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"WHERE IS CHARLES LEE?" Oops wrong fandom XD I didnt know you liked Assassins Creed! I'm on mobile 24/7 so it doesnt show much

I’ve been a fan of the AC series for more than half of my fan-artist career. Here! Check the tag. The only warning is: very old and crappy art there. But I’m still proud of a few pieces.

I’ll let you guess why I stopped drawing stuff about that series.

The Signs as Optimists/Pessimists

Aries Optimist: So much goddam energy. Literally pesters you all of the time into doing things(in a good way).
Aries Pessimist: Very open and snarky. You can legit never tell when they’re joking.

Taurus Optimist: Spoils you. They’re so nice all of the time and if you ever just need time out, they’re there.
Taurus Pessimist: So stubborn. Refuses to do things just because you asked them to.

Gemini Optimist: Very social. They’re always trying out new things and persuading you to, too.
Gemini Pessimist: Manipulative. They’ve probably got you curled around they’re finger and you don’t know.

Cancer Optimist: Like your mother (in a good way). So sweet and caring literally the best person ever.
Cancer Pessimist: So closed off. Rejects all help and refuses to tell anyone why.

Leo Optimist: they love to spread the love. If you need advice, they’re the place to go.
Leo Pessimist: just influences everyone to be negative also. Their spirit seems to carry.

Virgo Optimist: Solves all of your problems for you. Very willing and comforting to be around.
Virgo Pessimist: Telling people what they don’t want to hear. Deliberately being ignorant.

Libra Optimist: Makes you feel really special. They can brighten your mood instantly.
Libra Pessimist: Turns into a mean girl. Makes you feel like a failure and like you’ve disappointed them.

Scorpio Optimist: They’ll tell you new things. Probably be the first to ask you to do new things. SO SMILEY!!
Scorpio Pessimist: Very distant. Super closed off, listens to music all the time. Lots of staring at walls.

Sagittarius Optimist: Such an influence on you. Probably get you to do things you’d never dream of.
Sagittarius Pessimist: Insults. Very self deprecating. So much frowning and ROLLING OF THE EYES.

Capricorn Optimist: Down for anything. Literally anything. Probably drops anything to do something.
Capricorn Pessimist: Glaring. So much glaring. Laughs to themselves a lot sarcastically.

Aquarius Optimist: Makes you feel really clever. Raises you up. Makes you feel like you can do anything.
Aquarius Pessimist: That person who’s laughing and its always at you. They literally can be so judgemental.

Pisces Optimist: just generally so cute. They’re so happy and always make you as well. People act like them.
Pisces Pessimist: Satan in a person. Sarcastic little bitches. They’ll make you doubt yourself just by looking.

In a world of billions of people
I am far from a celebrity
I am usually overlooked in crowd
I don’t have notoriety
I am me, uniquely me
I’ve given love when I didn’t feel love
I’ve always helped others
I gave with no expected return
I’ve encountered good and bad things
I’ve felt disappointment but always remained optimistic
I used to hope my kindness conveyed my heart
I always wanted to be genuine in my giving
In a world of billions of people
I am one who has touched the lives of many

and now the generosity given is being returned tenfold

I am blessed

Check Venus/Mars


A cardinal air sign, your Venus sign is motivated by finding great success in relationship, and to accomplish this, you’ve been gifted with intelligence, glamour, and good social graces. Love for you is a ballet of give and take – you’ll work effortlessly, tirelessly and judiciously to achieve the overall balance of your happily-ever-after vision.

Your Love Charm: charm, itself. Blessed with worldly sophistication, guided by an innate sense right and wrong, you attract others who are equally fair and sensitive to saying the right thing at the right time – just like you.

Your Soul Mate: your matched other, equal half. You impress your soul mate with how similar you are, and how great your life could be together.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of rapport. You make others feel comfortable by inquiring, listening, and matching their behavior/words. You somehow make connections with people you have no obvious connection with.

Your Shadow: trying to make everyone happy all the time. Naturally concerned with others’ well being,you’ll easily accommodate their wishes (great!), unless you feel they aren’t returning your kindness and you start keeping score (not so great).

Your Venus Archetype: a diamond, social butterfly, judge, scales, red rose, lead ballerina, director, ultimate hostess, one-half of a power couple, tightrope walker, negotiator, peace-lover, lover, mediator, sensitive, “lover not a fighter”.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I am blessed with charm, dignity and grace and so is my other half. I don’t have to change anyone to love them. I know my perfect mate is already perfect and complete.


