honestly I think the jungle biome has been my favorite since it was added

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Listen I love Henrik but I really cringed when he said "You know I like gay people!" to Morten and also when he said "Me and Tarjei are comfortable with our sexualities and we know there is nothing gay between us so it wasn't awkward". Bby please don't talk

god i know… also, such a shame there is nothing gay…. imagine not being gay. i wouldn’t wish that upon anyone 

I’ve cried so much today, my stomach hurts constantly, and I hate myself, but I adore my dietitian and my therapist seems great so there’s that.

My intentions for tomorrow (since most everyone is on pass) is to start re-learning guitar, to do some art, and to try my best with the increase to full portions.
  • great comet: goes all out, entire ensemble, choreography on and off stage, all cast is there, a medley of the songs
  • dear evan hansen: ben platt stands there and walks around on a stage until the rest of the cast comes in, and they only sings oooooohs and aaaaaahs.
salt water

I whisper my
into glass
and watch them
to the bottom
of the sea,

These waves
that part us now,
consume my stories
in tranquil laps
I sit
the shore,
feet half drenched
in foaming salt water,
eyes closed
and listening,

it is hard
to say
has disappeared
in time,
leaving a shell

if it is you
or me,

or the both
of us
have left,
a vacuum
in the space
between us,
that only an
ocean can fill.

© SoulReserve 2017

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