I had the coolest most elaborate dream last night where my family was playing this virtual reality modern fantasy mystery game together and we were all getting tangled in different conspiracies and factions in this town and it was so immensely detailed - all the NPCs had names and stories and locations you could usually find them and we were playing for HOURS.

And of course now I only remember tiny pieces of it.

Song of the Church Bells

When evening dips inside water fountains
my town disappears among muted hues.

From far away I remember frogs croaking,
the moonlight, the cricket’s sad cries.

The fields devour the Vespers’ church bells
but I am dead to the sound of those bells.

Stranger, don’t fear my tender return
across mountains, I am the spirit of love

coming back home from faraway shores.


Pier Paolo Pasolini  - from Poesie a Casarsa, title: Canto delle campane

living here is so bad for me im in such a bad place right now and i have things to do and the people i live with do not understand

What are the chances St. Elmo’s has cleared out by now? With it being summer and half the kids in town disappearing to try and become reality tv stars I figured the probability is decent enough. 

Necroth’s Wrath

There have been, throughout the past 100 years or so within the town’s existence, the urban legend of a being called “Necroth”. The supposed beast is said to be related to the many disappearances of people along Avalon street, which lies (somewhat) on the outskirts of town, a little closer to the highway.

This is where almost all of the mysterious disappearances of town residents occurs. 

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Honesty hour: who do you have a crush on, and one anecdote involving them?

You mean right now? No one. I mean, lately I’ve only been seeing older people so that would be wicked weird.

Uhm, not like that.

Besides, it’s not like I have any time for romance, what with college and disappearing towns and everything else. Which is a pity because I’ve seen so many rom coms, so many, and, like, sometimes I think it’d be nice to actually be able to have that kind of happy ending, Disney princess style.

Uh, prince. Disney prince.

An update to my multichaptered FMA fic, Changeling’s Deceit.

Rated: T

Characters: Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye and Jean Havoc

People were disappearing from a small town on North-East Area borders, and Edward and Alphonse were sent to investigate it. Between being accused as the dog of the military and a faeling, this mission hadn’t been fun for Edward at all. But then all stakes went higher, and all fell to Alphonse’s hands to deal with. Because Ed, too, disappeared.

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