A mesmerizing fixed water sign, you exude the mystery & attractive charisma of a Jane Bond Girl, or 007 his self. You fear losing control, and you also like surrendering control to another, which can create all kinds of strange problems for your relationships. You experience life-transforming intimacy with the people you love.

Your Love Charm: Your intensity and honesty. In your presence, other people feel quite thrillingly, alive.

Your Soul Mate: is capable of great psychological depth and fearlessness. Your soul mate is not a purely sexual relationship, someone who is psychologically unaware or emotionally unavailable.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of magnetism. Your sexuality which even if not overtly expressed, is a smoldering, seductive promise that draws others to you. Your 2nd chakra, or kundalini energy is off the hook. Be careful how you use it!

Your Shadow: wanting who you can’t have. You wrestle with your desires and your attachments toward people who may not be available to you, and who, if you got, you may not actually want.

Your Venus Archetype: the black widow, prostitute, phoenix, thorny red rose, belly dancer, erotic dancer, smoldering ashes, scorpion, seductress, celibate, psychologist, jealous one, fortress, the betrayer/betrayed, vampiress, alchemist, shaman, spy.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I am erotically alive. I honor my own emotional depth, sexual intensity, and honesty. I attract an empowering relationship formed on mutual trust, helping me to surrender my fears, let down my guard, and experience deep healing. This is the person I trust with my soul.


Taking off at a moment’s notice, heading out on an epic adventure comes easy for the fiery Venus sign who takes great pleasure in exploring, learning about others, and accumulating those ‘once in a lifetime’ love experiences. Your love passport is bi-coastal, reading “have bags, will travel.”

Your Love Charm: you’re up for it. When you’re disappointed by love, you optimistically re-shuffle the deck & diversify your options.

Your Soul Mate: is up for it. The keynote of your soul mate relationship is continuous expansion and personal exploration. They share your freedom-loving spontaneity and appreciate the myriad sensual exploits & possibilities you offer them.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of adventure. Is it possible to taste, touch and experience everything? You’ll try. Then you’ll teach your lovers what you’ve learned.

Your Shadow: fear of losing your freedom to love. Are love & freedom really mutually exclusive? Really? Your love task is to experience freedom through love (although this may mean having a non-traditional relationship).

Your Venus Archetype: the gypsy-wanderer, seeker, nomadic princess, explorer, safari guide, mapmaker, fortune-teller, the student, high priestess, exotic foreigner, philosopher, temptress, Puella (eternal little girl).

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I honor my need for spontaneity and exploration. Every day is a new opportunity to try, taste, experience something radically different than the day before.


The ringed-planet, Saturn, gives you strong personal boundaries and a high degree of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. This can make you appear unobtainable or distant with others who want to get close to you, but also often glamorous and respected by them, too.

Your Love Charm: your maturity. You’re an ultra-realist when it comes to love. Your Venus sign advertises “I’m available for real adult relationship. Only people with goals & ambitions need apply.”

Your Soul Mate is: mature, and authoritative, or a wise-elder in the community. They leave a mark of personal integrity and authority in everything they do.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of dedication and commitment. Once you’ve decided what or who it is that makes you happy, you’ll do what it takes to get and keep them.

Your Shadow: choosing a ‘safe bet’ person for all the wrong reasons, like their social status, authority, power or wealth. You may enjoy a materially comfortable partnership, but not at the cost of emotional warmth and companionship.

Your Venus Archetype: daddy’s little girl, adult, provider, ice queen, prostitute, power suit, status-seeker, role model, woman in a man’s world, boss woman, single lady, wise woman, wizard, hermit, experienced one.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I expect only success from love. I form goals, and build and reach dreams together, with my partner. I am blessed with dedication and commitment to pull in the love I want. I know all things are possible.


As a fixed air sign, you are friendly and tolerant of others. Your Venus sign also needs to break a social convention (or two…or ten) in love. You refuse to be stereotyped in relationship, to be put in any box which stymies your true self. This need for the freedom, to choose who, what and how you love, is exceptionally strong for you.

Your Love Charm: uniqueness. The more unusual and original you are in style, taste, opinions and self-expression the more attract-ive you become to others.

Your Soul Mate: an original. Your soul mate will probably defy the expectations of your culture, family or society. They will wear signatures of an experimental, progressive, highly independent and unusual character.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power to live and let live. Your inclusive ability to embrace other’s differences, to accept them for who they are makes others feel truly accepted and loved.

Your Shadow: your need to have all your uncertainties & insecurities eliminated before risking falling in love with that one special person. You may prefer to spread your love thin across many friends, or remain uninvolved, than experience special love with one partner.

