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the craziest thing about the civil war discourse to this day is the posts that are like ‘tony stark needs to just take his government regulations and shove them!’ (in terms both less and more polite) and to that i offer just one itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny point of order

consider, if you will:

  • they would have happened anyway

clint/nat fic recs

1. to have a home by oceanofchaos (34k, 1/1, post-catws)
Summary: Natasha Romanoff is almost used to rebuilding herself at this point, but that doesn’t actually seem to make it any easier. It doesn’t really help that this time the entire world seems to be rebuilding as well.
//: this is my favorite clint/nat fic, bar none. although it’s really more of an introspective fic on nat. i can’t count how many times i’ve reread it. it’s my favorite characterization of all these characters (catws!nat, catws!steve, catws!sam, fraction!hawkeyes, etc etc) and it makes the mcu and the more recent comics fit together perfectly.  it’s a great take on how clint and nat’s relationship works. i don’t want to give anything away so JUST READ IT.

2. the glass parade by enigma731 (6k, 1/1, post-catws)
Summary: Steve thinks that he’s seen Natasha be at least three different people in the short time he’s known her, and he isn’t sure which one is real. In which the most confusing part of the future is how much Steve has in common with Natasha, and the fact that she seems dead-set on being his friend.
//: this is mostly steve&nat friendship with some clint/nat. steve and nat’s friendship is my second favorite thing to come out of catws (the first being SAM WILSON and everything that he chooses to be) and this fic is a lovely exploration of that friendship. plus, i always love reading about how other characters perceive clint and nat’s relationship.

3. palindromes by inkvoices (5k, 1/1, avengers (2012), au)
SummaryIsn’t it the same story whichever way you spin it? Tell me again, from the beginning. Natasha Romanoff, born in America in January of 1971, doesn’t kill the kid who at some point came to be known as Clint Barton, born thirteen years after her in Russia. Instead she brings him in to SHIELD.
//: ROLE REVERSAL AU. you’re welcome.

4. between the shadow and the soul by viverella (12k, 1/1)
SummaryClint hesitates to call what they do dating, because they’re spies and fighters and liars and people like them aren’t meant for more than a warm body to push against in the night. He falls in love with her and she falls in love with him and not necessarily in that order.
//: FEELINGS. clint has a lot of them. and so does natasha apparently. another one of my top faves. and pablo neruda, how could i resist? ++ i recommend reading everything written by viverella they’re all wonderful.

5. the war is over and we are beginning by viverella (6k, 1/1, au-ish)
Summary: That soulmates AU in which any injury you sustain shows up on your soulmate’s body as well. Five Christmases they spent together.
//: soulmate aus are always wonderfully sweet. here’s one of them.

6. we were emergencies by gyzym (37k, 1/1, post-avengers)
Summary: It’s not about being unmade; it’s about remaking, one aching step at a time.
//: this is one of the more popular clint/nat fics but it still deserves a rec bc it’s beautiful and absolutely breathtaking.

7. there’s a hole in my soul (can you fill it?) by viverella (10k, 1/1)
Summary: Clint is asexual but not aromantic. Natasha starts hanging out with him for the break from sexual attention and ends up falling in love with him. OR: the one where they share space and go on dates and literally everyone realizes that they’re probably dating before Natasha does.
//: i always love fics where i get insight into how natasha falls for clint and this is one of the more adorable ones.

8. under the red sky by andibeth82 (14k, 3/3, post-catws)
Summary: “What’s the news?” she asks, biting into a banana, and Clint winces. “You.” [The press conference is over. The files have been leaked. Hydra has been exposed, and Captain America has disappeared. But The Black Widow is a target, and the world wants a trial.]
//: post-catws fic is ALWAYS my fave clint/nat genre, especially when you mix in another hawkeye. @isjustprogress always has a firm grasp on who these characters are, especially natasha.

The Craftsman Way -  MyCreativeVoid  © Taylor St. Photography 2014

  - On a unexpected visit to Fort Ross, estab. around 1812, I was taken by the light through the old glass windows. Beautiful warm tones from the aged hand hewn walls filled the room. A fine collection of old tools and beautiful antique hand planes lined the walls. Shooting handheld through a set of bars, I did my best to capture the light. I would love to be free to shoot this place from various perspectives. 


we all know he’d spook him lets be honest 

(alfred is terrified of spirits/demons/monsters, but doesn’t believe in them. arthur does believe in spirits/demons/monsters, but isn’t afraid of them)

im gonna tag all the au posts w “until dawn au”

theycallmeskizze  asked:

If someone, let's say a very reckless rookie villain, made all the caffeine in all of America disappear, and Tony ' I haven't slept in 72 hours' Stark came out of his shop to discover empty coffe bags Would he strut of would he try to invent something better than caffeine?

