disappears from internet forever

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what if dan and phil ACTUALLY broke up and then they suddenly disappeared from the internet forever

fuck I’d be heartborken, I have been watching phil since 08 and dan since he began so it woukld leave a void in my heart and I would cry, why would you do this to me

=drunk uncle phantom who is actually drunk atm sorry

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How stupid she is if she thinks that those blonde photos will just disappear from Internet forever? And like you got a new face honey but the media will use your old pics, cause it HQs and more 'recognizable', so nice try lol.

If this doesn’t prove karma’s a bitch, I don’t know what will.

Troye’s amazing marketing strategy:

1. Confuse and frustrate your fans with circles, blue heart emojis, and petals
2. Watch as they speculate about what’s happening
3. Do something completely different from whatever they think
4. Don’t ever actually tell them anything
5. Disappear from the Internet forever