Your Venus Archetype: the sexual rebel, outsider, glamourous one, trend-setter, untouchable beauty, truth-teller, caged bird/free bird, prisoner of love, free-spirit, peace-lover, idealist, visionary, friend, humanitarian.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: I bring radical authenticity to the table of relationship, and the one who is still sitting there when I’m done is the one I want to be with. I offer unconventionality and truthfulness to my partnerships. They love me for my irreverence & eccentricity.


As mutable mystical water sign who lives to observe & learn, you make the emotional life of your love relationship, into your life study. Malleable & sensitive to other’s needs, it’s easy for you to fit your self into other’s projections, causing your relationship to resemble a hall of mirrors at times. Endowed with a rich fantasy life and imagination, you enjoy creating ecstatic experiences of love, and you do.

Your Love Charm: boundless love. Your love is spiritual and all-encompassing, and because you see the spiritual nature in others, making it easy for you to fall in love with their spirit and soul.

Your Soul Mate: connected to your spirituality. They rightfully sense an otherworldly mystical connection has brought you two together, just as you do.

Your Attract-ive Power: the power of enchanted play. Life with you is never mundane – you cook up the kind of dreamy diversions and mystical moments that offer others escape from the dreariness of everyday living.

Venus in Pisces Shadow: kissing frogs while asking for a prince! Sometimes it’s hard for you to tell the difference, yet when you do, you may still try to “rescue” the frog. Work on establishing boundaries and using imagination to turn your dream prince into a reality.

Your Venus Archetype: the hopeless romantic, magical child, actress, illusionist, victim, martyr, compassionate healer, mother teresa, beloved, good samaritan, lost soul, soul mate, codependent, sadist, psychic, rescuer, guru, ocean, siren, devotee, dream weaver.

Think With Your Venus Mantra: My outlandish, magnificent and soulful diversions are enchantments that inspire others to no end. I know that whatever I ask for from love, I receive. I identify who I don’t want, I put who I do want into my imagination & the Divine obliges my every wish.


Now, for Tundra whose families never left the icefield, culture is a different story, as those who stayed behind were generally devotees of the Icewarden, and rather than shrugging and going where the local gods did not spurn them, they turned their energies toward proving themselves worthy of the Icewarden’s respect, if not his love.

The great failing of the Tundra race was that they were a forgetful people made by a god who valued records and history. Which, all things considered, was really a failing of the Icewarden. But to make up for it, Tundra who stayed in the Icefields began to aggressively develop recordkeeping methods to combat their perpetually failing memories- they were among the first cultures to develop writing, and strangely enough, the first to invent ways of recording music. The Icefield vaults and libraries are jam-packed with recordings of every daily minutiae going back centuries. Family trees and migrations are copied in triplicates and treasured. A common gift to a newly mated couple are newly bound copies of their lengthy family trees- with some blank pages appended, of course, for their own additions.

It was also the Tundra who stayed that really began and popularized the concept of ‘scenting’ things that they wanted to remember in particular, creating a third form of record-keeping unique to their race, and one of the few cultural hangovers that the Now Tundra kept with them.

All of this done in the fervent hope that one day, the Icewarden would look at them, and finally retract his position on his children as ‘disappointments.’ Ever optimists, there are a number of tundra who firmly believe that in a way, they are blessed to be given the opportunity to prove themselves- when they finally receive acknowledgement from there god, it won’t be out of obligation or sentimentality, but because they have truly earned their place. They will have truly shown their devotion, and their worth..

Due to the isolated nature of the Icefields, this native Tundra culture is virtually unknown in the larger part of Sornieth. The mutual culture-shocks are somewhat massive.


I’m so sorry I didn’t have time to rewrite something to your preferred brief but all the same, I really hope you enjoy reading this! It is probably 0% realistic because I honestly have no idea how school years work in America, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Have an amazing Christmas you awesome person, and have a tonne of fun! I’ve loved writing for you and I send you my best wishes this holidays!

With love,

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  Clarke blinked awake, peeling her forehead off her half-finished paper to the sight of falling snow blurring the view out of the window. What she could see of the campus commons was already piled high with several feet of snow. In a panic, she jumped up and pressed her shoulder against the door, pushing until her sneakered feet slid across the thin carpet.

  “It’s not going to open. I’ve tried.” A deep voice startled her and she spun to see a familiar boy slouched in the doorway of a history classroom. Clarke recognised him as the morning shift waiter from her regular coffee shop. The way his dark eyes studied her from under his mop of unkempt hair told her that he recognised her too. He was conventionally attractive, and she squared her shoulders under his gaze.

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