Here’s a story for you…

A truck carrying nearly 20 tons of Nutella randomly disappeared without a trace in Germany. While Nutella was the main chocolate sweet on the refrigerated truck, other’s involved similar semi-sweet chocolates as well.

Even better is the fact that individuals have been warned if anyone tries to sell them huge quantities of chocolate, more than likely you have come across the chocolate thieves.

you ever think about the fact that purgatory is a place that makes you bare, strips you down to nothing but raw instinct, makes you “pure,” and that in that setting, for a whole year, every single unadulterated instinct dean had was to find cas

salt water

I whisper my
into glass
and watch them
to the bottom
of the sea,

These waves
that part us now,
consume my stories
in tranquil laps
I sit
the shore,
feet half drenched
in foaming salt water,
eyes closed
and listening,

it is hard
to say
has disappeared
in time,
leaving a shell

if it is you
or me,

or the both
of us
have left,
a vacuum
in the space
between us,
that only an
ocean can fill.

© SoulReserve 2017

Idilia Dubb

Idilia Dubb was a Scottish teenager who became trapped in Lahneck Castle while on holiday in Germany in the 1800s, after an old staircase she had climbed collapsed behind her. She wasn’t found at the time, but eventually her diary and bones were discovered. The diary documents her starvation and failed attempts to signal for help.

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