practice with her…”

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Imagine: Draco x Reader; The Pretty Parkinson

/So far a lot of Draco imagines. I can’t help it 😅. I’ll probably will do a different HP character after this one. Also I’m not really up to date on my brain so I forgot when Pansy was introduced into the books. Sorry 😬.


Warnings: Swearing and ‘pretty’ much a jealous Pansy in there.


This was your first year at Hogwarts and your sister Pansy’s second. You looked more childish than most eleven year olds (a/n: I looked like a flippin potato, your all beautiful.) You didn’t care either way, most of your time you were hidden.

“Parkinson, Y/N”

Your name was called, you stepped up and sat down on the stool the hat was placed on your head.

“Hmm another Parkinson! And a lovely one! Your loyal but not Hufflepuff loyal. Smart and wise too! And very brave! Fit for two houses.” The hat mainly shouted.

You were less brave than you can ever be. I mean you stay hidden that’s not really brave. Right?

“Gryffindor!” The hat shouted, ‘A pureblood in Gryffindor! It could happen but to my family it’s a huge NO.’ You slightly panicked. Pansy’s probably writing a letter already.

“Hello!” A voice said, you jump slightly and look at the hand placed out in front of you.

“I’m Hermione Granger.” The girl said.

“Nice to meet you Hermione. I’m Y/N Parkinson.” You said shaking her hand.

“This is Ginny, Fred, and George.” Hermione said.

“Ello!” The two ginger twins said.

“Hi I’m Ginny.” The ginger girl said.

“Hello.” I said back.

“She sure is the pretty one of the Parkinsons’.” One of the twins said.

“Right? George.” You identified as Fred and the other one George nods.

“And a nice one.” George said, Hermione nodded her head along with Fred’s.

“Thank you.” You gleamed at the compliment, as you catches your sister’s eyes, Pansy just glared at you.

“Aren’t you a Parkinson?” Ginny said.

“Yes.” You whispered, looking down.

“Why so gloomy?” Ginny asked.

“I’m a Parkinson. My parents expect me to be a Slytherin. And my older sister will tell them. I hate Pansy.” You said.

“Oh!” They all said in unison.

“Don’t worry.” You smiled.

“Where’s Harry and Ron?” Hermione said.

“Have no clue.” Ginny said, as the twins shrugged their shoulders, not knowing either.

~•Draco’s Pov•~

“That’s your sister Parkinson?” I asked Pansy as she gritted her teeth.

“I hate her! I’m so going to tell mum and dad she was placed in Gryffindor!” Pansy said, evilly grinning.

“Why do you hate her?” Blaise asks. Pansy just glares at her younger sister. Talking to a mudblood and blood-traitors.

“She’s considered the ‘Pretty Parkinson’ like she’ll ever grow up pretty.” Pansy growls as Blaise and I smirk.

“So your jealous?” I said, as I look over her shoulder and stare at the back of her sister’s H/C hair. I stare for a moment, until one of the weasels’ whisper in her ear. She turns around to meet my eyes, my cheeks flush red and I turn away quickly.

“Draco! Finally we got your attention!” Pansy said, as she goes back ranting about her sister.

“We’ll see how pretty she is when she’s in 3rd year. When most hit that ‘stage’.” Blaise said.

“Next year until I hit that stage.” I mumble.

~•Y/N’s Third Year•~

A week later in your first year, your parents owled you disappointed that their prettiest daughter capable of marrying a powerful pureblood family was sorted into Gryffindor. You thought they’d send you a howler. Luckily, they didn’t. Which Ron said it is horrible getting a howler.

“Hey Y/N!” Hermione said.

“Hey ‘Mione.” You gleamed, you were on the platform of 9 ¾. Your sister Pansy left and you were alone, until Hermione popped up.

“Wow! You really changed!” Hermione said.

“You noticed. I didn’t think I changed much.” You said. Then Harry and Ron came up behind Hermione.

“Hey Y/N. You look beautiful.” Ron said, smirking as you playfully push him.

“But no really, you really changed in a beautiful way.” Ron said, pink tinged his cheeks.

“Thanks Ron.” You said,

“No problem ‘Glow up Gryffindor’.” Ron winked as Hermione hit him with her book, and an “Ow!” Came from him.