You can’t tell me Tony doesn’t already have a stimulant invented in case such a need arises.

“What did you just inject into yourself,” Bruce asks sharply. Tony pauses from putting on a band-aid. “…A caffeine substitute.” “And what, pray-tell, is this substitute caffeine?” “You, uh, you’ve probably never heard of it.” “And WHY. Haven’t I heard of it.” Tony twiddles his thumbs and looks up at the ceiling. “Because I invented it and technically it’s not safe for human consumption.” “TONY,” Steve and Bucky cry, outraged.


When Steve decides to disappear and Captain America will be no more for an indefinite period of time, he moves to a small cottage in the mountains, and you’re the only one who knows about it, so you’re in charge of bringing him groceries and other items every few weeks.


Summary: Thor saves a human girl during the battle of New York, and ends up coming face to face with his Soulmate. 

Avengers fic, Soulmate AU, ThorXhuman!OC. I gave the OC a name for this one because it felt like she needed a name. 

I like the idea of the big bad Thunder God being a complete softie at heart and this happened.

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Imagine Chris being terrified of your older brother, Tom Hiddleston.

A/N: Here’s that request of yours @shadowprincess0218, I managed to fit it in between other pieces I have to finish. Um- I don’t know about this one 😅 I’m tired so it might be a little trashy. But it’s done! Now- oh, right, back to my keyboard for the other three. 🙃 I need coffee.

“Stop,” you laughed, slapping Chris’ hands away as he playfully yanked at your hair. “You’re going to mess it up.” You told him but he ignored you with a cheeky smile on his face. “Chris, stop.” You giggled, slapping his hands away again.

“I’m just trying to make it look better, I’m really good at doing hair.” He licked the tip of his fingers and reached for your hair but you moved back before his fingers made contact. “C'mere,” he teased, trying not to laugh at the look of horror on your face. “C'mere, Y/N.”

“No!” You laughed as you made a run for it; as per usual, you were too slow for Captain America. “No, Chris!” You shrieked with laughter when he grabbed you from behind, lifting you off the ground. “Oh God, Chris!” You yelped and he spun you in a circle, laughing as hard as you were. “Put me down!” You started to choke on your laughter.

Your older brother watched the two of you fool around on the set while you were all waiting for the cameras to roll. The shenanigans seem to have only gotten worst now that the two of you were actually dating and not just friends- who clearly had a lot of chemistry- anymore. You met Chris a while back, when you were visiting your brother on the set of The Avengers, and immediately hit it off with him. You became really good friends, then co-stars in a few different movies- this one being your first MCU movie- and now you were a couple. It took Chris awhile before he finally made a move on you because you were after all his friend’s baby sister; you were only twenty-three whereas Chris was your brother’s age. He didn’t want to cross any lines but he couldn’t keep lying to himself anymore; he liked you and he wanted to be with you.

“Is that weird for you?” Robert asked Tom when he saw him watching the two of you. Tom turned to him and shook his head with a nonchalant look. “You don’t feel the urge to go over there and tell him how things are? Be an overprotective brother?”

“Not really, no.” Tom shook his head. “I mean- she’s my baby sister, yeah, but she’s not a baby. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself and- it’s not like Chris is a bad guy. I actually,” he turned back to the two of you, and Robert followed suit, “really like them together.”

“You also like messing with him,” Robert commented with smirk and Tom chuckled, nodding. “Yeah, I’ve noticed. It is quite funny seeing how scared he is of you. Does Chris know you don’t care that they’re together?” He asked.

“I’m sure Y/N has told him, but I don’t think he believes her. You can tell because he avoids me,” Tom said and Robert nodded. “Ready, watch.” A small smirk formed on your brother’s lips as he walked over, leaving a chuckling Robert behind to observe.

“Chris, put me down!” You demanded, giggling. Chris ignored you, of course, and continued spinning you around. “Chris!” You laughed; your stomach starting to ache from it. “You’re messing me up, I’m not going to be camera ready! Put me down!”

