disappearing america


we all know he’d spook him lets be honest 

(alfred is terrified of spirits/demons/monsters, but doesn’t believe in them. arthur does believe in spirits/demons/monsters, but isn’t afraid of them)

im gonna tag all the au posts w “until dawn au”

What if HYDRA got Steve somehow? Bucky has been home for a little while and things start to feel safe again, and then all of a sudden Captain America just disappears without a trace. No ransom, no threats, no gloating, he’s just gone. SHIELD throws every resource it has at getting him back: Natasha and Clint call in every favor they can, Bucky scares the shit out of any HYDRA agent who’s unfortunate enough to come across him, Tony and Pepper spend inordinate sums of money on investigating the disappearance.

Then Steve just shows up one day, stumbling through Brooklyn, half-dead. SHIELD snatches him back up immediately, and he spends days in debrief while Bucky and the others wait anxiously for him to come home. And when he is finally allowed back to Avenger Tower, Bucky nearly cries with relief, pulling Steve into a bone-crushing hug and murmuring into his hair.

“Stevie, you’re back. You’re back, I love you Stevie, you’re back.” Steve goes rigid and Bucky lets him go, tear-stained and happy, waiting for him to say something.

“Who the hell is Stevie?” Steve asks blankly, his eyes going vacant. Then he pulls a knife from his belt and lunges for Bucky’s throat.


America’s disappearing roadside rest stops

Cross-country road trips have long been punctuated by breaks at rest stops — but they are rapidly being replaced by fast-food outlets or neglected as state budgets are cut. Photographer Ryann Ford travelled to more than 15 states to capture the remaining unique architectural oddities. His images are collected in a new book, The Last Stop. | See more photos

All photographs: Ryann Ford Photography, The Last Stop published by PowerHouse Books

There is nothing more mysterious than a TV set left on in an empty room. It is even stranger than a man talking to himself or a woman standing dreaming at her stove. It is as if another planet is communicating with you. Suddenly the TV reveals itself for what it really is: a video of another world, ultimately addressed to no one at all, delivering its images indifferently, indifferent to its own messages (you can easily imagine it still functioning after humanity has disappeared).
—  Jean Baudrillard, America

okay but. After v2 Tommy and David share an apartment, and after David and Victor both lose the security job to Scott Lang Victor starts hanging out at their apartment all the time. And David gives Victor a key to the apartment and so David and Tommy will come home to find Victor just like lounging on their couch okay at this point Vic practically lives with them

And also Xavin and America and Noh have their little group but America and Noh are also really close friends with David and so they also spend a lot of time at his and Tommy’s apartment and the two groups just accidentally sort of merge and they keep hanging out together

and it’s a weird dynamic at first because Victor doesn’t know America and hasn’t seen Noh since the incident at the Cube and they’re all missing the majority of their respective teams so it feels weird to toss together these little fractions, but they end up all fitting in really well together.

Since Xavin came back to earth, any hostilities between them and Victor have pretty much entirely disappeared. America and Tommy jump from acquaintances to best friends within like 5 minutes of the group getting together for the first time

“hanging out” gradually turns to “hanging out and fighting crime” because what else are relatively large groups of young heroes supposed to do?

and it gets to the point where one time they’re all just sitting in David and Tommy’s apartment together eating pizza and they’re like, “are we a team??? like, we all have our own teams but. are we a team? us? the six people currently in this room? a team?”

America’s just like, “sure, yeah, we’re a team. but no team name. and no code names. and definitely no spandex, sorry David, you x kids look like dorks.”

and yeah, sure, that works. they’re the most casual superhero team ever, like sometimes they save people and then those people are like, “??? who were those people ???” and someone’s like “I think they were superheroes???”

and Noh-Varr overhears this one time and then they propose that the group call itself “They Might Be Heroes” after the band They Might Be Giants.

America sighs heavily.

Victor thinks for a moment. “You know what? that’s not bad actually, let’s keep it.”

idk idk

Black Female Bodies Are Treated As Less Than Human

“Do black females lives matter, too?”

That’s the big question  16-year-old Amandla Stenberg posed on Instagram on Sunday.

Racism, which must have disappeared in America evolved into legally provided shooting down of black men, however that`s not the only problem. Seems like we have forgotten about Black Women , who suffer from oppression and humiliation. No human deserves anything like this.