“Hey Parkinson!” A voice yelled, you ignored it thinking it was for your sister.

Until, Hermione and the others groaned. “What is it?” You ask.

“Malfoy.” They all say at once

You turned around to meet Pansy and your crush. Draco Malfoy.

“Hello Malfoy. My sisters already on the train.” You said.

He chuckles and looks at you, “ I wasn’t searching for your sister, Parkinson.”

“Oh. What do you need?” You ask, flashing a charming smile.

“Nothing much.” Draco said.

“Then go away Malfoy.” Harry sneered.

“Shut up Potter!” Draco sneered back.

“Blaise was right you third years do change a lot right now.” Draco said eyeing you up and down. You felt uneasy but flattered. Your crush was actually talking to you.

“I guess that’s why your sister is jealous because you’re the Pretty Parkinson.” Draco said and then left.

Through out, your week you started getting a lot of looks from boys of different houses. Girls wanted to become friends with you and people started calling you ‘Glow up Gryffindor’, because of Ron, and ‘The Pretty Parkinson’, which you think was started by Draco, Blaise, or both.

It made you glad to have so much friends and not being alone and secluded in a room. It also made you sad that boys only look at you because of your body.

You sighed as you sat down in the library and read a book, called “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard (a/n: the book is awesome, I would recommend it to Hermione and all of you:). It was a muggle book but you never cared.

“Parkinson.” A voice whispered, you then traced the voice belonging to Draco.

“Hello Malfoy.” You whispered back.

“Help me. Your crazy sister is trying to kiss me, again!” Draco whispered/yelled.

“Well I’m sorry. Can’t really do much.” You frown.

“Oh Draky-Poo. Draci where are you?!” You heard your sister yell out into the hall. Until, she went into the library. She was walking trying to find Draco.

She slowly turned over to where you were at. Draco was trying to hide himself, trying to find an idea.

Draco cupped your face and kissed you. You were shocked and kept your eyes open. Butterflies flying frantically in your stomach. You finally closed your eyes and enjoyed this moment you were having. Most likely never having it again.

“Oh that’s not my Draci.” You heard the voice nearby say. You open your eyes to see Pansy exit the library. You pull back to tell Draco, that she’s gone. “Draco. She’s gone.” You said, you looked at his plump, throbbing lips all red from the kiss.

“Uh thank you.” Draco blushes.

“N-No problem.” You blush as well. Looking down at your book continuing to read. ‘I just kissed Draco Malfoy!’ You thought.

“Um one more thing.” Draco said, pulling you up as you yelp in surprise.

Draco cups your face again and gently kisses you. Your hands behind his head as his arms wrap around your waist.

Draco pulls away, and smirks, “Finally, I got to kiss the Pretty Parkinson.”


/I’m sorry if it sucks I’m pretty much new to this on Tumblr. On wattpad not so much. Also Thank you for reading and don’t be afraid to request!💚🐍\

The weeks after his attack should have been the worst in Cene’s life. They were, maybe, but only because Cene hadn’t had a bad life. The simple fact of the matter was, they would have been so much harder – impossible, maybe – if not for Josh. Josh was steady, Josh was a constant source of happiness even when Cene wasn’t sure if anything else in his life was going to look the same again. Even when Cene felt broken and useless and pathetic, Josh was by his side, never begrudging him for a second even when Cene got reckless, trying to go out and fly before he was supposed to because he didn’t know what else to do with himself.

He still didn’t – but now it was finally beginning to look like he wouldn’t have to figure that out. Over the past week – partly because of his promise to Josh to go back to the healer, he suspected – Cene had noticed a change. Subtle, at first. The exercises he was doing still painful, but suddenly less so. His range of motion increasing, until today he’d finally gone back to the healer, this time hoping for good news. And he’d gotten it. 

Cleared to go back to practice.

Not to play. Not even to fully engage in practices. But his arm was healing. He could fly, he could be out on the pitch, he would keep improving. Cene’s first thought was to tell Josh, and he’d been a bit disappointed to get an owl from him that he was meeting up with Matt for drinks. But that was no matter; Cene was in too good a mood to be overly disappointed. Instead he popped in to see his coach, the warm welcome he received lifting Cene’s sprits even further. He hadn’t lost his spot on the team, hadn’t been replaced by his alternate.