“You should probably do as she’s asked,” your brother’s voice approached and Chris’ laughter subsided pretty much immediately. You saw your brother strode onto the set, pressing your lips together as you tried not to laugh while Chris did as your brother said. You didn’t know why but your boyfriend- the ever-so-mighty Captain America- was afraid of your sweet, gentle brother, Tom Hiddleston who couldn’t hurt a fly.

“I’m um- I’m going to go check in with Anthony and Joe,” Chris began to come up with an excuse to leave; like he always did around Tom after dawning the title of your boyfriend. “See what scene they want me to film next so um- I’ll see you guys in a bit.”

You nodded, trying not to laugh as you shared a cheeky smile with your brother. You felt bad for Chris but you also found him ridiculously hilarious, as did Robert- who was losing it at a distance- and the rest of the cast. Basically everyone on set knew how Chris was around your brother; uncomfortable and awkward.

Of course Tom didn’t actually mind the two of you together, in fact- he wanted you with Chris. He thought the two of you would make a wonderful couple despite the age difference and you did. You’d told Chris before that everyone was okay with you were dating him, especially your brother; that fact was acknowledged but it didn’t stop him from acting weird around your brother. It worked in yours and Tom’s favor actually; Chris was very fun to mess with.

“You know it’s obvious you’re avoiding me, right?” Tom blocked Chris’ path and Chris took a step back, swallowing. “So you start dating my sister and suddenly I’m not good enough for you? She’s the better Hiddleston to hang out with?”

“That’s not-”

“It’s because she doesn’t have a British accent, right?” He quizzed and you stifled your chuckle at how ridiculous he was being just to mess with Chris; he was so easy that a reason as stupid as that worked. “If I spoke in an American accent, you’ll be more inclined to be in the same room as me?” You rolled your eyes at how British you brother was; you’d spent half your life in America so you didn’t speak with the accent, or with words and structure fit for the Queen.

“I don’t…” Chris trailed off, unable to find a way to respond. “Um-” he glanced over at you for help and you all cracked, bursting into loud laughter. “What’s happening?” Your boyfriend mumbled to himself, looking as lost and as confused as a baby duck.

“He’s just messing with you, Cap.” You giggled, sliding your hand in Chris’ as you joined his side. “He’s always just messing with you.” You shook your head at your brother who was now smiling. “He doesn’t care that we’re together. I’ve told you that a thousand times, so stop being such an easy target.”

“You’re not actually-” Chris glanced from Tom to you and back to Tom. “Oh my God,” he let out the breath he was holding in. “I was like ‘what the fuck is he talking about?’ Honestly, man. You are ridiculously scary when you want to be.”

“You think my brother is scary?” You burst out laughing and Tom did too. “Please,” you pulled away from Chris to throw an arm around your brother. “Tommy is the least scary person in this room. He couldn’t hurt a fly,” you said then looked up at your brother, smiling.

“Perhaps not a fly.” Tom agreed with a nod then continued in his most threatening tone- which definitely contradicted your previous statement because Chris was right, he could be scary when he wanted to be. “But I will hurt you if you hurt Giggles.” Giggles was your nickname growing up because- well, that was self-explanatory. “And I am not messing with you, that is a promise.”

“You are the only man I know who can say the word ‘giggles’ and still sound scary.” Chris said after a while and you giggled whereas Tom remained his threatening composure until he heard what he wanted from Chris; a promise not to hurt you. “I won’t hurt her,” he nodded. “Ever,” he added when he turned to look at you, smiling when you smiled.

“Good,” Tom relaxed his demeanor and smiled. “Now that you know where I stand, Chris, you can stop trying to avoid me.” Chris chuckled softly at that as you rejoined his side. “The crew’s starting to complain about how Captain America disappears the second Loki steps into the room,” he teased as he walked off.

“You knew he was messing with me and you didn’t tell me?” Chris tried not to smile as he turned to you; you pressed your lips together. “You Hiddlestons are the absolute worst,” he shook his head, chuckling. “I’m a little afraid to meet your parents now,” he said as you wrapped your arms around his neck; his hands placed on your waist. “God knows what they’ll do to me.”

“They’ll love you as much as I do,” you promised and he smiled. “And I love you a lot, Captain.”

“And I love you too, Giggles.”