disappointed by society

Today I feel like running away,
from everyone and everything.
But I know that, even if I succeed,
I don’t have the power
to stand on my own two feet.
So I will stay,
breathing through the day,
hoping that when the night falls,
so will my loneliness.
—  Run away by Iris

Does anyone here read the manga Noragami? I want to scream. About it.

Have you ever just wanted to apologize for the way white people treat people of color. Like I’m half white and I’m so disappointed and sickened of white society. And I’m just so so so so sorry they’re like this.

The signs as Johnny Jhonny quotes
  • Aries: "I punched a snake once."
  • Taurus: "Thug lyfe!"
  • Gemini: "I just seen some freaky sights yo!"
  • Cancer: "Thanks for keeping me people, bro."
  • Leo: "I'll pass a fist through your face."
  • Virgo: "I forget where I was going with this but the takeaway is your parents don't love each other."
  • Libra: "Well, well, well, well well well well well wellwellwellwellwellwellwell."
  • Scorpio: "All roads lead to Rome... But we ain't going to Rome."
  • Sagittarius: "On a scale of yes to no: yes."
  • Capricorn: "I just like to say drug because it disappoints society!"
  • Aquarius: "What the punch was that?"
  • Pisces: "Oh, this ain't blood. My Impakt Krimson Deluxe Hair Dye liquefies upon collision for easy post-tussle reapplication."

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm an anon w/ high functioning autism. (I'm not joking, I'm very open about it.) In class, I was asked to choose between being happy and being normal. As much as I wanted to be happy, I also wanted to be accepted and not disappoint society. Did I... make the wrong choice?

I don’t think you can make a wrong choice with this. If being ‘normal’ makes you happy, then you can wish for it, same if you value being happy over being ‘normal’. I personally don’t think the word 'normal’ exists in this situation- as no one is completely normal. That would make us the perfect human- and I am 1000% sure that the perfect human doesn’t exist. Please don’t ever think of yourself as a disappointment to society, sweetheart!

Literally, I feel like this industry has the ability to make you really hate people. Just the people I have come into contact with in the press and stuff like that, it’s really disappointing to see what society and fame has become. But my heart hasn’t changed. I care about people. I would love to go to dinner with everybody and just hang out and talk, and I love my fans. My fans are the only thing that’s been consistent in my life.

Three years of memories don’t just go away. I can’t pretend that I don’t think about you or what we had together, but that does not make me weak. Losing you is not something I can not handle, but it is something I wish I didn’t have to.

Day One: I’m in a state of sheer panic. I need you, so I beg.

Week Two: I hate you.

One Month: Have you really moved on that quickly? I still can’t breathe. This can’t be real. You’re coming back… Right?

Two Months: Everyone keeps asking where you’ve been. It kills me to answer “I don’t know.”

Three Months: Something incredible happened today, my first instinct was to call you. Knowing I can’t makes it not seem as important anymore.

Four Months: When my phone rings I still think it could be you. Maybe you’ve missed my voice as much as I’ve missed yours.

Five Months: This month was a blur. I’m not proud of that.

Six Months: I went on a date for the first time since I lost you. He was nice, but he wasn’t you.

Seven Months: I’ve let go of all hopes I’ve been clinging to, but I still can’t help but wonder if you ever think of me.

Eight Months: I still think of you, and us. I still wish it wasn’t this way. Could you just hold me one more time?

Nine Months: I dialed your number and hung up immediately ten different times this month. Deleting your number didn’t help. I guess some things just burn deep into your memory.

Ten Months: Sometimes I think about what your life is like now. Do you still spend way too much of your time taking naps? Do you still not know how to tell people no? These thoughts just seem to run through my head.

Eleven Months: Time feels like it’s been set in slow motion. It seems as if it was just yesterday that I felt your lips on mine.

One Year: Doesn’t seem like much has changed. I still love you. I still think of you. Sometimes I even think about how different my life would be if I never lost you, but we are different people now. We are just another example of a flame that could not withstand the wind and rain that was placed before it. Is it bad that I still believe we could?

—  losing you -(s.k.)

them: whatcha doing?

me: watching some anime

them: anime? ew lol ur a disappointment to society haha i’m normal

also them: *has never watched anime, only thinks of it as hentai and tentacle porn*

me: it’s literally just Japanese cartoons what is so weird about-

them: lol ew anime is fucking weird bro


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a l r i g h t    y o u    d o    y o u,   b u d

C: I am a black cuban girl being raised in a predominantly Hispanic society. As a mixed girl I can honestly say I’m disappointed in the society that I live in. It’s ridiculous how people of my same culture are racist towards black Hispanics. It’s so sad given that Hispanics across the United States are still racially discriminated upon and instead of uniting there’s so much animosity. I remember being younger and feeling racism and hostility and knowing that no one should ever feel that way..

C 2/2: Racism is not tolerable in any instance, but sometimes I see no cure to it when it occurs within my own ethnicity. I truly pray no one ever feels this way or let’s society affect them because black is so fucking beautiful.