Now Cene was really excited to see Josh, but he occupied himself by going home and cooking up the first meal he’d ever made for his boyfriend, throwing in some soy sauce to the dish like he’d teased about the first time, whistling all the while. Josh had done so much for Cene the past several weeks, cooking felt like the least he could do, even if he was still working with an arm-and-a-half right now. It was more than he’d had since the attack, and as soon as he heard the door open Cene popped his head out of the kitchen and greeted Josh with a wide grin. “Josh! Hey, babe, I’ve got –” But the words died on his lips as he took in the sight of his boyfriend. Something was wrong. Quickly Cene turned off the oven and rushed over to him, placing a gentle hand on Josh’s arm as he looked him over in concern. “Babe? What’s wrong?”

Stress (Young Sirius)

Life was busy. And you weren’t just saying that. Those days you were either in class or studying for the exams that were coming. You weren’t stupid and you knew that you would probably get some good grades but at the rate you were going you couldn’t afford to fail. Being best friends with the Marauders and dating Sirius had brought you back a little bit and you were getting detention and disappointed owls from your parents more often than you liked. 

With all the due stress and weight on your shoulders your relationship seemed like the least important thing on your mind. Sirius, however, thought otherwise. 

‘Get anymore letters from your parents?’ Sirius said as he slid into your dorm room. It was a sunny saturday afternoon so you were literally the only Gryffindor inside. Sirius made it two. You didn’t look up from your text book. ‘Let me guess,’ Sirius said light heartedly as he sat down on the bed next to yours, ‘Your parents think I’m a bad influence on you and you should break up with me to concentrate on your studies?’ He said, laughing. You looked up, shooting him a stern look. ‘Can you go please? I’m very busy.’ You said. Sirius didn’t move. ‘You should come outside. Me, James and Peter went to Hogsmeade last night through the tunnels and brought back some butterbeer.’ He said excitedly. ‘It’s kind of gone stone cold but it’s still going to taste amazing.’ He said. You rolled your eyes, 
‘You know for once it would just be great for you to not do something against the rules.’ You said bitterly. 
‘What would be the fun in that?’ He asked, smiling. You looked up at him. 
‘I’m serious. Do you realise how much trouble you have got me in the past couple of years? And you don’t even feel bad for it.’ You said. Sirius shrugged, 
‘Y/N, detention holds some of our greatest memories! Why would I apologize? Remember that one time when James-’
‘James-this, James-bloody-that.’ You said under your breath making Sirius stop talking. He clenched his jaw. ‘You’ve been studying all day,’ He said after a minute, ‘Surely you can take 30 minutes off to come outside and sit with your friends…and boyfriend.’ He said, emphasizing “boyfriend”. You shook your head, frustrated. ‘No, Sirius. Jesus Christ.’ You said.
‘Why are you getting so mad?’ Sirius said, louder than he meant to. You looked up. ‘Because I am failing 3 classes, Sirius - because of you! That’s why! I’m sorry that I actually care about my damn education, unlike you. So get the hell out so that I can concentrate!’ You yelled. Sirius’ face turned from angry to expressionless. He stared at you for a second before standing up and leaving, closing the door behind him. 

You hung your head and rubbed your eyes tiredly. You didn’t mean to yell it was just that you had so much to do. You sighed and stood up. You hated to admit it but you knew Sirius was right. You could take out time to spend with your friends. You walked out of the room and down the stairs to find Sirius in the common room - sitting in one of the arm chairs. He turned around when you entered. ‘Well well well.’ He said softly. You smiled sadly,
‘I’m sorry’ You said truthfully. Sirius nodded and hugged you tightly. ‘I get that you’re under a lot of stress. But cramming your brain with information isn’t going to help much. Come outside.’ He said. You agreed and went with him. Feeling weight lift off your shoulder. ‘What did I do to deserve you?’ You said to him as you walked through the portrait hole. Sirius shrugged, 
‘I mean nothing yet but I am expecting payment soon.’ He said, making you laugh.